“Killing …” Hu Feishan and so on did not dare to neglect, each waving the flag, two thousand Immortal Soldier again divided into several units, greeted Monster Beast.

The Monster Beast was much more, and the two thousand Immortal Soldier were somewhat stretched. One of the soldiers was defeated by the dragon mouth, and several Immortal Soldier screamed and fell from the air. Xiao Hua saw it, and his body fluttered toward the dragon. Just after he had just smashed the Ruyi Stick, “brush…” Xiao Hua just stood at the foot, a heavy Scarlet Star Radiance saved, and transformed the huge fox shadow in midair. , pounce on the remaining Bodhisattva demon flower!

“Haha!” Xiao Hua laughed and shouted, “I will be waiting for you!”

After that, Xiao Hua figured back and the Ruyi Stick became long and thick in his hand!

“Boom…” Ruyi Stick shoots down, a swirling vortex is born in the fox shadow!

“Oh…” Fox Shadow screamed, Scarlet Star Radiance change into the vortex of the wind!

Waiting for the streamer to solidify, a pair of eyes flashing red light on the vortex of the wind to show the figure!

Isn’t it the red star fox?

“Hit…” Xiao Hua shakes his hands, “hong-long-long” The huge palm is born out of thin air, and the fox demon is close to Space!

Space is imprisoned, and the star-studded star fox shows its true content, and the Star Radiance is like a bang!

“Hey, hey…” The red-eyed star fox struggled, and under the impediment of Thunderclap’s Great Hand, its foundation could not escape.

However, just in the struggle between the red-eyed star fox, Xiao Hua suddenly smashed, because the star fox’s abdomen is high and raised, it looks like pregnancy, and the star fox is still not looking down at the belly.

Seeing this, Xiao Hua’s mind suddenly appeared outside Jiu Xia’s Million Mist Mountains, a pale, bloodless smile.

“Hey!” Xiao Hua can’t start anyway, he sighs one sound and looses his hand. “Hey…” The red-eyed star fox changed into a red light and disappeared in a moment.

The red-eyed star fox fled, the Monster Beast, which was fighting with Immortal Soldier, suddenly gave up Immortal Soldier, and plunged into the earth, and when Immortal Soldier chased it, where is it?

“Hit…” Xiao Hua is low-key one sound. This is the Thunderclap’s Great Hand, the slightly One Revolution, which falls to the dragon-shaped Monster Beast!

“Hey…” Monster Beast Where is the enemy of Xiao Hua Thunderclap’s Great Hand? The arrogant room was imprisoned by Xiao Hua.

Xiao Hua did not say much, throwing Monster Beast to Hu Feishan, and he still looks at all around.

There is no turmoil of the star-studded fox, although some Monster Beast is attracted by the Bodhisattva, and it is not the enemy of the two thousand Immortal Soldier and the five Immortal General.

Hu Feishan saw the Devouring Earth Insect from Xiao Hua. He simply focused on Immortal Soldier against Monster Beast and ignored the Bodhisattva.

About an hour, thirteen Bodhisattva flowers have been collected by Xiao Hua, and only the last one stands on the highest mountain.

“Does the adult want to save the idea of ​​tempting Monster Beast?” Jiang Meihua said in surprise.

Xiao Hua nods said: “Yeah, all the way, we have never seen a powerful Monster Beast. And Hu Feishan still has the idea of ​​going to the One Revolution and going to the One Revolution. If you stay, let it lead. Come to the demon Beast Cultivator.”

“Adults…” Jiang Meihua only said one sentence, “If the moon is still alive, and it is suppressed in the alien sky and rain, the adults will stay for a while, and the moon will be more degraded!”

“Not bad!” Xiao Hua took a glimpse of it, and let Devouring Earth Insect spend the last Bodhisattva demon, and hurriedly yelled, “Through my military order, the whole team rushed to the alien sky and rain.”

When I flew for a few more hours, I saw that Yu Tai had surpassed the beginning of the day and reached the center of high heaven. “Boom…” A sound of a stormy sound rang from a distance, and then I saw a starry rain falling into the earth like a river. The whole earth is shaking.

“Adults…” Hu Feishan hurriedly said, “There is a star in the sky!”

“Different stars and rains?” Xiao Hua looked at the distance and frowned, because it was far from the place where the Tianhe River fell, but all around had some fog, and the fog shrouded the sky, not only obscuring the eyes, but also Overflowing Sense. blocked.

Looking at the Immortal Soldier, which still forms the formation, has opened the Immortal Mark, and the Immortal Mark has Silver Light to protect the Immortal Soldier Immortal Body.

Seeing Xiao Hua frowning, Hu Feishan said: “Adult, I have already got a lot of Monster Oath things, I have to take it back and change it. I can also get a lot of military power and crystal coin, not if I wait on the edge of the alien rain. Something…”

Speaking of this, Hu Feishan did not say down.

“Go ahead!” said Xiao Hua. “If you encounter a difficult Monster Clan, it’s not too late!”

“Adults…” Hu Feishan was anxious and whispered. “I was afraid that there would be no way to retire at that time!”

“Are you so courageous?” Xiao Hua sneered and said, “I always dare to come, do you dare to come?”

“Yes, adults!” Hu Feishan still wants to argue about something, but he can swallow it again.

Xiao Hua and others still stimulate to motion to fly forward, and the fog became more and more diffuse, gradually becoming the shape of water waves.

This water wave is weird, wavy, banded, spread all over the world, with different water waves, or Watery Blue, or flaming red, or Gold Yellow, with a weird granular Rare Object.

These waves are similar to Monster Qi of Monster Oath, corroding the Immortal General body, and are extremely corrosive.

Xiao Hua is a little worried, but look at the Azure Light on the squadron, although it is weak, but extremely tough, let go of the heart and continue to move forward.

Flying into more than 100,000 miles, the water wave has condensed into a wave of water, similar to the sea, but there is still some gap between the waves. The former granular Rare Objects in the water waves are now condense together, all in the water waves, and the stars are shining.

Although these particles of the shape of the stars are beautiful, they are extremely unstable, but when they are encountered, the particles immediately explode and pick up some small vortices. This vortex sometimes suddenly increases, sometimes it rotates into another star, so That star has grown bigger.

At this time, Hu Feishan also opened the Immortal Mark, and the Azure & Red ray of light column was shot to protect his Immortal Body. He looked at Xiao Hua and Jiang Meihua, both of whom had a feather plume and a body. The table has Qilin roaring, and there is no opening of the Immortal Mark.

Surprisingly, Hu Feishan whispered again: “Adult, Humble General has a bad feeling…”

“Yeah!” Xiao Hua squinted at the huge vortex in front of her head. There was a fuzzy light in the whirlpool. It looked like a torch in the foggy day and said, “You say!”

“Red-eyed star fox!” Hu Feishan said, “The mission of Changyue is to come to the alien starry sky and take the red-eyed star fox, while the red-eyed star fox is in the left when the buddha demon flower is open, which shows that the red-eyed star fox Foundation is not in the sky.”

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The red-eyed star fox is not in the alien sky, Xiao Hua, they began to find the mission is different.

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