Now Cloud Martial City has become the most prosperous city in the Cloud Dragon Area. Most of the Martial Artists in the Cloud Dragon Area are gathered in Cloud Martial City.

Compared to the prosperity of Cloud Martial City, Hundred Beast City and Heavenly Tiger City are much inferior, especially Hundred Beast City, which was directly attacked by Li Kuang.

Hundred Beast City Lin Family people escaped, but before the escape, Lin Family people still destroyed a lot of shop houses, even the City Lord Mansion was almost burned by Lin Family.

The current Hundred Beast City, although under the management of Tong Tianwang, gradually recovered, but the Lin Family suddenly withdrew, and almost half of the Hundred Beast City was empty.

Lin Family has been in Hundred Beast City for hundreds of years, with a strong foundation and Lin Family’s tentacles, reaching every corner of Hundred Beast City.

In the beasts, almost everyone has a relationship with Lin Family. Those people are afraid that Li Kuang will find them trouble, so they are gradually withdrawing from Hundred Beast City.

Of course, Hundred Beast City can’t be an empty city, because there are a lot of people who want to enter the city, Lin Family’s people are gone, Titan’s iron blood help, and Luo Hei’s black flag is stationed. Hundred Beast City.

These two influences directly regarded Hundred Beast City as their nest, and dragged their family into Hundred Beast City, but it just filled the void after the Lin Family’s evacuation.

There is a city like the location of the Zongmen, which is a good thing for the iron blood and the black flag.

You know, it’s really hard to use Iron Blood to help you with the black flag’s influence. It’s really hard to get the approval of Cloud King.

The owner of Cloud Province, that is Cloud King, only he is eligible to appoint the City Lord, that is, no one can become a City Lord in a city in Cloud Province as long as he is not appointed by Cloud King in the Cloud Province.

Of course, there are East Saint Dynasty on the head of Cloud King. If the Emperor is the author of the City Lord, Cloud King can’t resist it, but this kind of thing will hardly happen.

Because of the appointment of a small City Lord, there is no need for East Saint Dynasty, then the great array of the Lord wants to be personally enshrined.

Although Cloud King has appointed Li Yichen as the new City Lord of Hundred Beast City, Li Clan’s ancestral home is in Cloud Martial City and Li Yichen did not travel to Hundred Beast City.

City Lord What, in the eyes of Li Yichen, is not worth mentioning.

At this time, after Li Kuang returned to Li Residence, the Cloud Dragon Area’s large and small influences turned to Cloud Martial City.

At this time, the most uneasy person in the Cloud Dragon Area was Heavenly Tiger City’s City Lord Hu Yuanshan. When he took action, he used Nine Nether Breaking Vein to refer to the young Li Kuang, which led to Li Kuang cultivating. Martial Dao was very angry and was regarded as a useless person by everyone, and she was blinded.

Li Kuang didn’t have time to pay attention to Heavenly Tiger City Hu Family, but now, after he returns, he has to make a move to Heavenly Tiger City Hu Family.

He can’t leave a post in the Cloud Dragon Area.

Second Uncle Li Potian’s wife, Hu Yan, is a slap in the face. The person who must report, Li Kuang looked at Second Uncle on the same day, but abolished Hu Yan’s cultivation base. Hu Yan hated it and must do something.


Li Residence’s backyard, a family feast, made Li Kuang feel the warmth of home. This feeling made him feel unreal, for fear that all of this was a dream, and all things disappeared when I woke up.

In the past, he is Peerless Mad God. He was an orphan since he was a child, and he enjoyed his family.

Because of the lack of the most important experience in life, Li Kuang became cultivating to Divine Realm and became Peerless Mad God, but the road to comprehension was not perfect.

If he realized that there is no shortage of avenues, even if Lin Qingyao take action sneak attack, it is absolutely impossible to kill him.

In this world, Li Kuang’s life is finally regrettable.

Li Kuang chats with his parents in the backyard of Li Residence. When talking about the experience of leaving Cloud Martial City, Mother Ling Yingxue and his father Li Yichen are all fascinated.

Because Li Kuang’s experiences are so wonderful, after three passes, the life and death of the battlefield Yuanfeng, down the mountain Demon Church, Xuan Shuangcheng defeated the so-called Mad God rumor Nie mad dragon, this thing, all shakes one side .

In particular, Li Kuang is in the Xuan Shuangcheng, and the so-called Mad God is a sensational sensation. It is a sensation in the world, and there is a faint momentum of the first generation of the younger generation.

Of course, Divine Martial Continent Nineteen Province, there are many strong powerhouses, and there are also many young powerhouses. They are very disdainful to Li Kuang, especially the younger generations of the hidden Great Clan, and they are not satisfied with Li Kuang’s record.

Many people have long wanted to find Li Kuang to compete.

When Li Kuang’s family was chatting in the backyard of Li Residence, Li Residence’s parliament hall was full of people who came to visit Li Yichen who actually wanted to see Li Kuang.

Cloud Martial City’s City Lord Hong Lie, Dragon Martial Sect’s Sect Master Long Tianxing, Azure Profound Sect’s Sect Master Qi Daoming are all here, they are chilling each other.

Although they came early in the morning, they waited for one morning, but they were not impatient, and there was nothing to complain about.

Li Kuang’s family feast, even the grandfather of Cloud King did not ask.

Of course, Cloud King will not be as silly in the Li Residence Chamber as Hong Lie and others. Cloud King lives in a courtyard, and his team is stationed at the martial arts training ground at the foot of Li Residence. .

After the mountain is forbidden, it is Cloud King who dare not ask for it.

Helping iron and blood help Tien Xiong and the flag of the black flag, Luo Hejun, also entered Li Residence early, and Tong Tianwang was responsible for receiving those in the Chamber.

Tong Tianwang is a master of Innate. He is here to receive Hong Lie and others. Hong Lie and others have light on his face.

This Tong Tianwang was originally one of the five Great Elders of the Nine Spirits. After being surrendered by Li Kuang, he has been managing Hundred Beast City instead of Li Kuang. Li Yichen is the nominal Hundred Beast City City Lord. In fact, the real City Lord is This child is looking forward.

This is all known to everyone, but it is not broken.

Li Dali, since Li Kuang went to East Martial Immortal Sect to take the East Martial Immortal Sect’s entry assessment, he went to Hundred Beast City when he was free, looking for this child, and the stalker wanted to teach him martial arts.

Tong Tianwang did not bother to bother, but also really passed this fellow a few tricks.

Li Dali also has an influence, a cloud influx of Cloud Martial City. This influence is Azure Wolf Gang. Li Kuang 闯Li Residence, who met Azure Wolf Gang, was blocked. Azure Wolf Gang Second Boss was Li Kuang smacked his mouthful teeth and was cut off by Li Kuang’s right leg.

Li Kuang naturally does not put Azure Wolf Gang in the eye, so Li Dali takes control of Azure Wolf Gang.

Now Li Kuang, famous in the world, has long forgotten the existence of Azure Wolf Gang.

“Hey! I have to wait for a morning, this Li Yichen is a big shelf!”

Suddenly, a voice rang in the Chamber, and the next moment, the entire Chamber of Secrets quieted down.

“The cow, this is, on Li Clan’s site, I dare to say such a thing, is it tired to seek death?”

Everyone was shocked and looked in the direction of the sound.

“Someone wants to do something.”

The idea came out in the minds of everyone for the first time.

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