No one thought that Li Huang would come.

However, even Li Huang did not dare to take action on Li Kuang at this time, because the water in Cloud Martial City was too deep, and even the ancient scorpio came.

Now, I am afraid that half of Divine Martial Continent’s powerhouse is watching Cloud Martial City.

Even if there is a chance to kill Li Kuang, Li Huang does not dare to take action at this time. You know, he represents Supreme Void Immortal Sect. If he takes action on Li Kuang, it will make Supreme Void Immortal Sect back. Anonymous.

Although Li Huang is a Li Family’s person in Tangzhou, he is also a disciple of Supreme Void Immortal Sect’s. What should be done and what should not be done, he is very clear.

At this time, unlike Li Kuang’s Qi Condensation in the back mountain, the day’s Scorpio, who is in the Cloud Martial City, challenged the people of the various influences.

“Is it heard? That day, I just defeated Ling Wuzong’s Eldest Senior Brother Ding Yi.”

“What, Tianzhu defeated Ling Wuzong’s Ding Yi!?”

“Cut, what’s the matter? One day ago, Scorpio challenged Tiemu Family’s Tiemu Xiongshi, but it was a half-win.”


The numerous Martial Artist is talking about it in a restaurant lobby in the east of Cloud Martial City.

When everyone heard that even Tiemu Xiongshi had lost in the hands of Scorpio, they had to be shocked. Ding Yi of Ling Wuzong and Tiemu Xiongshi of the Ironwood family were not a series of people.

Ling Wuzong and Origin Province’s Ironwood family are even more incomparable.

“Tiemu Xiongshi is the Half-step Extreme Realm Martial Artist of Innate great accomplishment, even he lost?”

Everyone is unbelievable.

Tiemu Xiongshi Shortly after the Battle of Cloud Dragon Mountain Range Evil Sovereign Tomb, the cultivation base leaps forward. After returning to the family, Clan Elder’s ancestors helped the cultivation base break through the Innate great accomplishment and the Half-step Extreme Realm.

“These two are Innate great accomplishment Half-step Extreme Realm, and Scorpio can win Tiemu Xiongshi’s half stroke, but it is also very rare.”

The older generation of Innate guru said.

“Is the Tianzu really so cow?”

Someone said incredulously.

“This hidden family is very mysterious, but it is also very powerful.”

A white-haired old man suddenly said.

This is an old master.

“What are you doing here, Tianzhu is fighting with Xiang Ganlong.”

At this time, one person rushed in from the outside and slammed into the crowd.


In the lobby of the restaurant, the pot was blasted, everyone was shocked, and then they went crazy toward the door.

At this time, the countless Martial Artists who got the news gathered at the square in the center of Cloud Martial City.

In the middle of the central square of Cloud Martial City, there is a high platform built by azure stone. At this time, on the high platform, two youngsters are facing each other.

“Scorpio, you madman…”

“Xiang Ganlong, don’t you want to think?”

Above the high platform, Scorpio and Xiang Ganlong are opposite each other, and the momentum of both of them is constantly improving. The clothes on both of them are also windless and automatic.

“Haha, I think? There is no such ‘怂’ in the dictionary of Laozi.”

Xiang Ganlong watched the opposite of your Scorpio bite, he just arrived at Cloud Martial City soon, the stool has not been warm, and he was brought to the door by the scorpion.

Laozi came to watch the battle, but not to fight, Xiang Ganlong did not want the bird this day.

However, this day was very arrogant, and it was hard to hear what was said. By this day, Xiang Ganlong stood on this high platform.

Xiang Ganlong, that is the item of the family, the child of the Patriarch project, the cultivation base, has reached the realm of Half-step True Martial, which is extremely powerful.

As the first powerhouse among the younger generations of the family, Xiang Ganlong is also arrogant. You challenged me with this Half-step True Martial by an Innate great accomplishment. Isn’t this seeking death?

Xiang Ganlong just came to Cloud Martial City and didn’t know that this is the Innate great accomplishment Half-step Extreme Realm Martial Artist.

In his eyes, the master of Innate great accomplishment is not the opponent of Half-step True Martial.

“That’s good, don’t let me down!”

Scorpio is proud.

At this time, the square has long been crowded, everyone is excited, the name of Xiang Ganlong, who does not know which one is not known? Tiemu Xiongshi’s name, that has only recently sounded.

However, this dry dragon is different. He is the genius of the clan. When he debuts, he will be named Bazhou, and since he debuted, he has not lost in the competition of the same rank.

“Eldest Senior Brother, who do you say is stronger with Xiang Ganlong?”

The roof around the square is also full of people, including Poison Sect Little Junior Sister and her Eldest Senior Brother.

“you still need to ask?”

Cheng Bufan said with no anger.

That day is the Innate great accomplishment, and it is also the Martial Artist of Half-step Extreme Realm. Even if it is the Half-step True Martial, it can also kill each other. This is the strength of Half-step Extreme Realm.

For Half-step Extreme Realm Martial Artist, the more challenging the realm Martial Artist is necessary.

“Hey, can you win Li Kuang this day?”

Du Xiaoxuan smiled.

“This one……”

Cheng Bufan hesitated because he couldn’t see Li Kuang. He had a gamble with Junior Sister. If Li Kuang won the Scorpio, his thousand poison beads would not be guaranteed.

He naturally does not want Li Kuang to be jealous.

At this time, East Saint Crown Prince also appeared in the other direction, everyone underestimated the success of these top influences, thinking that their cultivation base is very low.

In fact, the descendants of these top influences are suppressing the cultivation base. In this way, cultivating can make the Martial Body and True Qi more powerful and pure.

They want to cultivating to among the legend’s realm, this realm is Extreme Realm.

However, the entire Divine Martial Continent is truly cultivating to Extreme Realm. It is really rare, even East Saint Crown Prince, is not a true Extreme Realm.

Whether it is Tiemu Xiongshi or East Martial Immortal Sect’s Wu Jizi, and East Saint Crown Prince Xuanyuan Wuji, once they unlock the seal, the cultivation base will soar.

That’s why Tiemu Xiongshi’s cultivation base breaks through to Innate great accomplishment so quickly, and is the realm of Half-step Extreme Realm.

Don’t look at East Saint Crown Prince or Innate’s realm. Once he unlocks the seal, his cultivation base will inevitably increase, but East Saint Crown Prince does not mean to unlock the seal.

Wu Jizi is also here, standing beside him, standing with the numerous East Martial Immortal Sect’s disciple, quite a bit of a star-studded taste.

Cloud King is here, his fat body is particularly eye-catching.

He is the king of the Cloud Province.

“Haha, it’s really lively, why not start?”

Cloud King laughed.

“has seen Cloud King ……”

“has seen Cloud King ……”

Many people pay directly to Cloud King.

However, some people directly ignore this big fatty.

You know, Divine Martial Continent, that’s the world of powerhouse are respected, Cloud King is just the master of Innate Realm, and the Martial Artist of True Martial Realm dare not put Cloud King in the eye.

At this time, above the high platform, the momentum of the two young powerhouses has been raised to the limit, they may take action at any time.


“You won’t go see?”

Li Residence is back in the mountains, Li Kuang sits opposite Mu Changsheng, and Mu Changsheng smiles at Li Kuang.

“What catches your eyes?”

Li Kuang shook his head, and the news that Tianyi defeated Tiemu Xiongshi and Ding Yi had already passed into his ears.

But what about that?

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