Xiao Hua has already fallen to the barriers of the two borders. Jiang Meihua has not come out. He is afraid that Jiang Meihua will not be able to compete with those Space Strange Beast!

Xiao Hua heard Lu Qing yelling, scared a glimpse, and hurriedly flashed, and he waited for him to turn to look at thunder, he could not help but rush. Mobile terminal

But after seeing the thunder and the falling of the sky, the clouds have a hurricane like a hurricane, and a hurricane in the shape of a cloak is like a shadow!

This shadow is extremely light and looming within the hurricane. If it is not Lu Qing, Xiao Hua may not be able to see it clearly.

Xiao Hua saw it, but thunder and caught off guard. The shadow was too fast. Lu Qing just called it out. The shadow had fallen behind the thunder. The thundering Overflowing Sense suddenly changed his face. He knew that this was the most ambush. Kill, so he thought a little, and the whole body Gold Light crazy Flickering lights and then changed into Giant Sword skyrocketing, do not avoid stabbing the human shape shadow!

However, Xiao Hua, who is far from the side of the two barriers, can clearly see that during the thunder, the humanoid shadow is divided into two pieces. The thundering Giant Sword is stabbed, and the humanoid shadow is like a sharp butcher knife. Shua ” Make the thundering Immortal Body straight into three pieces!

And after the shadow passed, the cloak of the shadow was entangled in a spiral like a spiral, smashing the thunder of the thunder!

Xiao Hua has changed color, not only because the means of this shadow is too fierce, but also for the shadow to kill the thunder. Since the shadow appeared, foundation did not have any fancy Immortal Art, it was such a rush, killing thunder!

“You are…” Lu Qing was naturally shocked, but in the shadow of human figures, he seemed to think of something, screaming, not waiting for Lu Qing to finish the words, another hurricane under the clouds “呜…” One sound hit, this hurricane really broke the space, Lu Qing where dare to say more? He rushed to the motion to avoid.

When Lu Qing flew away, the humanoid shadow disappeared.

“Escape!” Xiao Hua foundation did not have any other thoughts, and the figure rushed toward the two barriers.

“Brush…” Not waiting for Xiao Hua to fly in, but seeing the water in the distance, such as spring water, will break the two barriers, Liu Yunshu bloody with Jiang Meihua rushed out.

“What are you doing?” Seeing Xiao Hua rushing into the barriers between the two circles, Liu Yunshu was shocked and shouted, “You just flew out from the two barriers, how can you fly in again?”

“There is an ambush!” Xiao Hua explained innocently, only shouting loudly, “Thunder Tiger has fallen!”

“Ah?” Liu Yunshu was shocked. He waved Jiang Meihua to Xiao Hua and shouted, “You are running away!”

“Escape?” Xiao Hua smiled bitterly, looked up to see the wind and the beast will block the Sen Luo Road, there is a strange humanoid shadow in the wind and the beast, how to escape?

The only thing that can escape is the two barriers, and Liu Yunshu said that he can’t fly in again.

“You just flew from Low Rank Heavenly Realm to High Rank Heavenly Realm, the Strength of Principle has just been converted, and then from High Rank Heavenly Realm to Low Rank Heavenly Realm, not to mention whether your Immortal Body can withstand, is your Immortal Mark is also to burst!”

Jiang Meihua is watching the hurricane attacking Liu Yunshu, and explains it to Xiao Hua.

“Are you injured?” Xiao Hua’s eyes turned sharply, beware of the humanoid shadow flying out and asked Jiang Meihua, “Don’t you first hide in my Space Immortal Artifact?”

“Good!” Jiang Meihua is also interested, nos hesitate nods. “It’s not a place where you are good at, a house…”

Not waiting for Jiang Meihua to finish, a huge hurricane has already fallen!

Xiao Hua took out Kunlun Mountain Mirror and swayed in front of Jiang Meihua, and Mind had already earned him into Space.

Jiang Meihua just disappeared, Xiao Hua saw the vague human figure in the hurricane and fluttered to Liu Yunshu with the wind!

“Be careful…” Xiao Hua just screamed, and the human figure slammed into himself. Really facing this shadow, Xiao Hua knew the horror of the shadow.

Xiao Hua just saw the shadow turned around, the shadow has already reached his eyes, Xiao Hua can clearly perceive the Principle of Wind in the Space Principle mixed with the sharpness of the sword! And the humanoid shadow has a weird deterrent, so Xiao Hua has a fear from the heart!

The shadow volley shot down, Xiao Hua foundation did not have any room to escape, he only slightly hesitated, stature to motion to the two barriers!

“Brush…” The twisted light of the barrier rushed out, Xiao Hua’s figure has fallen, watching the Space Principle draw extremely long, and there are Black & White bubbles coming out from Xiao Hua, the humanoid shadow One sound of “嗖” was wiped from the edge of the two barriers.

The humanoid shadow is certainly passing by, and the light of the two barriers still covers the shadow side!

“Oh…” It’s like the wind blows, the shadows of the legs are full, but the full foundation is uncontrolled, the sound of “squeaky” between the numbers, the flesh and blood bursting out!

“Damn!” Humanoid shadow spit!

Besides Xiao Hua, the figure rushed into the barriers of the two worlds, as if the mortal sneaked into the bottom of the water, an unspeakable suffocation, a great thrust, blocking the fall of Xiao Hua. However, this thrust has just been on the surface of Xiao Hua. Xiao Hua has a feeling of numbness and crispness in his body. Immediately, some fluctuation is born in different places in the body. He screams and gives birth to Black & White.

“Not good!” Xiao Hua knows that this is the messy appearance of the Plane Principle. At this time, he seems to have no choice but to return, but behind him, the humanoid shadow is too strange to be faced.

“Hey…” In Xiao Hua’s hesitation, there were several hundred Silver Lights flashing underneath, and the Space Strange Beast seemed to smell the fleshy mice and rushed over.

“Light Escape !”

“Only Light Escape can escape between the two barriers!”

At the crucial time, Xiao Hua suddenly thought of the situation when he went to Listening to Motion Light Escape when he entered Listening Heaven Snowfall. He rushed to measure Technique of Light Escape.

Immediately, Xiao Hua’s eyes overlapped, the extremely messy Light & Shadow fault, and a little Silver Light would come like a small swim.

Xiao Hua was surprised. I still thought Jiang Meihua said that I would simply enter Light & Shadow and fly flat!

As soon as I entered Light & Shadow, Xiao Hua was awkward. This Light & Shadow fault is completely different from Immortal Realm, and it is like a maze. Xiao Hua thought for a moment, as long as it is extremely dangerous in the Senluo Road, no matter which layer of Heavenly Realm is extremely dangerous, the best escape direction should be to take out the road.

With the heart in mind, Xiao Hua feels the unparalleled Void sense of direction, he jumped into First Layer Light & Shadow…

“Oh…” Xiao Hua escaped, and in the Senluo Road, Liu Yunshu, who was injured early, was rushed from underneath by human figures. Like Lei Ming, there was no special resistance to being killed!

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