LOTCG IR Chapter 1075

Looking at Xiao Hua is so embarrassing, Wen Wen’s heart is disdainful, he coldly said: “What are you doing here?”

“Senior…” Xiao Hua hesitated and replied, “This is my team’s military aircraft, and Junior is not good to tell Senior!”

In a moment, Wen Wen has made up his mind. Since Xiao Hua has not found the abyss under the whirlpool of alien stars and rains, Wei Family’s plan has not leaked naturally. He can only kill Xiao Hua!


Wen Wen sneered, raising his hand to Xiao Hua, a palm like a wind seems to warn, but under the shadow of the big hand has long hidden weapons.

“Do you dare to do it with my Immortal General?” Xiao Hua looked at the big hand and showed an incredible look on his face. He also waved carelessly, a Thunderclap’s Great Hand that was a lot smaller than the literary hand. Give birth!

“Damn thing!”

Wen Wen sneered, his body Immortal Power has long been gaining momentum, First Class Xiao Hua was overturned, he will start.

Sure enough, Xiao Hua’s big hand just touched Wen Wen’s big hand, and immediately there was a crash, and Xiao Hua’s figure was also under the big hand Immortal Power, suddenly rolling.

“heng ……” Wenwen one sound cold, Immortal Power stimulate to motion, a dark spear head in the big hand suddenly emerged from the wind, the electric light flint thorns to Xiao Hua Immortal Mark!

“Ah…” Xiao Hua one sound screams, and the figure suddenly disappears under the spear head brilliance without a trace?

“Ah?” Wen Wen also stunned, his spear head clearly did not hit Xiao Hua, how can Xiao Hua disappear?

It was just a moment, Wenwen vest gave birth to dreadful shiver, and Wenwen couldn’t get back. “Hey…” The surface of Silver Light roared, and the huge gossip made a fist to Void.


What makes Wenwen puzzled is that one sound phoenix cry is born from Void behind him!

“How is it possible?” Wen Wen was shocked. “He has an ambush? Could he be prepared?”

The text was to fly in front, but he was afraid that Xiao Hua was hiding in front, so he was swaying and stalking.

Wenwen Overflowing Sense swept through the fist, it was with the change into Phoenix Body Xiao Hua, and seeing that the Phoenix Body is Xiao Hua’s head, Wen Wen’s heart is finally put down!

However, Xiao Hua, who flew out of Void, and Phoenix Claw, like Lei Ting, not only smashed the wind’s Overflowing Sense, but also crushed the Silver Light condense’s gossip, and the Phoenix Claw was fierce. Grab the left half of the shoulder directly!

“I am going, how is he so fierce?”

Smell the wind and tremble, rushed to the motion spear head back to Xiao Hua Phoenix Body, while he had a mouth, an Azure gunshot broke into the air, hit Xiao Hua Phoenix Claw!


The gunshot hits Phoenix Claw, a heavy sparks splash, and Phoenix Claw is blocked.

“I am going to…” Wen Wen couldn’t help but be surprised. “How is this Phoenix Body so hard?”

Surprised, Wen Wen feels that something is not appropriate, as for what, a Time, he really can’t think of anything!


At this time, a gust of wind was born from his chest, and a few stuns like a sword gave birth again!

“Damn, he… he has two Phoenix Claws!”

Wen Wen really wants to cry, how can he forget this common sense?

At this time, Wen Wen would like to resist… It’s too late, Xiao Hua’s other Phoenix Claw is coming out of the air. Although it’s not really falling, but in the Silver Light of Wenwen’s chest protector, the gossip is broken and the flesh and blood has begun to shatter.

When I arrived at the land of Life & Death, Wen Wen didn’t know Xiao Hua’s previous Tibetan mastiff. He shouted in disregard of everything: “Save me…”

“Hey…” Xiao Hua’s brain, the screaming wind rang, and a Sword Light flew like a fairy!

“heng ……”

Xiao Hua one sound Cold, the wings suddenly fanned, it seems to be alert early, Xiao Hua Phoenix Body flipped between the impossible, and the Sword Light was avoided.

And Xiao Hua, the Phoenix Claw of the Immortal Body, is now screaming at the sneak attack.

Wen Xiaoguang changed, he finally understood why Wen Wen shouted for help!

However, it is not only Xiao Hua’s Phoenix Claw, but Xiao Hua’s unchanging head. There is a Silver White pupil in the eyebrow. “嗖…” A gray White arrow is mixed. Dazzling flares, direct to yourself Immortal Mark!


Wen Xiao is much smarter than Wen Wen, which is why Wei Family sent him to help.

Wen Xiao did not think about it, shaking around, 360 full white bones rushed out, an Aura strange Soul Array instantly born, changed into a skull in front of his Immortal Mark.

Unfortunately, Soul Array is not even a local chicken under the Shooting the Sun Arrow. “Brush…” penetrates directly into the paper, and the sound of “Boom…” is deeply penetrated into the sound of just opening. Immortal Mark!

“Ah…” Wen Xiao screams, and with the screams, is the “pu” one sound muffled, Xiao Hua Phoenix Claw smashes the Immortal Body, the gossip Silver Light and the bodyguard Immortal Armor foundation Can’t stop Xiao Hua’s blow!

“Ah…” Wen Xiao’s screams have just been born, and the screams of Wen Wen in the distance have also come along. Wen Xiao is still waiting for Wen Wen to attack Xiao Hua with himself. At this time, it is incredible to see…

But seeing Wenwen is also incredible on the face, but he can’t look back, because the two pupils are on fire, flying out of Void behind him, and a bright silver gun in the hands of Changyue, the spear head penetrates from Wenwen. From his eyebrows before the Immortal Mark!

Of course, Wen Wen is not so easy to be killed. He has a strange spike in his vest, which is inserted into the chest and abdomen.

“The original… I used to have an ambush…”

At this time, Wen Xiaocai wakes up, Xiao Hua is a bait, and Xiao Hua’s goal is himself! Changyue ambushes in Void, she has to do… naturally it’s a hit!

As for Wen Wen, this is more than the regular month, but Wen Wen was injured by Xiao Hua, and the attention is placed on Xiao Hua, it is normal to be killed by the regular moon!

Wen Xiao fell like a fallen leaf, Xiao Hua also turned to look at Wen Wen, Netherworld Source Power released is about to receive Wen Wen Soul.

Suddenly, the broken Fleshly Body, “pu-pu” burst, but seeing the broken Immortal Mark next to it, there is a Daoism Immortal mark lit up like a star, and the smelling body changes into blood in the blood. disappear!

“Oh…” Xiao Hua smiled, Breaking Delusion Eye opened, wings spread, and when it was thrown into Void, the humanoid Immortal Body slowly broke into Light & Shadow!

However, when Xiao Hua’s figure was about to disappear, his face suddenly appeared strange, the faded figure was full again, and the Breaking Delusion Eye closed, and there was a faint, Scarlet Red color light & Shadow flashed away, and then Xiao Hua explored with his right hand, and there was a light Gold on the right arm, and the sun shone, then…

“Ah…” The screams came from a thousand miles away!

Xiao Hua foundation Don’t have to use the Technique of Light Escape, just rely on the air to catch the scream of a thousand miles!

“This…the inexplicable Cultivation Art of this cultivation Fleshly Body is too Defying the Heavens?”

Even Xiao Hua himself is a bit stunned!

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Xiao Hua’s approach has also begun to become clean and tidy…

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