Chitu Shen This fellow, but one of Six Paths Demon Child, but was killed by Li Kuang in the battle of Evil Sovereign Tomb.

I haven’t seen it for a while, and this Chitu Shen’s cultivation base has broken through Innate Realm. Li Kuang is not surprising, but it is not surprising.

You know, Six Paths Demon Sect is the world’s first Demon Sect, Chitu Shen can recover, and the cultivation base breaks through Innate Realm. It’s not a big deal.

However, this fellow even dared to come to Cloud Martial City, it is really daring.

Because the current East Martial Immortal Sect has been fighting with Six Paths Demon Sect, and Li Kuang is a disciple of East Martial Immortal Sect’s, seeing the path of Six Paths Demon Sect’s, naturally will not let go.


The two fists collided in an instant. Li Kuang didn’t move, but Chitu Shen was directly shaken off, directly breaking more than a dozen big trees and breaking into the woods.


The two Junior Brothers of Chitu Shen saw it and turned and fled.

However, the two fellows have not yet rushed a few steps, and they fell directly on the ground. The seven scorpions flowed out of black blood, and they struggled for a few times without moving.

At the same time, a figure came out of the woods and saw that the man was holding a man’s collar in one hand, dragging the person directly like a dead dog.

Li Kuang saw that the fellow that was dragged out by that person was Chitu Shen.

“Oh, what, my gift is too good to go!”

That person smiled and said to Li Kuang.

I saw that this person is slender, and the laughter is as beautiful as a silver bell. Although it is covered, but a pair of eyes are black and bright, revealing a trace of embarrassment.

“many thanks !”

Li Kuang arched the black clothed masked woman and said that the woman was still coming to herself, he could not help but retreat Half-step.

“Haha, the arrogant Li Kuang people are also afraid of women?”

Du Xiaoxuan smiled and smiled very happy.

“Cut, I am afraid of the poison on your body.”

Li Kuang said in disapproval that Laozi was born again by Peerless Mad God and would be afraid of women.

“I… is it really terrible?”

Du Xiaoxuan looked at Li Kuang’s eyes and turned into a crescent moon.

“This time, really thanks, I owe you a favor.”

Li Kuang said very seriously.

If Du Xiaoxuan told Li Kuang about Chitu Shen’s whereabouts, Li Kuang would never know that Chitu Shen would come to Cloud Martial City. If these fellows entered Cloud Martial City, they might figure out something.

Because there were so many Martial Artists entering Cloud Martial City in these two days, the big influences of the entire Cloud Province and even the entire Divine Martial Continent came to Cloud Martial City.

Six Paths Demon Sect’s people want to hide in countless Martial Artists into Cloud Martial City, which is definitely not a difficult task.

“Yes, then can you still return this person?”

Du Xiaoxuan said quietly.


Li Kuang, shi, shit, Laozi is just a polite one, this little poison girl is still serious, Peerless Mad God said, but a spit.

“I can’t do it beyond my ability.”

Li Kuang said quickly.

If this little poison girl lets Laozi pick her up the stars, Laozi is tidy?

“Hey, it’s not a difficult thing for you, as long as you promise to go down, it’s a good thing for you.”

Du Xiaoxuan’s eyes lit up, and the poisonous fairy, one yin and one yang, one male and one female, but these two immortals could not be in the body at the same time.

Once the two fairy cockroaches are cocked in a person’s with the body, the taste, oh, it is light to describe it as if it were a death.

In Du Xiaoxuan’s opinion, Li Kuang is definitely the best person to help her raise Yangshuo.

“What the hell is it? You say it!”

How do you feel a sense of trepidation? Li Kuang felt that something bad happened.

“It’s actually a very simple little thing.”

Du Xiaoxuan wants to stop.

“Let’s say, what the hell is it?”

Li Kuang is even more uneasy, there is nothing good about it!

“That is… I want you to help me raise my health.”

“Do you raise it? I didn’t get it wrong!”

Li Kuang is directly stunned. If Laozi is going to raise a donkey, will he be afraid of your poison?

“Don’t be kidding. Where can I raise my cock? This is beyond my ability. Sorry, you still have to change something!”

Li Kuang shook his head directly.

“I still have something to do, go first.”

Li Kuang did not wait for Du Xiaoxuan to speak, and turned directly to take a step, and disappeared instantly in the same place. When it appeared again, people were already dozens of feet away.

His Tyrant Body is so strong that even if you don’t use True Qi, you can take a few dozen steps with the power of the Martial Body, and it will disappear into Du Xiaoxuan’s sight in a few steps.

“Hey, don’t go!”

Poison Sect Little Junior Sister just sank a bit, and the fellow ran away, which made her very speechless.

“Forgive me… don’t kill me…”

Chitu Shen, who was caught in the collar by Poison Sect Little Junior Sister, made a faint voice.

“Rao you? Go to hell!”

Du Xiaoxuan threw the fellow directly on the ground. The next moment, the fellow pain struggled on the ground and mourned for a while before swallowing the last breath.

Chitu Shen, one of Six Paths Demon Sect’s Demon Child, died like this.

She just hesitated for a moment, let Li Kuang slip away.

“Little Junior Sister, why are you so anxious, that kid and the heavenly fiigh, don’t know if you can survive.”

At this time, a figure came out of the woods. This person is a seemingly honest and honest Poison Sect Eldest Senior Brother, Cheng Bufan.

“Hey! Eldest Senior Brother, would you like to bet on me?”

Du Xiaoxuan said with no anger.

“What are you gambling?”

Cheng Bufan was taken aback. Isn’t Little Junior Sister going to hang me?

Poison Sect is always a woman. Poison Sect is very good at this Little Junior Sister treasure. She is the little princess of Poison Sect. Among Poison Sect, no one has escaped her poisonous claws.

“I am not saying that Li Kuang is likely to die on the stage of life and death? I will bet Li Kuang wins.”

Du Xiaoxuan is very confident, she believes in her own vision.

“Okay, I bet, if you lose, then go back to the gate with me, how?”

Cheng Bufan has always disapproved of Little Junior Sister playing outside, and if it weren’t for himself, this Little Junior Sister wouldn’t know what it was like.

“Eldest Senior Brother, what if I won?”

Du Xiaoxuan shouted.

“If I lose, my thousand poison beads are yours.”

Cheng Bufan is also serious.

“Haha, okay, that’s it.”

Du Xiaoxuan is happy.

They then used the corpse, and turned all the bodies into blood, and then oozing underground.

In this way, no one knows who these people are dead.

At this time, some influential figures began to appear.

The East Saint Crown Prince’s car appeared at the East Gate of Cloud Martial City.

“It’s still the face of Your Highness Crown Prince. Look, Li Yichen actually went out in person.”

Someone exclaimed.

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