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In Dongwu City, outside the entrance to the location of the transfer squad, Li Kuang was really mad, and some people dared to frame themselves. It was really awful to the extreme.
He always hates those who only play crafty plots and machinations, when he was betrayed by Lin Qingyao’s betrayed in under Heavenly Tribulation.
In this world, if he is born again, he will not repeat the same mistakes.
“The Tobu madman turned out to be a murderer who kills indiscriminately!”
Someone is loudly said among the crowd.
“Li Kuang, are you so misbehaving, can you live your identity?”
“How can East Martial Immortal Sect have a disciple like you.”
Some people are hiding in the crowd, constantly attacking Li Kuang, smashing Li Kuang, wanting everyone to hate Li Kuang, and smashing Li Kuang into a moody, Demon who kills without saying a word.
I have to say that those people in Yuantianfeng are too looming.
Moreover, things are moving in the direction they envision.
The people around the melons began to stir up.
“Li Kuang, let me go with me!”
At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the sky, and then, a figure to appear unexpectedly, fell in front of Li Kuang, it is a refined middle-aged man.
“Deputy City Lord?”
When the people around saw this middle-aged man, they were shocked. The person came to be the deputy City Lord of Dongwu City, Yuantianbao.
“Tianbao brothers?”
After Yuan Feilong saw the middle-aged man, his look was a little weird.
“Li Kuang, if you kill someone, you should be punished. As the deputy City Lord of Dongwu City, I will never be smuggled. You still have to take a trip with me!”
Yuan Tianbao stood up and looked at Li Kuang indifferently.
“Where are you going?”
Li Kuang smiled, how can the people of Yuanjia trust it?
In the past When he was Peerless Mad God, he already knew that the Yuan family was very ambitious, especially Yuan Zhentian, who was not willing to be the Eight Inner Sect Elder.
The Yuan family controlled the Dongwu City, the City Lord of Dongwu City, the Yuanerlong’s younger brother Yuan Qingya, or the disciple of the East Martial Immortal Sect lord Wu Hongdao.
Most of the younger generations of the Yuan family pay respects to join the doors of East Martial Immortal Sect’s Inner Sect Elder.
The tentacle of the Yuan family has reached the entire East Martial Immortal Sect’s, the entire East Martial Immortal Sect, and the ancient family can compete with the Yuan family, because the ancient family has a ancestor still.
“Why, you killed people, shouldn’t you be punished?”
Yuan Tianbao still has a light face, because in his eyes, what Dongwu madman, what Peerless monstrous talent, is just a brat.
“Yes, killing people, paying back debts, and being fair.”
Someone in the crowd shouted.
The onlookers of the melons also followed suit.
“You guys saw me killing?”
Li Kuang is very calm.
Everyone was stunned, yeah, Li Kuang didn’t go out from start to finish.
“Hey! Your companion is a disciple of Poison Sect and can kill people invisible.”
“You see no, these people are black and they are obviously poisoned and die.”
Someone shouted.
“it is as expected.”
When the people around saw it, they got up again, and they knew that Du Xiaoxuan was a Poison Sect. The people around him were taken aback and far away.
Who is the darling of Poison Sect?
“What else do you have to say?”
Yuan Tianbao is cold and cold.
“Yuan Tianfeng, come out, I know that all this is your ghost.”
Li Kuang suddenly loudly said.
“Yuan Tianfeng?”
Yuan Tianbao hearing this can not help but frown, he already knows what happened yesterday, his younger Yuan Tianfeng, was defeated by Li Kuang.
This makes the Yuan family very embarrassed.
If Li Kuang falls in the hands of the Yuan family, there is absolutely no good fruit to eat.
“Little fellow, let me go!”
Yuan Tianbao is too lazy to talk nonsense with Li Kuang. The right hand stretches directly and grabs Li Kuang. If anyone else is killed by this small fellow, he will catch it first.
“Tianjing earl rank?”
When Yuan Yuanbao takes a take action, Li Kuang sees his cultivation base.
Li Kuang’s Soul Strength is incredibly powerful, let alone the powerhouse of the heavenly order, even if Saint Rank’s exists, don’t even want to hide the cultivation base in front of his eyes.
As soon as they take action, Li Kuang can escape their cultivation base.
Li Kuang only felt that his body was tight, as if he had been caught by an invisible hand, and he could not walk toward the Yuantian leopard.
Just then, a cold light appeared to unexpectedly, “resounding!”, directly inserted in the ground between Li Kuang and Yuantianbao.
The force that shrouded Li Kuang instantly disappeared instantly.
“Gu Yaotian, what do you mean!”
Yuan Tianbao roared.
“Yuan Tianbao, you are also the old generation, or the Martial Artist, who took a take action from a small Innate, you still have to shame?”
One person strode from the street, and the people around him made a way.
The comers are the Big Boss of the ancient family business, Gu Yaotian, he and the ancient Yaoyang, is a brother, is the second brother of Gu Yaoyang, responsible for the operation of the ancient family in Dongwu City.
The ancient family is one of the four major families of Dongwu City. The ancient family business, but it was run by the ancient Yaoyang, and basically monopolized the freight of the entire Dongwu City.
The ancient caravan, walking north and south, has a stagnation point in the entire Divine Martial Continent’s countless city.
Moreover, the ancient family still holds several spiral stone mines, and there is also a spiral crystal mine. These are the industries that can lay golden eggs. This is also the base of the ancient family.
Even if the Yuan family and the Leng Family have a business alliance, the ancient family has never put their alliance in the eye.
“What do I mean? You guys make these crafty plots and machinations to deal with a small fellow of Innate Realm, do you want to face it? Interesting?”
Gu Yaotian mocked.
“What do you say, what evidence do you have, a small fellow of Innate Realm still needs to calculate him?”
Yuan Tianbao is angry.
“You don’t need it, but others are not necessarily, bring it up.”
Gu Yaotian said move hand.
Then, the two big people took a person and came over.
“Business far?”
Yuan Tianbao looked at this person, but he frowned.
“Oh it’s you.”
Du Xiaoxuan can’t help but be furious when he sees Shangyuan.
At this time, Shangyuan had already been scared and trembling.
“It’s none of my business. It’s Feng Li who wants to engage in Li Kuang.”
Shangyuan is in a hurry.
“Oh, it’s really a turnaround.”
Li Kuang looked at the Yuantian leopard and sneered.
“Business, do you know what you are talking about?”
Yuan Tianbao had to move.
“Deputy… Deputy City Lord Sir, really… really not my business!”
Shangyuan speaks stuttering.
“It’s all windy and strong and less…”
“shut up!”
Shangyuan still wants to say, but was interrupted by Yuantianbao.
“I really framed you, this account, I remembered Li Kuang.”
Li Kuang looks at the Yuantian leopard.
Yuan Tianbao’s right hand stretched out and directly grabbed Shangyuan.
“Yuantianbao, do you want to kill people!”
Gu Yaotian punched out.
A muffled sound, both of them took a step back.
The situation was reversed too quickly, and the people around me who were eating melons were all stunned. When they saw the ancient Yao Tianyu Yuantian Leopard took action, they all went far away.
At this time, Yuan Tianfeng, who was hiding in the watch, was all dumbfounded.



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