But see the flesh and blood change into the crumbs and flying, the humanoid shadow is also like the thin light Light & Shadow hiding into the hurricane, Lu Qing, who just escaped the hurricane, rushed out again. Mobile terminal

At this time, Lu Qing’s body, Silver Light, was almost completely absent, and even the armor was slightly skewed. The prestige that flew before the fire and dance was not seen.

He looked at Liu Yunshu’s whereabouts of Bloody Red, where did he know that there was another robe to leave? He screamed in anger: “You…you…”

“Hey…” Lu Qing’s words just said that there was another hurricane on his head. Lu Qing hurriedly avoided, but… not waiting for him to fly a thousand feet, the hurricane suddenly solidified, a fuzzy human figure holding a dust Brushing towards Lu Qing!

Lu Qing hurriedly avoided, and the dust brushed the place. His armor was only to inspire the Gold Light, but the Gold Light seemed to have been deeply influenced by the human form, and the foundation could not resist the dust.

“pu-pu-pu ……” The dust fell, thousands of filaments passed through the Immortal Body, but he said that Immortal Nascent in his body, the eyebrow Immortal Mark was also beaten!

Lu Qing’s body fell by 100 zhang, and the hurricane blew. “Brush…” The pieces of flesh and blood were blown away.

“Oh…” The fuzzy human figure stood in the air, and Light & Shadow flashed, and a human figure with more than eight hundred feet gradually emerged.

This person is shaped like a hyperthyroidism, but the hyperthyroidism is different from Lu Qing and others. It is composed of multiple six-faced scales and black & white silk reeling.

The human body has Silver Light shielding and can’t see the real appearance, but he took the hand and took Lu Qing’s broken armor out of the air. After Overflowing Sense swept, the Receiving Void Ring and other things were included in his armor.

“Brush…” The humanoid shadow will come over. The shadow does not reveal the figure, but handing some scattered things to the person. Some hoarse voices say, “There is no place here.”

“Weird!” The man said, “Is it just the two Immortal Being?”

“Not very likely?” the human figure replied. “That thing is very important. How can thunder give two inexplicable Immortal Being? The two Immortal Being are not the team’s Immortal General!”

“Whether they are not in their hands, kill them!” the man said in a faint manner, “after all, they saw you!”

“Well!” The humanoid shadow looks at the two barriers under the foot. “I let the mouse force him out…”

The shadow of the human figure fell, but a dozen of shadow mice rushed out in a moment, and the human figure Zhao Body trembled and exclaimed: “He…who actually fled into the day of peace?”

“How is this possible?” The figure of the mantis is not inconceivable. “The space barrier of Senluo Road is special. Even if you and I are going through, you have to fly a lot of power. How can they easily pass through?”

“You and I can do it, they can!” The human figure calmed down and said, “If they are in the day of peace, it is better.”

“Hey, there are some troubles left and right!” The man in the armor sighed. “It’s better not to have that thing. When thunder, they are killed by the fire and water!”

“No!” said the human figure with a faint voice. “They have seen me!”

“Oh, okay!” The human figure in the armor sighed again, screaming at the heights, and the cloud that completely closed the forest was slowly narrowed down, and finally changed into a robes embedded in the armor.

“Let’s go!” The humanoid shadow commanded one sound, and the shadow mice swayed and rushed to the edge of Senluo Road!

Yellow Past Heaven Somewhere, the breeze took Shen Feng to the top of a mountain. He looked at all around and smiled: “Here!”

“Hey, it’s high here, and Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi is not enough!” Shen Feng grinned. “Would you like to absorb Desire Realm Heaven’s Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light in Yellow Past Heaven?”

“It is not!”

The breeze sat down on the knees and raised a quirky gossip.

The gossip will be long in the wind, and it will be more than a hundred miles in the blink of an eye, covering one of the tops of the sky.

Shen Feng can see clearly that this gossip is different from the ordinary gossip. In addition to the phantom of each scorpion, there is an unspeakable Fine Vein connection between each scorpion. Shen Feng’s gaze falls into Fine Vein. Mind was felt by Attract, and some inexplicable phantoms hit her mind like a butterfly.

Shen Feng suddenly changed his face!

It is impossible for the ordinary phantom to make Shen Feng change color, because the phantom actually makes Shen Feng see what he had before.

“Hey…” Seeing Shen Feng is different, the breeze hurriedly reminded, “This thing is extraordinary, even I can’t completely control it, you can’t provoke it!”

“Well, um…” Shen Feng hurriedly took his eyes and flew out of the whisper for more than a hundred miles. “I… I will protect the law for you!”

The breeze smiled lightly, and the smile had a lightness, saying: “Thank you for your trouble, you!”

“What a polite!” Shen Feng grinned and offered Immortal Artifact aside.

Shen Feng is a bit of a pretense. This is Yellow Past Heaven. She is the strength of Five Elements Immortal. How many Immortal Being will be her rivals?

The breeze still smiled, and the hand Immortal Art began to move, “Oh…” Immortal Art moved, all around ten times the light suddenly dimmed, all the light fell into the breeze.

Shen Feng didn’t dare to look at the gossip Immortal Artifact, but the eye was shining through the breeze of Immortal Art. But seeing this Immortal Art is completely different from what Shen Feng had seen before. It seems to be concise, but it is complicated to pick up Light & Shadow. After half a cup of tea, the breeze shakes Immortal Art into gossip!

“Boom…” Gossip one sound, a screaming sound, like a broken light Pillar rushing Yunxiao, “Hey…” 乾卦卦 映 映 映 映 映 He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He He Void rushed out, madly rushed in, but these Heavenly Demons touched the singer’s light without smashing it!

“Shenzhen is now, Wan Mosheng?” Shen Feng was amazed. She was surprised to see a dignified breeze. I don’t know what he wanted to do at Low Past Heavenly Realm in Yellow Past Heaven!

It was half a cup of tea, and the breeze hit Second Daoism Immortal.

“Boom…” Gossip one sound, the sound of a smashing sound, a Kun dynasty smashed away, “Hey…” Without Shen Feng’s expectation, there were countless phantoms rushing out of the ground when the earth shook, these phantoms rushed to the 卦Like Light Pillar, he did not mourn, and was immediately killed. Then there were thousands of fluctuation sinking into the earth and disappearing.

“The land is alive, and thousands of traces are gone!” Shen Feng’s eyes widened. “The breeze used to say something to find, why is it now disappearing?”

After a small half hour, the shock, the shackles, the bumps, the shackles, the shackles, and the smashing smashed into Light Pillar, and as the elephants appeared, all around 10,000 li Space vistas, Scorpio Wind & Thunder, the earth is full of water, the hills of the sky, the castle, the Spirit Wood, the flowers, the Immortal Realm, such as a kaleidoscope of reincarnation.

Seeing the gossip is bright to the limit, the breeze has a word, and with the mourning, his body produces an Azure Light, Azure Light is a dignified.

“Oh…” As the breeze Essence and Blood squirted, the Azure Light rushed into the gossip with Blood Light, and the gossip shattered, changing into eight pieces of varying sizes!

“hong-hong bang…” 10,000 li Space Broken, countless inexplicable Light & Shadow rushed into the eight scorpions, and Houtian was dark, the sound of ghosts and screams began to burst, and eight elephants slowly spread…

The shape of the breeze is extremely trembling, as if the eight-in-one is extremely difficult!

After a scent of fragrant, “Boom…” 卦 合 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

“Brush…” The breeze has a skeleton and falls out of nowhere!

Shen Feng was shocked and hurried to fly over, but the one sound of the breeze “hu” flew again, and the figure fell before the gossip that had been changed into a mirror.

However, looking at the mirror of the empty, the breeze stunned, he cried in an incredible way: “How… how is it possible? That… that person is not in Yellow Past Heaven??”

“Breeze…” Shen Feng will come over and hold the Immortal Body, like a sifting breeze, whispering, “what’s going on?”

The breeze lost its soul, suddenly awakened, and hurriedly “pu-pu-pu” three consecutive Essence and Blood sprayed directly into the mirror, then pushed Shen Feng away, stronger from the stimulus to motion Immortal Power, and the handcuffs Immortal Art, “hong- After hong bang “three fragrant incense, the mirror is light and dark nine times, suddenly reborn bright, the breeze is full of expectation!

“Hey…” Looking at the mirror that was still empty, the breeze spurted blood again, and he said, “Jade… Jade is also…and there is no???”

“Breeze…” Shen Feng seemed to understand something, and hurriedly flew over, just about to speak.

“Boom…” The breeze had a whirlwind in front of him, and he looked up. “I don’t believe it, can you still go to Pingyutian?”

As the saying goes, the breeze blows a few more mouthfuls of Essence and Blood, and the mirror is a phantom of Flickering lights.

“Be careful…” Shen Feng’s sensation of persuasion is useless and can only be whispered.

It is a pity that there is a small half hour, and the white breeze of the paper once again puts Immortal Art into the mirror, and then the body shape falls by more than a thousand feet.

Even so, the breeze is still full of expectations and looks to the mirror!

Empty as well!

The mirror is as clean as before.

The breeze finally couldn’t hold on, and one sound of “啪…” fell behind the mountain peak!

Although Shen Feng is early, it is still unable to catch up with the loss of the wind.

“Breeze…” Shen Feng hurried down, holding the breeze and seeing that Light & Shadow was gradually dimmed, and began to slowly drop the gossip, whispering, “Although I don’t know what you are looking for, can… It’s a phenomenon, it’s not necessarily true…”

“No, no…” The breeze waved weakly, and the voice was extremely low. “You don’t understand, this image involves Immortal Realm Karma, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!”

“If there is an absolute image, then… Immortal Realm is not Immortal Realm!” Shen Feng whispered, “and… and I also listen to Ancestral Grandfather. They occasionally said that Yellow Past Heaven is the most special, one should Elephants are not very accommodating, not as good as other Heavenly Realm…”

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