“Li Kuang is back…”

“Li Kuang is back…”

“Do you know, Li Kuang is back.”

Less than a quarter of an hour after Li Kuang entered the city, the city’s Martial Artist knew that Li Kuang was back, and suddenly the city was sensational, and countless Martial Artists were surprised and happy.

Yun God Li Kuang, that is the monstrous talent who went out of their Cloud Martial City, and also successfully paid respects to join the world’s first Martial Immortal Sect.

That’s East Martial Immortal Sect, the Martial Dao Holy Land among the countless Martial Artists of the entire Divine Martial Continent Nineteen Province. All Martial Artists are proud to pay respects to join East Martial Immortal Sect.

After getting the news, City Lord Hong Lie immediately prepared a gift and took his favorite son, Hong Shisan, to Li Residence and wanted to meet Li Kuang.

Leng Family’s Patriarch is also coming.

There are also Dragon Martial Sect’s Sect Master Long Tianxing, Azure Profound Sect’s Sect Master Qi Daoming, and the Dragon Martial Sect’s Sect Master and Azure Profound Sect’s Sect Master are actually waiting in Cloud Martial City.

Since Li Yichen’s return, Dragon Martial Sect and Azure Profound Sect have begun to make friends with Li Clan.

Dragon Martial Sect and Azure Profound Sect have received a lot of introductions from Li Clan younger generation. Of course, the Martial Dao talent of pay respects to join Dragon Martial Sect and Azure Profound Sect’s Li Clan younger generation is not very good.

Because Li Clan’s good seedlings have been left in the family by Li Yichen, they will not pay respects to join other sects, because these people are the future of Li Clan.

Li Yichen got the inheritance of Peerless Evil Sovereign, he naturally wants to cultivate his own people.

Dragon Martial Sect and Azure Profound Sect are just 8th Grade Sect, Dragon Martial Sect’s Sect Master Long Tianxing, also the cultivation base of Half-step Innate, and the Azure Profound Sect’s Sect Master Qi Daoming is also Half-step Innate.

Before the return of Li Yichen, Dragon Martial Sect and Azure Profound Sect will naturally not put a little Li Clan in Cloud Martial City in the eye.

Li Clan younger generation, at that time, I wanted to pay respects to join Dragon Martial Sect or Azure Profound Sect. It was definitely not an easy task, even Li Dali, their Li Clan Martial Dao, the dragon Martial Sect and Azure Profound Sect won’t close, but it’s still a bit.

But now, Li Clan is not the previous 9th Grade Cultivation Clan. Especially after Li Yichen’s cultivation base broke through Innate Realm, Li Clan has become a 7rd Grade Cultivation Family with Innate guru oversee. .

The current Li family has become the existence of Dragon Martial Sect and Azure Profound Sect.

Dragon Martial Sect Lord Long Tianxing and Azure Profound Sect Master Qi Daoming met directly outside the door of Li Residence.

“Cow brother, don’t come innocent!”

“Dragon brother, seeing your red light, the cultivation base seems to have grown again!”

The two were polite and smug on the surface, but everyone knows that they all want to make a contact with Li Kuang. Whoever gets the support of Li Clan, whoever can get up in the Cloud Province, continues to inherit.

This person wants to get support from Li Clan.

Because whoever gets the support of Li Clan can press the other side.

“The two guests are coming, it is really far from welcoming!”

At this time, the door of Li Residence opened, and one person greeted it from the inside. I saw that the person was proud of the wind and was walking in the wind. It was Li Clan’s Side Branch Clan Elder Li Haozong.

He is the father of Li Dali.

Now, Li Haozong is not only the Clan Elder of Li Clan side branch, but now Li Clan is dealing with big and small affairs.

He is now a big manager of Li Clan’s external relations.

Li Haozong was able to personally come out to meet Long Tianxing and Qi Daoming, but it gave them a face.

Long Tianxing and Qi Daoming feel that they have a face.

“Haha, Li brother, what I said to you, do you think about it again?”

Long Tianxing smiled when he saw Li Haozong.


Qi Daoming hearing this, can not help but frown.

“Dragon brother, your kindness is my heart, but Patriarch has orders, my son, can’t worship you as a teacher.”

Li Haozong said very helplessly.

“Oh, it’s a pity.”

Long Tianxing sighed.

“Well, please come in with me!”

Li Haozong said that he had made a gesture of asking.

Dragon Martial Sect and Azure Profound Sect is, after all, the eighth-class cultivating influence of Cloud Province, and also inheritance for a few months, in the Cloud Dragon Area, play a critical role.

Li Clan is just emerging, and can’t ignore the existence of these two influences.

Throughout the Cloud Province, the biggest influence is naturally Ling Family, and then Ling Wuzong, this Ling Wuzong, known as the first major in the Cloud Province, among the Zongmen, there is the expert oversee of Profound Martial Realm.

Even if it is Cloud King, it is a three-pointer to Ling Wuzong.

Ling Wuzong, that is 5th Grade Sect, the emperor Huang Chuanchuan, a cultivation base has reached the realm of the Profound Martial middle rank, and the entire Cloud Province is almost impossible to compete.

This Ling Wuzong did not send people to Li Residence, and Ling Wuzong’s people did not seem to want to make a contact with Li Clan.

Of course, Ling Wuzong does not ignore the ambiguity of Cloud Martial City Li Clan, but the first major gate of Cloud Province, will also care about a small seven 3rd Grade Cultivation Family?

Ling Wuzong did not deliberately make a contact with Li Clan.

Throughout the Cloud Province, there are countless cultivating influences, but most of the cultivating influences are based on Ling Wuzong.

Only the cultivating influence of the Cloud Dragon Area had to be tied to Li Clan.

You know, the current Cloud Dragon Area, the leading Boss is Li Clan!

Even Heavenly Tiger City Hu Family sent people to come to see Li Yichen, but Hu Family was directly driven out of Cloud Martial City by Li Lang.

Hundred Beast City has become the bag of Li Clan, and Tong Tianwang, Luo Hei, and Tie Xiong have already arrived in Cloud Martial City.

At this time, Li Kuang is in the backyard of Li Residence, sharing his family fun with his parents.

For a long time, I didn’t see my parents. Li Kuang really missed them. After the rebirth, Li Kuang was the most concerned person in this world, his parents and Yue’er.

“Kuang’er, you are finally back, let the mother see you.”

Ling Yingxue looked at Li Kuang with love.

“Well, my son seems to be more handsome.”

Ling Yingxue laughed, her son can come back, she is very happy, but this is her son, his son, even pay respects to join East Martial Immortal Sect.

That is the first martial arts in the world!

Ling Yingxue even won’t be Martial Dao, but also heard the name of East Martial Immortal Sect’s.

If you have such a child, you will not be able to live this life.

“Mother, isn’t the baby always so handsome?”

Li Kuang smiled.

“Haha, Elder Brother, are you a yellow woman selling melons to sell and boast?”

Yue’er is happy.

“Kuang’er, you have to remember, don’t be proud!”

Li Kuang can become a disciple of East Martial Immortal Sect’s, and Li Yichen also has light on his face.

“Yes, hey!”

Li Kuang nodded.

At this time, their family was in the backyard of Li Residence, An An Lele had a family dinner, Yue’er was also there, and then there were no outsiders.

No one dares to bother them at this time.

All the people who came to visit Li Yichen were waiting in the lobby of Li Residence. At this time, the Li Residence hall was very lively.

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