Li Kuang repaired the endless Duanmu Xiong, but even the Cloud King, the grandfather, did not bird, and went straight into the city.

Although the people around Cloud King are very upset, Ling Mingtian’s face is even more sloppy after Li Kuang’s departure. He used to be in Xishan City, and he was not wanted by Li Kuang. He still hated it.

You know, this Lingmingtian is still Li Kuang’s embarrassment according to his seniority. He is ravaged by his nephew in the eyes of the public. No one is super faceless.

Moreover, this Lingmingtian from childhood is a jade food, and is Wang Hao child, at Cloud King Residence, who does not let him three points? Why have you suffered? ?

When I was in Xishan City, I was ravaged by Li Kuang. Naturally, I hated it, but he didn’t have the courage to find Li Kuang.

Because now Cloud King has to tie up and please Li Clan.

Of course, the Cloud Province Ling is not weak, and there is also a large influence support behind it. Otherwise, Ling Family cannot become the largest Culture Family in Cloud Province.

Although Cloud King is just an Innate guru, the energy behind him is absolutely not small.

However, even if the influence behind Cloud King is powerful, it is definitely not comparable to East Martial Immortal Sect and Supreme Void Immortal Sect. Even the influence behind Cloud King requires him to have a good relationship with Cloud Martial City Li Clan.

Even if Ling Mingtian hates Li Kuang, he can only recognize it and feel unlucky.

At this time, Ling Mingtian’s expressions all fell in the eyes of Ling Ming’s eyes. He was not moving on the surface, but his heart was very proud.

Ling Mingtian is his first opponent in the battle for the throne. Other princes, he is not in the eye.

In Ling Mingtian’s opinion, this seven-year-old brother is unsettled, not calm enough, and victorious. Now that he is in trouble, as long as he can hand over Li Kuang, his chances of getting on the throne will increase.

Now everyone can see that Li Kuang has a promising future, and Li Kuang’s father, Li Yichen, is also very abnormal. The cultivation base has broken through the Innate earl rank, and it is rumored that he got Evil Sovereign inheritance.

In fact, some people have already heard that Li Yichen has been trapped in the Evil Sovereign Tomb of Cloud Dragon Mountain Range abyss for three years.

Before Li Yichen disappeared, there was only the cultivation base of Cleansing Marrow. Among Li Clan, there were more people than him, but in just three years, Li Yichen broke through to Innate Realm, the cultivation speed. Only his son Li Kuang can beat him.

But Li Kuang can be different. He is the reborn of the invincible Peerless Mad God 600 years ago, and Li Yichen is just an ordinary Martial Artist.

Whether it is Li Kuang or his father Li Yichen, it is the object that Ling Minghao wants to make, as long as he wins the Li family and his son, hey, the Cloud King of Cloud Province is not his bag?

Ling Mingtian came here this time, in order to be recognized in front of Li Kuang, to get Li Family’s support.

At this time, a small Li Clan in Cloud Martial City was taken seriously by everyone in Cloud King and Cloud Province, and no one dared to look down on Li Clan.

“Cloud King, please!”

Li Kuang smiled and said to Cloud King.

“Well, I haven’t had seen my daughter for a while, just when my grandson came back, it’s going to get together and enjoy the family!”

Cloud King laughed.

This big fatty looks like a random lie on the throne, but it does not move the eyes of everyone in the eyes.

“Wang Ye, I…”

Seeing that Cloud King was going to the city, the chief military officer of the palace, Mr. Duanmu, hurriedly climbed onto the horseback.

“You don’t want to go, the palace does not have to go back, take your people, let’s go!”

Cloud King waved his face in an annoyed way, as if he was catching an annoying flies around him.


Mr. Duanmu suddenly changed his face. He knew that he had finished playing. At least at Cloud King, he had finished playing. At this time, his intestines were remorseful.

“Not getting the hell out?”

Along the side, Ling Hehu rushed to Mr. Duanmu, the former chief officer of Cloud King Residence.

“There is no place to stay here, let’s go to the office, let’s go.”

Duanmu Xiong came over and took the left hand and pulled the reins of Mr. Duanmu down the horse.

This fellow is also very hard, although Li Kuang broke his arm with a fist, but also suffered internal injuries, still insisting on holding Mr. Duanmu.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Mr. Duanmu sighed, and he couldn’t think that he had not yet entered the Cloud Martial City, and he was gone, just because he was too proud and too much.

“哼 two idiot!”

The Ling Panthers watched the two fellows who got the hell out and sneered.

At this time, Li Lang led the way, and Cloud King’s car drove into the city. This was Cloud King’s trip. The black tiger army and the black panther army with the top helmet and armor were guarded by the top, and the flag was very popular.

On both sides of the East Street of Cloud Martial City, it is crowded with people watching.

“Cut, this Cloud King’s platoon is really big.”

On a street building facing the street, a black clothed woman sits with a black clothed man with a look of honesty and honesty.

These two people are Poison Sect Little Junior Sister and his Eldest Senior Brother Cheng Bufan.

Although the appearance of Cheng Bufan gives a feeling of honesty, if anyone provokes him, he does not know how to die.

“Little Junior Sister, you rushed here, really want to see Li Kuang? I don’t know what the kid is.”

Cheng Bufan said with a look of disappointment.

“Eldest Senior Brother, if you don’t want to see the fellow, you can go back to the sect, I am now an Innate guru, you don’t need protection.”

Poison Sect Little Junior Sister said confidently.

She had rushed back to the sect, and closed-door cultivation for a while, but it was a big chance, successfully merged with the mysterious “Xian Yu” in Poison Sect, and the cultivation base broke through to Innate Realm.

I have to say that this “Xian Yu” is really incredible. “Xian Yu” is also a legend in Poison Sect. Even the owner of the contemporary Poison Sect does not have to see what “Xian Yu” looks like.

This time, Poison Sect Little Junior Sister was urgently recalled by his father to the Zongmen, which was to enter Poison Sect’s forbidden place, Wanpo Valley, to try his luck.

Who knows Du Xiaoxuan’s luck is so good.

This is the poisonous fairy, one yin and one yang, one male and one female. This is the reason why Poison Sect Little Junior Sister came to Li Kuang. If you don’t look for it, you can’t find Li Kuang.

The poisonous fairy is the biggest secret of Poison Sect. Only the lord knows that Cheng Bufan is Poison Sect’s Eldest Senior Brother, but he is not qualified to know this secret.

This is the secret that the sovereign is qualified to know.

“How can this be done?”

Cheng Bufan shook his head directly, and now Du Xiaoxuan is the treasure of Poison Sect. Once in the 10,000-poison valley, the cultivation base broke through to Innate Realm, and it definitely got a big chance.

Moreover, it is his responsibility to protect Little Junior Sister.

“Then don’t talk so much.”

Du Xiaoxuan gave a sneak peek at Cheng Bufan.

“I know, I know……”

Cheng Bufan is busy.

At this time, Li Kuang has returned to Li Residence.

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