“You can start…”


Testing the 19 layer of the tower, Tang Shidao began a new round of scholars’ assessment, and the results were exactly the same as before.

One second clearance.

At this time, some people have changed the complexion in the place, including the previous star of the persuasion. The 19 layer above the planet belongs to the sequence of the Lord, which is equal to the level of the ‘God’. Scholars entering this layer can be described by a ‘sacred craftsman’. Of course, technology is not like Strength, the higher the level, the more complicated the technology. The same level often represents the meaning of matching use.

In other words.

The technology of the 19 layer is already suitable for the use of the masters, and can also create something comparable to it. To be more succinct, if it is this level of magical scholars, the fighting magical couples have been equated with the most basic non-additional boundaries. Just as the source iron beast is equal to the weakest big character, the technology also has a matching level.

of course.

Seriously calculated, the Level 19 magic couple is definitely not as good as the one. The former is a fixed intensity 1, the latter is an infinite possibility of 1+N.

Do not say anything else.

The master general has a matching instrument, and this instrument waits for the same magical power.

strictly speaking.

The true meaning of scholars is… mass production!

In the absence of World, the lack of material does not say that the Void refiner can produce a combat magical puppet. As long as there is enough cosmic heart as the core power source, the refiner is more terrifying than the summoner. Even if one-on-one or ten-on-one is not as good as you, they may live and die for you.

The most embarrassing reason for Tang Shidao is the infinite Magic Power Great Perfection.

With this ability, many ‘tactics’ are not useful.

“Don, I will take a step first.” Seeing Tang Shidao continue to upgrade this level, Star Star knows that he can no longer accompany his peers. This is too dangerous. There is no difference between Void and World. In this place, as long as the value exceeds a certain limit, the Rule will be broken. People who are nothing about World are not afraid of death. Because of the energy relationship, they don’t care much about their lives.

Therefore, it is normal to have a fight here, just like the beasts will wrestle for a while.

Stars need to jump.

She needs a higher level to ‘protect’ Tang Shidao this peer. Even if this peer is confident, she needs to prepare in advance. The level of Void World is very convenient. If you are 10, people below Level 9 will never make an idea, even if the number is ten times more. Unless you take the initiative to attack them, they are usually a flash.

Jin Hao and Mu Zheng and others know what they mean and they don’t dare to stop.

Before the unskilled, the average person is not stupid.


The data for testing the tower is open, and the Tang Shidao’s assessment speed is sure to spread. The 19 layer of the planet is second pass, and then the stupid and lazy clan will notice. A new round of competition has already begun, and it depends on who has the ability to include talents in the warehouse.

Going up again.

On the 20 layer of the planet, a new round of assessment begins.

At this moment.

The scholars around have also noticed. A new stranger, from the 1 layer to the 20 layer, has a second pass, so people who don’t care can’t do it. Now more than the 20 layer, scholars above 21 are on the ‘watch’ scene. In addition to being assessed for no time, the rest are paying attention to this matter. New scholars are different from old scholars. If a new scholar has no background, it is everyone’s meal.

“You can start…”


Still the same result, or exactly the same speed.

At this time, Kim Min and others turned from surprise to surprise, and from surprise to uneasiness. There are more and more people around, and the clan who is peeping in the distance is also coming quickly. A thing that is already very sure has slowly become out of control. They regretted it. They knew that they had just won it when they first met. At least they would not attract so many people.

It is not easy to grab people now, and there are probably many people who will intervene.

Going up again.

On the 21 layer of the planet, there are more people on the road.

At this time, the assessment results are still the same.

One second clearance.

Everyone saw this situation, except for the return of the clan. Basically, everyone is playing the same idea… Don’t let this Tang Shidao check Level 28. 27 is also the main sequence, and Level 28 is the supreme sequence. Once at this level, status has immediately taken a new step. At that time, the value of the scholar himself was completely different.

This has nothing to do with Strength.

Because the supreme promotion requires a unique magic, the role of Level 28 is greatly different. In particular, some scholars who can study new races, or scholars who know how to study new magic, are simply fathers in the eyes of practitioners. This type of scholar is of extraordinary value and can hide in Tibet.

Once the public announcement, there are too many fans, and it is too difficult to start again.

“You can start…”


The 22 layer passed through the second speed, and the complexion of the people began to look bad.

Too confident.

It’s too calm.

A person can reach this level, and the scholar itself is certainly not a fool. With so many people around the crowd, he can certainly think of something inside. However, he ignored it like this, as if everyone did not exist. This attitude is too strange, even if you deliberately show off the level will not be like this. It is important to know that customs clearance is a very important indicator in the academic community.

The normal show-off is either a high level of assessment or a type of proficiency.

The scholar who shows off the speed, this Tang Shidao is still the first one.

The 23 layer of the planet.

“Not good means please wait for you, Tang Master.” The new round of assessment preparations began, Jin Hao said to the front: “Can you please let the Tang masters pause? The test here is a bit simplistic, it is better to go to Jinchenxing for new The assessment. I guarantee that our assessment conditions are better and we can provide physical tests, which is much more real than this Magic simulation.”

“Thank you, no.” Tang Shidao signaled to start.

“I am very sincere, Tang Master. If you promise, this magic boat is yours.” Jin Hao signaled an image, an image of a magic boat. The magic boat is about 10 meters long and the total volume is almost equal to a Magic beetle.

Everyone around them whispered.

They all know that Kim Min Jong is deliberately ‘high price’ to retreat from other competitors. The current Tang master is not worth much, but he has not finished the exam. If you can raise two levels, this magic boat will not lose.

Tang Shidao has a face astonished.

Kim Min Jung is also very satisfied with this expression, thinking that scholars can’t refuse the temptation of ‘material’, let alone this high price.


What Jin Xiao could not think of is that Tang Shidao’s real surprise is… You want to sell me when you step on the horse, do you not shrink your brain? This is the smallest Magic travel tool, I don’t have 10,000 or eight thousand, plus millions of other types. In Void, a refiner apprentice has ten ships and eight ships. Is this thing dare to take out the seller?

The surprise at this time is like the desert saying to the sea: How about changing one of my most precious drops of water in the desert for a whale?

The idea of ​​the sea: MMP, I am the sea, I am all water.

“No, I am not interested.”

“Tang master, although you are a scholar, but the appetite is not too big.” Jin Hao heard it, but did not expect it to be so simply refused.

At this moment.

Next to the wooden kite rushed to the opening: “The Tang master is not interested in the magic boat. What about this ‘white bird airship’? Our sincerity is more than enough, I hope that the Tang master will consider our wooden star. Please believe that we Never let a real talent be buried.”

After talking.

A Magic light show, it is twice as big as the Magic airship, and the length is also about 20 meters.

In the virtual world, this material is scarce.

This sincerity is too great.

The other people are already ‘shocked’, and they think that the kite is so worth the money. We must know that there are quite a few people who have a good track in the scholars’ assessment, but they often break the scalp at the next level. This is not only a technical factor, but also a lucky factor. Even some scholars deliberately pretend to start a pair of performances that I am very bullish. Actually, I can only stop at a certain stage.

It is very risky to put a high price on the way.

“Thank you, I am still not interested… Well, the assessment is complete, please let it.” At the 23 level, Tang Shidao finished the conversation.

Although the working magical couple finished speaking.

However, this is still a one-second clearance.

At this time, some people frowned at the place. Once again, the technical ability is really good, but this attitude…

“Slow, you can’t go up.” Jin Hao suddenly flashed in front of Tang Shidao.

Stopped the way.

Obviously, people with no World don’t have much patience.

Jin Hao’s move, the wooden kite and other four teams were a bit uncomfortable, but they did not intervene. They need Tang Shidao to ask for help, so that is the right start. Scholars who are unfamiliar and have no background will definitely lead to competition from many parties. This kind of action is a bit reckless, but it is also reasonable.

“A flying eagle magic boat, my last offer.” Jin Hao said cold, said this is the last chance.

Can discuss it as much as possible.

After all, scholars are technical talents.

However, it is inevitable that you will never obey. Nothing in the world is ultimately a fist.

Tang Shidao saw the image of the Flying Eagle Magic Boat.

Gently shake your head.

Seeing the anger of Jin Hao’s face, Tang Shidao would like to say: I have no trouble with you, really. You are a poor group of people. If you take out this thing, you want to sell it. Do you know how hard it is for me to hold back and not laugh? I almost laughed and knotted my intestines.

“You open a price.” Jin Hao’s last question was definitely the last question.

Tang Shidao smiled.

Reaching out and pointing to the sky.

“What do you mean?” Jin Hao’s face was somewhat distorted, and his voice was cold: “You still have to go to the exam and refuse to negotiate?”

“No, I mean…”

“He meant that you guys didn’t have qualification consultation. I really want to make trouble, call out your family’s Sir.” The starry figure of the star is flashing, and it is also cold and shouted. Now she doesn’t need much more, because there is a warrior level mark on her shoulder arm: 37 level.

When everyone saw it, they returned three steps.

Kim Min and others are the same.

On their arms is Level 27, the apex of the Lord. The Star Wars is Level 37, which exceeds the boundaries of the Lord and exceeds the Supreme. It belongs to the first layer of the big character. Of course, not only this gap, but also the Star Wars just left, flying on the tower test and returning again, how long before and after? She has been promoted to success several times in a few seconds and a few conversations.

This Level 37 is definitely not her limit.


This is actually a level she defined casually, and then down the town.

“Don, are you still going?” There is something in the starry words.

“Well, it won’t be affected by this little thing.” Tang Shidao indifferently said, even the eye of the eye did not aim at these ‘spectators’.

In a word, everyone complexion changes.

The words of this scholar not only refer to Jin Yu, but also extend to the whole body behind Jin Yu. At the same time, everyone realizes that this Tang Shidao may not be protected by Level 37. His attitude is obvious… he can handle his own affairs. He is not only a scholar, he is also a warrior.

Things have come to this step.

Jin Hao and other five teams have also retired, they know that this level can only look up, no courage and no strength.

Level 37’s warrior.

Level 23 scholar.

This kind of combination, management clan must consider getting provoked.

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