“But…” I heard the wind and the beast kept under my own body. I said to myself, “If I enter the Channel, the spirit is not easy. It is a wind and a beast, and maybe it will cause Channel changes!”

“If you can let it go, don’t kill it yourself, you can’t find that thing!”

“But it!” After thinking about it, Wenfeng coldly smiled and said to himself, “Kill a Gatering Essence Immortal Initial Rank, do you still need to help?”

After that, Wenfeng whispered a few words to the wind and the beast, and the shape of the wind and the beast once again narrowed down. The shape of the armor fell on the wind, and the wind looked at the gray white beads. He swallowed the beads into the abdomen and he didn’t want to leave any Trace here. Mobile terminal

Rushing into the gap, the familiar face is a familiar Channel, this Channel is not stable, from time to time some inexplicable Xing Yue Light Pillar, and the powerful Plane fluctuation falls through the Channel barrier, and occasionally some of the remnants of the fire dance drift out .

The wind did not release the Overflowing Sense. He gently tapped his waist, and the wind and the beast trembled, releasing several thousands of gas to protect him.

The wind flew into the entrance of the Channel for more than a hundred miles, slightly paused and waved out the dust, the dust drifting in the wind, looks quite elegant, no one can think of this is the weapon of Executing Immortal, just killed Gatering Essence Immortal!

Ready to stop, smelling the smile at the corner of the mouth, slowly flying, like a cat chasing a mouse, waiting to push Xiao Hua to a desperate situation.

The Channel is not only curved, but also a bit distorted. The Strength of Plane crushes the occasional Xing Yue light, and the light shines on the face, revealing a smug smile. It seems that I have been reviewing my own achievements, and I have been flying all the way, and my eyes have been swept through the Channel. Although he can’t say that he is familiar with the points here, he will not let go if he can hide.

However, when I saw the end of Channel, I didn’t see Xiao Hua, and I was a little nervous.

“Is it non-he…” Just thought of it here, the distant glimmer, seeing Xiao Hua flashing Silver Light, staring at his gaze like a beast.

“Haha…” The wind screamed and said, “Do you know what it is called?”

“I don’t know!” Xiao Hua replied with a gnashing tooth. “I only know what is called the same!”

“Haha, rely on you?” Wenfeng looked around. “Are you sure you have the power of Broken Realm? And, you confirm I don’t have a backhand?”

Xiao Hua looked at the wind and slightly retreat, and she was not sure when she heard the wind. She couldn’t help but coldly asked: “Since you have a backhand, why not take the first few steps?”

Wenfeng bit his lip and stared at Xiao Hua. He was not afraid that Xiao Hua would die. He dared to enter Channel and naturally escaped from Mystical Ability. He was afraid of something in the hands of Lei Ming and others.

If you haven’t seen thunder before, you can’t ignore the matter, you can see it, of course, don’t want to miss this credit. However, Wen Feng could not talk to Xiao Hua, fearing that the rats would cause Xiao Hua to resist.

Xiao Hua looked at the wind, in fact, the same thoughts as the wind, he wanted to enter the wind and smell together, but only the wind came in alone. Just killing the wind, things are not Perfection, he wants to wait.

Unfortunately, the wind did not give him a chance, but when the wind and the hands of the fairy dust suddenly shook, the Azure Light flashed, he wanted to kill Xiao Hua early.

Unfortunately, Xiao Hua has already made a decision, and when he sees the wind, he rushes to the motion Technique of Light Escape. Under Light Escape, Azure Light change into needles, all around AZure Light, such as a circle, Xiao Hua tried to avoid these Light & Shadow sideways flying from the edge of the wavy Azure Light.

“Ah?” Seeing that Xiao Hua suddenly disappeared, the wind was extremely surprised. He rushed to release Overflowing Sense, but did not find Xiao Hua’s trace. At this time, the wind and the beast’s wind trembled, and the dusty Azure Light also had some annihilation, and the trace of the annihilation was close to itself.

“Damn!” Wenfeng was shocked. He couldn’t think that Xiao Hua actually had such Mystical Ability, so he sneered at one sound and his body shape changed. The wind and the beast rushed out of the hurricane to wrap Xiao Hua’s figure. .

However, the wind and the beast tentacles just came out, “weng-weng …” Channel has some wind and whim, Space is extremely trembling, obviously can not bear the Mystical Ability of the wind and beast.

The wind is helpless, only one shot of the wind and the beast, the tentacle splits a trace of Xiao Hua blurred.

“Brush…” What makes the wind even more shocking is that the tentacles fall into the air!

“Not good!” Wenfeng suddenly realized what he was, and he was shocked. “He… he wants to escape…”

“Brush…” At this time, after the wind, there was blood and wind, and Xiao Hua shattered the light again in the Channel.

“Want to escape? No way!” Wenfeng sneered, suddenly the body shook, “Hey…” Channel all around, there are thousands of wind condense formed into a shape, facing the left arm has been faint Xiao Hua hoe cover face.

This wind was originally used for self-rescue, and it was just right to trap Xiao Hua at this time!

Who knows that Xiao Hua foundation ignores the wind, and he lifts his left hand. The “嗡” frost sword swings out and sees all around the ice slag. The ice seal freezes the wind, and the wind doubles and screams: ” Frost sword??”

“shua” screamed and slammed Executing Immortal dust, and a very fine wind shattered all around Space, although the ice is still unmatched, but after all, the speed is much slower!

“Oh…” The wind and the beast are trembling, but the huge tentacles are once again explored and straight into the ice!

“Goodbye…” Xiao Hua suddenly smiled and took the frost sword, his hands raised, “Hey…” Two Fire Dragons broke out and madly broke into the ice!

At this point in the Channel, the ice layer is not completely condense, and the Fire Dragon silk is invaded.

“What do you mean?” The wind is somewhat puzzled. After all, the hurricane of his wind and beast is also breaking the ice.

However, when Xiao Hua raised his hand again, a crystal talisman fell in, “bang” Space fluctuation burst in ice, fire and wind, and there was a great Principle of turbulence inside the Channel!

“Not good!” He heard the wind and spirits flying out of the sky, he did not dare to let the wind beast to stimulate to the hurricane, is afraid to spur all around the Plane wave, and Xiao Hua this Principle turbulent wind can be a few times the hurricane of the beast !

These Xiao Hua quoted Plane to kill themselves!

The wind is swaying, Executing Immortal dust is crazy, and the wind and the beast are also detached, changing into the clouds and rushing to the Principles, like a dumpling, will wrap it!

“hong-hong bang…” The sounds of countless blasting sounds, the demon body of the wind eternal beast was riddled with the turbulence of the Principle, and outside the Channel, the Plane turbulent flow also rushed like a tide, tearing the Channel It has to be broken.

“Brush…” The wind was not in the body of the wind and the animal, and it flew out from the other side in a moment, but it was breathing, and his Immortal Body had been broken.

“Oh?” Wenchang met Xiao Hua and Xiao Hua did not fly far away. He coldly said, “Do you want to come again?”

Said, Xiao Hua picked up the frost sword again.

“Damn!” When he heard the wind and made a decision, and prepared to break the boat, Xiao Hua came back with a voice, “accept your coming fate!”

The wind was overjoyed, his eyebrows Immortal Mark opened, and the special gossip Light & Shadow fell. This Light & Shadow was everywhere, and the windy figure was washed like water, revealing a slightly fat face.

However, Xiao Hua didn’t have the look of the wind, because his vest, the unspeakable dreadful shiver came out, and the shadow of the human figure has been deceived behind him!

“This person’s speed is too…” Xiao Hua didn’t want to immediately move to motion Technique of Light Escape, and her heart was secretly thought, “I am afraid of being a rival!”

Seeing that Xiao Hua’s figure disappeared, he hurriedly said: “Block the Channel, don’t let him escape!”

I don’t know what it’s like, but he waved his hands and gray Black knife blocked the Channel!

However, the knife light just appeared, “hong-hong bang…” A burst of Space roaring sounded from the right hand disappeared from Xiao Hua, but seeing the fire, the water, the Sword Light, etc., like Meteor, suddenly born, toward Passing the thin barrier of Channel!

“Ah!!” Wen Ying and Wen Feng were shocked, and they all said the same thing. “He… he wants to die!”

Xiao Hua’s crystal talisman naturally contains the Space Principle’s crystal talisman. This time it can be different from the first time. There is no wind and constant beast to protect the cracked crystal talisman. The Channel barrier is broken like a paper, and the Plane is rushing. Into the Channel, not only will the wind and the sound screen off, but also roaring to the sides of the Channel, turbulent flow through the Channel inch break!

“Smell the wind…” Wen Ying was in a hurry and shouted, “Fast…”

The wind naturally did not dare to neglect. He fluttered into the Plane turbulent stream, and wanted to rush to the spotlight. The sound of the shadow also reached out. The big hand was extremely distorted in the turbulent flow, but it still slowly approached the smell. Shadow…

Feeling that I am a big hand, I seem to have caught the wind, I am very happy, I just want to use it is Mystical Ability. Behind him, Xiao Hua’s voice sounds: “This channel is what you set up? Today, when you wait The place of burial is also a revenge for the thunder…”

“Ah?” Wen Ying was shocked. He looked back incredulously, but saw Xiao Hua’s half-Immortal Body broken, standing bloody around him, and in his intact right hand, he took a broken magic blade!

Xiao Hua’s right arm is a sudden emergence of Blood Light, thousands of demon heads emerge from Blood Light, then Xiao Hua is extremely decisive to wave the magic blade, “brush…” After a Blood Light, Channel is broken, Plane turbulent flow The broken place flooded in, drowning Xiao Hua and Wenying Space!

“You… how did you get behind me?” Wen Ying hurriedly sighed the wind, his body shape changed into the shadow and rushed into the Plane turbulence. He was just Gatering Essence Immortal. How dare he fall into the plane of Plane?

But in the sound of turning around, he vaguely saw that Plane was broken, and there was also a place like Channel, which took out the same crash and flash.

It’s just that the shadow didn’t look carefully. His shadow fell into Plane’s turbulence, and immediately changed into a billion light spot, rushing towards Xiao Hua…

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