“Where is this place?” This brand new ‘Yuanzu Yuanling’ is naturally Tang Shidao.

“Nothing World.” The shadow of the wing is indifferently said: “Normally, only the spirits that die in Endless-Void will flow here, and you…you are alive. Why? Who are you?” ”

“My name is Tang Shidao, Mage of Mage Network. Have you heard of Mage Network?” Tang Shidao smiled.

“It seems that I have not saved the wrong person.”

“you know me?”

“Do not.”

“Why didn’t you say that you didn’t save the wrong person? Did you used to be Mage of Mage Network?” Tang Shidao thought of a possibility.

“I’m called a star fight.” The shadow… No, the star fight calmly said.

“Oh, it turned out to be you.”

“You are not surprised?” The Stars are a bit strange, and the people in front of them recognize themselves, but they are not surprised.

“I know you, the Queen of the Stars is still going to give way to you, but unfortunately you were killed in an expedition. It seems that there is still news that you are being ambushed, and the Legion of the Great Vortex participates, against the Mage Network. At the time, there was a scorpion of God Taihui, who seemed to be fighting with you. The story is almost the same, is it wrong?” Tang Shidao said with a slight smile.

“In the battle of life and death, I helped him, but he did not help me.” The star fight made up a sentence, did not say the name.

“I’m sorry.” Tang Shidao can understand.

“Those things are not important. I am better now than before. It is you, peers, you are very surprised. You are alive, different from our life form. You are Mage of Mage Network, and the new born ancestor Yuan Ling, this does not explain. And you call God Taihui and Yizheng, normal people should call a ‘Yuanling Magi’ and ‘King of the Sun’ right?”

“A lot of things have changed. Now the Queen of the Stars is not the Eight Emperors.”

“Hey, who is succeeding, Deep Space Lady?”

“Element Empress. Deep Lady, Mrs. Uyun, Mrs. Smoky, Mrs. Gems and a new body of Primal Chaos, the new body, called Element Empress. She inherits the position of the Queen of the Stars, and now quits, with the speed of the horse One piece to withdraw.”

“Dare to use the word speed, is Bai Shengnan?”


“Now is the Seven Emperors in God?” The Star Wars is also very concerned about Void, especially when it comes to Mage.

“And me, I want to find a suitable person to replace me.”

“You represent the facade of the Mage Network now?”

“Yeah.” Tang Shidao nodded. At the moment of nodding, a feathered long sword has already reached the neck. Then, the feather sword stopped in the resistance of a finger. Stars are not killing intents, but the intent to test the ‘Mage Network facade’ is obvious.

In her opinion.

People who are too weak will only lose the face of Mage Network when they are on the facade.

Tang Shidao also understands her intention: “You are not only testing me, but also reminding me that this virtual world is dangerous, right?”

The Star Wars does not deny: “Have you heard of the squad or the squad?”

Tang Shidao nodded.

The comet looked at the sky, and the hand holding the sword had not relaxed: “The virtual world is like a huge battle. It has no killing effect, but it has the same order as the battle. Can you understand, here? There are no races in the place, you can eat everyone in the body.”


“Do you really understand?”

“You are a life structure based on ‘energy’, I am a life structure based on ‘material’. This is the difference between nothing world and Endless-Void, right? I can feel that this place is tearing material all the time. Turn everything into energy units. If you kill each other, it is estimated that a group of energy attacks another group of energy, and it is easier to swallow each other than we do.”

“Yes. But, you seem to have not been ‘shredded’?”

“I am now a Yuanzu Yuanling, a virtual son of World… Well, it seems that someone is coming over, can you have a place to talk about it?” Tang Shidao said.

The Star Wars was a little shocked because she had not yet sensed it.

Wrong moments.

The induction rose quickly, and sure enough, someone came over and broke through the whistle of the whistle that he had prematurely laid.

The Star Wars waved and a portal opened.

The two flashed in.

The four breaths are not enough, and a row of thousands of fierce spirits are flashing together, screaming at the words of ‘Where is the birth of the Yuanzu Yuanling’. Unfortunately, they can’t find a trace. Tang Shidao’s means of purification, they can not find traces.

At this moment.

On the other side, Olympus Void.

The news of the emperor ‘death’ spread, and Peng Peng received the news first. The stone members of the old people ordered the first time: everything is as usual, no troubles. Then in the second step, fly to the center of Kunpeng to see the ‘undead container’ and see if the emperor has returned.

After the review is finished, no, they send people to continue to inquire about the details.


Various messages in Void flew, half of the intelligence said that the emperor died, and half of the intelligence said that the emperor’s activation magic did not change at all. Because of the interest relationship, the Lords of the major Lords also launched Strength, trying to turn the ‘unknown’ message into an exact death.

They hope that the Zengpeng League will be chaotic.

Just a mess.

It’s only a good thing for Kuang Peng to find a hand. In short, the news of the emperor is as chaotic as possible, and the more chaotic it is, the easier it is to fish in troubled waters. In this kind of swell, it is very unexpected that there is no such thing as “chaos”. That feeling, the emperor died and did not have a relationship with it. A force ‘stable’ into this, all parties have vomiting blood. The death of the leader, the team is not a mess, this is a miracle miracle.

At this time, some intelligence officers explained that the emperor may have died or may not die.


These messages were blown down by the hurricane… dead and must die.

I dare not preach.

The outsiders helped him to sing: the source of the former generation of the Iron Beasts, the singer, smashed the Great Curse in the other side of the source, winning with a punch and killing.

Applause applause.

Hearing this 哗lā lā’s bragging, he didn’t have a face to go out.


No matter how fierce the hurricane is outside, no matter how many agents push it, they are all better than one person.

“That brat was not removed from the Mage Network, I said.”

A dead merchant has a word.

The wind is quiet.

The waves are flat.

The flies are scattered.

I have no face to go out.

Is there any objection?



They can oppose other intelligence officers and insist that the emperor is dead. However, they cannot oppose this dead profiteer. Because, even if the dead profiteer said that the snow is black, the ink is white, and it has people’s faith, and the credibility is full.

“The scarecrow can’t lie.”

“Well, it doesn’t bother to lie.”

Even people who didn’t see the war believed it because it was said by the Scarecrow. Just like that year, Oring said that people believe that there is no doubt about the word.

Don’t say general people.

After the white 璧entire group asked, the Scarecrow answered, they also believed.


Nothing then, everything is as usual. In their understanding, either the Big Brother did not bother to follow the trick and deliberately disappeared. Either, Tang Big Brother used 磐钰 to complete any experiment and left temporarily. At this moment, they need to study new topics with Wu Yueer, and the perfect effect of the combination.

Nothing World.

The residence of the Star Wars is an energy vortex… Well, nothing World has lived like this.

Feeling that people here are like fish.

Because it is all energy, everyone likes to live in the energy vortex. The powerful occupies the big vortex, the weak occupies the small vortex point, and wanders in the imaginary emptiness of the ocean…either is everyone’s food, and it will die at any time. Either a bait, waiting for someone to jump out of the bait and then kill the old hunter.

During this period, Tang Shidao talked a lot with the Stars.


Death in Void, the spirit will be born World. Similarly, the death of Virtual World will also be born to Void. Normally, there is no real death. Even if Strength interferes, at most it is a seal, or it is decomposed and returned to the creation cloud. This ‘dissipation’ is not really a annihilation, and the message remains in the creation cloud.

Void is opposite to nothingness and complements each other.

Void is the substance Source.

Nothing is the energy source.

The creation of the cloud is … broken.

“what are you doing?”

“Consolidation of earnings.”

“Hey.” Stars do not understand what Tang Shidao is doing, just like Void’s creatures can’t understand the existence of Star Wars. Tang Shidao is the only exception, because he succeeded in experimenting, from Void ‘death’ into the virtual world of lifelessness, born as the Yuanzu Yuanling.

Mage Network is not delisted.

and so.

Tang Shidao’s Innate Magic Skill has been added. Originally, based on Reincarnation and Rebirth, Tang Shidao has derived three other types: reincarnation, reincarnation, and strange life… Now, because of the virtual world, the Yuanzu Yuanling model has one more: Yuansheng.


Crossing the world.

A strange life.

Yuan Shengshi… Together with the foundation of Reincarnation and Rebirth, Tang Shidao now has 5Innate Skill.

of course.

Harvest more than this one.

Since it was born by the Yuanzu Yuanling, it naturally has the Bloodline of Yuanzu Yuanling: No Bloomline. Unfortunately, it can’t be upgraded… After all, Tang Shidao is a living person.

What conditions are still needed, Tang Shidao is not clear for a while.

In addition, the great death of Void’s practice of only half a bucket of water was finally Great Perfection, and the skill of ‘infinite death’ was born. The same minute, the same life, the great life is also the Great Perfection, the birth of ‘infinite activation’. Surprisingly, the two stupid birds did not let the activation or death become a perfect state, but instead a new thing was born: the bridge of life and death.

Most let Tang Shidao speechless, this silly bird is not magic, it is … Bloodline.

Life and Death Bridge Bloodline.

Tang Shidao is completely unknown, so it is the same as the last seven, and it also has the taste of ‘you have insufficient permission’. It feels that you can’t perfect it only in Void, or only in Virtual World. It belongs to Void, and it belongs to Virtual World. However, you can only stand and no way to practice.

have to say.

This is a revelation: the seven legacy of the last life also needs some suitable conditions, otherwise it will always be the 99% state.


I am afraid that life weaving is also the case.

With the ability of snake Mage and 72 people, it is definitely not the things or places that they absolutely cannot touch.

In this moment.

Tang Shidao has felt that he has found the breakthrough point of life weaving. However, there is a lack of something.

As for the Lord level, Tang Shidao feels that there is nothing missing, just because there is no World, it is impossible to give birth to ‘Void Magic Codex’. If it is Void, it has already completed its death, awakening, wisdom, integration, and Plane. Nothing World is nothingness World, it can’t be born ‘Void ‘Magic Codex.

The most unexpected gain.

Tang Shidao knows how ‘Infinite Magic Power’ came.

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