Xiao Hua has no time to take care of Life & Death. Because Channel is annihilated, Detroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth’s power growls and will also pounce on himself. Mobile terminal

Xiao Hua hurried back, Channel’s burst followed him, and Light & Shadow followed closely, but unfortunately no matter how the film was gathered, it couldn’t condense together because he chased the speed of the Channel.

“Boom…” Xiao Hua flew into Senluo Road, and Plane rushed into the stream. She had already scored two sections in the road, and Xiao Hua refused to take a breath, and then went to the end of Desire Realm Six Heavens. A Heavenly Realm Plane barrier rushes away!

However, when flying, Xiao Hua looked at his right hand, and the Channel barrier was also rapidly slamming. It seems that Space is raging.

It’s true that I saw it, there is also a Channel, which is what Murray found, and Xiao Hua’s memory from the ink and the dancing water demon is not far from the two Channels, it is thanks to the Technique of After the Light Escape adventure broke through the scenes of Plane, not only killed the two, but also ruined two Channels, which was a hidden danger of Listening Heaven Snowfall.

“Boom!” Xiao Hua just flew, the Channel barrier finally could not support, bursting across, a black shadow brush flew out from inside, crossed Xiao Hua!

Xiao Hua’s eyes are sweeping, isn’t that whisky? Xiao Hua is overjoyed, and Mind, who has a quick eye, has already collected this black shadow into Space.

When Xiao Hua stimulate to motion Technique of Light Escape first broke into the Plane barrier, a hysterical voice called: “Go to death!”

Immediately, I saw a gray Black knife flying from the plane of the Plane outside Xiao Hua, and slanting it to Xiao Hua’s neck.

The knife is very fast, drifting like a shadow, Xiao Hua just had time to hide, the knife light has cut Xiao Hua’s right arm!

“Haha, haha…” The laughter of Wenying was drowned by Plane, and it was getting smaller.

Xiao Hua looks at the blade that penetrates the Plane barrier like the Willow Tree Leaf. It says faintly: “Can you not send the Immortal Artifact to Xiao?? Many thanks…”

Then look at the arm that has been cut, and Black Qi is a vulgar, but where is the power of Physique of Beginning Light?

Waiting for Xiao Hua to close the blade, the Black Qi has been killed by the radiance of Xiao Hua Fleshly Body, and the blood of the arm disappears and gradually heals.

Xiao Hua took a look at the Plane rushing under her body and shook her head: “It’s a pity!”

Then he stimulated to motion Technique of Light Escape and rushed into the Plane barrier and disappeared.

“pu-pu-pu ……” Xiao Hua just flew out from the Plane barrier, and a heavy pressure immediately came to the fore, and Xiao Hua’s figure was once again compressed.

“Silk…” Xiao Hua has a wounded body. She just tried to escape. She didn’t feel anything. Now, under the pressure of Plane, his whole body, Blood Light, splashed again. Xiao Hua couldn’t help but breathe a cold breath. .

Xiao Hua just wanted to repair the scars, “Hey…” The Lower Realm barrier made a squeaky whisper, and the barrier began to undulate, as if there was a huge object collision, Xiao Hua went to the Plane barrier all around Look, there is also a turbulentfluctuation on the edge, which obviously won’t take long to collapse.

Xiao Hua looked at the top of the head and still had no end. He thought about sending Jiang Meihua out for a moment.

Jiang Meihua appeared, his wolverine was even worse, “ka-cha 嚓…” The body of the sound was almost 30% smaller, “Hey…” Jiang Meihua is also a good one, and Ochre Light & Shadow is broken, with Qilin Law inside. The Manifestation reveals that life will resist the Strength of Plane.

“Escaped?” Jiang Meihua looked around and asked with great concern. “What about Liu Hu’s?”

“I am hurt!” Xiao Hua explained, “This is the Seven Luminaries Grinding Extermination Heaven of Senluo Road. Solo Road is going to collapse. You take me high, let’s go to the entrance…”

“Good!” Jiang Meihua listened, grabbing Xiao Hua with a big hand and giving birth to Qilin phantom to the high point of Senluo Road.

Jiang Meihua just rushed out of 10,000 li, “bang” Sen Luodao finally the Plane barrier finally collapsed, and Plane rushed again in the air, chasing behind Jiang Meihua.

“Hey…” Jiang Meihua shouted one sound and his shape accelerated!

Xiao Hua didn’t dare to reveal Treading Divine Watchtower Cultivation Art in front of Jiang Meihua. He only took some Formming Immortal Pill. Obviously, these Immortal Pill had little effect on Xiao Hua’s Fleshly Body. After a fragrant, Jiang Meihua couldn’t help it. Channel: “Little Friend Xiao, your Immortal Pill doesn’t work, I am here…”

Just said that Jiang Meihua shut up, Immortal Pill in his Storage Bag is given by Xiao Hua, Xiao Hua’s Immortal Pill is not easy to use, his Immortal Boat is also not easy to use.

“Nothing!” Xiao Hua smiled. “I have been trying to move Mystic Technique. But the Immortal Artifact of the humanoid shadow is too powerful, and it will not show any effect for a while. It will be better later.”

“Liu Hu敎…” Jiang Meihua finally asked, “Are they afraid of falling?”

“I saw Thunder Tiger and Lu Husong being killed…” Xiao Hua said faintly, “I fled you to the Space Immortal Artifact and fled to the Plane barrier. I have never seen Liu Huzhen fight with them. But… it should be fierce and less!”

“Hey…” Jiang Meihua sighed and said, “Even if they are all fallen, they can escape their lives, and they are lucky.”

“Yeah!” Xiao Hua nods said, “I have helped Thunder Tiger to avenge them!”

“Ah?” Jiang Meihua was shocked and looked at Xiao Hua. “Are you so powerful?”

“I am naturally not so powerful!” Xiao Hua pointed to her own scars and said, “I just use my own bait and lead them to the Plane Channel, which will cause the Plane Channel to collapse!”

When he finished, he grinned again and said, “I wanted to go with them, but Heavenly Dao is compassionate. When Plane collapsed, there was just a chance. I escaped!”

“I am going!” Jiang Meihua yelled, “Fortunately, you escaped, otherwise I will be with you.”

As I said, there was a sudden voice coming from high altitude: “Who is in front? But three tigers are squatting?”

Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua listened, they were all overjoyed and shouted: “Exactly, it is!”

Jiang Meihua is also rushing to release Overflowing Sense, but he wants to explore what, but his Overflowing Sense is only a few dozen released, all around the inexplicable fluctuation has shattered his Overflowing Sense.

“What’s going on!” On the top of the head, another voice hurriedly said, “Not only the three tigers don’t return, but why don’t you return? Now that the time of the closure of Senluo Road, you have encountered Plane collapse… …”

“Don’t say it, pick them up…”

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