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In the litigation hall of Cloud Province, Cloud Martial City and Li Residence, there were people who wanted to do things, which shocked everyone who was waiting to see Li Yichen and his son here.



Was this fellow’s head kicked by the scorpion? Li Yichen and his son and son are now in full swing. Is this time to engage in things, not seeking death?


I saw that the two were azure clothed black whiskers and the other was the youngster behind the black whiskers.


“Li Yichen, what time do you want everyone to wait here?”


The old black man said with impatience, his voice was not big, but it spread throughout the Li Residence and even passed to the back hill.


On the back of the mountain, Mu Changsheng, who was sitting under a big tree, suddenly opened his eyes.




At this time, Li Yichen and Li Kuang heard the sound in the backyard of Li Residence, and they frowned.


“Who is not so long, I dare to do things on my Li Clan’s site.”


A roar rang, Li Clan’s outer sect Clan Elder and Li Clan executive Li Haozong strode out from outside the Chamber, followed by Li Clan’s Li Lang and Li Dafeng.


They are all Martial Artists in Cleansing Marrow, but no one dares to look down on them.


“Why, Li Clan thought that there was a Li Kuang, would you dare to look down on the world?”


The black-haired old man sneered.


“Hey! Li Kuang? It’s just a name.”


The white man behind the black-shoulders sneered.




Everyone on the hall, hearing this, looked at the two people with a stunned look. The two men’s feelings came to do things, and they came directly to Li Kuang.


No one who can enter Li Residence and sit in the hall is a leisurely generation.


People like Hong Lie, Long Tianxing, and Qi Daoming are all influential figures of the Cloud Dragon Area. Of course, they are just in the Cloud Dragon Area. When they come out of the Cloud Dragon Area, they instantly become subordinate objects.


However, they can become the Lord of a City, the master of one, and the head of the door, but there are some skills, definitely not by luck.


“Who are you guys!”


Li Haozong watched that old and young, cold and cold.


Now Li Clan, not the previous 9th Grade Cultivation Clan, and Li Clan now has Supreme Void Immortal Sect’s an expert in oversee, Li Haozong’s bottom gas, and it is also very powerful.


“Li brother, I really can’t help it. These two people were introduced by an old friend of mine. I said that I want to see the people of Cloud Martial City. This is the younger brother…”


At this time, a middle-aged man next to the old and the young hurriedly stood up and said that he reached out and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.


“Cold brother, you…”


Li Haozong couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw this person. This person was actually Cloud Martial City Leng Family’s Patriarch. It is no wonder that these two people can enter Li Residence, which was originally brought by Leng Ziyue.


As a Cloud Martial City Leng Family’s Patriarch, it is really not difficult to bring two people into Li Residence.


Seeing that the people they brought dared to do things in Li Residence, Leng Ziyue was really scared and offended Li Clan. Can they still have a foothold in Cloud Martial City?


“Cut, what are you afraid of, who are we, who can move you?”


That white girl said with a disdain.


“Hey! I wanted to see what the little fellow called Li Kuang had in the end. It seemed that it was just a shrinking turtle, which made me disappointed.”


White, you continue, this fellow nostrils, the look of pride, is very arrogant.


The old black man is also proud of his face.


“Hold the grass, Laozi has seen arrogant, but really no has seen so arrogant, I want to seeing death Laozi to fulfill you.”


Li Dali, Li Haozong’s side, couldn’t stand it anymore. Looking at the fateful face of the fellow, he wanted to punch a fist on the face of the fellow.




In white, you didn’t put Li Dali in your eyes. A small fellow in the Forging Bone Realm world couldn’t stop a finger.


I saw that this white man’s right hand flexed, and a round, marble-like temperament immediately led to Li Dali’s glare.


“Inner Qi manifestation, Innate Master?”


There are many people in the hall who are acquainted with the goods. No one can think of it. This white girl is actually an Innate guru. So young Innate guru is probably one of the few in the entire Cloud Province.


You know, Cloud Province, a large spiritual land with no Heaven and Earth Spritual Qi, treasure land, and no super influence, those influential figures, simply can’t see this place.


If Evil Sovereign Tomb was born some time ago, those influential figures would not be involved in Cloud Province at all.


And the ancestral homes where the superinfluence is located are nothing more than the large spiritual land where Heaven and Earth Spritual Qi gather. Treasure land and Spiritual Qi are incomparably sufficient. In this place, cultivating is naturally more effective.


Ling people can control Cloud Province, because there is no big influence to see Cloud Province.


Of course, the Ling people are in the East Saint Dynasty, this is the most critical.




The figure of Tong Tianwang appeared directly in Li Dali’s Divine Fist. He screamed and punched straight forward, his face was very dignified.




When Tong Tianwang’s fist collided with the airballs of the white bombs that you played, it sounded like a thunderous drum.


The next moment, Tong Tianwang’s sleeves of the entire arm burst open in an instant, and countless pieces flew in the air.


I saw that Tong Tianwang actually stepped back, and the right foot stepped on a hard floor tile to make a deep footprint, and the whole ground shook.


However, what shocked everyone was that Tong Tianwang’s face was flushed, and his mouth blew a blood.




Everyone in the hall was shocked. This white girl is too arrogant, just a seemingly random finger, it hurts Tian Tianwang?


The origins of Tong Tianwang, many people present, know that this is one of the five Great Elders of the Nine Spirits, and it is also the Innate Master.


“Do you want to defeat the master?”


Tong Tianwang was defeated, and the defeat was very thorough. On the same day he was at Hundred Beast City, but he could do a few tricks with Li Kuang, but now he was defeated by the white one.




Tong Tianwang can’t help but feel disheartened. He has cultivated for a lifetime, and he can’t compare with a yellow haired brat. This age is really alive on the dog.


At this time, that cold child Yue also calmed down. He saw the white hand revealing this hand, but also surprised and happy.


These two people know that Supreme Void Immortal Sect is now covering Li Clan and dare to come to Li Clan. It must be a big deal. You know, it’s not a Raptors but a river!


However, there is another saying in the world, that is, the strong dragon does not suppress the head snake.


“Good move is a madman.”


Just when everyone was still in shock, a voice came out of the hall, and a black clothed teenager strode in.

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