“Ah? What do you mean?” Xiao Hua stunned.

“He said that there is a naked star fox here, leading me and other Immortal General down, who knows that he has helped ambush here…”

Chang Yue said a few words, Immortal Mark Light & Shadow began to annihilate, it seems to be frozen by the cold.

Xiao Hua raised his hand and said, “Go back and say!”

“I can’t do it anymore!” Waiting for Xiao Hua to speak, Jiang Meihua said first.

“Well, I know!” Xiao Hua took a look at Jiang Meihua, but there are some dragon marks surging, which barely blocked the cold, but the Qilin Law Manifestation has no Light & Shadow overflowing, apparently frozen.

Jiang Meihua was collected, Xiao Hua spread his wings, and the hurricane swept away, blowing the cold. At this moment, suddenly there was a light like a fire that glowed in the depths of the cold, and the inexplicable Fluctuation passed through the cold and swept Xiao Hua Phoenix. Body, rush to the height of Space!

The volatility is everywhere, and the Xiao Hua Niwan Palace is a step-by-step rotation of the Black Crystal and the red crystal, which is like a fear and excitement.

“Is it right?” Xiao Hua was shocked and had a bad expectation.

However, waiting for him to have Second thoughts, the top of the head, all Chaos, the cold disappeared instantly, and the fire was pouring down like a fire, and the sun was everywhere, like the gods falling, everything was killed. !

“This is Yu Tai rising again, its Light Pillar is here, as I have seen before the alien rain…”

Xiao Hua is so eager to fly, where can I dare to fly?

He swayed his wings and sneaked in his eyes, and he thought to himself: “How can the moon survive if it is the sunshine of Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth?”

“I understand that the space gap that Changyue flies into is not a real Space, but the Space born by the fire. If Jiang Meihua does not see the moon, she will always stay in that fire, followed by an alien star. Rain and air blend together…”

Thinking of this, Xiao Hua’s eyes lit up, he had already felt that the vest had a hot shock that he couldn’t resist, so he hurriedly picked up the Phoenix Body, stimulate to motion Technique of Light Escape!

“Brush…” Xiao Hua is full of fire, a piece of film, but this fiery is extremely slick, and can’t make Xiao Hua fit, but the shrapnel all around is like some floille-like Gold Yellow halo, thin Thin is like the glory of Space.

Xiao Hua Even if he is hiding in the light, all around the violent heat can still kill, he rushed into the golden yellow halo.

It seems to be in the furnace, it is also like the fire of the sacrificial refining, Xiao Hua clenched his teeth and sneaked into the air. After Immortal Power warned, he still opened the Immortal Mark and tried to maintain his Light Escape state.

Xiao Hua can perceive his own eyebrows, Silver Light, like a dyke.

Even so, Xiao Hua can’t stay in Light Escape for too long, just like a mortal in the water, there is always time to support it!

Xiao Hua can’t stick to it and can only get out of Light Escape.

“Oh…” The loud whistling sounds, Xiao Hua sees clearly, when his body appears, the left space and Light & Shadow are completely distorted.

“This… Where is this?”

Xiao Hua stood up and stood in a hurry. He found that this is exactly the same space as the alien sky and rain. All around is filled with water, and there are countless gold lights in the water. This Gold Light is burning under the sun. Glowing!

“Weird…” Xiao Hua thought about it, turning her head to look at the place where Xiang Yang was light, but when he turned around, he was shocked on the spot!

But see Space at the back of Xiao Hua, a huge Gold Light color wheel hung there, and a sun as it radiates from the sky. The round wheel rotates slowly, and the sunlight is broken and absorbed.

As the flame breaks, countless golden yellow textures of different sizes rotate, giving birth to inexplicable fluctuation!

Xiao Hua’s eyes fell on the fluid, and countless weird Light & Shadow rushed into his mind like water.

“hong-hong bang…” Numerous roars were born in Xiao Hua’s mind, like Starry Sky bursting, Xiao Hua was black, Immortal Body began to boil, but at this time, Niwan Palace surrounded by Black Crystal rotating red crystal Glittering, speeding up the rotation, the trajectory fits somewhat with the golden yellow texture.

Glittering like the spring breeze sweeps through Xiao Hua’s mind and gradually calms down the roar!

Xiao Hua didn’t dare to look at the Gold round, and hurriedly turned his gaze away. He could look at Gold Light, and he was creepy again, because a fierce Monster Clan in Gold Light stood there. Although it didn’t move, the sharp eyes in the eyes of Purple’s eyes touched Xiao Hua’s eyes, and Xiao Hua felt like a lightning strike!

Xiao Hua couldn’t help but think of the Soul of Immortal Being in the sweat and sweat.

Could it be that Monster Clan is the seal of this awkward Gold Light? Is it falling into Space with normal moon?

Xiao Hua was fascinated by the Gold round, and his eyes were removed. Suddenly he found that the opposite of the Gold round, a half-moon-shaped star was impressive.

“My Heavens!!” Xiao Hua watched the stars glow with a cold glow, a heavy ice envelope around the Gold round, and the weird and familiar Fluctuation confronted the gravity of the Gold round. Xiao Hua couldn’t help it. “It turns out that this space is so formed!”

When this Space battled with Day Declaring Oneness Country and Ink Overturn Country, Xiao Hua found the Purple Star and Pitch-black Netherworld under the Firmament Chamber Valley, which is the Equilibrium formed by One Yin & One Yang. Yin% Yang is more than a hundred times stronger than before?

This huge Space, the Monster Clan sealed in the Gold Thread, which is not comparable to the Firmament Chamber Valley!

While waiting for Xiao Hua to look at the stars, it was as cold as frost, and when the silky colors were mixed, I couldn’t help but suck up a cold breath!

That kind of colors is like the Gold Light. Every silk color has a star of different colors. The star rotates slightly. Although the powerful Aura is sealed by the ice, the unspeakable Soul Force is still like a needle. Out!

“Every… every star is a Monster Clan?”

Xiao Hua is a little shocked, and the depth of Monster Oath is deep! How many years have Space existed here, and so many seals like Soul!

“Monster Oath method of cultivation is countless, the mainstream is Refining Body and Soul…” Xiao Hua suddenly has some intentions. “This Soul is useless to me, but it is very good for Huang Tong…”

Xiao Hua just thought of it here, there is a floctuation on the colorful stars. This fuctuation is like a thought that ignores Space and Time and falls on Xiao Hua!

Foundation does not allow Xiao Hua to have a rebellion, his body surface, the Phoenix Body gave birth without any warning, Xiao Hua was shocked, and his wings screamed!


If the sound is outside of Space, it must be cracked through the clouds, but it seems that even the shackles are not counted here!

What makes Xiao Hua the most powerful thing is that his own figure is uncontrollably hitting the Gold round! It’s like a Puppet being manipulated!


Xiao Hua one sound Roaring, hurriedly fanning the wings, the foundation does not have to think about it, it must be the consciousness of the remaining stars!

It is a pity that the strength of Xiao Hua is just an ant in the eyes of this consciousness. There is no way to break free of foundation.

“Since this star-studded star is Monster Oath Monster Clan consciousness, but also to change from Xiao change into Phoenix Body, then Xiao needs to change into human form and naturally can get out of this consciousness control…”

Thinking, Xiao Hua tried to restore the human form.

However, under the weird fluctuation, Xiao Hua can’t recover anyway!

Not only that, with Xiao Hua’s struggle, a stock of the waves like the madness of the waves shocked his Divine Soul, it seems that Monster Clan wants to seize the shed, Xiao Hua’s mind begins to worry!


“Since it is impossible to restore human form, then transform the witch!”

What makes Xiao Hua puzzled is that the forbidden technique for the Immortal Realm is still not working! His whole body, Ghostly Green Light & Shadow, flashed, and the Breaking Delusion Eye opened in the eyebrows could not stop the Monster Body condense.

It can be seen how powerful the Monster Clan consciousness of the stars is!

“How to do?”

Xiao Hua’s rush has attracted the attention of the Gold round. As soon as the fire begins to condense, Xiao Hua can imagine that when the fire hits it, it is when it falls!

The most terrible thing is that Xiao Hua’s consciousness is beginning to blur!

“Be sure to think about it, otherwise you don’t have to rush into the Gold round, Xiao will be flying away!”

“Xiao main body is Human Race, why not find other help?”

“Xiao is the Human Race Soul Casting Technique against Monster Clan!”

“Immortal Body, there are Three Immortal Souls, an Embryonic Light, Grand Purity, and a temperament; a Bright Spirit, a change of Yin Qi; a Quiet Spirit, Yin Qi is also…”

Xiao Hua is meditation, and the Primordial Nature Divine Spirit Chapter is mournful.

“weng-weng 嗡…” Xiao Hua Divine Soul has a hurricane, Culture Art has suddenly moved, and a heavy Mysterious Light, three colors brilliance around the Xiao Hua Gate on Crown!

However, Xiao Hua is still late, it is the place where the fire is set off. A Gold Light is first broken, and one sound of “Boom…” is played on Xiao Hua Gate on Crown!

“Hey…” Xiao Hua’s head sank and his eyes were black. He thought he had fallen, but it was just a matter of interest. He was awake again. The Gold Light not only did not erase Xiao Hua, but also his Gate on On the Crown, a Round Plate of more than a hundred feet was transformed and slowly rotated.

Under this Gold Light, the Primordial Nature Divine Spirit Chapter foundation does not have to be Xiao Hua stimulate to motion.

Seeing the god Pure Qi is cool, Xiao Hua is overjoyed, screaming, the fisherman is profitable, he is the fisherman!

Can not wait for Xiao Hua to rejoice for a half, “嗡” is a burst of roaring sound from his mind, is the star-studded star again!

“Brush…” Gold round shot and then shot a Gold Light on Xiao Hua Gate on Crown!


Xiao Hua suddenly wakes up, this Gold round and the starry star are the battlefields of their own Divine Soul!

Xiao Hua The top of the head, the Gold wheel that is slowly rotating began to accelerate, the cultivation of the Primordial Nature Divine Spirit Chapter followed the acceleration, and the hard work of Xiao Hua was just a flash!

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What are the Gold Round Wheels and the Spotted Stars? It’s really amazing…

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