And Hu Feishan drove the boat and flew into the whirlpool. The vortex all around produced radial lines. These lines shook deep into the vortex, and the tail extended to Void. As for the edge of the Void, there were some Fissures that were as thin as a tree.

As the boat passed, the lines spread out toward the vortex, and the lines slowly disappeared after the boat flew over.

In the whirlpool, from time to time, some Immortal General in the shape of a battle armor swayed like a phantom, apparently the Immortal General in the fort.

Flying over 10,000 li, the vortex in front of the head has been faint, the violent Aura began to come from all over the Space, and the Immortal General body surface such as Hu Feishan began to sparkle like a spark.

“Master…” Zhou Xiaoming was the first sound transmission. “The small body of the Disciple has a small bubble, and the Immortal Power has a boiling trend. I am afraid I can’t stay here again.”

“Well…” Xiao Hua also perceives that the Immortal Body is a bit like a needle-like, nods, and both Zhou Xiaoming and Lu Shu are collected with a big hand.

“Adults…” Hu Feishan whispered sound transmission. “Are you… Is it the first time to come to Monster Oath?”

Xiao Hua replied: “Yes!”

“The adult is best to maximize the Immortal Armor defense…” Hu Feishan hurriedly explained, “And if the adults have other defenses, they can also come out. This Monster Oath’s Plane Primordial Qi is different from Immortal Realm. A slight negligence may be for adults. Immortal Body causes damage, especially in the body of Immortal Nascent, not contaminated with Monster Oath Primordial Qi !”

“Well,” Xiao Hua points nods, no comment.

“Adults…” Hu Feishan said, “I have to wait and see, although there are some differences in opinion, but after all, the same account is for, there will be no other disagreements…”

“I understand!” Xiao Hua took a look at Hu Feishan and smiled at the sound transmission. “The Qing Dynasty is clear, the turbidity is turbid, and you don’t have to be confusing! You also think so much, old man really brings you to earn some Military merit.”

“That’s good, that’s good!” Hearing that Xiao Hua finally spit, Hu Feishan was finally relieved.

Xiao Hua Take a look at the Immortal Boat flying out of the whirlpool. There is an endless mountain peak. This mountain peak is different from Immortal Realm. It is not only tall and three, but also has a Treasure Light flash on the mountain peak. It looks like a refining artifact. Good material, Xiao Hua couldn’t help but ask: “Does Hu General come to Monster Oath often?”

“Humble General can’t call General…” Hu Feishan said in a hurry. “The adult is called Humble General one sound.”

Xiao Hua has a goose bump in his body, and Hu Feishan is more powerful than Monster Oath Primordial Qi.

“Call the war will be!” Xiao Hua smiled slightly.

“Yes, yes, this is fine!” Hu Feishan replied carefully. “Humble General has been with Thunder Tiger several times before, so I am not familiar with it!”

After that, Hu Feishan hurriedly went to Monster Oath to pay attention to the matters, but nothing less than the exercise, use Immortal Mark, let Monster Oath Primordial Qi contaminate bloodline and so on.

However, Xiao Hua is not concerned about this. He looks at the mountains under the boat and says: “Since Desire Realm Heaven and Form Realm are bounded by Monster Oath, Monster Oath should be able to rush from this boundary. The land flows to Immortal Realm, and my Immortal Realm Immortal Being should also be able to enter Monster Oath from here, without the need for cross-border Mystical Ability?”

“Oh, the adults said that Humble General had just joined the team with the same doubts!” ​​Hu Feishan smiled. “After all, at Yellow Past Heaven, I felt that Monster Oath was extremely rare and could bring things back from Monster Oath. Immortal Realm, there must be a cross-border Mystical Ability. In fact, Immortal Realm has a lot of Monster Oath things that are actually transferred to Immortal Realm by filling Heavenly Immortal, but these can be transferred to Monster Oath of Immortal Realm. Things, definitely not too rare, because the rare things are left in the team!”

“As for the adults to say the latter, to be honest, Humble General is not particularly understandable! However, Humble General knows that this boundary is the impact of the two worlds of Plane, a unique area, the most suitable in this area. High Rank Qi Immortal and Low Rank True Immortal stay, if Golden Immortal appears above True Immortal, it will cause Space to collapse, which will drive Plane Storm.”

“What about the big man?”

“They generally hide in the Immortal Boat and don’t participate in the war personally. It is really a battle, and that is the annihilation of large areas.”

“When I passed by the prevailing land, the old man felt that there were some Monster Clan Aura inside, Power of Star & Moon was too strong…”

“Oh, nothing strange!” Hu Feishan laughed. “Most of the Immortal Soldier in the boundary has killed Monster Clan. They also have Monster Clan weapons. They don’t have Power of Star & Moon…”

In the words, the sky suddenly gave birth to a huge star band, which will cover nearly 100,000 miles, and the force of the shackles will produce the folds of the First Layer layer, such as mountains and rocks, blocking the sunlight.

“The adults are careful!” Hu Feishan’s face was dignified, and the boat was stopped. Be careful, “When I got here, I have completely left the boundary. The Monster Oath Principle came into effect. I have to wait for the baptism of dust mites to get deeper. Monster Oath !”

“old man understands!” Xiao Hua smiled. “If you want to step on the big man, if it’s coming, not only will the land here annihilate, but Monster Oath’s Principle baptism is even more powerful?”

“That’s natural, but the land is not enough to withstand the weight of the Immortal Body. There are few people here.”

“Adults…” Yue Xi also boldly reminded, “At this point I should wait to avoid the Monster Oath Principle.”

“Well…” Xiao Hua just said, Zhao Pingyi said, “But adults should pay more attention to the fact that your old Principle baptism may be more powerful than it is now.”

“Yes, I know!” Xiao Hua smiled. When the first stimulate to motion figure flew out of Immortal Boat, Jiang Meihua also flew out, but the direction was different.

Hu Feishan and other three people looked at each other. In addition to Hu Feishan did not move, Yue Xi and Zhao Pingyi also flew to the other two places.

“hong-hong ……” The four people just flew away from Immortal Boat, and the traversing star band began to tremble. The four star belts came out of the star belt, and the condensation did not count as the ring of Rule.

Yuexi shot a pair of left and right beasts, “Hey…” The two animal heads flew out from inside, under the head of the beast was a band of mist, and there was a strong Star Force in the fog, with the beast head. Walk around the Immortal Armor in Yuexi, a Light & Shadow of the Strange Beast body condense before the Immortal Realm.

Zhao Pingyi is even simpler. A Reclining Void Ring at the waist, “Hey…” A Phyton Dragon flies out. This Phyton Dragon is engraved with a star-shaped texture. When Phyton Dragon is wrapped around the Immortal Armor, the unspeakable Aura will be the Immortal Body. Protect. .

After the two Immortal General’s respective measures to motion, although the star band formed by the top of the head began to faint, and the faint star band fell on the two Immortal General, it was insignificant.

“Yue Xi and Zhao Pingyi mean different things, but in fact they are essentially the same, they use their own bloodline as a guide, and Monster Oath Monster Clan sacrificial refining against the Monster Oath Principle, so it is possible to go deep into Monster Oath, but their bloodline is inevitably Monster Clan is invading!” Xiao Hua looked at it and thought a little bit. “It’s the same as Zhang Qingxiao. Although Zhang Qingxiao has the mood of Defying the Heavens, the mood can’t resist the lack of Xiantian. Even Zhang Qingxiao is almost For the emperor to make a wedding dress, how can Yuexi and others be spared? However, fortunately, they are mostly in the boundary, where Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi is still a lot, there will be no accident!”

Xiao Hua is thinking, Jiang Meihua sound transmission: “Adult, Humble General feels a little strange!”

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Hua turned to look at Jiang Meihua, but the star band above Jiang Meihua’s head looks bigger than Yue Xi and others, but the star flies with Flickering lights and tumbling slowly disappears. It is like Jiang Meihua is Monster Oath Monster Clan.

Xiao Hua is happy, there is Qilin bloodline within Jiang Meihua bloodline, and this Qilin bloodline is the rare Qilin Essence and Blood left by Forsaken Blessing Realm. Qilin Essence and Blood suppresses Jiang Meihua main body’s Essence and Blood, Heavenly Dao judged Jiang Meihua to be Monster Clan.

“Don’t ask me!” Xiao Hua waved his hand and pointed to the star belt that was thicker than the three people at the height, saying, “I don’t know what’s going on, if I know, I will be afraid of this?”

In the words, the star belt brought Might of Heaven & Earth down and it seems that Xiao Hua will be imprisoned!

However, it also falls in the star belt, without Xiao Hua’s own stimulation to motion, the body surface, a heavy folds are born, this fold contains Star Radiance, which is a moment, the star flame will cover the Xiao Hua body surface, a The shape of Feng Wu’s Monster Clan phantom is hanging behind Xiao Hua!

When Feng Wu phantom came out, the falling star belt disappeared instantly.

Yue Xi looked at the star belt without traces, and looked at Xiao Hua behind the Phoenix phantom, and could not help but be shocked.

“Adults are a good means!” Hu Feishan will fly over the boat and praise, “The amazing Mystical Ability of adults is not going to ignite the Monster Oath Principle at all. No wonder the adults want to choose the stars and the rain, Humble General admire the five-body cast!”

“Lucky!” Xiao Hua smiled. “I will continue to move forward!”

The Immortal General flew back to Immortal Boat, and Jiang Meihua hesitated. He said: “Adult, just flew over the boundary of 1967, what Zhong Huzhen once said, the one that went before the ordinary moon was the alien sky and rain, Chang Yu’s mission must be similar to that of Xiao Fan. To hunter Monster Clan, which is awesome in the rain, the ordinary moon will not fall. It must be fallen inside. I will be careful, let me know something.”

“This is easy!” Yue Xi smiled and took out the military road. “If you spend the military power to repair Heavenly Immortal, you will know!”

Zhao Pingyi reminded: “Yuexi, here is Monster Oath, can I use the immortal market of Tiantian?”

“Try first…”

Unfortunately, before Yuexi finished, Hu Feishan took out an Ink Immortal Disk and said, “You don’t have to worry about Sky Commander. Humble General has already offered a reward in the Heavenly Immortal 早, but unfortunately flying out. At the time of the fortress, some people robbed the reward. This Ink Immortal Disk has not come to see it. Adults, you should see…”

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