LOTCG IR Chapter 1006

Lu Yun took Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua out of the camp and raised a hand to make an arrow. “shua” caused the arrow to fall in the air, that is, an Azure light bridge was born, and it was thrown straight under the banner.

Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua followed Lu Yun before they got the big account, and they said to them: “The dragon rides the adult, Lu Yun sees you.”

Who knows, Lu Yun’s voice is in the dark, and there is no echo in the big account.

Lu Yun did not care, straight up and wait patiently.

On the big account, there is a cloud of light flames, which should be extremely powerful Immortal Array, which shields the inner sound, but even so, “weng-weng ……” from time to time, the flames are stirred up by the big account.

Xiao Hua stood by, not feeling secretly.

There was a small half hour, “Boom…” There was a big noise on the big account, and the light flame was born with a big hole, an Immortal General in Gold Armor, an angry fly coming out, shouting in his mouth: Qin Xin, you old aunt, Lao Tzu is not going, can you help me?”

Immortal General flew out and rolled up the wind. It really smashed Xiao Hua and others, especially Jiang Meihua tumbling like a projectile.

“Brush…” Not waiting for Lu Yun and others to stimulate to motion Immortal Power to stand firm, a red train flew out from the big account, rolled Lu Yun, Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua, without the sound of fire Qi Qi As the red training sounded, “Li Boyi, this is Chen Jin Chen Buyao’s pro, you can’t let you go!”

“heng ……” Immortal General one sound named Li Boyi, like the Lei Ting giant earthquake.

Xiao Hua and other three Immortal Being were involved in the big account, and Xiao Hua looked at the big account and stood up to the Immortal General with a total of five 600 zhang. Xiao Hua knows that here is the Seven Luminaries Grinding Extermination. Heaven, Heavenly Realm Principle is not the same as Yellow Past Heaven. Qi Immortal’s Immortal Body is crushed to the extreme. These Immortal General have five 100 zhang Immortal Body, which may be eight 100 zhang in Yellow Past Heaven.

Looking at the height of the big account, the height of the sky, a top-notch Female Immortal sitting behind the military case, the eye-catching face is not covered by Silver Light.

Within the sleeve of the female Immortal Garment, female Immortal looked down and looked at Lu Yun and asked: “What can I do with Lu Huo?”

“禀秦龙骑…” Lu Yun hurriedly yelled. “Humble officer received an urgent report, and the 760th rush occurred. Not only did the Immortal Selection have problems, Listening Heaven Snowfall appeared. Starry Water Demon, is an alert to the Yellow Past Heaven Listening Heaven Snowfall, the thunder, Lu Qing and Liu Yunshu who are chasing the fire and water demon are also falling within the Plane Channel…”

“What?” Name Qin Xin’s dragon rider listened, did not feel anxious, “Thunder they fell down? How did they die?”

“The two are in the Listening Heaven Snowfall and Thunder Tiger. They are killing Daoist Xiao and Mei Jiang of Li Xingjing Water Demon…” Lu Yun did not cover up the credits of Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua, slightly pointing one finger at two. To, “They brought Liu Yunshu’s Liu Huyu’s card back, and Liu Huzhen also recommended Daoist Xiao to join my squadron to serve as Hu Hu!”

“Let him be a tiger?” Qin Xin has not spoken. Some of the warriors have been sneer, and some even cried, “Is Liu Yunshu kidding?”

“I waited for the battle team to make a lot of achievements before I was able to improve the tiger cub. This Immortal Being just stepped into the team, I have to wait for the tiger cub?”

“I don’t want to wait for the Archer Knight, Sky Commander may not be convinced!”

“Noisy!” Qin Xin suddenly changed color, ignoring one sound, Scarlet water rushing out, all Immortal General are covered.

“Daoist Xiao…” Qin Xin looked at Xiao Hua and said, “What did Liu Yunshu give you in addition to the cards?”

“Xiaolong rides adults…” Xiao Hua looks at all around, knowing that this is Immortal Restriction, he hurriedly squatted. “The thing of Liu Hu’s is Meijiang, I don’t know.”

“Adult…” Jiang Meihua took out a Receiving Void Ring from Immortal Armor and said respectfully, “This is Liu Hu’s handed over to him. He once smashed, and he did not see Qin Long’s ride. Take it out! And no one can tell, don’t know what to do, don’t dare to explore!”

“Good!” Qin Xin was overjoyed, and he explored the Mystical Ability. He took the Receiving Void Ring and waited for her Overflowing Sense to sweep away. “You have done a great job!”

Jiang Meihua knows: “There is nothing in the inferior, but Liu Huwei, who remembers the military before he died, can be respected!”

“Oh, yeah!” Qin Xin sighed one sound, big hand One Revolution, Liu Yunshu’s card in his hand, her Overflowing Sense swept a bit, and looked at Xiao Hua, “Daoist Xiao, you will tell the story of things!” ”

“Yes!” Xiao Hua didn’t dare to hide anything. From the encounter with the Fire Dance Water Demon in Listening Heaven Snowfall, she finally used the plan to kill two strong enemies, and the Plane turbulence was said.

Finally, Xiao Hua smiled and said: “I used to go to Nahan before, thinking that Liu Huzhen is favoring the next one. I really want to recommend it. Now it seems that Liu Huyu wants to borrow the recommendation and let him take him down with Meijiang. The Receiving Void Ring brings to the dragon rider, so what is the tiger’s saying, don’t mention it!”

Qin Xin ignored Xiao Hua and thought for a moment, suddenly asked: “Can you freely shuttle the high-rise and low-level Heavenly Realm, not countered by the Plane Principle?”

Xiao Hua hurriedly explained: “It’s not a free shuttle, but it’s different under the Culture Art, and can withstand the Principle backlash strength!”

“Well…” Qin Xin was slightly nods, and then he glanced over Xiao Hua. “Daoist Xiao, actually you are wrong!”

“I was wrong?” Xiao Hua sighed, naturally asking, “Where is it wrong?”

“You can kill the fire and dance water demon, indicating that you have the strength to be a tiger!” Qin said, “You can bring Liu Yunshu’s Receiving Void Ring back, indicating that you have the ability to fight against them. You should be more than enough to serve as a tiger!”

“Don’t be teased by adults!” Xiao Hua hurriedly waved. “Below the most afraid of the people, you can join the team’s biggest expectations.”

Jiang Meihua also laughed and said: “Adults, other warriors also have opinions. Even if the adults let Daoist Xiao be a tiger, they are not good for his development in the team. If you can’t wait for it, you will have to fight hard and be promoted.”

“Which!” Qin Xin smiled. “Since you understand that this dragon rides hard, then the dragon ride, in addition to thank you, can’t say anything more, you can rest assured, as long as you really have credit for the future, these credits will be held. A reward together!”

“many thanks, dragon rider!” Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua were overjoyed.

“Mo urgency…” Qin Xin took out two crystal tokens that were the same as Liu Yunshu’s cards. The hand-raised offering was in the air, and then one-handedly grabbed the military case, picking up the dragon ride official seal, “啪啪” two sounds The official seal falls on the crystal token, and the two brilliant lights disappear in the crystal token.

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Don’t be a tiger, give a Sky Commander!

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