Tang Shidao has two reasons for participating in the assessment.

The first one, after getting a scholar level, can reduce a lot of trouble. After all, nothing is a place for ‘level positioning’. There are levels, and everything is convenient for hundreds of times. Although the grading of the ancient lotus fairy sea does not mean all places, but this level is ok by default.

Even if not fully recognized, the similarity is similar.

For the second reason, take a close look at Virtual World’s Technology Knowledge.

This reason is the most important.

Virtual World is a pure energy space, opposite Void’s Material World. So, the technology here is very different, and most of them are technologies that Void doesn’t have. To get to know a place, it’s easiest to start with its technology. Without the eyes of omniscience and the creation of the gods, you may need decades of study. With them, you can remember, analyze, crack, translate, reshape, and then perfectly harvest these technologies at a glance.

The more Knowledge of Technology, the more you know about Virtual World.


This technical assessment is very important, which is equal to the harvest season of the creation of the cloud.

There is no objection to the Star Wars, but instead of jumping to a high level of support, it is also thought that Tang Shidao may have special intentions. It is also the counterpart of Mage Network, and it is the facade of Mage Network. In the virtual world, the former person and himself are the only Mage Network Mage.

The assessment continues.

Because the Stars have a Level 37 weapon assessment, the people there did not interfere, but did not give up.

Big word engine column.

This degree of Strength… To be honest, the ancient lotus fairy sea is more. Don’t talk about the big characters, there are a lot of Lords who have achieved perfection. They can’t afford it, there is something behind them that people can provoke. It is better to say that this scholar Tang Shidao is more troublesome. Sometimes, people’s attitude can explain a lot of things. In the face of Level 37’s Star Fight, this scholar still reacts calmly, showing that he is not only used to it, but also a little in the eyes.

As residents of the ancient lotus fairy sea, they know a little more than others.


50 levels, in fact, the warriors generally only go to the 45 layer of the planet.

The 46 layer is Lord.

This level is not public. In addition to the mutual understanding between Lord and Lord, outsiders can’t get information, and they don’t dare to go to the 46 layer to inquire about the news. Even if it is a ancestral character, at most 47 layer, why are there so many 50 layers?

Outsiders don’t understand.

The management clan knows why: because scholars may go to 48, 49, and even the 50 layer.


Because no scholars graduated from the 50 layer planet, there is no 51 layer. If a scholar can graduate, the management of Gulian Xianhai will definitely add a new planet, even if it is only for one person to live and use. To put it another way, in the virtual world, the highest qualified scholars are the 49 layer, and the 50 layer is still in the challenge. No one has cleared the customs.

Another rumor.

There are also some military positions in the next few layers… I can hang the Lord’s warrior.

Of course, they are not here today.

It may be dead, or it may be in a vortex of energy, and it has not appeared for hundreds of millions of years. In short, there are such people in the rumor that there is a stronger presence than Lord.

The star battle returns, and the message horse uploads.


“Hey, what about the Tang Masters?” The star of Jin Chenxing, the father of Jin Yu, represents a sub-manager of the clan except Sect Master, and Jin Chenxing is very annoyed. He came over personally, but what about people? Where have you gone?

at this time.

The father of the wooden zither and so on also came. Valuable talents are worthy of being personally recruited.

But they also reacted the same, and no one was there at the time of the visit.

“Father, Tang master in the 28 layer. The sequence of the leader has been assessed, and now he is in the sequence of supreme.” Only the level 27’s golden face is a bitter smile.

“It’s just a little bit of time…”

“Yes, he has always been a second-speed clearance, no need to pause, no mistakes.” Jin Hao subconsciously looked up. Level 27 can’t get the 28 layer planet, and he can barely endure for a while. However, it makes no sense to do so, only the part that is laughed at. In the virtual world, the rank is the status of the frangipani. In the first few minutes, Jin Hao can still despise Tang Shidao. Now, he can’t afford it.

Not to mention the Star 37 Stars, Level 28 scholars crush the Level 27.

Test the gap between the towers.

The difference level 1 is at least 10 times different. So, the true meaning of 28 over 27 is almost 280 than 27. When it comes to big calculations, it is not surprising that the difference is 99 times. The difference 100 times is two levels. On the other hand, the family in Nikko World is not strong. It is important to ask Level 27’s son and Level 28 employees, of course… Level 28 employees.

“Is the Tang master getting on the 28 layer or the 28 layer qualified?” Jin Chenxing asked again.

this point is very important.

The boarding is Level 27 and the pass is the 28 layer.

A step difference.

However, the former is called the Lord, and the latter is called the Supreme. The warrior is ten times worse than the strength, but the scholars are different. One that does not understand the only magic, one may understand. This gap is placed in the mortal world. One knows how to make firecrackers, and one knows how to make nuclear bombs. Both are explosive, but the former does not qualify for ash after the latter’s ass.

“28 layer, qualified.” Jin Hao really baby’s heart, the other party is really Level 28.

“Is it still a second pass?” Jin Chenxing added a knife.

“Yes.” Jin Hao resisted not vomiting blood.

“You didn’t offend him?” Jin Chenxing was a little ‘free and idle, not as good as holding the child’s intention, and it was a reason for a child.

“He… didn’t pay attention to me.” Jin Yu explained the fact.

The meaning is obvious.

I was very violent and very domineering, but the other party did not take a look at it. It feels like… In front of blind, the acting of Oscar is meaningless.

“Now they went to the 29 layer?” Jin Chenxing is not a child.

For the weak, you can be jealous.

Be careful with the strong. I am not afraid of the meat flying in the pot, but I am afraid that others will stick out the chopsticks. Be cautious, one of the factors of success, can not be careless.

“No, they are still on the 28 layer.”


“We don’t know why, Tang craftsmen are very interested in the technology of item activation, and are staying at 28 to communicate with other craftsmen. We spent some money asking the craftsmen, they said: Tang craftsmen are not good at matter. The study of activation is barely understandable, but not as proficient. However, the learning ability of Tang masters is very scary, and you can understand it after listening to it.”

“Have listened… remember?”

“No, the original words of the craftsmen are understood after listening.” Kim Min corrects the wording of father, because ‘remember’ and ‘understand’ are very different.

Jin Chenxing and other star owners are silent.

As the 1st Star manager.

They are very clear about ‘how to understand’ how terrifying. In technology learning, understanding is the first step, remembering that it is the second step, analysis is the third step, knowing the fourth step, the fifth step can be used, and then the infinite refinement and research and development.

Under normal circumstances.

It’s hard to get to know it, some people need to listen to it later, and the slag is still confused.

Tang masters understand it.

He is equal to one step or four steps, and is only one step away from the real ‘use’.

have to say.

In the aspect of Strength, it is not surprising that a strong man looks at the technique of imitating the weak. However, this aspect of technology is completely different. For example, the top painter of the mortal World, can listen to a piano song can not be replayed again. Even if the skills are similar, it is not easy for the apex pianist to take a look at the violinist.

“Let’s go back, we deal with this.” Jin Chenxing waved.

“Yes.” Kim Min Jong also knows that he is now like a fly, not better than being present.

Jin Chenxing and others sent.

Originally, they all said a word, but after boarding, look at it… Well, a large group of craftsmen are all around a Magic simulation platform zhī zhī 喳喳 keep talking. In the middle of the crowd, a young man is carefully experimenting with experiments and activation of items.

Needless to say.

The familiar face of the craftsman, the strange young face, this young man is definitely the Tang master who is ‘not familiar with the activation of the item’.


The Tang master who is ‘not familiar with the activation of the item’ is experimenting, and a group of ‘masters who are proficient in item activation’ are applauding… No, look at their expressions, they are ‘learning’… it feels like Tang The teacher is providing ideas, and their Level 27 veterans are trying to find a new way to the 28 layer.

“Successful!” A cheering, the crowd of craftsmen cheered.

“Yes, this idea is correct.”

“Great, we can simplify the way they are. This is right, and the Tang master is really brilliant.”

“This is a new idea.”

“Yes, we don’t need to be fully activated. We just need to activate a part. For example, activate a running center, like Soul or the heart. This way, we can save a lot of time. After success, we will not improve later. Even if they are not perfect, they have the basic effect of activation.”

“Great, this idea… we can save countless hours.”

“Everyone, I think, we can focus on the research one first, and then start other projects after perfection. Especially the apprentices, they want to be fully proficient and too difficult, and it is much easier to focus on one part. In daily production, we can also Grouping cooperation. We activate one part and the other group activates another part, and this production line can be more efficient.”

“Right. God, we have inadvertently found a way to improve efficiency.”

“Unfortunately, our material is still too little.”

“No, it’s a pity. If we encounter a physical cloud in a broken state, this method can help us harvest more and more than three times.”

“I think it’s fine……”

A group of craftsmen at the scene rushed to talk and clamored for comments.

Seeing this situation, Jin Chen and others’ hearts went straight down. They are very sure inside: can’t mess!

Virtual World is different Endless-Void.

In the virtual world, most of the craftsmen have a very unreasonable setting: they are all super!

The higher the level of the craftsman, the higher the proportion of the strong.

Pure scholars are hard to survive in the World of Nothing, so these strange freaks are often very powerful and powerful. Moreover, there is an addition behind this unreasonable setting: all of them are super-powerful!

In other words.

High-Grade’s friends are all Ultra-Grade strong, because they generally don’t see their eyes, and the level generally can’t live for too long.

In Void, the craftsman generally only represents the network.

In the virtual world, the craftsmen are not only a wide network of people, but also belong to the level of the cattle.

Jin Chen and others have already seen that the most loud people around the Tang craftsmen are 42, 43’s military level, and their second scholar level is Level 27. This group of old things is more spicy than the XIXX Star Xing.

Think about the mark of Level 40 on your arm.

If you rushed over and took away the Tang masters in the crowd center, say ‘This person we robbed’.


Hehe, I guess I will be killed on the spot. Those 42, Level 43 craftsmen finished the big party to inform the old family: Who, to collect your grandson’s body.

In the virtual world.

Are the warriors unreasonable?


However, it is these scholars who are less reasonable in comparison with the warriors!

The 50 layer tests the tower.

The top two 3-Layer is all scholars!

Really conflict, who are you looking for?

At this moment, Jin Chen and other human body will go to the son’s feeling of ‘just care about it, can’t afford it now’.

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