LOTCG IR Chapter 1076

Xiao Hua had previously vaguely felt that the Primordial Spirit method of cultivation would have a Mystical Ability, but never imagined that the Mystical Ability did not appear. This Fleshly Body Cultivation Art of the cultivation itself showed overbearing!

Xiao Hua Previously Cultivation Art, including the Hand of Karma, is traceable. Only the Mystical Ability, foundation that has just been applied, can’t explain!

Xiao Hua swayed and flew for a thousand miles. Netherworld Source Power released, and collected the Soul of Wen Xiao, and then flew back, thinking: “Just this Immortal Being flies away, I was going to chase with Light Escape. But suddenly he could perceive the trajectory of his escape. This trajectory should be the blood of his blood when he was bloody. And the other hand in his right hand gave birth to another feeling, and he reached out and killed him! And this movement actually turned out to be true. He killed, this… this means…”

Xiao Hua hurriedly checked the whole body, but there was nothing to retort. However, Xiao Hua didn’t know how to stimulate to motion when she wanted to show it again.

“If there is no trace of the cold wind, go to the leaves without a trace!” Xiao Hua smiled, “may be called dead!”

Xiao Hua’s figure flies, and the moon drags his body and hurts him. “Many thanks adults to let Humble General hand enemies!”

“This is a benefit, you are welcome!” Xiao Hua raised the moon and smiled. “What is the identity of that person?”

“Humble General is hurting…” Chang Yue laughed. “Also ask the adults to personally explore!”

Xiao Hua’s eyebrows are raised, look at Changyue, nods said: “Xiao understands, you have to repair Immortal Body, Xiao personally explore!”

“Adults…” Chang Yue carefully said, “Humble General has no extra Immortal Pill, can adults give Medicinal Pill?”

“Mei Commander…” Xiao Hua Where is this Medicinal Pill, he shouted to Jiang Meihua, “Give your Immortal Pill to Fellow Immortal!”

Looking at Immortal Pill, Xiao Hua took Wen Wen and Wen Xiao’s widow, and when he saw the azure stele in Wenming’s Receiving Void Ring, he couldn’t help but vest the hair!

“How is it azure stele again, this… this azure stele is too weird!”

However, the bottom of this azure stele is different from the azure stele that Xiao Hua has seen before. It is a Coiling Dragon!

Xiao Hua hurriedly explored the Ink Immortal Disk in Wen Xiao’s Receiving Void Ring. Unfortunately, there is no azure stele in it.

Think of Divine Soul in Space and Wenhua’s Divine Soul, Xiao Hua is not in a hurry. He carefully looked at everything in the two Receiving Void Rings. Unfortunately, in addition to the two cards in the Receiving Void Ring, what is useful? I don’t have anything, I want to come and do everything.

The two players’ cards are now Ink Immortal Disk, which can record things. Xiao Hua can’t see anything. So he Mind a roll, with two cards into the Space.

Mind change into Jaded-Document Xiao Hua, looking at the two Divine Soul phantom micro-closed pair of eyes in Void, a little thought, directly extending the two index fingers to Divine Soul eyebrows!

However, for a moment, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua’s face was awkward: “The original two are Wei Family Disciple, one is called Wen Wen, the other is called Wen Xiao. Oh, the previous attack on thunder is also Wei Family Disciple, one is called Wen Feng. One is called Wenying, they are looking for something…”

“Things?” Xiao Hua suddenly thought of Liu Yunshu’s record of the “empty first cloth” on the Ink Immortal Disk. “Is that something?”

This involves the things of Wei Family and Shen Family. Jaded-Document Xiao Hua is also too lazy to think about it. When he closes the eyes for a while, Wen Wen and Wen Xiao’s secret memories of Wei Family are broken. Jaded-Document Xiao Hua After thinking about it, I waved two Souls into the Space Yin Side.

Look at the two cards, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua is happy, waved the previous plaque in the green card Continent Li Yun’s card, and Liu Yunshu’s card, and took it out, laughing: “The others took this It is useless to play the card, this humble Daoist can break the Restriction inside, use the military power to use it, this is not cheating! Hahahaha…”

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua was laughing, and suddenly his face changed slightly. He hurriedly took Li Yun’s card out and blinked in the eyes. He was surprised: “No, it’s the same. One hundred and twenty-seven thousand, how has it become one and one hundred and fifteen thousand now? It’s a hell of a ghost! Will the military’s military work decrease with Time?”

Say, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua hurriedly looked at the other two cards, Wenwen was 801,000,000, and Wen Xiao was 9 million. Jaded-Document Xiao Hua sighed Aristocratic Family Disciple, and he was full of numbers. Write down secretly.

Finally, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua fell on the azure stele.

This azure stele turned out to be a Broken Realm Immortal Array from Monster Oath Plane!

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua knows that azure stele has the power of Transmission, but he did not expect azure stele to be Broken Realm!

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua out of Space, Mind’s locating Xiao Hua looked at the regular moon repairing Fleshly Body, looking at some Flickering lights, half a hour, often repairing Immortal Body, she hurriedly asked : “Adult, what is the situation?”

“You have found the way back, you don’t have to worry about this!” Xiao Hua said, “I think you should worry about going back to the team now!”

“Adults rest assured!” Chang Yue had a fixed plan, saying, “Humble General is not without foundation, just a small tiger cub, Humble General still disdains the power of others.”

“So often Fellow Immortal gave the two Immortal General corpses to Xiao?”

“Yeah!” Changyue didn’t hide anything. He said, “These two people are very powerful. With Hugh Chen, the more Humble General knows, the worse it is for Humble General. And Humble General doesn’t say, who knows how to kill adults? Humble General only said that the adults saved Humble General, and Humble General found the dragon rider to find the fairness, which is good for both adults and Humble General…”

“Most of the time, Fellow Immortal will return to the team alive, and that 寇辰 is dangerous. He…may not have a chance to meet with often Fellow Immortal!”

“Humble General was trapped in the sky when he was in the sky. He also thought about it. Humble General didn’t know him. He’s concealing that Humble General’s picture is nothing but a tiger’s job. Humble General is not going to want this bite. I don’t know what’s going on inside, I’m sure I won’t have any trouble!”

“Alright!” Xiao Hua nods, smiled. “Since often Fellow Immortal has a plan, Xiao doesn’t say much!”

“Don’t worry about the adults!” Chang Yue said. “The adults saved Humble General and also helped Humble General, and Humble General was unforgettable!”

“Yes…” Xiao Hua said, “I’ll leave Monster Oath first!”

Xiao Hua waved the flag and collected Good Fortune Gate Disciple, Jiang Meihua, etc. into Space, and then sacrificed Immortal Boat, flying with the constant moon toward Wen Wen and Wen Xiao.

Seeing the alienation from the rain, Xiao Hua asked casually: “Right, often Fellow Immortal, ask a simple question…”

“Adults please…”

“Is it impossible to use the military power in the card after the fall of Immortal General?”

“Yes!” Changyue nods, “The card is the Immortal General with Essence and Blood sacrificial refining. Since the Immortal General is degraded, the card can’t be fired. Of course, the military can’t be used.”

“Immortal General’s clone?”

“Neither!” Chang Yue replied without hesitation.


Changyu hesitated for a moment and explained: “It is said that there is Immantal General’s Divine Soul Imprint in Heavenly Immortal, and the military merit is in the official seal. Immortal General stimulates to the official seal General. There is Divine Soul Imprint, which is not available to non-Immortal General.”

“Will the military work be reduced?”

“The problem of adults is quite special!” Changyue shook his head. “This Humble General doesn’t know. After all, Immortal General is behind, military power is closed, and who knows if it will be reduced!”

Xiao Hua still wants to ask something more, but I feel that if I ask more questions, I will reveal some secrets, and I will close my mouth.

Immortal Boat has been flying for more than a million miles. I have never seen Coiling Dragon Imprint used by azure stele. Xiao Hua suddenly has a bad heart!

Looking at the released Overflowing Sense, I’m looking at the surprise: “What do adults look for?”

“If Xiao is lost, do you believe it or not?”

“Letter!” If the frosty regular moon is somewhat sorrowful, she just said a word, “hong-hong bang…” Not far from the sky, Nebula rushed out, and this Nebula led the sky Xing Yue Light Pillar to fall. Quickly cover most of the Starry Sky in front of Xiao Hua!

“Damn!” Changyue saw it and whispered. “This is Monster Clan to the world of 1967!”

Xiao Hua wanted to use the Technique of Light Escape to avoid it, but after listening to the words of the moon, she laughed and said: “Is often Fellow Immortal wanting to take some military power?”

“The adults must harden these demon soldiers?” Changyue also blinked his eyes and looked at the distant demon soldiers as if they were faint.

“Yes, Xiao wants to see how the demon fighters are!”

“Ordinary demon soldiers are actually nothing, most of them are the stars, but they are only worth the number. I Immoral Realm Immortal Soldier can’t resist.”

“How many Overflowing Immortal of the adults, I am afraid that it can not be used, but those private soldiers are not pulled out of trial, they have strength, and experience is not enough…”

“Private soldiers?” Xiao Hua looks at Flickering lights, which means a long-term look.

“Oh…” Chang Yue smiled and said, “Adults may not know. In fact, every general will have some private soldiers. After all, the flag will be able to be freely retracted, so that these private soldiers can earn their own military strength. Not for?”

“Good…” Xiao Hua nods, “Since often Fellow Immortal has suggested it, how can I let them see and see!”

In the words, Xiao Hua raised the flag and the Good Fortune Gate Disciple slowly flew out from inside…

Hyun is a fire demon, and is also a great general army of Hee Mo. He suddenly felt that he had opened up and knew a lot. He knew that “mould” is similar to the “country” of Immortal Realm. His Great General Army is Immortal Realm. Commander.

Of course, he also knows why he is going to open up because Hee Wo Mo is involved in the battle between Monster Oath and Immortal Realm. He accidentally swallowed many of Human Race’s Immortal Soldier Immortal General.

Hee Wo Mo is actually a Territory that Monster Oath is extremely remote and a fire demon gathers. Just like Monster Oath and other Monster Clan Territory, I don’t know when it will happen, and I don’t know when it will annihilate…

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