The two were on the boxing and both of them shook back. At this time everyone was silent.

Lord thinks more than general Mage.

磐钰The Rule of Strength has been used, and the result is still retreat within the rule space. In theory, this is impossible. Because Lord generally practiced the skills of the body, in the law space, he knows the same skills, he can completely veto the opponent’s body skills. If the opponent does not have a unique physical skill, then the opponent’s body skills must be completely rejected.

In this case, Lord’s punch can easily beat the opponent into a gray.

of course.

The special magic that is not vetoed is still available, but it is impossible for the average person to be smashed. Can only resist magic, or flash away.

Now, he was shocked back.

Unlimited digestion.

Everyone has not missed this term, and all of them are heard and remembered.

If you understand it is correct.

The sturdy body strength is also reduced to the lowest by ‘digestion’, just like mortals. Because both sides are close to the mortal state, so he retreats from the heat, and Mie Nie also shakes him back. Lord’s physical ability to rely on is also invalid, although the other party is not Lord, but the ability is completely absent from Lord.

The one that makes everyone most silent.

at this time.

There is a blood mark on the arm of the donkey, and it is not the blood mark drawn by the source iron arrow. The hit error was followed by the source iron arrow that was not caught by the Mie.

This result, everyone watching the game is unexpected.

For most people, they saw Lord’s battle for the first time.

Although not a battle between Lord and Lord.

However, they are the first to see Lord’s Mana Strength. Unexpectedly, Lord, who is at the top level, failed to win quickly and failed to gain the upper hand. Even if it is said that the two sides are tied, there is actually a little bit of reluctance. In Void, there is no such thing as the big word column that can play against Lord. For example, the characters of the big Kuihuang group are not surprising that they are better than Lord.

For example, Zen Nine, or the Great Nine, or even an elder, they may fight Lord.


What everyone is not surprised is that today’s draw is not to be Mie.

in spite of.

The biggest reason for the draw is that she has eight ancient instruments that work wonderfully. However, the draw is a draw, and it is meaningless to find excuses.

The law Lord is a big character, and the tie is lost.

“Not good means, I can’t delay for too long, there is another person waiting for me.” The performance was very light, and the blood marks on the arm were lightly touched, and I recovered in a blink of an eye. At this time, he made a special action… He shredded the Void Magic Codex.

While shredding.

The Void Magic Codex is like a streamer, and it doesn’t go into the body at all.

at the same time.

The law space around you disappeared. Instead, his body raised a strange change. Numerous mantras seem to be living words, one skin and one grain, and arranged in a special combination. At this point, a large amount of shredded paper is generally written out from behind the shackles, forming two wings that look like some rags.

The text is in the text, and the book is born.

this moment.

Void Magic Codex seems to be a fusion of myself. There is no need for more movements. Only one finger is used, and the whole body is smashed without being in the middle, and the broken flowers are broken. Watching the war is completely lost. Is there no rule space that is more powerful than having the rule space?

The Lords are not surprised.

They all know that it is a good use to turn the side into a rule of law. However, the real fight is to ‘turn itself into a law body’ better.

The magic flowers are flying.

This time the battle is not over.

The broken flowers disappeared and eventually all slammed back into the white scorpion. At the same moment, a lot of magic patterns appeared on the white pheasant, and the six long petals on the back stretched out like wings. At this moment, the state of the day is similar to that of the cockroach, and both sides enter a state that others cannot understand.

“It’s going to be desperate.”


The people watching the battle can understand that the real battle is not polite and there is no etiquette.

No cumbersome moves.

There is no time delay for casting.

The figure flashed.

磐钰 has already flashed in front of the white , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Opposite, the white scorpion stretched out and hardened, and did not intend to retreat. The fists were in the second round, and neither of them had retreated. The fists are against the bang, and hundreds of lightnings are scattered, as if they are blocking the cobweb between the fist and the palm. Some viewers can still see that there are a lot of mantras inside these thunder and lightning, which is far more than just general lightning.


In the outside of the thunder and lightning, ‘enclosed’ countless small mantras, such as fine sand, and wrapped in branches like flour… Both sides have already resisted the spell at the time of the punch.

how many times?

No one knows that only their talents are clear.

have to say.

When I saw this scene, people suddenly thought of the three swords. They are also physical attacks, but the damage comes with countless magic. Perfect body technique, perfect spelling, the combination of the two states is called perfect force. Countless people have tried it in recent years, but there are still few that are truly perfect.

It seems like a trick.

Blinking changes.

People don’t know if it is at the same time. At this moment, another ‘磐钰’ appears and punches upwards, and a blow hits the sky.

In the sky.

The white cockroach smashed seven ice wings and stopped. If there is no protection and blockage of the ice wing, this punch can hit her on the other side of the source and fly into the unknown corner of Void. It’s hard to stop the day, and it’s hard to see everyone in the battle… Well, both are jealous.

It sounds completely unreasonable.

In fact.

Yes, both are awkward and all are true.

Without waiting for people to react, the second cockroach seemed to have finished his work and slowly disappeared. At this time, the cockroach stretched out his hand and the white cockroach quickly fell from the sky. There is a broken ice wing Fragment at high altitude, so you don’t get into trouble. This is a full-scale battle, and even nonsense does not need nonsense, and the extra things are not done at all.

The white stork falls, and you are not too polite.

You can’t move your fists only.

The same burst of Lightning, at the same time, another glimpse behind the white, the fist can not even think of it. These are still inevitable, as if they were hit by absolute hits. Just a little bit different.

The heat behind the day is not normal.

When the fist hits, the fist becomes gray, then the arm, then the arm and the body.

One punch and two changes.

At this point, the third change is coming.

Although the arm of the scorpion is gray, the power of this attack remains unchanged. At this time, there were some horrifying looks on the face of the white scorpion, and then they were smashed by a gray fist and smashed countless magic flowers.

In the distance, on the route where the white stork was hit, the vines of the Abyss magic flower were woven into a large net, and it was difficult to stop the day.

Two confrontations.

Two big defeats.

At this point, the shadow of the dragonfly flashed, and immediately came to the front of the white scorpion, and the fist once again beat the white cricket in the rattan net.

Watching the crowd did not miss a picture.

The body is flashing.

The white pheasant seemed to be unresponsive, but at the time of the bombardment, another ‘磐钰’ appeared, and it slammed into the attack.

“Vientiane painter?”

“No, it is the ability of scholars. She ‘learns’ to imitate this law.”

I split the first hand and the fist was shot. Bai Hao took the opportunity to resist the attack. At this time, there was another shackle around him. They both cooperated and punched. Bai Hao simulates fakes, but he is real, and both are true.

At this moment.

There was a smile in the eyes of Bai Yan.

Another hand.

I don’t know why, the second sly fist changed direction, and he hit himself. At this moment, Lords thought of a possibility: integration. The combination that was not shown before the Mie can be ‘attached’ and forced to change the opponent’s possession. Although it can’t last long, it is not difficult to change it at the same time. This time is not a simulation of the ‘scholar’, she is the ability to calculate the singularity itself.

The next moment.

The second awkward fist stopped and did not really fight.

in contrast.

At this time, the third cockroach appeared, and there was a punch in the back of the day. Before and after the heavy punch, the whole person turned into a broken flower.

I didn’t look for it.

Just gently disperse the second cockroach and look at the scattered magic flower: “It’s a pity that your shackle is still a little bit of power. If you are also perfect, you can certainly control him to hit me.”

“I was also surprised that the control time was so short. 99% and 100%, the difference is almost ten thousand miles.” The sound echoed, the magic flower reunited.

I did not take the opportunity to pursue.

This is not a mercy.

Because the opponent’s movements are unclear, he does not want to ask for trouble.

The magic flower reunites, not regenerated by Element, but revived by element. When the day reappeared, she had countless crystal dust around her. At a closer look, these are not crystal dust, but a very tiny mirror on a page. At the same time, a red lotus in the head of the white fire burns, a stream of fire, and a moment like a giant network spread.

In a blink of an eye, there are a lot of flamboyant filaments around the white enamel.

Above your hands.

Thunder’s claws turned into Lightning, slowly falling into the white palms. Obviously it is an ancient implement, it is integrated into the arm.

Look at this situation.

The people watching the battle and the crickets were greatly surprised. They also knew that if they were hit by a white scorpion, the end would be absolutely miserable. Surrounded by magic mirrors and fireflies, I hope that ‘sneak attack’ is unlikely. In order to prevent the second person, Bai Hao can be used up.

Fighting to this step, everyone has done everything

Who made a mistake.

It must be dead.

Bai Hao is a strength of the Mage Network team of five people, even if Lord does not dare to care.

磐钰 step, flash shadow.

For a moment.

The shadow behind the day is again flashing. However, the shadow has not yet appeared, and Bai Hao has already looked back at the claws… This feeling is the style of Ying Zi Hu Wu Yue, not like Bai Hao himself. However, the claws are split, and the broken skull is broken. It is a seven-headed iron king beast.

This is just a bait.

Well…Lords are fascinated by their hearts, and they want to use the magic mirror of the white scorpion to make use of it.

The same moment.

He has come silently behind the day.

Borrowing the bait, he found a moment when the day was not guarded.

The Lords smiled, but half of them solidified. I can’t catch the day, obviously only one finger distance, the preference is like the distance is infinite, just like the image in the mirror can never touch the reality.

“Catch you.” Bai Hao not only acts like Wu Yueer, but also has a tone.

Take a fish with both hands.

Instantly grab the cockroach from the mirror World, and the lightning with the starlight flashes in the darkness, the hands-on thunder of the slightest hesitation. At this moment, people began to realize that it was not white, it was awkward.

The law of Lord.

He is even worse in ‘fighting experience’.

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