East Saint Dynasty’s East Saint Crown Prince is coming, this is a sensational thing.

“Li Clan’s face is too big, even the East Saint Crown Prince is coming in person, which is absolutely unique in the history of Cloud Martial City!”

“Well, we are here on a small town. It seems that there is really no such thing as the East Saint Imperial Family.”

“It seems that Li Clan is destined to prosper.”

When East Saint Crown Prince Xuanyuan Wuji was led by Li Yichen and entered the Cloud Martial City, the entire Cloud Martial City was boiling, and the streets were crowded with people.

Everyone wants a look at the East Saint Crown Prince.

“Ah, is that Your Highness Crown Prince?”

Looking at the East Saint Crown Prince riding the dragons and the handsome, the flowers on both sides of the street were screaming and excited.

Of course, the East Saint Crown Prince Xuanyuan Wuji is really good, with a slender figure, a sword-like eyebrow, a cold star, and an extraordinary atmosphere. Moreover, this East Saint Crown Prince is the third-ranked cow of the Divine Martial Genius List, less than 30 Years old master.

Most importantly, this East Saint Crown Prince Xuanyuan Wuji is also a single dog, and it owes a Crown Prince to the Crown Prince.

The entire Divine Martial Continent doesn’t know how many days of arrogance, Great Clan Pearl wants to be East Saint Dynasty’s Crown Prince, know that once Your Highness Crown Prince is succeeded, it is the East Saint Dynasty’s lord. At that time, Crown Prince was about to upgrade to become a queen.

East Saint Crown Prince Xuanyuan Wuji gave Li Clan a face. Everyone in Crown Prince’s ceremonial Cloud Martial City had never seen it. The team went to Li Residence.

There are many people talking.

At this time, it is a blind man who can see that East Saint Dynasty is supporting Li Clan, so that even Cloud King can stick to Li Clan’s light.

“Haha… Your Highness Crown Prince is coming, this king has a long way to meet!”

Just as Li Yichen accompanied Your Highness Crown Prince to the Li Residence gate, Li Residence opened wide and a group of people came out from inside.

For the first person, it was a Cloud King, and Cloud King followed the two princes Ling Lingtian and Ling Ming, followed by War General under Cloud King.

Li Residence’s numerous high-rises also greeted, and even the Grand Uncle came out with two big Clan Elders.

The current Li Clan is only Clan Elder. There are only two people. Li Clan originally had three major Clan Elders, but Clan Elder Li Rutian was expelled from Li Clan by Li Yichen.

On the day Li Yichen returned to Li Clan, the first thing he did was to expel Li Clan from all the people who bullied Li Kuang mother and child. Li Rutian thought that Li Potian would be Li Huan and his child was removed from the genealogy, so Li Yichen is not soft on Li Rutian.

Li Rutian at this time, I don’t know where to hide and regret it.

“Wang Ye, we seem to have not seen it for a few years, but wait until we get together.”

East Saint Crown Prince rolls over.

His horse, but Spirit Beast, is also the king of Spirit Beast. The Red Dragon Horse is famous in the Imperial City, and only the protector of Your Highness Crown Prince descends.

“Well, let’s talk.”

Cloud King’s fat face is a chrysanthemum.

In fact, Cloud King is just the master of Innate Realm. However, Xuanyuan Wuji has to pay attention to it, because of how to say, this Cloud King is also one of the nineteen kings in the world.

The influence behind Cloud King is not weak.

Moreover, the current Cloud King has a grandson of the monstrous talent among the monstrous talents. As a result, the capital of Cloud King is thicker and the speech is full.

And Xuanyuan Wuji wants to sit in the position of Crown Prince, naturally it is necessary to have a good relationship with the princes of these separatists.

Everyone chilled a few words and they entered Li Residence together.

At this time, Li Kuang was in the back hill, playing chess with Namu.


Mu Changsheng said that he had a son on the board.

“What’s the congratulation?”

Since knowing that Supreme Void Immortal Sect’s people want to kill themselves, Li Kuang is wary of Supreme Void Immortal Sect, and is not very familiar with Supreme Void Immortal Sect, Li Kuang.

He does not even know whether this Mu Changsheng and those who want their own lives are a group.

If Mu Changsheng is also a member of those fellows, he is a little dangerous.

However, looking at Mu Changsheng does not seem to be the same, it seems that Supreme Void Immortal Sect is also in the fight, it is really a place where there are rivers and lakes, there are people in the rivers and lakes have grudges.

Supreme Void Immortal Sect, a detached position, is also inevitable!

“East Saint Crown Prince is here, don’t you go out to meet?”

Mu Changsheng said.

“What’s the good thing?”

Li Kuang said in disapproval.

“There is a kind!”

Mu Changsheng gave a thumbs up at Li Kuang.

If everyone knows that East Saint Crown Prince personally went to the door, he had already been very surprised and personally greeted. How can Li Kuang be so calm?

Mu Changsheng couldn’t help but look at Li Kuang.

At this time, Li Kuang also got a son on the board.

On the chessboard, the two black and white entangled together, and it is difficult to kill.

“I heard that Supreme Void Immortal Sect’s Supreme Void is very good, and the younger brother can learn from Mu brothers?”

Li Kuang smiled, and he made a temptation to test the day at Chi Longtan.

“Supreme Void Promise?”

Mu Changsheng is crying and can’t help but frown. He said: “This cultivation technique is the town sect in my sect. I don’t have the cultivating this cultivation technique.”

“Is there no one in your door cultivating this cultivation technique?”

Li Kuang asked quietly.

“Well, no one is cultivating this cultivation technique, but within the entire sect, there are fewer than ten people cultivating this cultivation technique. In the younger generation, there are only three or four people.”

Mu Changsheng said indifferently, he did not think that Li Kuang knew Supreme Void Immortal Sect’s Supreme Void.

However, Li Huang cultivating is not the Supreme Void.

Mu Changsheng has found a trace of clues. In the Zongmen, there are indeed people who are unfavorable to Li Kuang. The most suspected person is Li Huang.

Li Huang is the Eldest Senior Brother among the younger generation of Supreme Void Immortal Sect.

Is the person taking the action Murong Han?

Mu Changsheng was very clever, just a word from Li Kuang, and he guessed the pretty close of the matter.

However, this matter can be different, Mu Changsheng does not want to offend Li Huang, but if you let Li Huang come, if you are not careful, let people know, Supreme Void Immortal Sect’s reputation can be destroyed.

You know, people took the Evil Sovereign handbook and switched back to Supreme Void Immortal Sect’s a promise, Supreme Void Immortal Sect 岂 can do those things that are betrayal?

“Three or four people?”

Li Kuang hearing this is a joy in the heart, so it is much easier to find the black hand behind the scenes.

The people who have killed the blood have not come to the news for so long. It seems that the black hand behind the scene is very deep!

“Little Kuang brothers, if you want to learn about the Supreme Void in my sect, it is not difficult. When are you free, come back to the mountain with me, I introduce some people to know how to know?”

Mu Changsheng suddenly smiled.


Mu Changsheng fell down and looked at Li Kuang with a smile.


Li Kuang looked at it and couldn’t help but smile. This game is losing.

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