I don’t want to be able to go all out.

Because the other party retains strength, it can’t fight against the real rule, and this kind of battle has nothing to gain. It’s not a good idea to win or lose. The real meaning of combat is nothing more than learning from experience and then growing up. There is no need to win or lose against the battle. The only thing is to experience. The more he keeps, the less interesting the battle is.

At this moment.

I am still looking at Tang Shidao in meditation, and my heart is still hesitating.

He has the confidence to knock down the two and the white, but once this is done, the possibility of dealing with the same person is much smaller. After all, the existence of the creation of the gods is very special, it is difficult to say whether the things that have been shown once can take effect twice.

The audience also understands.

The accident of Bai Yu has disrupted the plan of the embarrassment. Moreover, the power of the combination has been greatly unexpected.


Lords are used to the ‘only we are first-class’ model, and suddenly encounter the new Strength, which is almost the same, who can’t accept it. According to their understanding, as long as they are within the legal space, all opponents are as weak as babies. Who can think that someone can resist this control and can reverse the Lord’s Strength.

Hesitant hesitation, Lord can understand, because they are also not calm.

“Looks, you haven’t woken up yet.” The sound of the Minnies was cold, and the people had disappeared.


He raised his hand and gestured. Hundreds of source iron beasts and source iron weapons were immediately intertwined, and they were firmly in front of themselves.

In the law space, you don’t have to do it.

His Will is the reality.

As long as he has the skills he owns, as long as his energy is enough, he can do everything with ‘thoughts’. The law space, skill, energy, and the three constitute a perfect system, Lord himself as long as ‘imagination’ is ‘implementation’.

The legion and the weapon blocked it, and it didn’t matter if it was not.

Being born Thunder.

People are like electricity.

If you don’t need any attack, you can break through the battle and smash everything to block Strength. In a blink of an eye, the fist of the Infinity has already been waved to the front. At this time, there is no panic, because Lord will practice the space magic more or less, so as to be more favorable to control the law space. Therefore, he only needs one thought, the space in front of him is exchanged with the farthest edge, and it is not the end of the “send” to the farthest place.


The next moment.

The thunder of the thunder hit the face, and a piece of iron and gold was blasted.

Watching the crowds smashed.

“Slightly awake?” No Miezhin stopped in front of the donkey, and he was hit by a punch to five meters.

“What do you do?” 磐钰 caress your face.

In theory.

He can fix the injury with one thought, but he did not. He has to remember his pain and remember his fault. This battle is not as easy as one can imagine. The opponent is very strong, even if he uses the Rule of Strength, the opponent is still beyond the imagination.


“Hey, I want to hear the details.” I have to be serious, and I will probably overturn the ship.

“It’s very simple. Combining is the ultimate in ‘integration’. The magic or manufacturing array you use, I know, may be temporarily integrated. You can imagine this is a ‘attachment’ state, or a forced merger. Unfortunately, the source iron you are good at is also very proficient, so I am everywhere in this space.”

“Just temporary?”

“For the enemy is temporary, of course, our own practice is a perfect combination.” Not to be indifferent, not to hide.

The fight to this step is already the last game.

You can really win, everything is irrelevant. If he is defeated, it does not matter.

current situation.

Either, 磐钰 led the source of the Iron Beasts to regain their footing. Either, he failed to lead the source of the Iron Beast League to completely lose hope and accelerate the speed of extinction. There is no retreat in peace today, and there is no peace. Only see who can laugh at the end.

“I understand. If I don’t deal with it seriously, I may die, because now you are still merciless.” 磐钰said resolutely.

“You can understand the best.” It is not denied.

“As a thank you, I need to explain.” He began to be serious, waved his hand, and all the source iron beasts and source iron weapons in the entire space disappeared. Even more bizarre, even the white tigers who are called by the white dragons are also isolated: “There is no energy left in this space, and it is also isolated into another space. I want to explain that the law space is not only manufactured. It is also possible to control everything. This is called control.”

“felt it.”

“Another point, I am sorry, I can decide everything about Void, and naturally I can decide you.”

In the blink of an eye.

Not the whole person is distorted.

Qualitative Change shape.

The energy is disordered.

In the blink of an eye, Minnie directly becomes the Primal Chaos state, the original prototype of non-living non-energy.

In addition to the Lords.

The rest of the people were shocked… This is Lord’s Strength?

A thought to restore the enemy to Primal Chaos?

This ability is not a battle at all, but a mandatory definition of Will. Think about it, as long as you have enough energy for it to use, within the space of the law, he can destroy all the opposing Strengths with Will.

How is this played?

There are no opportunities to shoot.

“It’s very terrifying ability.” The voice of Primal Chaos is a mysterious voice: “Sure enough, the combination is still inferior. I could have merged this Primal Chaos earlier.”

While speaking.

Primal Chaos is twisted, the magic flower is reopened, and the Mie is not returning to the battlefield.

“Please.” I saw that my means were invalid, and I was not anxious. I reached out and said that you can explain.

Suddenly, there is also a clear comprehension of something.

such as.

I also need to grow up in this battle. Otherwise, I am likely to beat the emperor who has the creation of the god.

“It’s very simple, because of the scholar’s hat, the scholar’s robe and the scholar’s book.”

“You are learning now?”

“Can’t say that I learned, after all, I don’t have the Rule Strength. But the ‘scholar’ can copy your ability, and then use me to come back.”

“It turns out.” He was not surprised.

After all, the three-piece set of scholars is a three-in-one ancient instrument. It is a normal power, and it is called a joke without power.

People watching the game are not surprised.

Bai Hao dared to challenge this way. It is impossible to have a good hand.

“Lords don’t like to use the Rule Strength, you don’t have to use it as much as you can.”

“I heard it.”

“I believe that you are also strange. Let me explain it. First of all, the use of the principle of Strength is very risky. Once it is known by other Lords, it will basically be abolished. Why is this, I will demonstrate it directly. For example…”钰 Gently waved, for a moment, a strange sense of rise in the law space.

As if, this space suddenly lost magic.

People watching the game can feel it.

This is a special veto, and I believe that all magical ignorance has disappeared.

“Is it sensed?”


“Yes, within the legal space, I can ‘veto’ all the magic I know. And I can use it myself, but the characters that are not Lord are absolutely not used. In addition, I also define one of my exclusive Strength, it is used indefinitely, and at the same time, it can’t be Defence.” 磐钰 Stretched his hand and cast spells for the first time.

A source of iron arrows shot.

In the face of Minnie, a mirror is raised, and the arm is turned into a silver arm, but the iron arrow is still like a thin paper, easy to shoot through, through the arm and body.

“And, it’s definitely hit.”

The source iron arrow reappears.

Even if the direction is completely different, the source iron arrow still flies to No. The latter turned into a magic flower closure, shifting the other direction, the source iron arrow still catch up, one arrow through. Under its attack, dodge is invalid and Defense is also invalid.

“Even I can let you keep the damage, but you need to consume energy. As long as your treatment does not exceed my veto, you can’t heal.” Another indication.

The wound in the healing of the heat does not stop.

Can’t heal.

Stay the same as if you were pressed the Pause button.

“I use this magic, and other Lords will remember it. Then, they will look for a solution. Please believe that this Strength is effective against you, and it is more powerful to deal with other Lords. Why is there a risk after exposure? It’s this Void Magic Codex… it can be robbed.” 磐钰 V Void Magic Codex, tell the final reason.

Can Void Magic Codex be robbed?

Everyone is surprised.

However, the heart immediately thought of the reason.

Law Lord As long as you don’t expose the cards, everyone will not dare to do it. Once someone flops, others can immediately find a way to target. Most importantly, the Void Magic Codex can be robbed, which means you can steal your rule by winning.

The winner is eating.

The loser has no chance of revenge.

“It’s not easy to practice until it’s perfect. Even if we know how to do it, it’s very difficult to make it. Once you reveal your own cards, Lord will hide and rebuild another Strength. If you don’t succeed, you won’t show up. Ms. Miner, after listening to this, do you want to continue? You have no chance of winning now.”

“hehe, it sounds like you are going to let me go.”

“I only hope to confront the person behind you as soon as possible.” Looking to Tang Shidao, he did not hide his goal.

“Deny the full magic of your meeting, generate your own exclusive, absolutely hit, not Defence, can’t heal itself, and use it infinitely. It seems that I really have no chance of winning.”

“Every Lord has different abilities, and I happen to be good at killing the enemy.”

“Try again.”

“Okay, as you wish.” With a wave of hand, a source of iron arrows flew out. This is not all-powerful, just deductive, Lord’s Strength cannot be so simple.

No, there is no movement.

The source of the iron arrow blasted, suddenly turned a corner, a penetrating a mirror.

But this is not the end.

After the source iron arrow penetrated, it still kept going, and it was shot in the air without objects. In the blink of an eye, a ‘invisible’ Abyss magic flower is penetrated, and it seems to be the Mind. Both the original person and the mirror are fake, and the hidden one is true. Unfortunately, this still can’t be avoided.

“It is an absolute hit.” 磐钰indifferently said.

“Well, I have a thorough understanding. Unfortunately, you are a bit unfortunate.” No Minnie suddenly opened his arms, and the white beckon behind him waved.


Do not wear a piece of gauze on the body.

“The eighth ancient instrument?”

“Well, it’s called … Vientiane painter. White does not like fighting, so this ancient instrument also does not like the struggle.” Do not reach out and “paint” himself. Beckon, signal the attack.

A source of iron arrows flew over.


The painting was not to be shot by Finn.

Watching the crowd is stupid, and the principle of Strength is actually ‘accepting the wrong’ goal. Even more amazing, don’t take a look at the source iron arrow that shoots through the portrait: “Sure enough, after the ‘finish attack’, it will return to normal Strength.”

at this time.

A large ‘source iron fist’ slammed into the front of the mesh: “It can’t recognize it, I can recognize that you are real.”

at the same time.

Do not hesitate to raise the palm of his hand, and create a page of ‘painting mirror’ in front of the palm. The source of the iron fist broke the ‘painting mirror’ in front of the palm. It was not blocked by the palm of Defence: “This is me, but I am sorry, Mr. Yu. Even Lord’s Strength, under the infinite resolution of Great Perfection There is no power.”

The fist is right. Both of them shocked back.

No one is taking advantage of it.

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