After surrendering the golden yellow ingots and the Nine colors Star Nucleus, Xiao Hua Mind took two things out of Space.


The water is shining, the ice is cold, and the water is rushing toward the Nine colors Star Nucleus.

Gold Light is dazzling, the waves are rolling, and the Gold Thread is coming towards the Gold crystal.

Waiting for Space to be swept away, high heaven, and Fire Pillar fell, but Xiao Hua thought, secretly thought: “The Yellow Crystal has a Divine Realm Fleshly Body condensing method. If I use cultivation, I can regenerate Mystical Ability. Physique of Beginning Light is just a jade, still need to be carved, not to isolate the Fleshly Body, cultivation alone.”

Immediately, Xiao Hua stimulates to Motion’s simple understanding of Culture Art, Gold clot change into innumerable ellipse Ring. Beyond his white bones, those Gold Threads overflow within the elliptical ring, Fire Blaze is mixed with Star Radiance and falls into him. The white bones, the Phoenix Body, have once again reshaped these ellipses hidden in the Physique of Beginning Light, which is soaring, but the Fire Pillar can no longer fall.

Xiao Hua didn’t leave, and Mind rolled up the Nine colors Star Nucleus and fell into Space. He still changed into Jaded-Document Xiao Hua and said to Jaded Document Huang Tong: “Congratulations to Fellow Daoist !”

Jaded Document Huang Tong hurriedly blinked and said: “I want to thank Fellow Daoist !”

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua sent the Nine colors Star Nucleus to Jaded Document Huang Tong. At this time, the Star Nucleus star is no bigger than the Star Nucleus. The star is outside the Monster Clan Soul. I don’t know. How many Monster Clan are falling within this strange space.

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua smiled at Jaded Document Huang Tong and took the Nine colors Star Nucleus and said: “This is a chance, it is also dangerous!”

“No danger, what is the organic fate?”

Jaded Document Huang Tong also smiled and answered.

“Well, take care!”

A Time Jaded-Document Xiao Hua didn’t know how to talk to Jaded Document Huang Tong, Monster Oath and Immortal Realm, Xiao Hua has been involved, Huang Tong and Feng Wu are Monster Clan, do not want to own their own clone hostility?

Jaded Document Huang Tong seems to have sensed the helplessness of Jaded-Document Xiao Hua, who left the Space with the Nine colors Star Nucleus.

“Hey…” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua sighed one sound and also took out Space.

Mind’s Xiao Hua head is as painful as when he was before the red crystal, but after he checked it, he was beaming. Under the pressure of the Nine colors Star Nucleus, the Primordial Nature Divine Spirit Chapter entered. The speed of the situation, do not say what cast Concealed Arrow, cast Yin of Sparrow, is Not-Toxic also been cast 7788, only at this time, Xiao Hua knows that Seventh Mortal Soul does not have to be ordered in order .

“It’s really a big dreadful between Life & Death!”

In addition to this sentence, Xiao Hua really can’t think of other dangers and opportunities that can be described.

Look at your own Fleshly Body has been condense, spread the wings to the heights of Space.

However, after flying 100.000 li, I still can’t see the top of Space.

Xiao Hua Ming Wu came over. This Space has a Plane Principle. It is not as simple as you think. Even if you only charge Gold Light, after the space collapses, it will not be annihilated!

“It’s no wonder that Zhong Xiao didn’t find this Space. They never thought that there would be such a weird Plane under the alien sky and rain. Only when Yu Tai is raised can it be opened…”

“But they didn’t find it is Good Karma either, otherwise they have to change into a Gold Thread in Plane!”

In the imagination, Xiao Hua stimulated the motion technology of Light Escape, and headed into the front of the wall like Light & Shadow. Light & Shadow is naturally a labyrinth, but Xiao Hua is unparalleled. In terms of direction, this maze is nothing!

Out of Light Escape, the eyes are already empty, Xiao Hua screams one sound, wings spread out.

The alien rain and the sky are still the same, the light fog and the water and light are mixed, but when Xiao Hua Ying Sense sweeps over, his face does not change greatly!


Xiao Hua one sound Roaring, wings swollen, Phoenix Body change into streamer.

Although the alien rain and the sky are breaking, the Space is broken and it is still unable to calm Xiao Hua’s anger.

But outside the alien sky and rain, hundreds of Monster Clan danced in Star Radiance, and Hu Feishan, Yue Xi and Zhao Pingyi led the Immortal General to lead thousands of Immortal Soldier.

Within the few thousands of Li Space, there are tiny pieces of Immortal General wreckage, or flesh and blood, or white bones, and even the heads of the pair of eyes tumbling in the air.

Monster Clans stepped on Star Radiance, or opened their mouths to swallow, or raised their paws to trample!

Blood stains will mask Star Radiance!

The bloody dirt rises, the red-eyed star fox is swinging its tail, and whispering something around the purple star tiger, all eyes are aunt!

“Oh…” The sound of the Phoenix cry sounded from the blood, and the group demon found that there was no reaction. Instead, the starred fox and the purple star smashed, and the incredible look at the sound!

“Boom…” Xiao Hua flew out of the blood, and the feathers were stained with blood. The red-haired Phoenix Eye burned the Fire Blaze in Star Radiance!

“Hey, I have to die!”

The Human Race trial, which was full of words, shouted out from Xiao Hua’s mouth, and then saw the bright war of thousands of armored feet flying over Nebula, instantly encircling 10,000 li Space, which is Qiao Lunhui, Zhang Jing Good Fortune Gate Disciple!


Xiao Hua one sound, roaring, giving birth to a lot of people in the air, Lei Ting!

“Oh…” Hundreds of Monster Clan roared and rushed to the Good Fortune Gate Disciple, thinking they had Immortal Soldier meat coming to the door!

Xiao Hua’s figure found is not stopped. Two Phoenix Claw gave birth to Thunder Light, and they rushed to the red-eyed star fox and the purple star, and Xiao Hua couldn’t stand it. His own kindness made the two Monster Clan kill themselves. Three Two Qi Immortal and more than a thousand Immortal Soldier!

“Hey…” The red-eyed star fox screamed a few times, and the figure slammed into the back of the purple star.

“Oh…” The purple star tiger also hurriedly flew backwards, but after it hit the star-shaped star fox, he knew that he could not escape. He sneaked out of one sound and spit out Star Pillar and rushed to Xiao Hua.

Xiao Hua foundation ignoring the Star Pillar, a claw hit the star of the Star Radiance defense, “噗…” one sound caught from the forehead of the Purple Star Tiger!

“pu-pu-pu ……” The sound of bursting sounds, and the purple star tiger was actually caught by Xiao Hua!

“Forgive, forgive…”

Where the red-eyed star fox dares to resist, the whole body falls in the air!


Xiao Hua didn’t hesitate, and another Phoenix Claw directly blasted the red-eyed star fox!

However, when Phoenix Claw fell to the abdomen of the star-studded fox, Xiao Hua hesitated for a moment, and a young boy stood up, watching Starry Sky’s proud oath of the situation emerge from his memory.

“My hand will never touch the blood of innocence, otherwise it will never be God!”

But after a while, Hu Feishan, Yue Xi and Zhao Pingyi’s prepared and relying smiles were revealed. More than a thousand strange and somewhat impressionful faces also emerged. Blood, flesh, bones, sadness, despair, resistance, all kinds of rushing !

Kill, or not kill?

I am Human Race, only fight for Human Race!

I certainly have Buddha Fruit, but I am a person and I have Buddha Fruit.

I have Monster Clan clone, I have a lot of heart, but Monster Clan has no heart. Human Race and Monster Clan are only hostile in the big battle. This is a red-eyed star fox, and I will spare it. Instead, the counter-attack, this naked star fox may not have been born, but if it is born, because of my cause, I can’t say that there are thousands of Immortal Soldier dying in it!

Thinking of this, Xiao Hua immediately thought of the meaningful look of Jaded Document Feng Wu in Space!

Human Race, Monster Clan, you have to choose first, don’t stand Human Race foundation, how can you have great love!

At this time, I think that big love is really far away!

And doing Human Race, the killing of Human Race may be jeopardized after the kill!


Xiao Hua has no stagnation in the claws, and will kill the naked eyes of the star foxes through the flesh and blood!


Unspeakable Purple Lei Ting suddenly came out of nowhere, crazy and smashed!

“come on!”

Xiao Hua received the Phoenix Body and still changed into the human body. After the three Souls, such as the Red Star Star Fox and the Purple Star Tiger, were included in the Space, Lei Ting beat his Fleshly Body with blood, whispered: “Heavenly Dao There is no flaw, and I will build souls with flesh and blood!”

With the madness of Lei Ting, in the Buddha State Space, Guanyin Bodhisattva Revered One of the World suddenly began to produce Blood Light.

Sakyamuni Buddha and Buddha Radiance, Revered One of the World, were shocked. They were just about to speak. Guanyin Bodhisattva Revered One of the World. Hands in the mouth: “Salutations, Guanyin Bodhisattva Revered One of the World…”

Then Bodhisattva two pupils flow bleeding!

“salutations Instinct Buddha Radiance Ming Revered One of the World…”

“salutations Amitabha…”

Xiao Hua has always been somewhat indecisive, and she has always had some soft feelings. But at this time, he has never been so firm, and benevolence may be the most reasonable, but killing is not necessarily a means.

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