As Fan Qing said, the military card is actually the transmit message Immortal Artifact and Receiving Void Ring. Xiao Hua takes out his own Sky Commander official seal from the inside, and adds the sacrificial refining. According to the military card, the transmits message is required. Military accounts, but for a long time, there were halos on the military cards, and Helmet & Armor, military accounts and other things appeared strangely in the military cards!

“I am going!” Xiao Hua suddenly, secretly exclaimed, “Isn’t this the rhythm used by the Ancient Aristocratic Family?”

Xiao Hua Looking up at Jiang Meihua, Jiang Meihua’s eyes are equally bright.

The two men took out the same style of military accounts from the military cards, but at the time of the sacrifice, they found that Xiao Hua’s military account is bigger than Jiang Meihua’s. It’s not a One Star. It must be the privilege of Sir Sky Commander. .

On the General account, Immortal Restriction inspired, and saw Azure Light & Shadow on the military account, the Light & Shadow automatically merged together, and then rushed out to connect with other military accounts, Jiang Meihua smiled “My military account Too small to squeeze with you!”

There are military cases in the military account, and there are some essential things.

Xiao Hua After sitting in the military case, Jiang Meihua just found a place to sit.

Xiao Hua Look at the military card in his hand, whispering; “This military card looks very interesting. I don’t know if you have anything like this?”

“Yellow Past Heaven is definitely not.” Jiang Meihua also took out the military card and shook his head after careful exploration. “However, Desire Realm Heaven is not excluded… there will be such a thing.”

“Immemorial Immortal Clan’s foundation can’t be underestimated!” Xiao Hua Look at Jiang Meihua’s meaningful meaning, “You are actually a bit too reckless.”

Jiang Meihua shrugged and looked at the cold military account and said, “Do you want to say… useful?”

“That’s it!” Xiao Hua nods, “This life is chosen one by one, and you can’t regret it at that step.”

“Although I didn’t think about it before, it’s not good enough here!” Jiang Meihua said with a smile. “You have this Sir Sky Commander to protect me and cultivation, especially no one will find me…”

“You are wrong!” Xiao Hua coldly said, “Do you think there is no one in your family?”

Jiang Meihua stunned, smile also condense on his face, waiting for a moment, nods said “good! There must be something here!”

“But you don’t have to worry!” Xiao Hua said. “No one can think of you still alive. No one can think of you coming here. It is your military card. I don’t recommend using your own Essence and Blood sacrificial refining…”

“Afraid that I was discovered?”


“You first recring this military card first!” Jiang Meihua gave a smile and said, “I will give me advice later.”

Looking at Jiang Meihua’s smile, Xiao Hua’s heart moved, and immediately refining the military card with a drop of Essence and Blood. When his Overflowing Sense swept the military card, it was a big change!

Xiao Hua is incredible. “This… this military card… is a carry-on immortal…immortal market? Want to bid for Immortal Pill, Cultural Art, as long as you sacrifice a military card? And… and what you need, anytime Can send the message, as long as there is Immortal General, can be delivered at any time, just spending military power? This is too convenient!”

Jiang Meihua Although he was somewhat psychologically prepared, he was shocked by the effectiveness of this military card. He smiled and said, “What? Now I suggest that I don’t use my own Essence and Blood?”

“This convenient Immortal Artifact is naturally to use its own Essence and Blood sacrificial refining!” Xiao Hua smiled bitterly. “Otherwise it will be inconvenient to use!”

Looking at the Jiang Meihua sacrificial refining military card, Xiao Hua Overflowing Sense explores the military card and carefully explores the internal records and functions. The more he looks at it, the more he is shocked. The function of this military card is far more than the usual Immortal Artifact, and even Enter with a little Primordial Spirit and use it as a store.

In this shop, Immortal Pill, Immortal Artifact, crystal talisman, as well as Culture Art, Talisman Manufacturing Technique, casting artifact, etc. are all clearly priced, except for Low Rank’s Immortal Pill, Culture Art, etc. There are crystal coins that can be traded, others are dominated by military power!

In particular, in this shop, there are still a lot of Gray’s handwriting foundation that can’t be seen clearly. If Xiao Hua’s military is not enough, it is not enough military power to show it.

“My Heavens!!” Xiao Hua sighed. “With this thing, the heavens are self-contained, and Foundation does not use anything Feather Immortal!”

“Where are our military achievements?” Jiang Meihua had finished the general card recredit, and asked, “How can I not find it?”

Xiao Hua Mind withdrew from the military card, and Nahan said, “I haven’t found it yet. We just got the team, where is there any military power?”

“Isn’t that Qinlong ride not said?” Jiang Meihua was not pleased. “Let’s take Liu Yunshu’s military card and the Receiving Void Ring back, is it a great achievement? Hey, she is too stingy.”

“You said…” Xiao Hua slanted Jiang Meihua and said, “What is Liu Yunshu’s handing to Qin Long?”

Jiang Meihua Eyes, Yizheng said, “Don’t look at me, I am a trustworthy generation. Since I promised, it is absolutely…”

Waiting for Jiang Meihua to finish, Xiao Hua smiled. “Liu Huzhen wrote so many things in such a critical moment. He has Time. You don’t watch it? Besides, the Receiving Void Ring is in your hands. The more he says no. Let’s see, you will definitely see!”

“Okay, okay!” Jiang Meihua reluctantly said, “I admit, I read…”

“If it is not convenient, don’t say it…” Xiao Hua deliberately ridiculed, “Don’t let you be a betrayal!”

“Liu Huzhen didn’t say no to see…” Jiang Meihua sound transmission, “It’s actually an Ink Immortal Disk…”

When Jiang Meihua finished, Xiao Hua squeezed his chin. “It doesn’t sound like anything. How is it worth the plunge?” Is there some on the card?”

“The card is in your hands, you can see it yourself.”

“Do you want more? If the dragon rider dares to give me the card, naturally there will be nothing more!” Xiao Hua shook his head. “Right, you don’t see Liu Yunshu’s tiger seal official seal…”

Just said that Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua have a bright eye at the same time, but they are all the same channel. “Yes, official seal!!”

When they said that they also offered their official seal at the same time, after they had finished reading, the two eyes were all thieves bright, looking at the other side, “How much military power did you take?”

“You said first, you said first…” Jiang Meihua smiled. “You are Sir Sky Commander!”

“Okay!” Xiao Hua, look at Jiang Meihua, “I have to do 3,702!”

“Ah?” Jiang Meihua was stupid and surprised. “So much?”

“How much are you?” Xiao Hua asked curiously.

“It’s only four thousand six hundred!” Jiang Meihua said, “I’m annoyed.”

“How are you more than me?” Xiao Hua is very puzzled.

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