As the sound landed, Jiang Meihua and Xiao Hua suddenly felt that there were stale-form Formless barriers at the top of the head, which prevented them from flying. ≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦

Xiao Hua is really discolored. If there is no war, I will stay here, saying that I am not trapped in the collapsed Senludao with Jiang Meihua!

Fortunately, wait for Xiao Hua to think more, and don’t have to wait for the fierce Plane to rush, and the Gold Light, which has a shape like a shuttle, rotates and covers them.

“Hey…” Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua are light, but feel all around with five colors Light & Shadow spinning, sparks splashing, Gold Light has rushed into the Plane barrier.

Gold Light is just rushing into more than a hundred miles. Jiang Meihua’s Gold Light suddenly flashes rapidly, and the body’s Qilin Law Manifestation mourns that one sound has to be absorbed into the body!

“Not good!” Jiang Meihua whispered, hurriedly patting the chest protector, the previous Broken Realm crystal token flashing brilliance, and Jiang Meihua was protected.

Xiao Hua also wants to stimulate to motion Broken Realm crystal token, but unfortunately the thing doesn’t know when it has been lost. He has to shrug his shoulders and the Silver Light is splashed and compressed again by the figure.

After about a cup of tea, Gold Light stopped spinning and Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua stopped.

“No…” Not waiting for Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua to open up, there is a war that will be anxious. “You are not the warrior of our squad, what are you waiting for?”

“Hey…” This battle will not sound, Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua all around Gold Light produce a crisp sound, a large chain from the Gold Light, like a snake snake toward Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua Come!

Jiang Meihua is very calm, take a chest of the heart mirror, take out a heart-shaped crystal token and send it to the edge of Gold Light. “This is Liu Yunshu Liu Huyu, and please check it!”

“Get it out!” In addition to Gold Light, an Immortal General in a bay armor reached out and the Gold Light melted as the Immortal General reached in.

The Immortal General is alert to prevent any changes.

Fortunately, the battle will take Liu Yunshu’s card away, but also Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua’s resistance!

“What?” The battle overturned Sense over the board and whispered. “Flushing Immortal Selection has changed. Actually, there is a Li Xinge fire dance enchanting into Listening Heaven Snowfall? Damn…”

“Adults…” Jiang Meihua hurriedly reminded, “Sen Luodao has collapsed, and… and the Plane turbulence has also hit!”

“Why don’t you say that early?” The battle was shocked and shouted.

Jiang Meihua laughed and said, “I… Do we have Time to say?”

“Come on!” The war will not be said, directed at the side of Immortal Soldier, “You havetened to inform the tigers and adults, there is a Plane turbulence at the 760th rush, fearing that it will be annihilated.”

Then, the war will be grabbed, and Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua will be shrunk at Gold Light, and they will fly high. After a cup of tea, there will be a huge Immortal Boat in front of the head. This Immortal Boat looks like Xiao Hua was previously Wading the Star River similar. The battle will fly Immortal Boat, the Immortal Boat has not been stimulated to motion, “weng-weng ……” Channel, the crazy Plane turbulence followed by the spout!

“Go…” Immortal Boat high, the early Immortal General one sound low, the Immortal Boat with Star Radiance flashing, change into streamer into the Plane barrier.

Immortal Boat all around Sparks flash, Xiao Hua First felt the Immortal Boat tremble, then the figure floated, Light & Shadow “brush…” in Space was stretched, Immortal Boat did not know how many miles flew!

The war will put down the Gold Light trapped by Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua, raise your hand, and the chain that binds Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua disappears, and the Gold Light also changes into a diamond into the sleeve of the war.

The war will look at the back of the Immortal Boat, and a dazzling fireworks will say: “Fortunately!”

“Adult…” Xiao Hua stood behind him, watching the dazzling also being stretched and twisting the whisper. “Can the 768 rush be restored?”

“This is hard to say!” The war will shake his head. “Boundary is the place where Monster Oath Plane and Immortal Realm Plane impact Equilibrium. This Plane turbulently breaks this Equilibrium and it is not easy to recover…”

“What about Flushing Immortal Selection?”

“Oh, that don’t have to worry!” The war will understand what it is, laughing. “Sen Luodao does not have to open from here, and other boundaries can be!”

“Oh, that’s good, that’s good!” Xiao Hua is always a peace of mind.

“You are Daoist Xiao!” The warrior turned to look at Xiao Hua and smiled. “My name is Pan Zhan. I don’t have to call me an adult. I can call one sound name. Liu Huzhen is very respectful to you!”

“Liu Hu smashed him…” Xiao Hua finally understood why Liu Yunshu had stayed in the Plane barrier for so long. It turned out that he had noticed different things and arranged everything in it.

“Liu Huzhen will leave all of his words in his hand. His old man and Thunder Tiger are just returning from their mission. They see an exception at the entrance to Senluo Road. They don’t have a report with a squat down into Yellow Past Heaven. Who would have thought of it? Actually, there was a tragedy.” Pan Zhan said, “I have already sent my hands to send the message to the protector’s Lu Yunlu, and wait for his old man to order it. You will take the card to see him.”

“Too!” Xiao Hua Look at Jiang Meihua, both of them are nods.

Pan Zhan seems to be used to Life & Death, and no longer mentions thunder and others, but squints at the Flying Boat and doesn’t know what to think.

Immortal Boat is flying fast, Xiao Hua stands at Immortal Boat and looks outside, feeling like standing on the Wading the Star River on the day between the two worlds.

After about a scent, the Immortal Boat had a twisted chain in front of it, the Immortal Boat flew in, and the Silver Light ran through the Immortal Boat. Xiao Hua didn’t feel anything. Jiang Meihua was cold and shrunk his neck. But Light Halo’s Silver Light swept back and forth between Jiang Meihua and didn’t leave easily.

Pan Zhan frowned: “What is in the body of Meijiang little friend?”

Jiang Meihua just wanted to answer, “shua”, Silver Light finally left to sweep to it.

“A certain body…” Jiang Meihua explained with a bitter face, but unfortunately he just said a few words, Pan Zhan waved. “It’s not necessary to talk about Immortal Artifact. Since you judge that you are fine, it’s fine.”

“Well…” Jiang Meihua naturally didn’t want to reveal his secrets, and he closed his mouth.

During the talk, the light curtain was pierced in front of the Immortal Boat and the Immortal Boat fell through the Plane barrier into the sky.

Xiao Hua Look at the Immortal Boat. The whole Space situation is similar to the previous one. However, within a radius of 10,000 li, a huge military account is tied in the air, and the military account has a light band spread. The light belts are entangled to form an imposing Immortal Array, a chill of blood, and bloody spurts from the Immortal Array to all around.

“Pan Daren…” Xiao Hua hesitated and said, “I have a question below, I don’t know if I can ask?”

Immortal Array stopped, its Immortal Soldier but arranging formation flew away, Pan Zhan looked at Xiao Hua, nods said: “Let’s talk!”

“Is it different from Yellow Past Heaven, and the other Heavenly Realms are like this?”

“What do you mean?” Pan Zhan stunned and asked, “What is it?”

“Form Realm Six Heavens, is it the same as the bottom of the Yellow Past Heaven, the other Heavenly Realm are the same here? Space is broken? Desire Realm Six Heavens … is the same?”

“Oh, that means!” Pan Zhan thought for a moment. “I have been in Moyitian, and other Heavenly Realm are less, but as far as I know, Form Realm Heavenly Realm, only Mysterious Fetus Equal Nurturing Heaven, Part of the Yuanming and Tianyi are affected by the Plane impact, and the edge of the Plane is similar here. As for Desire Realm Six Heavens…”

Just here, Immortal Soldier flew from Immortal Boat and said, “Hey Sky Commander, Lu Daren let them go…”

“Well!” Pan Zhan nods, raised his hand and handed Liu Yunshu’s card to the Immortal Soldier. “You take them there. This is Liu Hu’s card.”

“Adult…” Immortal Soldier hesitated. “Is it better to go old?”

“I am tired!” Pan Zhan shook his head. “I still go!”

Waiting for Immortal Soldier to pick up the cards, Pan Zhan directed Xiao Hua to the hand: “Fellow Immortal If you want to know how Desire Realm Heaven looks like, don’t make a tiger cub first, then go and see for yourself! Leave…”

After that, not waiting for Xiao Hua to say something, Pan Zhanyang went away.

“虎虎?” That Immortal Soldier look at Xiao Hua, a slight glimpse, and then look at the eccentric look of Pan Zhan, on Xiao Hua Road, “Adults please…”

“This…” Xiao Hua looked at Pan Zhan’s back as if he understood something.

Jiang Meihua urged him: “Come on, I think Liu Yunshu recommends you to be a tiger, this Pan Sky Commander is not feeling well.”

Pan Zhan’s heart is naturally with complex feelings. He has made countless battles in the squad, and now it is just a Sky Commander, and Xiao Hua has not entered the squad, and was recommended by Liu Yunshu as Hu Wei, while Liu Yunshu, Lei Ming and Lu Qing has fallen, and if nothing happens, Liu Yunshu’s recommendation is to be true.

Pan Zhan’s mood, Lu Yun is very clear, so he sat behind the cloud case, squinting at Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua, his fingers tapping in the seat, seems to be thinking about something.

“Daoist Xiao ……” After half a slap, Lu Yun looked at the card of the cloud case and said, “Is Liu Yunshu Liu Huyu saying that it is true in the card?”

“Luo Daren…” Xiao Hua frowned, said, “Liu Huzhen’s words in the card, Xiao didn’t know, but since Liu Hu’s said the story of Listening Heaven Snowfall, it’s natural! ”

Lu Yun asked: “Daoist Xiao is also willing to join my squadron?”

“Nature is willing!” Xiao Hua nods, look at Jiang Meihua, “Otherwise, Xiao will not come here with Mei Jiang!”

“So…” Lu Yun got up and said, “This is a situation where Lu can’t be the master. You waited for me to meet Qin Qin Qin Long!”

In the camp, a big banner was inserted into Yunxiao. The light belts from the camps gathered here, and rushed straight into the flagpole. The door has Purple “Qin” word to sway with the wind!

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