“Do you dare to come up with such a thing?” The star-studded battle was very shocking. She knew very well what the universe had.

Especially in this virtual world.

It can be said that the universe of things is equal to the ‘absolutely everlasting’ thing. The largest basic unit, the lost technology, the world is forever… No matter which condition, it is enough to stand on the apex. If the ancient instrument is analogous to Lord, then the universe is a ancestral character, and the apex of the highest limit exists. In Void and Void World, there is absolutely nothing more High-Grade than the universe.

It’s like there is no other High-Grade than Void in all materials.

“Is there a problem?” Tang Shidao looked indifferent.


Tang Shidao has seven surviving ancestors and Yuanzu spears in his hands, all of which are faintly higher. Especially in the past seven days, they have become unreasonable. The dead bird feather coat is more than a fire feather coat, laughing and crying. The four gods helmets, the tombs of the gods are stronger, but not the Yuanzu tree spears, not to mention the seven legacy. After activation, it may take it to the next level. At present, it is only the highest peak in the eyes of outsiders.

“There is a problem, it is too dazzling.” The star battle is very direct, of course, the old scholars said.

“Yes.” Old scholars actually have the same opinion.

“If I am not pursuing an academic path, I want to reach out and snatch it.” There are also scholars who are half-joking to remind that this thing is really dazzling.

“Many thanks reminder. Let’s get started.” Tang Shidao smiled and thanked.

“Don, you still don’t know how strong people are here.” Because Star Wars is a colleague of Mage Network, she must be reminded.

“Look at the technical point of view, you can almost understand.”

“Then you still take it out?”

“It is more suitable for academic research. It is a perfect combination of Void meta-soil, and we can’t destroy it.” Moreover, it has the highest foundation and the difficulty of activation of the item. If it can be successful, other instruments are not difficult. Academic research, of course, picks the most difficult attempt, and we don’t lack time.” Tang Shidao calmly said.

“The reason is this, but this World can be unreasonable.” The Star Wars has already sacrificed the feather sword, and she feels that there are unusual people around.

This research conference is open.

What new news comes out, a word can be spread.

In the ancient lotus fairy sea, other Mage Haoqiang to send it is just a wave of things. Compared to Void, Void World is more important than the existence of ‘substance’, so the value of the undead feather coat is a hundred times greater. I heard that the strange things in the universe appeared, and those people were too busy to blame. Even if you know that you can’t get it, you will come over and take a look.

Stars fight swords.

The old scholars also spread out slightly, faintly expanding a circle.


The characters who came here this time are very different, Jinzong patriarch, Muzong patriarch, Huozong patriarch, Shuizong patriarch, Tu Zong patriarch… The five major clan of the management of Gulian Xianhai are all coming, and the peers have the strength to compete with them. If the deputy patriarch and the stone members are old. In addition to the elders who are guarded by the various ethnic groups, most of the top-level powerhouses have come.

Their eyes are locked in one thing: the featherless feather coat.

Because there is nothing in this world, there is no need to hide your goals. Nothing World is not like Void, and it is very straightforward to act here.

“Hello, Tang Master. I am Jinzong, the Jin clan patriarch, one of the five elements of the ancient lotus Xianhai.”

“Oh, hello.”

“I want to ask, what is the price of your Phoenix bird feather coat?” Jin Zong patriarch asked directly.

“I didn’t intend to sell it.” Tang Shidao indifferently said.

“Know, understand. But this is not a question you are willing to do, I just ask for price.” Jin Zong patriarch is just to explain the fact that this is not a business, and has nothing to do with willingness or not. If you can pay for it, you will save some troubles. If you can’t buy it with money, you can use it.


“The Tang masters understand the best.”

“On a price… win me.” Tang Shidao held out a finger and said that I offered the price.

“Hey? What does Tang Tangshi mean?” Jin Zong patriarch did not understand.

“It is literally, who can win me, who can take it, no extra conditions. I know that this is a habit, I also like this ‘Rule’, which can reduce a lot of trouble.” Tang Shidao Indicate that you can do it.

Jin Zong patriarch did not do it.

Other people have not moved.

They don’t want to understand what this means. Do you think it? Still self-discipline? Or for another reason, for example, this undead bird feather coat is other strong?

“Level 45, I can only play one.”

She is the Level 37 logo.

However, her actual combat power is the ultimate height of the big character, and it is one step away from Lord.

I heard that this person is not moving.

The characters present, like the Jinzong patriarch, reached Level 45 with hundreds of people. Even if the Star Fight can hit one, the result will not change anything. It was this Tang master, he didn’t have any reaction after hearing it. That feeling, either scared or not, is not to lose things, there is no third reason.

“What is the “winning” defined by Tang Master? Can’t you kill you?” Jin Zong patriarch endured the temper.

The strange things in the universe are in front of us, the more urgent and chaotic.

Now there are too many competitors, and they are absolutely unsatisfactory. I miss this ultimate treasure that I may only see once in my life.

“No, it’s a simple victory.” Tang Shidao looked calm and completely unprepared for the fight.

“The meaning of the Tang craftsman, I won you or killed you, this featherless feather coat belongs to me? I would like to ask, is this cosmic thing really yours, not from where you stole it? “The Jinzong patriarch is more careful. The closer he is to success, the less calm he is. Now he can hear the sound of his energy.

“You are too embarrassed, can’t you be a little bit better? Whether it’s me or not, you must grab it.”

“If the Tang master is willing to trade better.” Jin Zong patriarch is still hesitating.

so easy.

The thing that is delivered to the door, the attitude of perfect cooperation, the expression of giving up resistance… This is like a trap of death.

“You don’t have anything to value it, don’t you?”


“So why don’t you still do it? I will study the activation of the items in the future, and check the level of the scholars by the way. Can you hurry up? Things are here, I am here too. You do it, and you decide to belong if you win or lose. Isn’t this a very simple matter?” Tang Shidao started to open the Magic screen and turned to read the information about the activation of the item.

At this time, everyone is paralyzed.

Tang’s attitude is like saying: I am not involved, you are free to do so.

Obviously everyone is going to hit you.

What do you think of a thing that doesn’t matter?


I have to say that this time, Star Star also suspected that this peer was deliberately taking the feathers of the dead bird to hang people. For example, this thing belongs to a very powerful existence. Once the people of the ancient lotus fairy sea have been robbed, the person will come and snatch back and even kill the people here. In the World of Nothing, this kind of disaster is not without it. There are many examples of this.

“In this case, Jin Zong is offended.” Jin Zong patriarch thought quickly and thought a lot.


The most secure way… first take people and the universe. As long as you take it, things in the future can be dealt with slowly.

The old scholars let go.

Although they are dissatisfied with the management clan, they are unable to stop it.

The level of Void World can determine a lot of things, and scholars may have an additional level of ‘+1’, but it is far worse than the management clan. Scholars are dissatisfied, and at most they become a kind of ‘research does not cooperate’. In other words, the more offending scholars, the lower the academic research of the clan, and the slower the training of the younger generation.

At this moment.

The comet fights in front of Tang Shidao: “I can kill one. But I have to run after killing one. I have a feather, I can run away, but I can’t take you.”

In a word.

Half is to remind Tang Shidao of this peer, and half is to warn the opposite clan members.

Want to do it? Yes, send a sacrifice to the first place.

Tang Shidao hasn’t spoken yet.

so surprised.

An old man behind the Jinzong patriarch, an old man slowly walked out. His face was calm, as if he had foreseen that the Stars could kill him. Seeing his appearance, he will do his utmost to reinvent the Star Wars and reduce the combat effectiveness of the Tang Masters. It is clearly the oldest member of the stone, but the appearance of a ‘dead’.

Tang Shidao has some accidents.

However, there are no accidents among the surrounding clan members.

This is nothingness World.

Life and energy are not worth the money, and material is worth the money… It takes a person’s old life to change a permanent weapon, and even he himself feels profitable.

“I was surprised that you can do this.” Tang Shidao grabbed the star and whispered.

“It’s worth more than me.” Old man responded calmly.

“Do you have this idea in your mind? The featherless feather coat is more valuable than you. You can use life to change it. You can add a more important cornerstone to your own clan, right? Very good, this is also a way of life. I am not used to it, but I must admit those who are willing to be a stepping stone for the sacrifice of the clan. So, I will take a more important thing to change with you.”

“Hey?” The old man was shocked and unknown.

The rest are the same.

Tang craftsman, this is what is said, the universe is already the highest High-Grade. Is there a second piece?

“As a manner, ask your name?”

“Hey…old man Jinshu.”

“Well, I will remember. Your life can be exchanged for another thing: the lives of all the clan members here.” Tang Shidao raised his hand and did not see any movements. Jin Shu’s energy body began to smash and disappear. Jin Shu tried to cast his own self-protection, but found that the cast was just an imagination, and there was no actual occurrence. At this moment, everything in his place collapsed, and nothing is still valid.

Magic, body, instrument, everything is slowly disintegrating.

“To be honest, I was going to kill all the people who hindered the study here. But you are willing to take life for a chance. I think this kind of ‘light of life’ is beautiful and worthy of appreciation. So, I will spare your people and allies. I can tell you before dying that this is due to one of the derivations of the highest power Great Curse ‘Da annihilation’: Eternal annihilation. You probably can’t understand it, and you can barely understand it when you enter the Lord level.” Tang Shidao The move is very slow.

Jinshu slowly dissipated.

Self-help, or their spellcasting is invalid, as if all the rules have failed.

“They…they are just…” Now only Jinshu knows what happened to him. As a member of Level 45, the culmination of the big character, he feels like a match against a sea, completely different.

There is no battle.

There is no resistance.

The other party seems to dominate life and death, and only needs a gesture from him to decide whether to live or die.

“Well, I don’t care, they can go. If you bring people above the 46 layer, maybe I have a little interest. They are too weak, I don’t even have any interest in hands. Look at your sacrifices, I simply explained that in this ancient lotus Xianhai, there may be only five people who compete with me. I can only hear it clearly. It is just a contest. Even if all the other people can’t hurt me, I can’t hurt me. I understand, then, Jinbin is old.” Tang Shidao waved.

Jinshu was completely dissipated in the shock.

on site.

Dead and silent.

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