Tang Shidao wants to go to the ancient lotus Xianhai is not to learn the activation of the item, but to find out the news of the ‘immortal’.

on the other hand.

Try to find ways to upgrade to the seven legacy.

Anyway, Endless-Void is on the right track, just waiting for time to calm everything. There is no way to turn over again. There are too many Lords who want to divide the source of the Iron Beasts. However, with the big copper smashing the ranks and the elders cultivating the ‘seven eyes’, the source of the iron beasts will not completely die, and some of the foundations can be preserved.

This is the case.

If you leave for a while, Void can be calmer.

Nothing World here.

have to say.

There are many things that are different from what I imagined. For example, the strong on the surface likes to stay in a certain energy vortex, settle down, or retreat. But the truth is: most people like to travel!

I don’t know because they are all energy, they just can’t sit still, and they are itchy.

Strong or weak, strong travel is a common occurrence.

The explanation of Star Star is that … staying in a place for too long will make them feel unsafe. Nothing World is like a squad, because it is all energy life. When you meet, it is like rivers and rivers. You are very likely to devour me or I devour you. Even if the strength is almost the same, it is common for the other party to ‘bite’ a piece of meat.

Therefore, the strong does not like to stay in one place for a long time.

The second thing that is different from imagination.

Traveling tourists are not too afraid of ‘robbers’ attack. On the contrary, some people don’t even care about robbers. In their eyes, the more powerful robbers, the less they see their ‘small shrimps’. Instead, there is a whale in the ranks, and these little shrimps are safer.

Nothing World has money… an energy crystal.

Its manufacture is simple.

Pull away from your own 1 point Mana, then condense into a liquid, then condense into a solid, and then become a crystal coin.

and so.

1Mana = 1 coin.

Seeing this stuff, Tang Shidao thought of the Mage Network because the Mage Network’s ‘money’ is also the Mana point. Listening to the team’s rhetoric is more like the Mage Network… Everything here can be purchased by crystal coins, as long as you can afford it.

At this moment.

Tang Shidao originally thought: Nothing World is an energy ocean. Isn’t it easy to make money?

Less than two minutes.

The first time I saw the price of a Great Curse, Tang Shidao found that she wanted more. The length of a string of 0 after that number, you can not call the unit name. This huge number is estimated to be better with the length of the ruler, and the number is too much trouble. For example, a certain Great Curse, a series of 0 worth eight meters long, how many 0 slowly count it, anyway, wrote eight meters long.

“Your Excellency doesn’t know, these ‘moneys’ are only used by these little people. It is different from the holy world. It seems that everything is sold, but in fact some are just a look, it is impossible to reach a deal.” There are many weak people.

They are weak.

Very weak.

Compared to Endless-Void, they are similar to mortals.

However, Void World is very friendly to them. Void’s storm is killing people at any time, but the power of nothingness is born with natural affinity. Except for the violent violent places, most of them feel like water and fish, and mortals can travel deep into the sky. The people here enter the space of the universe, just like the Void people go for a walk in the backyard. Or, the fish in the bucket enters the lake.

During the trip, these weak people slowly absorb energy and become stronger.

Although they are very small, they do enhance a little.

According to them.

The bigger unit is: the ring. The 1 ring is roughly equal to 1 billion coins. Going up, they are not understood.

“Cosmic heart, they use the universe as money.” The comet knows, but never uses it.

Tang Shidao wakes up.


The real most valuable thing for the landlord is the private Plane. The cosmic heart is only the energy source and the control center.

The third accident.

The ancient lotus fairy sea is not an energy ocean in imagination, or a special area… Sorry, it is a lotus flower. Strictly speaking, it is a tool for instrumentation. The appearance of the lotus flower, the inside of the petal is filled with an energy ocean, the energy ocean is filled with numerous ruler planets, the planet is covered with countless ruler cities, and the city is parked with numerous rulers.

It seems to be a building block for children.

These giant ships have become a city, and the city has become a planet. They can all be scattered, or they can be piled up at any time.

These planets are not necessarily spherical.

They may be round or square. Some are S-type, and some are B-type. In short, they are full of ‘we are stupid big money’. Tang Shidao already knows that in the virtual world “material” is very precious, expensive to a ring directly scared the strong under the sacred environment. Here the matter is the instrument, it is conceivable how much these S-type B planets are worth.

Outsiders dare not invade the ancient lotus fairy sea.

Even if a large army is killed, it will be awkward to see this ‘suffocating the sky’, and there is still a dare to fight. In the virtual world, money is the crystal coin. If you have money, there is Strength.

Look at a group of travelers around you know.

Hēng hēng.

Don’t talk about clothes, not even one with shoes, all of them are bare-boned ghosts. Fortunately, they are all covered in black energy, otherwise, Tang Shidao does not know how to look directly at them.

Think back before meeting.

I wanted to stop and ask again. As a result, I saw it directly.

What is the reason?

The Star Wars said… Just because you are wearing a suit and a pair of shoes… So awkward grandfather, where to use hands, they directly squatted and asked for abuse. In the pure energy World of World Nothing, it is so difficult to find something as if you want to find a fire in the depths of the sea.

and so.

Gulian Xianhai is not strong, just look at the foreign minister and understand.

There is also a difference in entering this airspace.

Tourists in the group entered.

The guards blocked: “Handing the head tax, 10 crystal coins.”

The tourists were weak and protested: “Is it not necessary to pay the head tax here?”

The guards should say: “Yes, but this is what I just thought of, it is for you. Now it is 20 per person, the speed is turned over, and it will roll if you don’t accept it.”

The tourists rushed to hand in.

The fart doesn’t dare to let go.

It is the turn of Tang Shidao and the Star Wars.

The guards looked at the clothes, um, and said in an instant: “Grandpa, please, take care.”


This is the difference.


Tang Shidao has a dress, and the star has a pair of wings.

“Can’t make material here, should it be easy for Mage?” Tang Shidao is really a bit strange.

“It is very easy. But, it is used very soon. The virtual world is very friendly to the energy body, and it will damage the energy body in other places. But the material is different, even if the ancient lotus sea is such a giant, the virtual world is always in the decomposition. ‘It. If it is not the maintenance of the law, then the huge material will be crushed.” Star Star explained.

Tang Shidao understands.

This step is not a sea water soaking, this step is a sulfuric acid bubble… you can’t help but dissolve you.

The change of Void.

Eventually all energy will be aggregated, organized, shaped, and slowly turned into matter.

Nothing is the opposite of World.

Eventually everything will be broken down and slowly turned into energy.

The fourth misunderstanding.

“This is the ‘Imperial Man’?” Tang Shidao entered the ancient lotus fairy sea, and chose a commercial city of one of the commercial planets, and soon heard the news.


“This is just an activated crystal tiger doll.” Tang Shidao is thinking about whether you have a misunderstanding about the immortal.

“It is the water tiger fairy, the best at the tiger-shaped Puppet’s magical craftsman.” The star fight is also strange, I thought Tang Shidao, do you have any misunderstanding about the immortal.

“You won.” Tang Shidao took it.

“?” The star fight is unclear.

Looking at the water tiger immortal on the French light screen, Tang Shidao is convinced that its name is correct. However, there are still hidden stories here. It’s hard to say that Yulong Xianren has been here, but the chances are great. His nickname cannot be a coincidence. If Yulong Xianren is very weak, it seems that it is normal. But he is the last holder of the original eclipse, and he can be weak.

It is impossible to say that he is an activated item, otherwise the god of the moon will marry.


Tang Shidao thinks of a very important question… If Oring is dead, shouldn’t she stay on the side of Nothing World?

What happened? The coffin board didn’t hold down?


Snake Mage and 72 are dead, and the only magic ‘seventy-two comings’ proves that they are indeed dead. But now, look at it, isn’t it right, snakes Mage and 72 people are in the world? If you are, the seventy-two advent is a bit unreasonable. If they are not there, where are they, is there a more complete death?

“Stars, what do people here usually do?”

“Beat, travel.”

“Only two?”

“Otherwise, we don’t need to eat or drink in this state, we won’t be killed or die.” Stars are illustrated in terms of ‘virtual life’.

“Is there any big force?”

“Where do you want to do something. If you are not strong enough, even if you build a great world, you will jump out of an Ultra-Grade to eat you.” Here is Energy World, not a place like Void. There are only two distinctions here. : Weak, strong. Three people are weak, average, and powerful.” Stars fight Void, and comparison shows that nothing is easier.

“Is there no Rule here?” Tang Shidao didn’t give up asking.

“Yes, for example, the strongest group of managers in the ancient lotus Xianhai said what is Rule. If you are not happy, you will change it tomorrow.”

“Well, I understand. So, what is the most convenient thing to do in this place?”


“Are you sure?” Tang Shidao looked at the situation of the big fish eating small fish, thinking that it would be convenient to practice here.

“Yes, even if you don’t do anything, lying down and sleeping can be a little stronger. As long as you don’t die, the longer you spend, the more energy you will accumulate. In the void world, even if you don’t draw energy, energy will go to your body. Drill. For the energy around you, your body is a big fish, the small fish around you want to attach to you, understand.” Stars fight to explain the reasons.

Tang Shidao understands.

In Endless-Void’s Material World, a stone has no movement, and more and more dust will fall on it.

I was blown away by the wind.

If it is a stalactite in a cave, they can grow up little by little. The virtual world energy is the basis of Source, so the small group energy naturally depends on the large group energy, which is the growth of as it should be by rights.

Think of this.


Tang Shidao is aware of a problem: if you don’t want to be bothered at all and want to progress, it is best to die in Void and enter World of Nothing.

The premise is… you can go back alive.

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