Tiemu Xiongshi Li Kuang knows that it is a youngster like a lion. On the same day in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, Li Kuang also suffered from Tiemu Xiongshi’s.

The Tianzu’s Scorpio can win Tiemu Xiongshi’s half-finish, which is a bit of a skill.

“This time you met your opponent.”

Li Residence Houshan, Mu Changsheng looked at Li Kuang, his look was light.

This kind of bright war, he is not good to stop, Supreme Void Immortal Sect promised to protect Cloud Martial City Li Clan for fifty years, but Li Kuang has taken over the other’s gauntlet.

Therefore, even if Li Kuang is killed on the stage of life and death, Mu Changsheng will not take action.

“Life is hard to meet real opponents, isn’t it?”

Li Kuang said in disapproval.

“well said!”

Mu Changsheng gave a thumbs up to Li Kuang. This fellow, even if he couldn’t see through it, was not very old, but it was like an old monster that had lived for hundreds of years.

Li Kuang didn’t take it for granted, but Li Residence was up and down, everyone was very nervous, especially the Li Yichen couple, everyone couldn’t sit still.

But the protagonist Li Kuang is hiding in the back mountain, no one knows.

Even Cloud King and East Saint Crown Prince came and disappeared. Chen Fan and Yang Chen also ate a closed door, and Chu Yuer naturally could not see Li Kuang.

“It seems that Boss really values ​​the fight between tomorrow and Scorpio!”

In the guest room of Li Residence, Chen Fan and others gathered together. They were very worried because Tianzhu was too strong for the past two days and challenged the young powerhouses everywhere.

This fellow even wants to challenge East Saint Crown Prince Xuanyuan Wuji and Wu Jizi.

“Boss doesn’t see anyone. If you don’t see us, then Jun Lianchu Junior Sister is not seen?”

Xiang Dalong looked at the next Chu Yuer and said.

“Hey, you don’t understand this. Boss, if you meet Chu Junior Sister, you can break the work, your mood is unstable, how can you win?”

Gu Pengfei laughed.

Chu Yuer is hearing this, her face is red, it looks more beautiful and moving, but her eyes are full of sorrow, Li Kuang will die on the bench tomorrow.

That is the life and death of Taiwan, life and death on the stage to decide life and death, lost, but will be dead.

“Chu Junior Sister, you don’t have to worry too much. Who is Boss? He never did anything unsure. Since Boss dared to take over the blasphemy of that day, Boss had a sure grasp.”

Chen Fan comforted Chu Yu children.

Everyone in the room, the person who has been with Li Kuang for the longest time, is Chen Fan. The person who knows the most about Li Kuang is also Chen Fan. After hearing Chen Fan’s words, Chu Yuer and the people present are relieved.

“What are you doing here? Scorpio and Xiang Ganlong are playing hard, and they are all eager to go to the Martial Arts Competition in the city to watch!”

Huang Liang rushed in and yelled at the crowd and then, regardless of the room’s enthusiasm, the Junior Brother turned and ran away.


When the people returned from the shock, they could not wait to rush out.

The reputation of Scorpio, these two days for the countless Martial Artist in Cloud Martial City, is simply a slap in the face, because this fellow defeated Tiemu Xiongshi.

Although he only won Tiemu Xiongshi half-finished, but he won by half a stroke.

Then, the younger generation of powerhouses that were defeated in this fellow’s hands were quite a lot. At this time, he was eyeing the genius of the Bazhou Xiangjia.

When Chu Yuer came to the Cloud Martial City Square, it was already crowded and crowded.

Even the roof around the square is full of people.

“This side…”

At this time, Huang Liang was beckoning to Chu Yuer on the tile roof of a tall building next to the square.

Everyone quickly jumped to the top of the building.

Chu Yuer found that the people on the top of the building were all East Martial Immortal Sect’s people, the first one, the younger generation of East Martial Immortal Sect Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Jizi.

Everyone quickly went to see Eldest Senior Brother.

Wu Jizi is not the kind of person who is very cold, but also politely pointed to the numerous Junior Brother.

At this moment, the life and death station uploaded a roar, Xiang Ganlong moved, I saw him punched out, a burst of explosion in the void suddenly, the fist force is mighty, overbearing.

This is the overlord’s boxing of the Bazhou project. The fist momentum is nowhere to go. It has some similarities with Li Kuang’s Tyrant Fist, but Li Kuang’s Tyrant Fist is more overbearing and the fist force is more powerful.

“Hey, is this the overlord’s boxing?”

The genius of the Tianzu’s genius moves in a step, and it is a moment to move to the right one step at a time, then the leg is out of the wind, and lightning strikes the head of Xiang Ganlong.

The attack of Scorpio is fast and accurate.


Xiang Ganlong roared. The next moment, he was shocked, and a dragon-shaped body rushed out from the body like a big dragon plate on his body.

This kick of Scorpio was kicked on the dragon shadow and was directly shocked.

“Hey, this is the Astral Qi of Bazhou’s family!”

Someone exclaimed.

This is the body protection of the home, like the body protection, impervious to blade or spear.





The intensive impact sounded, but it was the time of the two fingers. On that day, I had already kicked dozens of feet and the legs were heavy, but I still couldn’t break the Astral Qi of Xianglong.

“Raging the Dragon!”

Xiang Ganlong screamed, took action, beaten and did not fight back, it was not his style.

I saw that the dragon image that was slated by Astral Qi on his body was alive, gathered on his right fist, and then slammed into the sky with a punch.

Xiang Qianlong hit this fist, and there seems to be a Dragon roar in the void.

The raging dragon roared and went forward.

At this time, even the genius of the Tianzu is also a little moved.

Bazhou Xiangjia can dominate the endless years of Bazhou, and it is indeed somewhat emboldened. This Overlord is definitely one of the top fist techniques on Divine Martial Continent.

“Look at me, I’m angry!”

Scorpio naturally does not show weakness. I saw a sigh of anger on his right index finger. The next moment, he pointed out, but he was directly on the faucet.

Then, under the gaze of everyone, Xiang Ganlong’s Dragon-shaped Fist Force collapsed directly into the void.

“The Heavenly Family’s Mixed Talents?”

On a roof outside the square, East Saint Crown Prince Xuanyuan Wuji saw this scene, can not help but brighten the eyes, this heavenly family, but the hidden family, this inheritance has a hidden family of endless years, the foundation is profound.

This family’s ancestral martial arts practice is the slogan of Qianyuan, which is one of the top martial arts of Divine Martial Continent.

If Li Kuang is here, you can see at a glance that the scorpio is a singularity, and many people in the field can look at the bottom of the move.

This day, it seems to be a casual point, but this force is powerful to the extreme, and it is very similar to Li Kuang’s collapsed mountain strength. The finger force vibrates nine times and directly shakes the dragon’s dragon fatigue. .

Xiang Ganlong is not a vegetarian. The dragon is erupting, and the three dragon shadows have been washed out from his body, blocking the scorpio’s mixed-point.

Two figures on the stage of life and death, you come and go, fierce great war.

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