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The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, Yuan Tianfeng’s plan was originally seamless, he could not beat Li Kuang, then the design framed him.
Originally he had to succeed, because even the Deputy City Lord Yuan Tianbao came out.
However, no one had thought that the people of the ancient family had long been eyeing the Yuantianfeng, and then at the crucial time, they gave the Yuan family a blow.
Gu Yaotian personally took action, and then the situation reversed.
It turned out that the Yuan family wanted to harm Li Kuang, and then set up a chain cover. It must be said that Yuan Tianfeng’s tricks were really poisonous.
But all of this has become a bubble with the take action of Gu Yaotian.
“The Yuan family is too shameful.”
“Yeah, actually framed Li Kuang.”
“If it is not the ancient business owner take action, Li Kuang is not dying?”
The people around are whispering and dare not speak loudly. You must know that the City Lord of Dongwu City, but Yuan Tianlong, is not an ancient family.
When you get to the Yuan family, you don’t have to mix in Dongwu City.
“Haha…, Yuantianbao, how is this face playing? Is it cool?”
Gu Yaotian laughing heartily and said, seeing the Yuantian leopard eating, he should not be more happy.
“hmph hmph, this is the ironclad proof, and you won’t be able to deny it.”
At this time, another voice rang in the crowd.
The people around them suddenly dispersed and a person came out of the crowd.
“Eldest Senior Brother ?”
When Li Kuang saw someone, he couldn’t help but think that this person was actually Qin Fei. Was he not closed-door cultivation in Dongwu Pavilion? When did it come out?
“Qin Fei?”
Yuan Tianbao saw Qin Fei and could not help but be surprised.
Qin Fei, a few decades ago, was the first super monstrous talent of Dongwu Xianlu. The name was loud and the Yuantianbao naturally knew him.
At this time, the Yuantian leopard, the face is ugly to the extreme.
And hiding aside, want to see Li Kuang unlucky Yuan Tianfeng and other people, is also directly dumbfounded, they can not think of it, their own planning is so careful, even turned out to be seen by the ancient family.
When Yuan Tianfeng and others saw the conspiracy to reveal, they wanted to quietly retreat.
However, at this time, a group of people poured into the pavilion where Yuan Tianfeng and others were hiding, and they blocked the Yuantianfeng who just fled.
“Yuan Tianfeng, you want to go there!”
For the first person watched Yuan Tianfeng sneer.
“Ancient… ancient heaven?”
At first sight, Yuan Tianfeng was directly terrified.
Ancient Tianzhu, that is the son of the ancient Yaoyang, one of the eight Inner Sect Elders of East Martial Immortal Sect, the cultivation base of the heavenly ear rank, want to escape in front of him? Don’t laugh.
Yuan Tianfeng was directly captured by Gu Tianyu and directly bet in front of Gu Yaotian.
“Second Uncle, this fellow still wants to run.”
Ancient Tianzhuloudly said.
“It’s really Yuantianfeng!”
“It’s really a matter of knowing people and knowing what to do. This Yuan Tianfeng has made such a shameless thing, and it’s absolutely perfect.”
The people around me were suddenly commotion.
“I heard that he was defeated by Li Kuang yesterday, then he must retaliate against Li Kuang!”
Someone said.
“If you don’t win, you will come to Yin. You can really do it.”
Du Xiaoxuan mocked.
At this time, the Yuantian leopard, the expression on the face is rich.
“What are you doing!”
Yuan Tianbao really wants to kill the Yuantianfeng this thing.
“Second Brother, I…”
Yuan Tianfeng’s cold sweat on his forehead did not know what to say for a while.
At this moment, Li Kuang went directly to the face of Yuan Tianfeng with a punch, and the sound of the broken bones sounded, and Yuan Tianfeng was directly knocked down on the ground.
“It’s too fierce!”
“Dongwu madman is really crazy!”
The people around saw Li Kuang in the face of the Yuantian leopard, and knocked over the Yuantianfeng with a punch. He couldn’t help but raise his thumb, the cowman!
“Li Kuang, what are you doing?”
Yuan Tianbao was furious. He looked down and saw that his younger brother Yuan Tianfeng was full of blood. The original high nose was directly knocked down by Li Kuang.
This is simply too sour.
People around them feel painful.
Li Kuang had to go forward to repair Yuan Tianfeng, but it was stopped by Gu Tianyi.
“Senior Brother, you…”
Li Kuang looked at the ancient heavens inexplicably.
Ancient Tianzhu shook his head.
“Yuantianbao, what do you say about this matter!? Murdering the same side, at East Martial Immortal Sect is a big sin!”
Gu Yaotian said proudly.
Yuan Tianbao hearing this can not help but shock and angry, Yuan Tianfeng is a disciple of East Martial Immortal Sect’s Inner Sect, this thing is really serious!
“Second Brother, save me.”
Yuan Tianfeng was scared by the words of Gu Yaotian, soul flies away and spirit dispersed, East Martial Immortal Sect’s door rules are very strict, especially the murder of the same side, but the cultivation base is abolished, and the sect is exiled. That is to be directly executed.
“No one can save you.”
Just then, an old voice came from heaven.
“Yuan Tianfeng murders the same side, now I declare, abolish its cultivation base, drive out Zongmen, Li Kuang, make make a move yourself, who dares to stop, kill innocent!”
Li Kuang went to heaven and he didn’t know who the person was, but that person must be East Martial Immortal Sect’s Inner Sect Elder.
Yuan Tianbao was shocked.
The people around are even more shocked.
No one can think that things will develop to the present level. Yuan Tianfeng is self-sufficient and not worthy of sympathy.
This is, Li Kuang strode forward and directly waved his fist, smashed the fellow, and abused the fellow to doubt the life, and then it slammed on the Dantian of Yuantianfeng and shattered it directly. Dantian is sea.
Yuan Tianfeng was terrible on the ground, constantly tumbling and struggling.
The Dongcheng City deputy City Lord Yuan Tianbao stood aside and simply did not dare to take action to save his younger brother, because he knew very well that once he took action, then the heavenly person would not hesitate to kill himself.
East Martial Immortal Sect’s rules no one dares to challenge.
Even the deputy City Lord of Dongwu City will not work.
Yuan Tianbao sneered, directly on the front hand blade on the neck of Yuan Tianfeng, stunned the fellow, and then grabbed the fellow and rose to the sky and headed for the City Lord Mansion.
“Thank you for your help from Senior Brother.”
Li Kuang gave a ceremony to the ancient gods.
“Thank you, Master Shu!”
He took a ritual to Gu Yaotian.
“Haha, the hero is a teenager, I am optimistic about you!”
Gu Yaoyang said that he took a picture of Li Kuang’s shoulder and then turned and left.
“Junior Brother, you have completely offended the Yuan family, you can be careful in the future.”
Gu Tianyu confessed a few words and left.
The farce ended, and the surrounding melons gradually dispersed. However, there were still a few people who were not being dealt with. Li Kuang was looking for them when he was lucky enough to escape.
The business of the business, Leng Family’s cold extraordinary and other people suddenly face green.
“Big Brother, you have a lot of Sir, all this is done by Yuantianfeng, it has nothing to do with us!”
Shangyuan’s legs trembled and he was not scared.
“Li Kuang, I am a Leng Family person, are you dare?”
The cold is very loud and sound.
“Haha, whoever you are, get me, you should be unlucky.”
Li Kuang smirked forward and went straight to the cold, and then flattened the few fellow seas, and the few fellows who doubted the life, all turned into pigs.
He also ransacked these people, and Du Xiaoxuan entered a square where the transfer stage was located, then boarded the stage and left Dongwu City directly.
I have left countless faces to eat melons.



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