LOTCG IR Chapter 1007

“The two military cards are waiting for you…” Qin Xin waved two crystal tokens to Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua and said, “The tiger can’t easily give it to you, but Sky Commander and Commander are more than enough for your credit.” !”

“many thanks adults!” Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua took the crystal token and had to give it again.

“You wait for two and follow Han Yu!” Qin Xin thought for a moment and said, “I will let her take care of you and let go!”

“Adult…” Xiao Hua saw Qin Xin want to open Immortal Restriction and said in a hurry, “Humble officer has an ulterior motive, and I hope that adults will be perfect!”

“You said!” Qin Xin stopped Immortal Power.

“Can you give Liu Hu’s card to the humble officer as a commemoration?”

Qin Xin looked at the hand in the hand and said: “Liu Yunshu’s card is his own Essence and Blood forging. After he fell, this will not be able to take out the things in the card. It can only be used as Ink Immortal Disk…”

Xiao Hua stunned. He didn’t know that there was something in the card. Xiao Hua thought for a moment: “Liu Huzhen has lost his hand and has no bones. This is his last relic. The humble officer only wants to take it. Come to be a memorial, nothing else!”

“Well!” Xiao Hua explained that Qin Xin also wanted to understand. She sent the card to Xiao Hua and said, “This thing is useless. You keep it! Oh, yes, human shadow and fuzzy human shape. Don’t let other Immortal Being know about it.”

Qin Xin withdrew Immortal Restriction, and revealed other Immortal General figures in the big account. Qin Xin looked at all around and said: “Daoist Xiao and Mei Jiang broke into my squad and made great contributions. This General bred them. For Sky Commander and Commander, which one has an opinion?”

Lei Ming said clearly that within the sky, only the top of the tiger became General. The Sky Commander and Commander were actually similar to the Yellow Commander’s Banner Commander, and the Immortal General had no opinion.

Seeing everyone agree, Qin Xin gave the Sky Commander official seal and the Commander official seal to Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua respectively.

“That’s the case, this day’s deliberation will come here!” Then Qin Xin said, “Yunyuan Little Heavenly Realm battle is Chen Buyao’s plan, it is imperative, then Li Bo can do it. Han Yu , Xiao Sky Commander and May Commander are your Commander first…”

“Yes, adults!” The voice of a Female Immortal sounded from the crowd.

As the name suggests, Han Yu is a face-rendered Female Immortal. She took Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua to her own camp. She randomly assigned an Immortal Soldier to arrange Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua, and then she went into the big account and ignored it.

After the release of Immortal General, Qin Xin’s big account has been deserted. She squinted at the top of the big account, as if she was thinking about something. After a moment she seemed to be talking to herself: “Miao Er, you said this shot attacked thunder them. Are the two of Wei Family? Are they intentional or unintentional? Do they want to stop the plan to step on the adults?”

As the heart of Qin Xin landed, she walked slowly on a nearby Strange Beast, which is the woman’s head, Scarlet Red and Dragon Body.

“Adults…” Name The beautiful slave of the name is fascinating, and the glamorous face is also with the image of thinking, she frowned. “In the view of the slaves, these two Immortal Being did not reveal the truth, but It must be the Wei Family. They have already shot a few times, but we have never been able to grasp the handle. Their strength is stronger than that of Lei Ming, Liu Yunshu and Lu Qing. There is not much problem in killing Sanxian, so they have not specifically concealed their own. Whereabouts, and the appearance of this Daoist Xiao…has disrupted their plans, they have to chase down Daoist Xiao, who knows try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off, they trap themselves.”

“… As for their purpose, the slaves think that they should not be that thing. After all, they lead the fire and water demon into Listening Heaven Snowfall, and the fire dance water demon is enough to kill the thunder and others, they don’t know Daoist Xiao in Listening Heaven Snowfall, Thunder and others fell on Listening Heaven Snowfall, they naturally can’t get that thing…”

“Well, what you want is the same as me…” Qin Xinwei nods, “That’s the case, it’s like reporting gold adults, but what about the frost sword?”

“Fros sword?” Merino stunned, said in surprise, “the slave does not know which frost sword!”

“Oh, I am a little confused!” Qin Xin rubbed his temple with his hand and smiled bitterly. “It was all mad by Li Bo!”

“Behind Li Boyi is Xue Mingbai Xue Yuteng. He naturally wants to talk about Jin Yuhan Jin Teng… first questioning the three points, but he himself understands that this is an arrangement for stepping adults. Why should adults worry?”

“It’s all a team, it’s so complicated, I feel tired!” Qin Xin waved his hand and said, “Forget it, don’t mention this. Talk about the frost sword, the frost sword is a long shot…”

“Ah?” Meinu Jiao exclaimed one sound. “I know the frost sword! What happened? Is there a message from the grown-up?”

“Yes!” Qin Xin said about the slap in the face, and finally, “Liu Yunshu will use the Mystic Technique in the card with the Mystic Technique. No one can see it. Just Daoist Xiao will go. When I was playing cards, I erased that record!”

“It seems that this Daoist Xiao is interesting…” Meinuo said with some thoughts, “He actually got the france sword of the aunt, and the frost sword is not in addition to the aunt, who can’t use it?”

“What did Changchun adults say…” Qin Xin shook his head. “But her old man has reincarnate, and no one knows this.”

“Do you suspect that Daoist Xiao is the reincarnation of the grown-up?”

“No, I don’t doubt!” Qin Xin shook his head. “If it is the reincarnation of Changchun, she will not come to the sky so much, and even if she comes, she will never come to me. So, only possible Daoist Xiao It’s true that although the grown-up adult has reincarnation, her old citizen’s Cultural Base has not recovered. She has already arrived at Higher Realm and found a place for cultivation.”

“What do you doubt?”

“I don’t doubt anything!” Qin Xin smiled. “Don’t you also say that he is interesting?”

“Yeah!” Meinu Jiaodao said, “He took the frost sword. It is precisely because of the frost sword that he can make a place in the sky. He does not know the origin of the frost sword, as if he already knows it. It’s so weird, it’s a weird, different from many Immortal Generals? Also, the tiger cub is a job, it can be a soldier, and there is a fundamental difference between Sky Commander and he’s not even contending, I doubt if he is Male Immortal ?”

“This kind of Male Immortal has less desire!” said Qin Xin. “Not very good control. However, such a Male Immortal likes to do practical things, and some tricky things can be handed over to him!”

“Well, um, that’s it…” Minort nods.

“I have to sue this thing with Jin Daren…” Qin Xin talked and raised his hand to pick up his own dragon riding official seal.

What did Mei Nujia suddenly think of, reminded: “Daoist Xiao and Mei Jiang’s military merits have been given?”

“Give it, give it…” Qin Xin grinned. “There are people who have escaped to the battle team, and these military achievements are indispensable.”

I don’t want to say that Qin Xin wants to sneak up on Jin Yuhan’s obituary. I just said that Immortal Soldier assigned by Han Yu heard Xiao Hua is Sky Commander, Jiang Meihua is Commander, can’t help but give birth to the admiration, and eagerly leads Xiao Hua to the military account. Space in a gap, said: “The two adults are camping here!”

Xiao Hua Look at the military accounts with the same style all around. He smiled and said: “How do I wait for a military account?”

Immortal Soldier Nahan said: “Two adults…”

However, he just said that he suddenly woke up and said, “Is the two adults just joining the team?”

“Yes!” Jiang Meihua smiled. “So many things, I don’t even know!”

“Adults still have a general card sacrificial refining…” Immortal Soldier looked at the two men’s eyes differently, be careful, “and then if you don’t understand anything, ask humble officer!”

“Yes!” Jiang Meihua took a shot on her forehead. “How do I forget this?”

Looking at the Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua sacrificial refining military cards, Immortal Soldier waited respectfully. After the two people were satisfied refining, he said: “I don’t know what the two adults have to ask?”

Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua’s Overflowing Sense have long swept the military cards, and the rules of camping, marching, etc. are clearly written, so Jiang Meihua waved: “Nothing!”

“The humble officer went!” Immortal Soldier laughed. “The humble officer is called Fan Qing. What do the two adults have? You can call the humble officer through the military card.”

Immortal Soldier is going to give away, suddenly thinking about something, reminding: “humble officer see two adults sacrificial refining is used by ordinary, if the two adults have the heart, you can use the Essence and Blood once again sacrificial refining the military card to see if there is another mystery! ”

“Oh?” Xiao Hua Wei Wei, said in surprise, “What is another mystery?”

Fan Qing smiled bitterly: “Good to teach adults to know, I am the usual Immortal Soldier’s military card only has the transmits message and storage ability, adults and other Immortal General’s military cards will have immortal market function, the military skills that adults get in the war can make up Heavenly Immortal What you need for a bid to buy…”

“What…what?” Xiao Hua was wrong and shocked. “Is there an immortal market in the day? Also… what military power?”

“Yeah!” Fan Qing laughed. “There is no military power, humble officer, etc. to the team? No immortal market, where is the Immortal Pill, Culture Art, etc. from the cultivation? Adults outside the team can bid with crystal coin Cultivation, to the team, in addition to crystal coin, but also military skills, especially the scarcity of Cultural Art, no military can not bid!”

“Fast, fast…” Jiang Meihua was excited and hurried, “Let’s also sacrificial refining and see if this military card has any mystery!”

“The two adults just entered the team and they were able to rank Commander and Sky Commander. The military cards given by the tigers are naturally different!”

Fan Qing’s little flatter sent, and then left.

“Don’t rush to sacrificial refining!” Xiao Hua Look at all around, not Immortal Soldier Immortal General. Look here and smile. “Or get a camp first.”

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