“I am very good, the experiment is successful, and it is very simple to climb the Lord level. But now there is still a trouble, I can’t find my way back. You can continue to do your own thing, don’t bother me. Find a way back, I naturally Will come back.” Kun Peng’s ‘undead container’ callers members of the old club, the first voice, only such a paragraph.


The news came out, and Peng Peng, especially the Grand League, cheered for a moment.

The Scarecrow had confirmed that people had already returned to calm. Now the emperor is telling the peace, and also said that the Lord’s level of experimentation is successful, and the Zengpeng League is naturally happy.

The power of the Peng Peng.

In terms of management, the Emperor never intervenes, so ‘in’ and ‘not’ are the same.

At this time, in everyone’s mind, now the emperor is only retreating, and there is no difference between the general Mage’s latent retreat. Although I don’t quite understand why the Emperor said that ‘can’t find the way back’, he can’t do it. The only thing that really cares about this problem is the big word and the Lord, because the emperor can’t find the way back, and prove that the creation of the gods is ‘trapped’.

This kind of place.

“It must be the outside world. Moreover, it is estimated that the outside world is not known to everyone.” Lords can think of this, only this one can be reasonably explained.


As soon as the elders, one @长者 and one elders did not think so.

Some of Void’s hidden geeks don’t guess the outside world.


They know more.

“Although I have never touched it, we have heard of a special place.” A group of elders and others invited the Mage Network team and the three swords to reveal some intelligence: “The rumor, Endless-Void has an opposite, it seems to be named. When Void’s life dies, Mage will be born into nothingness. In the middle, the creation of the cloud will also record the message. Similarly, the death of the emptiness will be born in Void. The two sides are opposite and complementary.”

“First, please ask, who is the rumor from?” Lake Xian asked the first question.

“Original ancestor turtle.”

“Well, that’s fine.” Lake Xian nodded.

“A glimpse of Teacher, if a vain person dies, Void will be born, why don’t we know?” Charming Stroke’s second opening.

“Because when you die, you will give back to Void. You don’t have to remember anything. In the rumor, the more completely dissipated, the more ‘recycling’ the Void and the creation of the cloud. Even if I want to calm down, I don’t necessarily remember to enter nothingness. In addition, the creation of the cloud map not only collects, but also naturally born a new life. Even if there is no Void, nothingness will itself be born.”

“It turns out.” Charming Stroke understood.

The birth after death is just a complementary pattern, and whether Void or nothingness, they themselves will produce life.

No one remembers?

The problem should be in the creation of the cloud, which recycles the legacy of the dead.

“The original ancestors said: In very special circumstances, some people are born another World can remember, and may even retain a small part of the strength. However, these people generally do not publicly explain. There may be a lot of virtual births in Void. Mage, even the Ultra-Grade strong. But they don’t say much after birth, and they don’t do anything special. After all, after death, they are already Void lives.”

“Is the original ancestor turtle one of them?” Lan Ji asked directly.

“I don’t know.” As soon as the elders shook their heads, no one really cares.



Both are different definitions of life and death.

If you define life as my death, I define life as you die, and there is no connection point at all. Once on the other side, it naturally belongs to the other side.

“Don’s big brother is death?” Bai Yu only cares about this.

“Should not be.”

“Why is the Teacher so sure?”

“The first sentence of the Emperor: I am very good. This is his message, proving that he knows where he is. If he has any abnormalities, he should explain it. But the first sentence is that I am very good, actually He said that he is completely innocent. Besides, he also mentioned ‘getting back when you find the road’, proving that he is not only safe and sound, but his strength has not changed.”

“A glimpse of Teacher is not to say that nothing is death World, why is it so convincing that nothing?”

“Others dare not say, but the Emperor has a creational body. I don’t know if he has passed the creation of the cloud, but even if the creation of the cloud is probably not recycled for him. Another point, it is not Like the high school classmates. At that time, the Emperor’s classmates only wanted to take a look at the greatest strength, and then walked away with this Strength. In my opinion, the Emperor’s classmates did not suffer damage, just like The wind is blowing, and there is no attack hit.”

Speaking of this, everyone has nothing to say.

Nothing they don’t understand.

But Tang Shidao, they understand very well: it is impossible to be beaten by a punch.

“There is another point. The ignorance of the ignorance is very dangerous. The Emperor classmates must also be understood. But he said that he would come back when he found the road. Obviously, he is confident that he has the ability to protect himself. If it is a death, he can’t be in such a short time. I practiced a strong Strength. I can only say that he himself has a strong strength and a fearless external risk.” As soon as the elders last sentence, everyone is no longer talking.

Things are here, and there is no need to say anything.

just now.

Everyone can’t guess why Tang Shidao is like this, but he can be sure that he is deliberately taking risks.

In fact.

Tang Shidao is intentional, but not an adventure.

Because, in the colorless magic there is a special magic called… the colorless virtual door. In other words, Tang Shidao could have entered World of Nothing, but the previous timing was not suitable, and the previous Strength was not risky. Now publicly say ‘get lost’, on the one hand to appease the Zengpeng League, on the other hand: to deceive.

At this moment.

Tang Shidao is still a ‘live’ state, and it will not be strange to come back.

Even if it becomes an energy life, a colorless and vain door can return. You know, in addition to the door to nothingness, Tang Shidao has a colorless Void door.

Not to mention.

Great Portal for Great Perfection, unlimited travel.

Tang Shidao just didn’t want to come back, not to find a way.

“Star fight, you mean, people here don’t remember how they used to live in Void?”


“How many people still remember?”

“There are very few, less than you can’t imagine. When Void or Void World is dead, Genesis Cloud and both will ‘recycle’ everything. Matter, energy, message, all three will be divided into clear In Void, not only Mage dies, but all deaths of life are born here, including snake worms and other small things.”

“Then they don’t remember?”

“Yes. I am a special case, you are more special than me.” Stars are not hidden.

“How did you do it? Don’t want to say it doesn’t matter, I just ask casually.” Tang Shidao is a bit strange. According to this theory, the Star Wars should not be remembered.

“Because of the activation of asylum.”


“No, because the items are activated.” The star-studded open wings, at this time gave birth to a special feeling: “This is my ancient instrument: Yu Yu. I am a spiritual race, it is my wing instrument, I believe you Can understand.”

“I have been to Continent.”

“Now it’s part of my body, it’s activated. In the material-based Void, the magic of pure energy is easier to activate. In the energy-based virtual world, the pure material’s implement is easier to activate. I don’t know. Why, anyway, they seem to be the opposite. Material World, energy activation is easy. Energy World, material activation is easy.”

“Because of its activation, it shelters you?” Tang Shidao faintly understands that the relationship between Lifeline Bridge and Bloodline is easier to understand.

“Yes. Strictly speaking, I used the ‘Yu Yu’ to save everything before it. It is more like the Lord. I am like a supplement. Later, after a long period of cultivation, my strength rose and then returned to the original state. Because I am now an energy body, I still use the activation of the faint feathers to create the body. In the eyes of other powerful worlds, I am more like a weapon than a life.”

Tang Shidao nodded.

Because the virtual world has ‘material activation’, the existence of the star battle is not surprising, and the strong person equal to Void sees the activation magic.

“Have you ever heard of a place called ‘Shan Hai’?” Tang Shidao asked a question.


“Yulong Xianren, have you heard of it?”

“No, but there is a place with a similar name: Gulian Xianhai. In that place, some Mage strong people like to call themselves immortals. Moreover, they have a special experience in researching the activation of objects. Compared to Void, they are roughly equal to ‘Puppet refiners. The teacher’s kind of character, especially good at the technology of Puppet magic couple.” Stars are carefully explained.

Tang Shidao is some astonished.

I was just asking about it, but I didn’t expect it to be rewarding.

This news…

Regardless of whether it has anything to do with the Yulong Immortal, it is not easy to listen to Puppet. Because here is the world of nothing, World of energy. Playing material appliances in the World of Energy, this is certainly not something that general people can do.

“Star fighting, is there also equipment here?”

“You are weird, of course. Not only does it have it, it is the place where the instrument is most equipped compared to Void.”


“Because this is the world of energy. I won’t explain it complicatedly, so, in a word, in this virtual world, all ‘materials’ are instrumental equipment and Puppet tools. If there is one thing that is not a tool, Then it will naturally be infiltrated by energy, decomposed, and then dissipated into energy. In the void world, matter is like sand, if it is not burned into ceramics or crystallized, it can’t be saved.”

“It turned out to be this reason.” Tang Shidao discovered that his mind did not turn in time.

This is not Void.

It is nothingness World.

In Void, paper is a solidified substance and Flame is unstable. But the virtual world is Flame itself. In Flame, paper is unstable.

“How to get to the ancient lotus fairy sea?”

“Call in the past.”


“I don’t know where it is. But there are a lot of people who travel outside know. If you are looking for a group and you stop, they will naturally lead the way. There is no thing that can’t be solved by stopping. If not, then play two.” ”

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