Xiao Hua followed, looking at Monster Oath, who had some differences from his Monster Oath Space, and asked casually, “How come Monster Clan is not near?”

“Oh, good to teach adults to know…” Hu Feishan knows that Xiao Hua first arrived at Monster Oath and smiled and explained, “In fact, this is not really Monster Oath. At best, it is the edge of Monster Oath. Like our Immortal Realm, it is nothing. Monster Clan appears, have you seen several Immortal Being ? near Seven Luminaries Grinding Extermination Heaven?”

“And those Monster Clan’s demon and Crystal Nucleus can change their military skills. The Immortal General, which guards the boundary, is near the water. They often come to hunt, so many years down, where is there any Monster Clan? Unless they are like… Monster Clan like Starfox can only appear.”

“Well…” Xiao Hua nod, suddenly thought of a move, knowing that the rhinoceros has a movement, he released Overflowing Sense looked at it, I don’t think it is a slight brow.

The Good Fortune Gate Disciple, which was originally ordered to protect the ruthless, was ordered by Immortal Mark, and sent a message to the sender.

“Sure enough…” Xiao Hua secretly thought, “Principle within Immortal Realm. All Immortal Being must have Immortal Mark, Dao Fruit and Immortal. Good Fortune Gate Disciple in Xiao Space has traces, but it will be after coming out. Follow this Principle…”

“Those Disciples have been ordered by Immortal Mark. If other tens of thousands of Disciples are coming out, they must be ordered by Immortal Mark. If there are too many people, they will have trouble. Xiao will find a way to send them out in batches…”

Xiao Hua has already flew half a cup of tea, Hu Feishan sees the mountain near the left, there are some big and sturdy demon woods appearing, whispering sound transmission: “Adult, Monster Oath can be exchanged for Heavenly Immortal 圩Crystal coin, although there is no military work, but finally…”

Waiting for Hu Feishan to finish, Xiao Hua understood, laughing: “Everything is done according to the rules of hunting before!”

“Yes, adults!” Hu Feishan was overjoyed and rushed Xiao Hua to nods and flew to the front.

“What are you doing?” Jiang Meihua looked at Hu Feishan and flew away, quite a bit puzzled.

Xiao Hua replied faintly: “Scrape three feet!”

Sure enough, after Hu Feishan’s order, the squadron was divided into two, and it still fell into the mountains or the demon wood in the blue cloud, but it was counted, and the mountains were already flat and less than a hundred feet!

“Adults…” Jiang Meihua looked at the place where the stars and rains were in front of him. He smiled. “You just asked for full speed to go to the alien sky and rain. Is Hu Feishan so embarrassing?”

Xiao Hua took a glance and looked at Hu Feishan, who was commanding from a distance. He said, “I didn’t really think that Immortal Soldier was not easy to see Monster Oath…”

“Your heart is too weak, not suitable for the pawn!” Jiang Meihua hit the blood.

“hehe” Xiao Hua smiled. “This is what I know, so I will let you, Lu Shu and Zhou Xiaoming give me advice!”

“Just this time!” Jiang Meihua, look at the squadrons like the wind and the clouds, the side is sweeping the ground, the side is flying to the alien sky and rain, whisper, “What will happen next time Hu Feishan, you tell me in advance!”

Just saying, “hong-hong ……” one sound loud noise, a dozen mountains peak in the distance suddenly burst, each mountain peak has a hundred miles of stone flowers crazy out This stone flower is gradually blooming under the glory of Yutai. All around is a clear sky, and it becomes turbid. Like a bead flower, a dead-like phantom emerges from the light Pillar and falls toward the stone. Stone flower gradually gave birth to the weird foot smell Aura under Light Pillar.

“Buddhist demon flower?”

Jiang Meihua screamed and said, “How is it so big?”

“grown ups……”

Hu Feishan, who commanded the formation, saw the Immortal Soldier drop and flew over. He said, “Congratulations to the adults, we met the Bodhisattva demon!”

Xiao Hua smiled and asked: “If you do, then go and collect it!”

“No, no…” Hu Feishan hurriedly waved. “The adults don’t know. In addition to the Immortal Realm Refining Body, there is another important role in Monster Oath.”

“What role?” Jiang Meihua is puzzled.

“Inducing Monster Beast!” Hu Feishan explained with a smile. “I Immortal Realm Immortal Being can use the Refining Body. Monster Oath Monster Beast prefers to eat this item. Its Aura can put Monster Beast in a circle of 100.000 li. Attracted.”

“It’s not far from the boundary of the boundary!” Xiao Hua looked back and had some doubts. “How did you find out the squat of Zhong Huo?”

“This Bodhisattva demon flower looks like a hard rock condense, actually a watery thing…” Jiang Meihua said in a hurry. “It will drift in the earth, the sky, the water flow of Monster Oath, and it needs to bloom and grow. It It will be restored from a mountain rock to a flower at any time! You don’t think it is flower-like, but it has a powerful monster with its body. This monster has no Force Elements Immortal strength, but also has Overflowing Immortal High Rank strength. In particular, the worm’s mouth is fierce, and the general Immortal General may not be killed!”

“Adults…” Hu Feishan smashed his hand and smiled. “Immortal General, who is listening to the team, said that it is good to meet two Bodhisattva demon flowers. I have to wait for 13 times at the end. Luck is missing. As for how to collect, May Commander doesn’t have to worry, Humman’s Immortal Soldier has the power to kill this monster.”

“The problem is…” Jiang Meihua coldly said, “If you say, how many 13th Bodhisattva flowers will attract Monster Beast?”

“In fact, there won’t be too much Monster Beast!” Hu Feishan said. “Isn’t Hu said just now? Monster Beast has been hunted by Immortal Soldier…”

Hu Feishan’s words have not been finished yet. “Hey…” One sound The beast screamed from above the sky, and then saw a Monster Beast flying like a goshawk. The Monster Beast was more than 800 feet, and it was several times. The scales are all over the scales. There are mottled Star Marks on the scales, and each Star Mark has a lingering fire.

“Burning Heavenly Dragon Eagle?” Hu Feishan saw it and shouted. “How can this place have such a Monster Beast?”

“I also said that there is no Monster Beast? Isn’t this coming?” Jiang Meihua coldly said.

Xiao Hua was worried and asked: “Is it right?”

“Do not worry, adult!” Hu Feishan took a slap in the face and swears, “Humble General is more than a singer, can take thousands of brothers to deal with a burning Heavenly Dragon eagle, still sure!”

“Yeah!” Xiao Hua smiled. “Look at your means, old man is going for you!”

Hu Feishan flew out, a Yangling flag, Yuexi led more than a thousand Immortal Soldier immediately illusionary corps, greeted the burning of the Heavenly Dragon eagle, and Zhao Pingyi led another thousand Immortal Soldier to fly to one of the Bodhisattva demon flowers!

“Hey…” Burning Heavenly Dragon The eagle screamed, his wings flickered, and dozens of Fire Pillars were overwhelming.

More than a thousand Immortal Soldier has divided dozens of squadrons. This squad has been shaped like a human being, like Two Qi Immortal tens of thousands of feet high, besieging the Heavenly Dragon eagle, killing half a meal, burning Heavenly Dragon eagle finally Invincible, just to escape, “hong-hong bang…” Hu Feishan, Yue Xi and Zhao Pingyi will have long waited, and at the same time sacrificed Immortal Artifact to burn the Heavenly Dragon Eagle.

Burning Heavenly Dragon Eagle mourning one sound, hit by Immortal Artifact, and waiting for it to struggle again, Hu Feishan has already thrown out the mesh Immortal Artifact to take it!

Hu Feishan was overjoyed. He had just collected the Heavenly Dragon eagle and reported it to Xiao Hua. “Hey…” There was a sound of beasts from the distant mountains. In the sound of the beasts, the mountains collapsed, a thousand feet long. The weird Monster Beast flew out of the rock.

But see this Monster Beast triangle head, which has a dense fire mark on it, the Monster Beast body looks like a string of gems, but the jewels have several sizes of 100 zhang, Flickering lights.

“This… What is this Monster Beast?” Even Jiang Meihua was a bit stunned.

Hu Feishan apparently stunned, and then he hurriedly waved the flag, and ordered the immortal Soldier, who had just fought the Heavenly Dragon eagle, to flee, and the Immortal Soldier, who had received the Bodhisattva, continued to fly to meet the enemy.

Jiang Meihua watched Immortal Soldier fight with the weird Monster Beast, whispering sound transmission: “This Hu Feishan is also a talent, commanding Immortal Soldier and Monster Beast to fight.”

“Of course…” Xiao Hua smiled. “After all, it’s also a tiger!”

Jiang Meihua just want to say something again, “Hey…” and the sound of the beasts sounded, and I saw the distant sky, there is a flower of a demon flower out of the air, a wing like a butterfly, a monster like the Black Tortoise Monster Beast flew over the demon flower.

“It turned out to be a martial arts butterfly, and it came well!” Zhao Pingyi yelled at one sound, and set up another flag, commanding the Immortal Soldier arranging formation of Hume to meet the enemy.

Xiaohua smiled more and more, and Xiao Hua smiled: “It’s all Monster Beast brought by this Bodhisattva! Don’t just pick up the Bodhisattva flower!”

As a result, Xiao Hua swung a large sleeve and Devouring Earth Insect flew out.

This Devouring Earth Insect looks a bit similar to the previous one, but the flying, the faint dragon mark and the rising Dragon Image have never been before.

Devouring Earth Insect flies down the mountain range, and the mouth devours the powerful monsters of the roots of the Bodhisattva demon flower. The founder of the demon worm does not dare to resist, and the Devouring Earth Insect is swallowed by the head and the body, and the sound of the scorpion is protected. The monster is swallowed clean.

Xiao Hua smiled and flew over the Bodhisattva demon flower. The big hand grabbed it all by the way, and the entire Bodhisattva demon flower was included in Space.

But at the moment when Bodhisattva’s demon flower disappeared, Xiao Hua suddenly appeared brightly, his eyes were tight under the earth, and brows slightly wrinkle, I don’t know what to think.

Devouring Earth Insect continues to fly to Second Bodhisattva, still devours from the roots.

At this time, the weird Monster Beast and the Wu Xuan demon butterfly were on the alert. Two thousand Immortal Soldier just wanted to have a sigh of relief. “Hey…” After three or five sounds, in the sky, two thousand heads of Monster Beast open. The days of Eclipsing the Sun’s winged fly will come over, a mouthful of Black Flame, and a Fire Blaze flying between the wings! Within the earth, there are also gaps, and if the two Monster Beasts of the pangolins and the dragons climb out of the gap, these Monster Beast are bloody red eyes, and when they fly out, they rush to the Bodhisattva…

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