“Oh?” Xiao Hua stunned. He didn’t think about it. Said in surprise, “Why isn’t the red-eyed star fox not going out from the alien sky?”

“Adults…” Hu Feishan smiled. “The red-eyed star fox is clearly pregnant. It is not in its own nest. Why are you going out?”

“There is some truth!” Xiao Hua nods said, “But it can’t be ruled out. The red-eyed star fox was born in an alien rain, and then sensed the buddha demon flower, which hurriedly flew out!”

“The adults said it is! There is such a possibility…” Hu Feishan nods, “But adults can think about it from another angle. If the nest of the star-shaped star fox is not in the sky, then the moon and the moon are naturally not found. To the star-studded star fox, why did he fall into the alien sky?”

“That must have met even more powerful Monster Clan!” Xiao Hua laughed. “Even the alien rain itself swallowed her!”

Hu Feishan Immortal Body stunned, as if afraid of cold shrinking neck, nods said: “The adults say it is, not…”

“Well, old man understands!” Xiao Hua smiled. “You just need to get to the front of the Fire Blaze, let the Immortal Soldiers lay down the Immortal Array and explore it all around!”

“Many thanks adults!” Hu Feishan was overjoyed and hurriedly handed over, but he explained before he left. “Adults, not Humble General, are afraid of Humble General. Many of them are Five Elements Immortal Low Rank, even Overflowing Immortal, too. Weak…”

“Know, know!” Xiao Hua smiled. “You go by yourself! Pass me the military order, hand it over to me after the inspection, I will return the immortal market and return the reward!”

“Civil!” When I saw Hu Feishan, Jiang Meihua couldn’t help but whisper. “How do you still lead the soldiers?”

Xiao Hua smiled, not much to say, he himself was just on the battlefield, really not qualified to judge others!

Then fly tens of thousands li, suddenly there is a violent heat wave coming through the water waves, even the Xiao Yu of Xiao Hua can’t help but the one sound of “shua” is blown up, there is Star Mark bloom Star Radiance will Xiao Hua protects.

Jiang Meihua body Qilin can no change into phantom, “吼…” one sound whistling, Qilin phantom falls into Jiang Meihua, and immediately sees Jiang Meihua’s Immortal Body begins to change, Monster of a human beast Qilin Clan is revealed in front of Xiao Hua.

Xiao Hua took a look at Jiang Meihua, and there was no doubt in his eyes. This is the heart of Jiang Meihua.

Jiang Meihua already knows that the reason why he can successfully practice Dao Lord Mystic Technique is not that he is good for Luck. The only possibility is Xiao Hua.

As for why Xiao Hua has such a large Mystical Ability, look at Xiao Hua and also transform the Phoenix demon, Jiang Meihua chooses to shut up.

“Go…” Xiao Hua is low-key one sound, with wings on his back and wings rushing into the distant fiery vortex, which is even more powerful than Immortal Realm!

Jiang Meihua followed, and the Ochre clouds were born under the four hooves.

“Silk…” Before flying to the fire, Xiao Hua couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. This is a whirlpool. It is clearly the huge Fire Pillar of One Connecting the Heaven Pervading Earth. Above the Scorpio, Yu Tai, who has already fallen west, shines on the Fire Pillar, and the heavy-duty nine-color Fire Blaze falls wildly.

Not only Fire Blaze, the place where the fire shines, the stars hidden behind the sun shoot Light Pillar, and fall into the Fire Blaze to make stars big and small, like a hail.

Within the Fire Pillar, countless Monster Clan Light & Shadow roars, but this Light & Shadow is broken in the stars and melts in the Fire Blaze!

“This kind of demon, this kind of power, this Might of Heaven & Earth, in fact, ordinary Gatering Essence Immortal can come?”

Xiao Hua felt the flames of the flames coming from the face, and he was shocked. He also knew that if he had Monster Body himself, if he had reached the Spirit Formation Immortal Initial Rank, he would not be able to insist on it. He did not know Changyue. Why survive in such a sinister situation!

“Brush…” At this point, between the Fire Blaze surge, there is a broken light Gold triangle running counter-current, like the Swimming Fish.

“Boom…” is inevitable, a star lingers on the triangle, the Gold Light splashes on the triangle, and the shadow of a Female Immortal is reflected from the inside, and then annihilated.

“Changyue??” Xiao Hua was shocked. Although the triangle was smashed and still flew up, he hurriedly extended Phoenix Claw and explored the Fire Pillar to grab the triangle!

Foundation does not have to fall into the stars, Xiao Hua Phoenix Claw ignited out of thin air, a sharp pain like a sword!

Waiting for Xiao Hua to look closely, Tianyu Shangyu has fallen, the sky is not black, but the top of the Fire Pillar emits a “weng-weng 嗡…” whistling, a huge Fire Blaze vortex is born, and the rotating side is falling. There is a vortex in the shape of Starry Sky’s seal that will seal the entire Fire Pillar!

“Adults…” The voice of Hu Feishan came from afar. “The alien stars and the sky have changed, and it is not suitable for exploration. Wouldn’t it be necessary for me to return?”

Xiao Hua didn’t answer urgently. Instead, Overflowing Sense swept the Gold Triangle and handed the triangle to Jiang Meihua and Jiang Meihua. He exclaimed: “Is Mo Moon still alive?”

“There is a constant cry for help in the middle. As for whether it is alive, no one knows!”

“In the middle of the month, if I want to save her, I can only get from the Fire Pillar, otherwise the Fire Pillar is closed and another Space, it is impossible to find her!”

Xiao Hua nods, said: “You are here to pay attention to the closed position of Fire Pillar. Please send me the sound transmission at any time. I will send Hu Feishan and they will say it again!”

Xiao Hua flew back, but seeing Hu Feishan, Yue Xi and Zhao Pingyi’s body have already ignited the Fire Blaze, and the Star Radiance shuttled through the Fire Blaze like a sword.

As for the two battalions, there are many fire clouds in Azure Light, and many Immortal Soldier Immortal Body have been burned!

“Hu Huqian…” Xiao Hua said, “old man has found the whereabouts of the moon, she is under this Fire Pillar, this Fire Pillar is a space of alien rain, old man is ready to save him!”

“Adults…” Hu Feishan hurriedly yelled, “The alien starry sky is already dangerous, and this Fire Pillar Space that comes out with Yu is even more…”

“You don’t have to say more!” Xiao Hua smiled. “If you don’t know, the old man won’t go. Since you know, the old man can’t help! You take your own knees and quit the alien rain!”

“Yes, adults!” Hu Feishan was overjoyed. He hurriedly squatted. “Humble General, this is with…”

After that, Hu Feishan snorted and bitterly said: “Humble General, take your own knees and quit the alien sky!”

Hu Feishan also understands that if he saves the permanent moon, he has a lot of military power, and he withdraws from the alien sky and rain. Xiao Hua naturally does not give himself military strength, and Xiang Qing squats down these Immortal Soldier, Xiao Hua is definitely the income flag, they are of course You don’t have to work hard, but you can also get military strength. Xiao Hua is so thick and thin that Hu Feishan has nothing to say.

Of course, Hu Feishan also knows that Xiao Hua is not good for Xiang Qing’s Immortal Soldier.

Hu Feishan, Yue Xi and Zhao Pingyi with a thousand Immortal Soldier retreat, Xiao Hua took out the command flag and flew to the front of the formation to smile: “old man wants to explore the alien sky and rain, if there is military power, you can evenly divide, if there is danger You can’t be spared. Old man gives you a ten-day time. If you don’t want to, you can retire at this time!”

The Immortal Soldier foundation does not hesitate to think about Xiao Hua. It is “simultaneously”: “many thanks, great gift, I am willing!”

“Good!” Xiao Hua will use the flag to collect these Immortal Soldier, while Lu Shu and Zhou Xiaoming will still earn Space.

“Adult…” Xiao Hua just finished all this, Jiang Meihua in the distance has already hurried, “Quick, the seal is coming down!”

Xiao Hua flew away, and I saw that the Starry Sky seal had brought the infinite power to 100,000 feet, and the edge of the Fire Pillar began to collapse…

“Haha…” Xiao Hua laughed, screaming, “Ginger Fellow Immortal, go, you and I are on fire, but look at what this First Monster Oath is like!”

“If you want it!” Without Hu Feishan and others, Jiang Meihua whispered one sound, and Qilin had a dragon mark on his body, and he flew into the Fire Pillar before Xiao Hua!

“hong-hong bang…” Jiang Meihua just rushed in, all around the star-shaped Light & Shadow began to burst, and suddenly Jiang Meihua was tumbling.

“Hey…” Jiang Meihua shouted, shook all around!

“Oh…” one sound phoenix cry, Xiao Hua flies into the wings, the wings are like clouds, and the flashing room will beat all around the stars!

“Follow me!” Xiao Hua whispered sound transmission, Phoenix Claw grabbed Jiang Meihua, and his body flew down the abyss in the Fire Pillar!

It really fell under the seal of Fire Pillar. Xiao Hua perceives Space’s dreadful, “ka-cha 嚓…” Lei Ting roars above the head, Space is broken, and the side is sealed again, no The cast wind blows everything inside the Fire Pillar!

This Fire Pillar can be different from Sen Luo Dao. After Xiao Hua flies, Ying Sense sweeps over and the edges are almost innocent. Obviously there is a complete Plane Principle.

Under the Fire Pillar, it is the abyss. It seems to be savage, and it seems that the Fire Blaze is rolling, never really touched, and foundation cannot be seen.

“Let me down!” It was 100,000 feet flying away. Jiang Meihua saw all around the stars and Fire Blaze slightly reduced and struggled.

Xiao Hua loosened Phoenix Claw, Jiang Meihua’s Qilin Monster Body rolled in a few corners, and the man changed into the animal head.

Jiang Meihua roars in the sea of ​​fire and feels Xiaoyao / free & unfettered more than Immortal Realm.

“If it is as usual, it is more than 100,000 yuan, and there is Space Fissure…” Xiao Hua Phoenix Eye looked around and looked for the “stable” in the Gold Triangle. “Unfortunately, Changyue sees the crisis, first step Gold. The triangle was sacrificed, but I didn’t know it!”

Xiao Hua’s thoughts have just been born. There is a sudden roar of sounds on the top of the head. Xiao Hua is shocked and looks up, but sees the rotating Starry Sky seal suddenly stops. The Lei Ting of Flickering lights is like streamer. Everywhere in the Space, Space’s tears have inexplicable floctuation and brilliance.

This fuctuation and the light sweeping Space, what Fire Blaze, what stars are change into the dust!

“Not good!” Xiao Hua didn’t dare to have a sneak peek. He spread his wings to Jiang Meihua, and he could not allow him to react quickly to the abyss…

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Finally, deep into the alien sky, what will happen to Xiao Hua?

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