At this time, Cloud Martial City is very lively, but Li Residence is quiet.

Because no one is bothering Li Kuang at this time, one day, he will be on the stage with the Tianzu, and he needs to adjust his body to the best condition.

Li Kuang and Mu Changsheng have a word, Li Kuang knows that among Supreme Void Immortal Sect, the person who wants his life is just a fellow.

However, Mu Changsheng did not say it.

Li Kuang is still waiting for the news of the blood to kill the church. This blood killing hall is a killer organization that can compete with Zhu Xianlou and has a huge intelligence system.

If the bloody killing hall can’t find anything, then the black hand in Supreme Void Immortal Sect is really difficult to deal with.

However, since dare to provoke Laozi, even if it is the king of Laozi, it has to pay a price.

Li Kuang, sitting on the big stone under the big tree, breathed in rhythm, and the surrounding Heaven and Earth Spritual Qi were coming to him, immersed in his within the body and refining and absorbing it.

Li Kuang within the body’s Great Desolate True Qi overbearing is as incomparable as it is to use all the Spiritual Qi between the world.

At this time, Li Residence has gathered a lot of inflation figures. The people who arrived in Cloud Martial City in these two days are really too many, but the people who can enter Li Residence are very few.

East Martial Immortal Sect The Senior Brother who has a good relationship with Li Kuang in the back village of New Mountain also came. Huang Liang took Gu Pengfei and the ancient spirits arrived.

Li Kuang’s brother Yang Chen, Chen Fan has also arrived.

Under the leadership of Xiang Chongtian and Xiang Chilong, Xiang Dalong, Xiang Shaofeng, and Xiang Jie, of Bazhou Xiangjia, also arrived.

City Lord Chu Wancheng of Xishan City, Cloud Province, took his son Chu Tianlong and his granddaughter Chu Yuer.

Even among the East Martial Immortal Sect, the younger generation Yuan Feilong, Yuan Qing, who had a festival with Li Kuang, came here. Both of them were disciples of East Martial Immortal Sect’s Inner Sect, and Li Clan had to meet. .

Then there was the ancient family of East Martial Immortal Sect, the ancient Margin of Im Martial Immortal Sect Inner Sect, who was the Great Grandmaster at the peak of Innate.

However, what is shocking is that Gu Tianqi personally came to Cloud Martial City, which shocked everyone.

You know, this ancient god, but the son of the ancient Martial of East Martial Immortal Sect, one of the eight Inner Sect Elders, is the Martial Artist of the heavens, even the East Saint Crown Prince did not dare to neglect and personally greeted.

The arrival of the ancient Tianzhu, many people think of a lot of things.

It seems that even East Martial Immortal Sect’s Inner Sect Elder is also very optimistic about Li Kuang, or else, in the identity and status of the ancient gods, how can you personally come to the small place of Cloud Martial City?

The arrival of the ancient scorpio can also shock those Demons led by Six Paths Demon Sect.

Under the premise that Supreme Void Immortal Sect and East Martial Immortal Sect are to protect Li Kuang, who would dare to play Li Kuang in Cloud Martial City?

“Hey, this Cloud Martial City is really lively!”

Cloud Martial City, outside the East Gate, came two young man.

Both of them wore light-blue clothes and walked in front of a youngster. They were slender and face-like, and they attracted many young girls.

The person who followed him was wearing a hat and covering his face.

“Zhang Bin that fellow is really a waste…”

The younger man behind the youngster snorted.

“You have two less words. If you didn’t screw things up, why is it necessary to take action?”

Azure clothed youngster.

“I said Han, it’s not good to say bad things in the back.”

The guest didn’t know where it came from, and Murong Han, who was scared by a word, almost jumped up.

“Hey! Drinking my wine, I have to do things for me, you are not making a move, what do you mean?”

Murong cold and cold watched Zhang Bindao.

“Hey, has seen the Huang Senior Brother.”

Zhang Bin did not pay attention to Murong Han, and directly arched the azure clothed youngster.

The two people who appeared outside the East Gate of Cloud Martial City were Li Huang and Murong Han. This Li Huang also rushed to Cloud Martial City. He wanted to see what Li Kuang had in his three heads and six arms. He dared to call the younger generation. First person.

Just when Laozi is air?

Li Huang is very proud, even if it is the existence of Zhang Yuan, the True Martial great accomplishment, he dare not be too arrogant in front of him.

“Zhang Junior Brother is very kind.”

Li Huang said indifferently.

Zhang Bin saw Li Huang’s unreasonable expression, and his heart was very uncomfortable. Laozi was really polite to call you a Senior Brother. You felt that you were Sect’s True Disciple and placed it in front of Laozi. ? Be careful with the thunder.

Of course, although Zhang Bin is very upset, he does not dare to show it.

You know, this Li Huang is not Murong Han, Li Huang is Supreme Void Immortal Sect’s True Disciple, even Sect Master is very popular with him.

Moreover, this Li Huang is young and has been cultivating to the realm of True Martial earl rank, and is also Extreme Realm Martial Artist, even the older generation of True Martial powerhouse is not his opponent.

Extreme Realm Martial Artist is rare in the entire Divine Martial Continent, because Extreme Realm Martial Artist is almost invincible.

Although Zhang Bin is the existence of True Martial great accomplishment, but it is really difficult to win or lose with Li Huang, but Zhang Bin, but absolutely dare not make a move with Li Huang.

“Zhang Bin, are you Laozi who is the air?”

Murong Han on the side is very uncomfortable.

“This, Han, you are why? Is it inconvenient to wear a hat?”

Zhang Bin smiled.

“If you want to gossip, I ask you why Li Kuang has not been killed yet.”

Murong Han was most concerned about this matter. Li Kuang was not dead. He was restless because he vaguely felt that his appearance was seen by Li Kuang.

This is why he wears a hat.

“Hey, Han, you really stand and talk, don’t you have a backache, is Li Kuang 那么 so easy to kill? He always has True Martial Realm’s fellow haunt, how to start?”

Zhang Bin called out, he didn’t want to take action, but he didn’t dare. He had a feeling that he would definitely die if he dared to take action.

Although Zhang Bin is greedy, he still has no greed to make a joke about his life.


“All right!”

Murong Han will have to say it again, but Li Huang interrupted him.

“Let’s go in!”

When Li Huang saw more and more people at the gate of the city, he whispered to the two men.

“Hey, Han, I promise you will do it, but if you are lucky, you don’t need to take action at all, you say yes!”

Zhang Bin laughed, and tomorrow is when Li Kuang and the Tianzu of the Tianzu are on the stage of death, whether Li Kuang can survive or not is unknown.

“Hey! I actually hope he can survive.”

Li Huang’s eyes shot two cold lights. If Li Kuang died in the hands of Scorpio, he would have some regrets. He actually wanted to kill Li Kuang by himself.

At this time, Li Kuang also meditated on Qi Condensation in the backyard of Li Residence. He did not know that the younger generation of Supreme Void Immortal Sect Eldest Senior Brother would come to Cloud Martial City in person.

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