“You can start…”


The Stars have heard the same conversation 9 times, and the time is exactly the same.

Honestly, it stands easy to represent the front 9 layer of general Mage. The sacred strongs want to pass, only need to stay on each floor for a while, waiting for the magic machine to determine that your strength is enough to withstand the pressure. The more powerful this rating is, the easier it is. If the strong one is able to pass the pressure, the weak will be forced to pass the pressure, and it is very likely that they will not be recognized for one day.

The rating on Strength is not just enough to withstand the pressure, even if it is qualified, you need the magic machine to recognize that you can ‘normal activity’.

The technical rating is different.

On the 1 layer of the planet, Tang Shidao obtained the Level 1 scholar qualification, and the 2 layer was not under pressure. Depending on the identity of the craftsman, the upper layer does not need to be under pressure. If you skip the 2 layer and enter the 3 layer in advance, you will be under pressure. Unlike the Strength rating, the technology is ‘passed’ and is qualified without additional recognition.

Star Wars is a Level 1 warrior.

On the 2 layer of the planet, she needs to be under pressure while assessing.

Tang Shidao is a Level 1 scholar.

On the 2 layer of the planet, Tang Shidao can be stress-free, and it takes pressure to jump. Similarly, Level 2 scholars also have no stress assessment at the 3 level.

just now.

Both become Level 9 and Level 9 scholars.

When I came to the 10 Planet, I was still under pressure to wait for the review. Tang Shidao still had no stress assessment. Two different ratings, the preference for scholars is clearly explicit. However, everyone recognizes this treatment. In the rating test, scholars should be easy, and the military should be difficult. Scholars are too difficult to test, military is too easy… The military itself is not happy… so simple, look down on me.

This time.

“You can start…”


The level of representation of the Holy Land is still the same dialogue.

I can’t help but be amazed.

The technology is really different from Strength.

Strength is strong enough, and assessment is just a matter of pressure. Even if the technology is millions of times, the combination and calculation still take a little time. The assessment of scholars… Find the most proficient type of technology in a large number of topics, and then sort out the huge amount of stray parts in the topic to find the material that you need most. Assemble it and reorganize it until it succeeds. If you are unsuccessful, re-evaluate or re-select the topic.

Therefore, the technical assessment failed more.

In addition, the technology not only has the type of refiner, but also the Alchemy type, and even the Rune gods and so on.

The Magic simulation can be perfectly simulated.

If you use an unprecedented technology and think you are passing but not enough, you can still appeal. Let the magic couple inform other scholars to review, and even give you resources, and really re-evaluate once.

In short.

The assessment of technology is very wide, and the Stress assessment is the hard-pressed pressure. The technical difficulty lies in itself, and the external Strength is a preference. Because the difficulty is in oneself, the technical assessment takes time. Even with confidence, scholars will slowly take care of them and strive for a smoother upgrade.

Tang Shidao is really weird.

“Your combination is very fast.” A strange voice sounded.

A large group of people appeared.

They all have a lawsuit, and they are not like Tang Shidao, a school uniform for ostriches. A group of people is roughly divided into five factions. The armor has a different icon in addition to the grade number, which seems to represent different forces. The strange thing is that there is no power in the world of nothingness, all of them are all different.

“Know about it, I am Kim, the son of the golden star.” The first person claimed to be Kim.

“Fortunately, I am a wooden zither.” Another person grabbed the words.

The leaders of the remaining three teams did not speak and are still waiting to see.

From their expressions.


Very proud of that.

If it is not Tang Shidao’s clothes, it is estimated that they will not look at people with positive eyes.

“Tang Shidao.” Tang Shidao is a touch of words.

“Star fight.” Stars are not clear about anything, only able to cope with it.

“Fortunately, Mr. Tang Shidao, Ms. Xing Xingdou. Are the two foreign tourists right, come here to assess the level?” Jin Hao is still a familiar look. However, there is a faint taste in the attitude of ‘We are Master’.

“Yes.” Tang Shidao simply did not mention.

“The two are not ordinary people. It seems that there is no need to waste time. The test of the tower is very free. In the 1 layer, the planet records the magic pattern, and then you can skip the level for evaluation. In terms of the ability of the two, jump directly to It’s not difficult to get above the 18 layer, right?” Jin Hao’s words have temptations and he’s a secret detective.

Above the 18 layer, the level of the leader.

The Star Wars is a military appraisal, and the five teams are more or less able to see. But Tang Shidao is a scholar’s assessment, technical thing… who is saying it.

If Tang Shidao says, it is proved that the scholar is worth the equivalent of the Lord.

“No, I like to come slowly.” Tang Shidao didn’t want to bother, and turned a corner.

“Hey…” Jin Yu was a word.

“Not good means, two, can we follow it? To be honest, I rarely see the technical assessment of such a fast speed.”


The five teams have a taste of ‘choose talents’. However, they are not in a hurry to shoot, there is a kind of ‘everyone can not escape our control’ taste. That feeling, as if the whole ancient lotus fairy sea is their five-party people have the final say, other people have no qualification to grab, and no one is qualified to refuse.

“You can do whatever you want,” Tang Shidao indifferently said.

The starry starry frowns.

This group of people is not good to deal with… No, it should be said that no one in the virtual world can cope with it. Anything that is posted is trouble. The weak ones are attached to the thighs, and the strong ones are rushed to eat, no matter which one is troublesome.

In theory.

The farther away from this unfamiliar person, the better.

“Thank you, we won’t bother.” The wooden Zheng said thank you, but the modality did not have much gratitude.

The rest of the people hide in the eyes, but there is a kind of taste that we give you face.

Tang Shidao also ignored it.

The tiger is not interested in the grasshopper’s tweet, and the dragon is also waiting for the moth’s flapping wing. As long as these people do not interfere, they are too lazy to pay attention to what they mean. The five leaders of the five teams are all 27 grades. If there is no accident, this is the culmination of the leader level. It is only one step away from the 1. If nothing is defined by World and Void, what they lack may be the only magic.

The 11 layer of the planet.

In the assessment of the Rank 2 section of the Holy Land, a large group of people followed.

At this moment.

Scholars around the assessment have also increased. The number of people with different strengths is always the most occupied by scholars, accounting for more than 99.999%. Strength assessment is difficult, but it is relatively simple when it is done. In a word, it’s hard to say that technology is unsuccessful, but there’s no point in the strength of Strength.

If you don’t know that you can’t do it, you’re still going to die.

“You can start…”


The magic machine couple just started to explain, Tang Shidao has completed, the same result. No research, no thinking, and when the magic machine shows up, Tang Shidao has already submitted the answer.

The people of the five teams were slightly surprised.

Jin Hao and Mu Zheng are a little proud, because they show it first. The other three, the brow is a little knotted.

next level.

“You can start…”


The assessment and the assessment, the two sides seem to have locked in the dialogue mode.

It ends at the beginning.

There is no accident at all.

13层,14层,15层,16层,17层,18层……圣境序列的技术考核都同一模式。魔工机偶开口,Tang Shidao 应答,考核一开始就是结束,结束就是成功。通过18层星球,理论上已经进入界主的序列了。

Seeing this situation, the five teams of people have turned from surprise to shock.

The five teams were negotiating in private.

At the same time, they also returned their own clan.

What is the size of the test tower is definitely the first thing the management here knows. Regardless of the talents of the military or the talents of scholars, the management of Gulian Xianhai needs it.

“Golden management, can someone ever pass the 18 layer in seconds?”

“There are some, but they are all old-fashioned craftsmen. There are no such people in the rookie generation. It takes some time. After all, the materials used in the experiment are random, and the preparation time is only a moment. Find the material, reorganize, If it is unsuccessful, it must be tested in advance. This Tang Shidao has not tested, and he directly reorganized the submission, as if he believed that 1% was successful.”

“How do the family respond?”

“Try to pull into the family. Don’t act now. See if this Tang Shidao can finish 27. If you can, don’t let him go and the strong actionman will grab it back. I remind you, Young Master. Be careful with the star fight, She has a musical instrument wing that doesn’t look like a simple character.”

“This way… it seems a bit wrong. The old people have time to take a look, I feel that these two people are not very good.”

“Young Master, we can’t take people from the family and naturally send people. If you come over now, then credit is not ours, Young Master, you have to think clearly.”

“Well, okay, let’s keep up.”

The private opinions of the five teams are similar.

Scholars must be caught by their own hands. Unless the background is large and can’t be tempted, idle scholars must win. It doesn’t matter if the other party disagrees. Take it first and then slowly find a way. Nothing World is Energy World, there is no Rule here. It is the truth to eat big, eat strong, and the most savage.

at this time.

The Stars also pulled on Tang Shidao and whispered in a whisper: “Don, whether you can test again, can you slow down later?”

Tang Shidao is amazing: “Why?”

“I feel that they are ready to grab people. Technical assessment, although fast does not mean the best, but represents the fastest development, but also represents the fastest manufacturing. Nothing World will occasionally find some material cloud in the collapse, in it Before the product is completely disintegrated, the faster the craftsman is made, the more it will be harvested.”

“This is really strange. Isn’t it possible to receive the material cloud directly?”

“No, it will break.”

“No, it doesn’t work in private space?”

“Yes, our private Plane is also a virtual world, and it will collapse. It will not work like a storage ring. Energyization is the destination here. Even if my ‘Yu Yu’ wings, if not for Mana, change to ordinary The state will also collapse. In any place where there is no World, saving material is as difficult as saving a fire in Void. If you are not careful, it will be gone.”

“What do you mean, scholars like me who are ‘fast” are sometimes more useful than technically good scholars?”

“Yes. It’s nothing like World, not Void. Here two scholars are at the same level, one of the fastest ones can win and lose.”

Tang Shidao nodded.

It is not to say that slowing down the assessment, but to understand the difference between speed and speed.


Another accident… your own private Plane has no material collapse. All substances remain unchanged and are not affected at all. How is this going? Isn’t it lifeless? its not right. Born as a Yuanzu Yuanling, he has nothing to do with Bloodline. What is the difference? Is the normal person’s ‘treatment’ ineffective for himself?

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