Love Games Will Save The World Chapter 253

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There is nothing wrong with this girl! !

Qin Feng and Jin are both dumbfounded!

Jean: This kid didn't start? ?

Qin Feng: Is this poison fake? ?

Looking at the girl's slightly hopeful eyes, Qin Feng was completely dumbfounded. He could only be dumb and nodded. He exchanged a lot of snacks and drinks from the system mall and handed them to the girl.

"Qin Feng, you are so kind!"

"No wonder I always think you are a little kind, don’t worry, I will cover you in the Land of Primal Chaos in the future, who dares If you bully you, just report my name!"

"Guaranteed that no one will bully you again!"

The girl laughed and took the snacks from Qin Feng, and then she was right. Qin Feng promised.

But how can Qin Feng want to listen to this?

He has already started looking for his system package.

Is it the medicine problem, or is this young girl immune to toxins?

In the package, two of the seven cans are empty, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple. Except for the cans with bamboo slips, it is clear that Qin Feng just opened the blue one. Jar...

nmd! ! Wrong medicine! ! ! !

Just now I was in a hurry, but I took the wrong jar!

The red jar is the highly toxic powder, the yellow jar is the love potion powder, and these two jars are still there at the moment. The one Qin Feng opened just now is actually the blue jar! !

In that jar, there are pills made of infatuated Gu Insect! !

It’s a big loss! !

Qin Feng originally intended to give this thing to a few women, but because he didn’t think about who he would give it to, after dissolving the pill in his own blood, he still didn’t use it and was still thinking about it. among.

This is good, having given away a bride, to lose one's army on top of it!

The pill made by this infatuation Gu was described in detail in the woman’s diary. This medicine only has a significant effect on broken women, and there is no broken women’s clothes. After the session, medicine efficacy will be greatly weakened, and you will not be able to let the other party obey you!

Qin Feng just wanted to cry without tears.

I just don’t know if this girl will take the pill if it will take effect, even if she has a little affection for herself!

At least let yourself "pay back", right?

And Genn, who hadn't figured out the situation at all, was still in doubt on his face, and even kept blinking at Qin Feng to signal Qin Feng to start quickly.

However, he received a blank eye from Qin Feng.

Up to now, Qin Feng does not intend to kill the girl.

After all, after all the medicine is taken, wouldn’t it be even worse if you kill it? As for the specific situation, let's take a look!

After two rounds of "feeding" by Qin Feng, the girl finally touched her chubby belly and burped with satisfaction.

"So happy!"

"I've never eaten such a delicious thing. I really want to visit your hometown. I believe there must be a lot more there. Good food!"

The girl sighed for a while, and then became a little sad again.

What if the girl is strong.

She cannot leave the huge cage of Land of Primal Chaos, and even her final ending will be buried here forever like her parents.

And it is different from some creatures that are locked in Land of Primal Chaos.

The girl was born here since she was born, and she has never seen the world outside.

When Qin Feng saw the girl suddenly depressed, he naturally knew the reason.

In fact, most of the creatures in the Land of Primal Chaos are local residents. After all, they have existed here too long. The reproduction is also the replacement of generations. Nowadays, there are few halfway or imprisoned after death. Of creatures.

As for the expression of a girl, Qin Feng is also common in the Orcs League.

These new lives don't understand why they are locked here, and Qin Feng is a little disdainfully snort disdainfully to this kind of one person doing evil and implicating children and grandchildren.

Regardless of the conclusion of good and evil, these native-born creatures still have good existence.

It's a pity that Qin Feng has limited abilities.

Moreover, Qin Feng can't determine without authorization that every creature here is kind, so he can only do his best to bring some kind people out of here.

In order to appease the girl's emotions, Qin Feng hesitated, and put his hand on the girl's head. Seeing that the other party did not resist, he rubbed it vigorously to show comfort.

By the way, this is a good sign!

I touched the girl's head, but the other party didn't shoot me off, maybe the pill has taken effect!

Maybe, I can have another powerful battle strength!

Jean, who was watching all the way, was even more bewildered.

What's the situation? what happened?

These two people don’t know each other at first, are they playing with themselves now?

Gene is a little panicked now...

He can't deal with a girl, even more how he has to add a Qin Feng!

Today's plan is to avoid conflict with Qin Feng and the girl!

Thinking of this, Gene suddenly raised his glass.

"Okay, okay, don't think about the sad things!"

"By the way, Brother Qin, why do you need my help when you come to me?"


Jean's idea is simple.

Since you can’t be an enemy of Qin Feng, it’s better to take the initiative. If Qin Feng’s troubles are within his abilities, he can solve them for Qin Feng.

Seeing Jean asked himself, Qin Feng directly informed the other party about his own affairs.

"It’s the battle between the Orc League and the Orc League."

"Presumably Captain Jean also knows that the two sides are already fighting hard, so I want to ask Captain Jean to fight The half-orc alliance makes an alliance. After all, when the nest is upset no egg is left intact, Captain Jean must also understand this."

Qin Feng’s words were not problematic, but Captain Jean felt a little bit Something is wrong...

Isn't this alliance of orcs belong to the manager?

And half-orcs are never easy to take other races of Land of Primal Chaos. What's more important is that Qin Feng is still a Human Race, and there are so many weird things in their hands, can it be said!

Jean's eyes looking at Qin Feng at this moment suddenly became a little playful, and it was suddenly taken aback.

"Where is Qin Brother's hometown?"

"Well, let's say it, maybe we are in the same hometown!"

Qin Feng this Only then did I realize that I seemed to have failed to speak!

At this time, the girl beside her also echoed her curiously.

"Yes, Qin Feng, where is your hometown? What's new? Let's listen to it!"

Damn, if you say it, you two can't just hack me to death?

Qin Feng has come down in cold sweat, hesitated for a long time and couldn't tell why, and suddenly made Genn laugh more strangely.

"I got it!"

Jin suddenly interrupted Qin Feng at this moment, thinking that the other party wanted to reveal his identity, but what Qin Feng didn't expect was , Jean suddenly changed his words.

"Brother Qin must have been locked in Land of Primal Chaos for too long, so I forgot my hometown?"

"Yes, yes!" Qin Feng wiped away his cold sweat.

It seems that the alliance will be over!


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