Virtual World is very simple, Strong is weaker than Strong, and the level is lower than the level. Because Virtual World is based on energy, in some respects, like the environment in video games, data and high authority mean everything. At a lower level, there is no qualification for protests. In the natural world, rivers and lakes and the ocean can not tell the truth.

Tang Shidao is currently Level 28, but a group of scholars have 42, Level 43, and only Jin Xingx, who is Level 40, can’t speak.

This is different from Void.

In Void, there is a gap between the two sides that may be withdrawn. There is only one word in the virtual world: roll.

Facing this circumstances.

No way, Jin Chenxing and others can only report up.

“So you can’t see it on one side?” After hearing the news, Jin Zong Patriarch, who stood in the front row and represented the Kim clan, was also surprised. Not only him, but the rest of the clan patriarch also reacted. A group of stars went to the scholars who recruited a Level 28, and they couldn’t even see each other.

“Yes.” Jin Chenxing confessed that because Jinzong patriarch is Level 45, it is theoretically equal to the limit height of the big character.

The next level is Lord.

Lords do not hold positions, they are generally the identity of the clan ‘elderly’.

“Reason?” Jin Zong patriarch asked.

“Several scholars in the field have the Marks of Level 42 and Level 43. Of course, this is not the point. They are working with Tang to study new activation methods that can improve efficiency. We could have talked close, but It has been warned by some scholars. They are not blocking, just giving us a hint: no technology, don’t come over if you can’t participate in the topic.”

“It turns out that. Very good, you are doing right. At this time, scholars do not like to bother.”

“What should I do next?”

“I will explain to the elders, I will come over in person. Right, did Tang Master go to the 29 layer of the planet?” Jinzong patriarch is Level 45, but he dare not care. The group of scholars is a special case of the World of Nothing, and they often represent the group of ‘exploiting the unknown’ and ‘seeking hope’. Therefore, the virtual world is very generous for scholars.

In Void, people who are studying new cultivation techniques are favored, such as Mr. Long, who studies the cultivation technique of the universe.

In the virtual world, scholars who study materials are more popular.

After all, the needs of the two are different.

“The planet is still at the level of 28. For some reason, Tang is very interested in the activation of the item. He can also understand it at a glance. At present, he is studying other techniques for the activation of objects with old scholars. He is really amazing, something that he didn’t know, and he exchanged it for a while.”

“It’s weird.”

“Yes, we also feel weird. The technology of item activation is not difficult and the most common. Why is it that the masters of other techniques are so strange to the activation of the article. He is not stupid, he is really not good at it, some items are activated. Common sense is not known. However, his communication with the old scholars is very smooth, and in other respects he is obviously more than dozens of times.”

“Well, I will come over as soon as possible.” Jin Zong patriarch heard that he was also prepared to speed up the pace.

Scholars are geeks.

Tang craftsman belongs to the geek in the geek, there is a little strange component, the talented character of extraordinary ability. This kind of person is hard to come by, and may not help the clan, but it is an extremely rare seed for academic research. If he has any important results in a short time, the clan will not have to think about it, and no one can swallow it.

at this time.

Testing the 28 layer of the tower, the study of the activation of the item continues.

All the old scholars are reluctant to stop and rest.

At this moment, Tang Shidao understands more things inside. It can be said that the road to activate magic was originally ‘incomplete’, and with the activation of the item, it completely entered the complete stage. Combined with the Knowledge of Void and Void World, the activation magic cannot be called a category, and the really positive category is ‘activation’ instead of activating magic.

Magic activation.

The item is activated.

Both are true activation.

Standing in the Mage perspective, having both abilities can be called the true god. Magic activation is the activation of energy, and activation of matter is the activation of life. Freedom to control life and energy, this is called the god of creating World. Conversely, activation energy and life are creations, and degeneration energy and life are destroyed. Dominating creation and destruction is the most perfect ability.

“Tang Master, what do you think?”

In the exchange, Tang Shidao often expresses his opinions. Although not good at item activation, but good at all the magic activation skills, this is complementary.

“I will listen again, you will continue.” Tang Shidao is not blindly expressing his opinion.

This group of old scholars are well versed in the technology of item activation.

However, they are limited in level.

Old scholars are more satisfied with this answer. Although the Tang master is not proficient in the activation of the article, the learning ability is terrifying.

After half a day of communication, his level has gradually caught up.

Everyone continues.

Tang Shidao thought of another thing: on the activation road, the magic activation plus item activation has two forks. In the past, his own ‘death’ was only successful, but not perfect, because it lacked the opposite of the activation of the item, the Knowledge of the death of the item.

Unlike the awakening and the law, the activation of ‘living’ and ‘death’ is a necessary foundation and cannot be completed independently.

In other words.

If you don’t understand the virtual world, or the Lord who has never come to the virtual world, it is impossible to make a real activation and death. At most, you can only practice the law and the originalization. While listening and thinking, Tang Shidao recombined the Knowledge of two different Worlds and came to the final conclusion: Activation is a category that includes life, death, law, integration, intelligence, awakening, Plane, Originalized 8 roads.

Organize this step.

Tang Shidao thought of life weaving: Snake Mage and 72 are definitely good people who are proficient in 8 class, because the two are too similar.

In contrast, life weaving is a specific portrayal of activation.

Nirvana rebirth = life… the foundation of life.

Biosynthesis = merging… the infinite combination of life and energy.

Wisdom revelation = wisdom… the generation of wisdom.

Soul painting = death… the essence of death.

Energy shaping = Planeization… Life can have the expansion of the magic pulse, the basis of the self-contained system.

Life evolution = awakening… the need to change.

Element evolution = elementaryization… Element and element represent height and root, both are indispensable.

Time-Space Evolution = Laws… The essence of free control.

8 skills.

8 roads.

Life Weaving is the activation of the ‘Advanced’ version of the eight methods, the same lack of the 9 species. At this time, Tang Shidao probably guessed it, and it should be related to his life bridge Bloodline. However, it is only guessed that it is still difficult to achieve the distance. To be sure, the eight skills and eight roads, the easier it is, the more difficult it is.

It is still life and death. Apart from himself, Tang Shidao does not think that there is a second person in the world.

Unless you have the power of Void and Nothing World.

Otherwise, this path of life and death, you can’t guess where to start. In addition to life and death, it is difficult to combine and intelligentize. Combining is only half done easily, but the combination of magic is not too difficult. However, it is too difficult to match the item with magic. If it is completed, Tang Shidao can imagine its power… as long as one idea can make a tool.

This ability transcends the boundaries between craftsman and technology, and can generate artifacts with thoughts… This is something that general craftsmen can’t imagine.


This ability is also easy to own, but it is still difficult to complete.

The three swords, with their own hair, can have a Strength similar to the creation of the gods, but once they are put down, they will not work. If you reach the maximum level of intelligence, you should be able to learn the same Knowledge by gently stroking them, even if you don’t even teach.

Relative to the first four.

The latter four are easier.

But in fact, Plane and awakening are not easy, just not hopeless. It seems like the characters of Oring Zen Nine, they should be easy to cultivate.

There is almost no requirement for elementalization and regularization.

Both Void and the World of Lord’s Lord have been successfully mastered. Because Void rarely hears the activation of an item, there is no elementary Round. From the point of view of training, the more difficult it is to master the skill of life. From the perspective of activation, the more basic the things are, the more difficult it is. Just like in the mortal World, people and children in life are easy, people and machinery have children… that can only be imagined.

The foundation is too simple, but it is difficult to use ‘complex’ activation.

“Tang Master…Tang Master…”

“Oh. Sorry, I just thought of something, a little distracted. Please say.” Tang Shidao has been listening, not missing the teachings of the craftsmen. The reason is clear, the information is also finished, but the academic content still needs to be collected bit by bit.

“We recommend that Tang craftsmen try a piece of implement, what do you mean?”

“So… um, yes.”

“What did the Tang masters use to do this experiment?” Old scholars believe in the ‘try-and-try’ set. After all, theory is only theory.

“This… not a dead bird feather coat.”

“Hey, what is it?”

“Cosmic wonders.”


When I heard the noun, the old scholars were completely dumb.

The strange things in the universe, also known as ‘the ancient wonders’ or ‘the world’s strange things’. All three names make sense. The universe of wonders represents its basic essence. The ancient strangeness represents that it is an ancient instrument, and it is a lost technical product. The representative of the world is… it will not be destroyed unless someone can destroy the Void. The meaning of the present world: I will remain the same when the world is unchanged, and I will be forever in the present world.

And don’t mention losing and not destroying.

The basic nature of the universe is different.

In general, the Plane universe is only a common thing for the master level, which sounds less useful. But, in terms of the basic nature, what is Fireball? Equal to 1 point Mana. What is the Great Puppet Great Curse? 100Mana. What is the strongest black hole and annihilation? 1 is a million points, just like the little curse at the beginning of the word.

So, what is the basis of the Phoenix Bird Feather?

a universe.

The basic essence of the universe is based on a Plane universe. Compared to 1 point Fireball, 100’s big Puppet, how much higher? Can’t calculate, this gap is too big. Take the example of mortal World, the little curse is just like sand, and the universe is born to be a diamond. The strange thing of the universe is a little more than that of the landlord. It is only a hundred million times that the curse can reach the holy place, and then it is the landlord.

If it is to be compared to humans, the efforts of the little curse are like the efforts of a peasant, and the efforts of the universe are like the efforts of an emperor.

Why are ancient instruments so important?

Because the base height of its beginning is much higher.

The general ruler wants to win the ancient instrument, just as the Fireball technique is so difficult to win the black hole technique… it is simply a desperate difficulty.

“How many years have passed.”


“I was the first to see the world of things.”

Old scholars are even more impressed by the definition of ‘the world is not destroyed, but I am not ruining’.

after all.

Nothing World is devouring matter, and this thing in front of it… it is completely unaffected by the emptiness of World. No matter Void or Void World, there is no Strength in the world today that destroys it. Even if it is thrown into the Void, it is like the hot springs, and when it is in disorder, it drops another space.

It is not easy in the world, it will last forever.

This is the worldly thing.

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