“Oh?” Xiao Hua took over the Ink Immortal Disk and looked at Hu Feishan with a smug look. He laughed. “Hu is a very detailed person!”

“Where, where!” Hu Feishan’s pickpockets, some awkward, he naturally responded to Xiao Hua, but Jiang Meihua mentioned that he had to take the Ink Immortal Disk in order to protect himself.

Xiao Hua, while watching Ink Immortal Disk, asked Hu Feishan, saying: “Hu Hu and Hu Hu must have seen it. May I explain it to me?”

“Changyue is coming to the alien star to kill the star-studded fox…” Hu Feishan smiled. “I must know that the star fox is the most deceitful. If it is not laid out in advance, if it is not designed to perfect Immortal Array, generally a dozen Immortal General It is impossible to kill the Star Fox, so the task selected in the regular month is also the most difficult task in this tiger fight…”

After that, Hu Feishan immediately felt that it was wrong. He rushed to One Revolution and said: “One of them is as difficult as the mission of the tiger!”

Xiao Hua is funny. Since she knows how to be afraid, why should she fight against Lei Ming and Xiang Qing in the military camp?

“Well, um…” Xiao Hua nods said, “And then?”

“Nothing is coming!” Hu Feishan said with a dismay. “It is said that Changyue has entered the alien sky with a dozen Immortal General, and it has not come out.”

“What about the alien sky and the rain itself? What is the red star fox?”

“There is nothing like the alien sky and rain. It is Monster Oath’s ordinary Monster Territory. I haven’t found anything special about the exploration of the sky team. So there is no extra record. As for the star-studded star fox, it is comparable to the Scarlet Star of Gatering Essence Immortal. Monster Clan is also the most recent 1967 Immortal General. I saw it occasionally during the left-hand inspection…” Hu Feishan went on to say, “I am afraid that adults will see this thing, and they will temporarily count on a task of fighting.” Let’s go!”

Xiao Hua Take a look at Hu Feishan and look at Yue Xi and Zhao Pingyi. “It seems that this task is not a dangerous thing. If the moon is falling here, it is a different kind of change!”

Zhao Pingyi hurriedly nods said: “It is true. Monster Oath Plane’s Monster Territory is not only different in Celestial Phenomenon, but also has a lot of changes in the inside of the Principle. Even the same Monster Territory is different in different Time, so today’s alien rain It’s different from the previous alien rain, so it’s only a reward for Heavenly Immortal.”

“Adults…” Jiang Meihua interjected. “If this alien rain has no particularly important strategic significance, the sky will not be repeated again and again.”

“Yes, good!” Yuexi also rushed to nods. “There is nothing that Mei Daren said. This is also an idea that Humble General heard Xiao Daren get this reward! The reward for this reward is too little.”

“Well, Xiao understands!” Xiao Hua smiled. “That is to say, the task of alien stars and rains can be big or small. If I follow the military merits of the reward, I will only send Immortal Soldier to look around and perfunctory things. It can be; but if it is in-depth exploration, there will be more information to find.”

“So…” Hu Feishan said quickly, “but listen to the adults.”

“Do not worry!” Xiao Hua said with a long heart, “A regular month, a Gatering Essence Immortal High Rank has fallen, how can I go to the pole to find death? And you wait… but Two Qi Immortal High Rank ……”

“Xie Da body forgive me!” Yue Xi hurriedly squatted.

Xiao Hua Just want to say something. Suddenly, the undulating mountain shape Light & Shadow screams like a flame, and a hot, burning heart & lungs feels overwhelming!

“Mei Commander…” Zhao Pingyi hurriedly reminded, “Monster Oath’s Yu Tai is rising, be careful!”

“many thanks Zhao Sky Commander reminds…”

Jiang Meihua smiled and turned to look at the light and shadow.

But on the sky above Monster Oath, a huge sun hangs in the Far East as if it were not moving. Under the sun, at the junction of the day, there is another round of Fireball that rises several times. This Fireball is small but As soon as the first birth, the temperature of the entire Monster Oath rose sharply, and the Fireball rose very fast, just half exposed, and completely out of the ground in the blink of an eye.

The previous mountain shape Light & Shadow and the unspeakable heat are due to the birth of the sun!

Xiao Hua thought about it, just asked, Jiang Meihua has sound transmission: “Adult, Monster Oath has three suns, namely, Yangyang, Shiri and Yutai. The big one is called the first yang, and there is a smaller one. Some are the beginning of the day, the golden primaries are golden yellow, the first day is Silver White, the two are the main day, they will not appear in the sky at the same time. The time of the main day staying in the sky is equivalent to Immortal Realm, four days, Yutai It will appear at the same time as the main day, but the time that Yu Tai stayed in the sky is very short, which is equivalent to seven hours!”

“Well…” Xiao Hua nods, again asked, “How many moons does Monster Oath have?”

“Nine…” Jiang Meihua smiled. “And I heard that Monster Oath’s night sky is particularly beautiful…”

Jiang Meihua also said that Hu Feishan spoke up and asked: “Is the adult, will Humble General be released?”

“Which!” Xiao Hua thought for a moment and smiled. “Let them come out of the arranging formation. Otherwise, it’s not ridiculous to say that even the Monyang Oath’s first yang has never been seen before.”

“Yes, adults!” Hu Feishan and other promised one sound, will release two thousand Immortal Soldier.

Immortal Soldier is no less natural than the five Immortal General, a Monster Oath Monster Qi is born with a subtle Fire Blaze. However, Immortal Soldier is well-trained and each of them offers the Immortal Artifact. It is really two Azure clouds. The clouds and mist will be covered with heat and Fire Blaze. Xiao Hua will also bring Zhou Xiaoming and Lu Shu into it.

Xiao Hua then said: “Thank you for your trouble, Sky Commander and Zhao Sky Commander!”

“Yes, adults!” The two Immortal General flew the formation, waving the flag to direct Immortal Soldier.

Yue Xi and Zhao Pingyi are Sky Commander. They both commanded two thousand Immortal Soldier. It is a small test, but Xiao Hua knows that if they are not allowed to command, they will be uneasy.

Sure enough, Hu Feishan was very determined, and the flight would come over. He smiled and said: “The adults are really powerful. Before Humble General came to Monster Oath with the thunderous adults, his old man used his own Thunder System Immortal Artifact bodyguard every time. Adults only use Mystic. Technique is fine…”

“Hey…” Xiao Hua just had to answer, and there was a sound like a fountain rolling in the distance, and then Monster Oath trembled, and a bloodline-spraying Aura caught in the heat.

“Is the alien rain?” Hu Feishan looked at Aura’s whereabouts, and was a little surprised. “Adults, it really has changed.”

“Is it to avoid or go?” Xiao Hua asked for some chaotic soldiers.

“Go!” Hu Feishan said without hesitation, “Now is the first time Xuan Kong, is the best time to explore the alien sky and rain, when not to wait for more?”


“Through the tiger and the squad, you rushed to the alien sky!”

With Hu Feishan’s one sound, the squadron speeded up and rushed forward.

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The alien rain has some meaning…

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