But at this time he used his fingers to calculate, just less than a few months, Xiao Hua actually hit the Gatering Essence Immortal Middle Rank from Gatering Essence Immortal Initial Rank, this… This is not far beyond the recognition of Jiang Meihua Know!

“This… what is this?”

However, Jiang Meihua’s surprise is not here. When he just counted Xiao Hua cultivation’s days, his eyes fell, and Xiao Hua’s broken gossip turned out to be an illusion that his foundation had never seen.

Immortal Being by Gatering Essence Immortal First Rank’s gossip to Formings of Gatering Essence Immortal Middle Rank, most of them are Elder Hua Yang, Shaoyin, Shaoyang, Laoyin Form Forms; a small part of cultivation Perfection, there are adventures Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillon Bird and Black Tortoise Form Forms will be born; some of them will produce astrology like Four Forms Primal Spirit.

But Jiang Meihua has never heard of Form Forms. There are two inexplicable ribbon condenses.

But see a ten colors rainbow bridge phantom from Xiao Hua Gate on Crown through the Xiao Hua Immortal Body until the soles of the feet, then the bottom of the foot into the Xiao Hua Immortal Body into the Xiao Hua Gate on Crown.

In addition, there is a light-band phantom of countless water condense around the waist of Xiao Hua, and the horizontal and horizontal penetrations pass out, giving birth to 360 perfect five Rings.

Jiang Meihua Where do you know, ten colors rainbow bridge like Other Shore, representing Life & Death; countless bands of water condense represent Karma!

Xiao Hua’s Form Forms is life, death, cause, and fruit. It is Dao of Life & Death and Dao of Karma!

Unfortunately, Xiao Hua’s Form Forms has just been revealed, and there is movement outside.

Xiao Hua opened his eyes and the vision disappeared. He sighed a little: “How is it so fast?”

Jiang Meihua also woke up, and smiled bitterly: “It’s not too fast. Just four or five months, adults are ready to advance the Gatering Essence Immortal Middle Rank, which makes Humble General cultivation!”

“Senior is joking!” Lu Shu smiled, waiting for Xiao Hua to open his mouth. “Everyone’s chances are different, and the way they go is different. Senior is not my grandfather, naturally I can’t compare with my grandfather!”

“Ginger brother…” Xiao Hua smiled and pointed at the semi-airway. “Xiao is also a coincidence. Just flew into this area, Xiao thinks that the Space Principle is different. Sure enough, when Xiao stimulate to motion cultivation Art, All around The ubiquitous eclipse makes Xiao a strange sentiment, which has promoted Xiao’s Cultural Art, which has changed…”

“This…” Jiang Meihua was stunned and surprised. “Can it still be cultivation?”

“Yeah, isn’t that the chance?” Xiao Hua said faintly, then the Immortal Restriction was removed, and Hu Feishan and others were standing in a low-sound sound transmission.

“Adult!” Hu Feishan hurriedly stopped the sound transmission, and cautiously said, “There is about half an hour ahead of the rush to the 1967. The guardian of the boundary is Zhong Xiaohu. The adults pass by here, and they must say hello in advance.” !”

“Good!” Xiao Hua nods, said, “I will give it to you!”

“Well, no problem!” After Hu Feishan promised, he took Yuexi and other two Immortal General to fly to Immortal Boat.

“It seems that the three of them have given up explaining!” Jiang Meihua sound transmission.

“It doesn’t matter!” Xiao Hua smiled and answered.

Sure enough, after half an hour, there was a huge Dark Cloud piled up in the distance, some Immortal Boats shuttled in the air, and Immortal Soldier Immortal General on the Immortal Boat looked at Xiao Hua and others.

Staying close, Xiao Hua can see clearly that the Dark Cloud is actually a fortress, the fortress is as strange as a terraced field, and there are many Immortal Soldier Immortal General in the center.

“Oh…” Rotating between the Dark Clouds gave birth to a whirlpool and a small boat in the middle.

The boat was flying, and a hearty sound came out: “Which is Xiao Hu?”

“Adult, this should be Zhong Xiaozhong’s tiger.” Hu Feishan rushed to the sound transmission. “Adults are rude!”

Xiao Hua laughed at one sound and flew out, arched: “old man Daoist Xiao, I have seen Zhong Xiaozhong and Hu!”

“Xiao Hu’s really powerful!” Zhong Xiao flew out from Immortal Boat, looked up and down Xiao Hua, and raised his thumb. “Zhong has already learned from the card that the three tigers are fighting, the previous month. When Zhongmou passed by here, Zhong felt that Changyue was already powerful enough, but I didn’t think she was worse than Xiaohu’s. It’s no wonder that Xiao Huzhen can win!”

“Oh?” Xiao Hua was surprised. Said in surprise, “Chang Yue passed by Zhong Huo here, is it necessary to complete the task of tiger fighting?”

“Yeah!” Zhong Xiao nods said, “Chang Yue brought nearly ten Immortal General to the alien sky and rain, who knows that she will not return, fearing that it is fierce and less. Today, Xiao Huyu also went different. Starry sky and empty hunting, then be careful!”

“Silk…” Xiao Hua didn’t feel anything. Hu Feishan behind him took a breath of air and rushed to the sound transmission. “Adult, uh…we must be careful!”

“Oh, many thanks Zhong Zhongren remind!” Xiao Hua nods said, “Xiao is just hunting with his hands. If anything is wrong, I will not go deep into the alien sky.”

“Well, it should be like this!” Zhong Xiao smiled. “Although military power is attractive, life is more important!”

“Yes, yes!” Xiao Hua turned to look at Immortal Boat and said, “Xiao can’t possibly use the life of two thousand Immortal Soldier as a mustard.”

Zhong Xiao smiled and immediately turned a face: “Zhong must be a routine, and also ask Xiao Daren to show the tiger’s official seal…”

“Too!” Xiao Hua took out the tiger’s official seal and watched it with Zhong Xiao.

Waiting for the tiger’s official seal to be returned to Xiao Hua, Zhong Xiao said: “Xiao Daren, the land of the boundary can not afford the large Immortal Boat, but also the adults to put Immortal Soldier into the Immortal Artifact!”

“Good!” Xiao Hua promised, and turned to Hu Feishan and others. “You waited for the 2,000 Immortal Soldier to be collected, and enter the Monster Oath with Xiao!”

Hu Feishan and other three people stunned, and his face was slightly relieved. He hurriedly said: “Yes, Humble General obeys!”

Looking at the three Immortal General back to gather Immortal Soldier, Zhong Xiao sound transmission said: “Xiao Daren gave them two thousand Immortal Soldier to carry them, afraid that it would let the adults vote for the rats!”

“Haha, no problem, no problem!” Xiao Hua laughed, sound transmission, “Xiao has his own claim.”

“Well, that Zhongmou wished Xiao Da to be successful!” Zhong Xiao arched. “When the adults turn from Monster Oath, Zhong Mou prepares a thin wine for the adults.”

“many thanks Zhong Daren Jiyan!” After Xiao Hua’s reunion, Zhong Xiaofei returned, waving the flag, and a rugged vortex emerged from the Dark Cloud!

At this time, Hu Feishan and others have already received Immortal Soldier, and sacrificed a small boat. Xiao Hua took Jiang Meihua and other small boats, and rushed to Zhong Xiao and waited for nods. The boat swayed into the whirlpool under the vibration of Hu Feishan.

Waiting for Xiao Hua’s boat to disappear, the vortex began to close, a thin Immortal General flew off the side boat, watching the whirlpool, whispering sound transmission: “Adult, they will not affect our plans?”

“No!” Zhong Xiao replied faintly. “It’s just a Gatering Essence Immortal First Rank, but it’s two thousand Immortal Soldier. I can’t afford any big waves, and they can’t come back from the stars. !”

“Well, then Humble General will inform you!”

Zhong Xiao held his hand and looked at the fortress of Sui, and said faintly: “Go!”

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