“Is there a weird earth?”

Tianquzi and others broke into the tomb of the tomb, and immediately they were shocked by the scene they saw. It turned out to be a huge space.

The huge tomb room can reach more than 10 li, and in the middle position, the ground subsides, forming a large hole, a stone coffin, wrapped by nine chains, hanging vertically above the big hole.

And this big hole is constantly pouring out a powerful ground fire Spiritual Qi, the stone coffin seems to be swallowing the Spiritual Qi from the underground.

“Wearing the ground, introducing Spiritual Qi, awesome means!”

At this time, the left-handed yin and yang disk in front of the exit of the tomb, the white-haired old man who held the cinnabar in his right hand saw this scene, and could not help but exclaimed.

“Murrian Grandmaster, can you take a break array?”

The demon suddenly said to the old man.

“This… I try my best.”

This Murray Grandmaster is actually an array master, cultivating Array Dao for a lifetime. For Array Dao, there are still some unique insights.

“Murrian Grandmaster, but the Saint Martial Academy, Array Grandmaster of Array Dao, can’t break the Killing Array here?”

Someone exclaimed.

The Saint Martial Palace is a school house built by East Saint Dynasty to cultivate the Martial Dao. It is the martial art palace of the dynasty. Almost all Imperial Family younger generations have been cultivating in the school.

This Saint Martial Palace is divided into the Wuji Academy, the Array Dao Hospital, the Pharmacy Hospital, the Sword Dao Institute, the Pharmacy and the Miscellaneous Hospital, and the Sixth Avenue Courtyard. This is the Array Dao Institute, which specializes in array.

It’s the demon, and the Array Dao Grandmaster is also polite.

Six Paths Demon Sect is strong, but there is no Array Dao talent, and the Saint Martial Palace, but the East Saint Dynasty’s Royal Academy, represents East Saint Dynasty.

East Saint Dynasty is a super-influence that rivals Six Paths Demon Sect.

Especially East Saint Dynasty’s Old Sovereign, the Old Saint, but the life essence will be done, who dares to provoke him? If you provoke him and pull him on the back, it would be too embarrassing.

“How can they get in with both of them? And the bald head.”

Some people are very convinced that Li Kuang and Du Xiaoxuan, who have already walked out of a dozen feet, and the bitter Zen sitting on the ground.

“How, dissatisfaction, you have the ability to come in, and no one stops you from letting you in.”

Du Xiaoxuan said to the outside person proudly.

“You are a little girl, don’t let me catch you. If I let you catch you, I will let you regret coming to this world.”

A fierce and sinister man yelled at Du Xiaoxuan.

“Oh, I am so scared!”

Du Xiaoxuan’s right hand seemed to be an unintentional bullet. A trace of dust almost invisible to the naked eye flew out of the nails and directly floated over a dozen feet of void, falling on the face of the strong man.

The dust was actually immersed in the skin of a strong man.

The next moment, the strong man was directly dumped on the ground, and the seven scorpions flowed out of black blood, and even slammed it like this.


The people around the strong man hurriedly hid away.

“It’s poison, you a little poisonous woman, dare to poison and kill people?”

Many people immediately came to realize that the blood flowing out of the seven strong men was black blood. Only those who died of poisoning will have black blood.

“Haha, your eyes saw that I was poisoned by him? He and I were separated by a dozen feet.”

Du Xiaoxuan will naturally not admit it.

“By poisoning, killing people invisible, you are the person of Poison Sect? There is such a poison, and it is still a young woman, you are Du Xiaoxuan, Miss Poison Sect!”

Tian Xiaozi looked at Du Xiaoxuan in the Killing Array indifferently.

“What, she is the treasure daughter of Poison Sect?”

Everyone is afraid of this and can’t help but be amazed and step back involuntarily.

Don’t ask, the person who is poisonous and strong, must be the Miss Poison Sect.

“Oh, you can’t see that you are quite famous!”

Li Kuang smiled and said to Du Xiaoxuan.

“Cut, my name is ringing again, and no one is your name, East Martial Mad God Li Kuang.”

Du Xiaoxuan said in disapproval.

“What, he killed Li Kuang from Mad God in the Xuan Shuangcheng City of Bazhou?”

Some people did not have seen Li Kuang at all, and now I heard Du Xiaoxuan say, suddenly shocked to see the black clothed boy in the line.

This fellow is too young, so he can kill Mad God.

“Before the celestial celestial scorpion that was arrogant, it was also broken by this fellow.”

Everyone is talking about it.

At this time, people in the tomb continued to rush in, and many people had gathered at the exit of the tomb.

“Haha, how are everyone standing here? Is this an empty tomb? Not like it!”

One laughed and walked in from the tomb.

I saw this man wearing a battle armor, holding a great halberd, and being a monster qi. It is one of the two brothers of the demon family. The demon is not empty, and the demon is not followed by a person. This person is a demon.

When the demon brothers came, the people around them suddenly hid far away.

The two brothers are fierce. They have been in the Divine Martial world since they entered the Divine Martial world. They are not dead or injured. Of course, most of them are people who are directly killed and can escape from their hands. Really not much.

“Li Kuang ?”

The demon saw Li Kuang at night, and his eyes were red. He had never suffered a big loss since he debuted. He was defeated in Li Kuang’s hands, and was looted. He was finally hanged by Li Kuang on the neck tree. This is absolutely a shame to him!

The demon will be killed in the night, but it will be pulled by the demon.

“Hey, isn’t this a nightmare? Want to do it? Come here, come over and fight.”

Li Kuang rushed to the night, dressed in arrogance, hooked his fingers.


The demon is not a nocturnal frontal horn, but he is not a fool. So many people dare not walk into the open space ahead. There is absolutely no reason.

Moreover, there are two bodies lying on the open space.

“Three brothers, don’t be impulsive.”

After listening to Li Kuang’s words, the demon caught is even tighter.

“I am like an impulsive person?”

The demon is working hard at night to calm the anger in the chest.

His four brothers are not empty, but they are speechless. Their three brothers are all good, that is, impulsive.

“Mu Lian Grandmaster, how’s it?”

Someone said to the Array Grandmaster Mullian that many people are waiting impatiently. There are definitely a lot of treasures in the big hole in the front of the Spiritual Qi.

In fact, even if it is an ordinary stone, after the long nourishment of the Spiritual Qi, it will become a spirit stone, not to mention the Spirit Tool.

Isn’t the last step of refining Lingbao?

“It’s all a bunch of terrified goods, let’s go and take the treasure.”

Li Kuang said loudly and continued to move forward.

“Haha… take the treasure and go.”

Du Xiaoxuan laughed at the people outside and quickly followed.

In this way, those outside can not sit still.

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