Wu Yueer specializes in one type of skills: body skills.

Mainly based on body skills.

Supplemented by Big Thunder.

Wu Yueer rarely practice other magic, basically only take a road. In her mind, as long as they work hard enough to expand, one road can go indefinitely. Void also has the fact that one road can go to the highest, such as Zen Ji or another identity of Tang Shidao. Because Wu Yueer is so focused, her lethality is beyond terrifying.

Mirror World.

Thunder traps.

The moment I was caught, I was already charred, because it was a merciless fight.

The day is still white.

However, everyone knows that this is the method of Wu Yueer.


People also know that the battle is over.

Oh, of course, there is no death. As a rule Lord, he can ‘make’ a second self, naturally can ‘replace’ the second one to die, and then the deity escapes this lore. It is worthwhile to sacrifice an activation magic in exchange for death.

The white cockroach dissipated the coke and did not pursue it afterwards.

He also quietly stopped on the side.

No action, no expression, I can’t see what I am thinking.

The battle came suddenly and ended suddenly. At this time, everyone can feel that the two sides have no intention of fighting. Although there is no victory or defeat, the battle is over. I have to say that the Rule of Strength is not disappointing. In the path of activating magic, the weakest character is the student in the school. They have activated magic, but the strength is very poor.

The last echelon, the veterans who fight with the source iron, is roughly equivalent to the level of the four-eyed beast.

Going up again.

Naturally, the leaders of the major teams at the six-eye king-beast level. However, these people are divided into several levels, and can really be divided into the following Rank 1, not the characters such as the big weaving bones, the core of the race. Something stronger than the big weaving bone is the big star grave. Its combat power is not the same as the Lord’s Lord. It is worth mentioning that the Great Weaving Bone and the Great Star Grave were both shackled by the Mage Network team.

It can be said that they did not hurt the Mage Network team, they have been defeated.

Such a powerful Mage Network team.

Five people in one.

Plus eight ancient instruments, I barely cope with the rule of Strength. It is conceivable that you can only use the Rule of Strength to deal with the big bones and the big star graves. Taken together, the power of the Rule Strength is beyond doubt, and it is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.


“You are just lucky.” Bai Yu indifferently said, or Wu Yueer’s tone: “As one of the countless children of Tie’s ancestors, you have the best endowment, cultivate the most resources, and practice the most smoothly. Can be successfully promoted into a rule. Lord, you have a lot of Innate Skills and hard work. However, you are still a lucky ingredient. As a warrior, you are not.”

I didn’t talk, didn’t do it.

“We have heard that you don’t use Strength. We don’t win big copper. We still feel weird. We understand after the fight… You have very little practical experience. I can imagine that you have always been aloof and remote, rarely put down the body and People argue. If you encounter a bad deal, the use of Strength can also be solved, so you have a smooth life.”

I still have nothing to say.

He knows: White can’t win. However, he can’t win the day.

The two sides are like the Sky Eagle and the Tiger on the ground. In their respective fields, everyone has their own specialized skills, and no one can help.

“We practice every day. Sometimes we play several times a day, sometimes we play dozens of days. In the same level of competition, we have more practical experience than anyone. You don’t meet our choice, Mr. Yu. You Just like a turret with Strength, there is no precision, no speed. In addition to attack and defense, you don’t have any praiseworthy ability. The Rule Strength is not your card, it is just your shackles.” White 璧 said here, Suddenly the shadow is blurred, with a shadow of five points.

The Mage Network team has reappeared when everyone notices again.

Charming Stroke, Lan Ji, Wu Yueer, Bai Yu, Hu Xian, five people all have a look of a visitor who doesn’t care about their own affairs, as if everything has been done.

I feel a little uncomfortable.

He can understand.

The Mage Network team didn’t want to fight anymore. They thought that fighting with themselves didn’t have ‘nutrition’ and they couldn’t be their experience package. Whether losing or winning, this is just a win, not an upgrade test.

To put it bluntly… I have no ability to become a nutrient.

“Don’t you want to stop me?” He took a long breath and still remembered his first goal.

Exposed the law card.

You must make the most of it before others think of ways to deal with themselves. If you can win the winner, if you tie it, you have to leave as soon as possible, otherwise it may be dangerous to be entangled. Void Magic Codex may be robbed, it is difficult to guarantee that there is no hate source around the iron beast family and there is a way to deal with their Lord.

“I don’t think you can’t get in the way of the big brother.” White 璧indifferently said.

Wu Yueer next to him nodded.

Charming Stroke, Lan Ji and Hu Xian did not respond, eyes have explained everything.

I don’t have much to say.

make a fist.

Behind the ‘Books and Wings’ exhibition, countless mantras flowed to the body and gathered on the fists. Everyone knows at this moment that he has raised Strength to the highest level and he bet everything in this punch. The Emperor will block or still flash, and there is no next move.

“The Emperor…” 磐钰 磐钰 宣 宣 宣 宣 宣 宣 宣 宣 宣

at the same time.

As the rule of Lord, the biggest power of a punch. It doesn’t have a shock wave, no broken space, and even no Lord Fengwei. It’s flat, it’s soft and soft, like a fist thrown by an ordinary person, its Strength is ‘zero’.


Watching the crowd did not think so, this is not the power of 0, this is the power of the apex.

Because it is at its limit, personal induction has been ‘failed’. In the sense of failure, it is the power of the ‘unknown’ 0. In faintness, it is also like the Void itself. Everyone knows that it is full of energy, but it is not powerful to use the eyes, ears and nose. This punch is infinitely close to the essence of Void.

How will the Emperor react?

Everyone has a lot of thoughts.

The result is… no response!

The biggest limit of the punch, the emperor seems to be asleep, there is no movement at all. In this punch, in an instant, people can’t even think about it. The emperor has already turned his fist into a cloud, and there is no trace of energy.



“This is… this is… what happened?”

All the spectators at the scene were stupid, really stupid… The emperor was actually dead? In this way, it is so simple and simple to kill. No resistance, no dodge, no resurrection, no follow-up… Just this punch ended this legend?

This punch is very strong.

Everyone believes.

Except for Zen Nine, I am afraid no one can make such a punch.


That is the Great Curse Emperor, just kill it like this?

Creation of the gods.

So impossible to withstand a single blow?

“No… Why… What did you do with this bastard?” When people were in doubt, an equally alarming voice sounded and turned into anger. When the thunder sounded, when the fists clenched, everyone seemed to be pinched around the neck, and even breathing could not breathe. The fists were tight, and everyone felt that the heart was clenched, the blood was clenched, and even the thoughts were clenched.

at the same time.

The space on the other side of the source is broken.

Innumerable pure black color flashes starlight lightning inside, tearing the entire space into pieces. At this moment, the space on the other side of the source became the Primal Chaos state, Primal Chaos, which was forcibly shredded by black lightning. Although the magic vortex on the other side of the source tries to repair, the black lightning is automatically broken when touched. At this moment, this black lightning is invincible, and it completely controls the existence and destruction of all things.

Looking back, I looked at Wu Yueer in disbelief.

this moment.

He also doesn’t know what happened. The emperor was beaten to death, and the induction was very unreal, because he did not ‘touch’ the feeling of the emperor. I can’t be sure if this punch is hit. What is certain is that… Wu Yueer’s body is showing countless mantras, and the two behind them are slowly opening like the broken pages.

If the butterfly is slowly crawling out of the shackles.

I don’t know how to react. He has a feeling of faintness: after a Lightning flash, a fist hits and he has to say goodbye to this World.

I even said that I can’t think of any way to block it.

That kind of anger, the kind of Strength… they unite to devour everything that they know.

at this time.

One fire and one ice two arms pulled the shoulders of Wu Yueer, and the white pheasant and the lake fairy were looking up.

Deep in the distant sky.

The area where Plane is large is very calm, as if nothing has happened. In the same way, the Dahonglian area is also calm and without any influence.

At this moment.

the other side.

A space that no one knows, countless singular energy aggregates, and countless small spells emerge. Like a special weaving, and like an initial birth, energy and mantra are intertwined, slowly combined, slowly shaped, slowly carved… The central point of the vortex grows slowly, a human The baby’s embryo is slowly forming.

As if it were a special acceleration, this ‘growth’ is very fast and very fast.

After a dozen breaths.

The baby is completely formed.

At this moment.

There are countless strange figures flying around, all of them are black shadows. They all have the same greedy eyes, they all have the same sacred strength.

“Yuanzu Yuanling…”

“The ancestors of our place are…”

“How delicious…”

The shadows were stunned and all showed sharp fangs.

However, a black light fell.

It has a strange sacred feeling that instantly forms the 1st Ring shelter wall. The shadows have not fallen, and the black shadows immediately dissipated on all sides, as if the sheep had encountered a tiger and did not dare to stay for a second. After the three interest, another black figure flashed.

If you look like a black universe, you can’t see the shape.

However, the body is the pride of a human beauty, with a wing like a big eagle. At first glance, this is like the shadow of the ‘angels’ of Continent.

Although the black energy covers the whole body, it still recognizes a few points.

Black shadow stares.

At this time, embryos have been born, from babies to boys, from boys to teenagers, from teenagers to youth.

In the blink of an eye.

The birth process has been completed, and finally a young man wearing an old magician uniform.

Looking at this strange world.

He is no stranger at all.

As if, all this is expected.

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