Really entering the ancient lotus fairy sea, Tang Shidao realized one thing: this virtual world is far more powerful and weaker.

This trip.

The first is the transfer station through the perimeter guard, and then enters the outer square. View the relevant Rule from the square, then Official set foot on the planet and city of the ancient lotus. At this time, I will review the information I need to know and finally walk into the city street. At this time, you will find that … people who see 90% or more in the eyes are ‘scholars’.

The rest are businessmen and tourists.

Because in the virtual world, the ‘substance’ is extremely scarce, everything is made into a tool, so that it can better resist the erosion of nothing space. If the material is not protected by the array, it will be broken down and eventually smashed into pure energy.

Because the matter is a musical instrument.

and so.

The planet here, the giant ship here, the streets and alleys here are all pieces of musical instruments.

Tang Shidao is more surprising. People here don’t use the instrument as a weapon, but as a tool for Inheritance Knowledge, or as a research tool. Contrary to Void. Void is a technology research tool, here is the tool reverse research technology. For example, an instrument that activates an object, like the superpower of mortal World, everyone conducts various research on it to find techniques and uses that are beneficial to everyone.

Of course, it is very safe.

In the World of Nothing, people cherish all things.

In Void soil is not worth the money, energy is valuable. In the void of World energy is not worth the money, the soil is worth the money … the two are the opposite. It must be said that having a ‘material instrument’ in the virtual world is equivalent to having super power in the mortal world. Even if it is such a ‘rich’ place as Gulian Xianhai, it seems that there are few people like Tang Shidao and the Star Wars.

Clothes, wings, these material instruments are luxury.

In particular, clothing such as Tang Shidao is not a utility or a combat tool, but a precious material is used as a decoration. Such a ‘wasted’ move, the general embarrassment can not afford. Just like mortal World, a Fire-based Ultra-Grade capable person, when you use it as a cooker, are you sure you can waste it? It is used as a scarcity in academic research. When used as a clothes, people on the road feel spicy eyes.

Faced with such rich people.

Even the staff of the city of the instrument have to be accompanied by a smile: “Not good, this gentleman, you said that you want to visit the administrator of the ancient lotus fairy sea?”

Tang Shidao nodded, not going to come slowly: “Yes.”

The staff nodded again: “That… very embarrassed, this gentleman, we don’t have qualification. Please ask for the time to go up. You are a foreigner coming over, right? Please allow me to explain the Rule in this place, can I?”

“You said.” Tang Shidao is very strange, this virtual world has Rule, no.

“This is the case. Because most of the people in the ancient lotus Xianhai are doing research and rarely seeing outsiders, all members of the management work together to develop a Rule: classify by ability and classify the importance.”

“Well, let me talk about it in detail.” Tang Shidao listened, saying that this is nothing but World, enough.

“No need to elaborate, this gentleman. There is a test tower at the center of the ancient lotus Xianhai, enter the tower, and then go up, how many layers can represent what kind of ability and grade. Test the tower There is a total of 50 layer, which includes the organization and the energy ladder. If you have confidence in the technology, you can crack the organization and use the agency to send you up. If you are confident in Strength, you can fly directly to which layer to fly to. Strength.” The staff was very careful to explain that they did not want to offend this god.

“Test technology and Strength?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“It is our glory to serve you, sir.” The staff are below the holy place, and the virtual world is the bottom person. Because of this job, they have a certain status. However, compared to Tang Shidao, who has ‘clothes’, their slag is not counted.

Star Star has a certain understanding of the virtual world.


She has not been to the ancient lotus of Xianlian.

In the World of Nothing, the weakest people and the strongest people travel at least the most dangerous, most of them are middlemen. The Star Wars belongs to the top, but it is not the top. In addition, she has an activation device and a memory of Void. She has some incompetence here and she does not dare to make friends. Therefore, the Star Stars rarely travel, but they like to hear about the news.

“Don, do you really want to visit those people?” Stars also followed Tang Shidao to test the tower.

“What’s the matter, is there a problem?”

“general Mage, the sacred Mage, the landlord Mage, the supreme Mage, have you heard it?” Starfighting decided to ask a little.


“Going up?”

“Supreme 9 is the limit, the big character column and the law Lord are more powerful, but the Mana level ends at the limit of the supreme 9.” Tang Shidao understands the meaning of the star.

“There is a lot of Lord in the World of Nothing, they are the most astounding combat power. Different, here is not only the law Lord, but also a Lord called: Prime Lord. In Void only the law is a way, but there is still a point here. Fork. I am a big character, but not Lord, so I have been careful.”

At the same time, her speech also said… No World is dangerous and more dangerous than Void.

Void has only one kind of Lord.

There are two types of Virtual World.

Moreover, this place is a pure energy World, Lord’s Strength is more pure and easier to add. Under normal circumstances, the attack and defense spells above the Holy Land are in the state of ‘Infinite Magic Power’. It’s like standing in the snow and playing snowballs. The ammunition is inexhaustible. Unless the spelling exceeds a certain level, the natural environment can help you.

This degree is close to the magic spring of Void…It is equal to the magic cast in the magic spring.

The Holy Land and the Lord.

It is also easier to extract energy and respond better in this environment. So, if you really fight, No World is more suitable for Mage.

“Worried about my strength?”

“Yes, the people here are not reasonable. If you are targeted by the strong, you will have to cut off a ‘gift’ if you don’t die. Gulian Xianhai is a place with more rules, and it will be replaced with other big fish. It’s almost like eating a small fish.” The Star Star fight is very straightforward, mainly because of the identity of Tang Shidao’s ‘Yuanzu Yuanling’.

There is also a Yuanzu Yuanling in the World of Nothing, but there are very few, not as many as Void.

More important point.

Tang Shidao is the existence of ‘living’, and it is impossible to win the Lord-Grade strongman of the Lord level. It’s okay to show up now, once you enter the test tower, you will notice it a little higher. At that time, what would happen was unpredictable. Stars have confidence to protect themselves, but add one…

“I can protect myself.” Tang Shidao also doesn’t want to say more, attitude can tell everything.

“That’s good.” Stars do not ask too much.

Hearing the Lord Lord and the Lord Lord, his expression is still as calm as ever, proving that one of the eight emperors of the gods is still a bit expected.

Come to test the tower.

so surprised.

It is also a scholar here. Test the tower as a place to rate, it not only defines the level, but also some scholars who have not cracked the Knowledge. Half of these people are rated and half are for study. Tang Shidao saw these scholars and suddenly thought of the heroes of the various ethnic groups. In fact, the spirits are the same, nothing to do, cultivation and learning become the only two.

“Hello, please register your name?” The staff of the test tower is a magical machine couple. This is not a fairness, and the material instrument represents money.

“Tang Shidao.”

“Star fight.”

“The record is complete, this is your magic grain message. Please note that it is not necessarily recognized after leaving the ancient lotus sea, only to recognize your test level on this place.” The magic machine provides a Magic Power feature message, but no What kind of metal nameplate is given… The material is too valuable here, you can’t afford it.

The magic couple reminds that only Gulian Xianhai recognizes the rating.


Other places also admit that they don’t recognize or dare to look down. This is like the universities in different countries. Although the places are different, they will more or less admit that you belong to this level. If you have a real level, look at yourself.

Tang Shidao Check out the rating function.


Very simple.

The higher the level, the more convenient it is.

Regardless of the visitor or the purchase of the instrument, the level represents a certain level. Less than that level, it’s useless to have another name. It can be said that this level is a combination of identity, status, strength, technology, reputation, source, power and so on. In the ancient lotus fairy sea, everything is level talking, and no grade is slag.

Let Tang Shidao be surprised.

50 layer.


These instruments have a array of protection inside and outside the planet, even if it is damaged, it will not lose the outside.

Compare Void’s Mana rating.

General Mage 9 layer.

The 9 layer of the Holy Land.

The main 9 layer.

Extreme 9 layer.

Add up to the 36 layer. Even if the 9 layer is divided in the large character column, the total is the 45 layer. 50 layer tower, how do you calculate combat power? The Lord is divided into Consummation and Great Perfection, but the rest is the 5 layer. How is it divided? The rule plus the double material Lord?


The last few layers are the level of the craftsman, what is there without Lord?

“Which side?” The Stars do not know the idea of ​​Tang Shidao, only to accompany him once. The people in front of me are the counterparts of Mage Network, and there is nothing in World’s only ‘relatives’.


“It’s very slow.” The star fight pointed to the sky, indicating that we were flying faster.

“I am very fast.” Tang Shidao smiled.

Walking into the 1 layer of the planet, the body immediately receives a pressure: it is like 1 points Mana’s attack damage, never stop attack. Standing on the 1 layer of the planet, you will always be in this state. To immunize it, you must get a qualified rating for the 1 layer. When your magic lines are recorded and you belong to Level 1, you are immune to this pressure.

The 1 layer is a small planet with the smallest planet.

Very few people stay here, even the weakest technical scholars can fly six 7-Layer. Except for some magical robots that organize data, the 1 layer is basically a no-man’s land. Tang Shidao doesn’t mind other people’s eyes, go to the test area, choose one of several million technologies, assemble with Magic simulation, then activate and start transmitting the 2 layer planet.

“You can start…”


The magic machine couple has not finished yet, and Tang Shidao has completed the combination. The most basic technology, the level of refining apprentice, Tang Shidao naturally does not want to waste time.

“Mr. Tang Shidao, you are qualified. If you want to upgrade, please go to the 2 layer to continue to participate in the test.” The magic machine even casts a spell.

Tang Shidao’s magic lines are redefined and the pressure disappears immediately.

The Star Wars shook his head and she must fly up.


The 2 layer.

“You can start…”


The same dialogue, exactly the same time.

Stars are not very familiar with refining, but technical testing is so simple?

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