Tang Shidao One of the most important reasons to stay in Nothing World is: learning.

When Jin Jin’s old man died, Tang Shidao thought that the matter was over. However, at this time, three things were wrong.

The first thing: here is not only Jinshu is not afraid of death, others are not afraid of death.

The scene of the death of Jin Hub is just silent.

The crowd did not retreat.

The second thing: the management clan of Gulian Xianhai is more eager to get the worldly things than imagined. Instead of giving up, they have gathered more warriors. Now their feelings are more than life and death, a life mode that they can’t understand. With the 45 level of Jinshu defeated, it could have been ‘intimidating’ these talents.

But now they are less fearless.

There is a faint feeling at this time: these people are ‘seriously’.

Not a serious fight like Void.

This is more like a believeric fanaticism.

It’s easy to understand: they are determined to prepare something. Once they decide this way, they will not change.

The third thing: the battle of the virtual world is really different.

In the silence.

There are countless figures on the outside of the test tower. Tang Shidao recognizes one of them: the golden star who had been here before. He is 40 grade, which is worse than Jinzong patriarch Level 5, and the minimum calculation is also a million times. Now Jin Chenxing re-appears and joins this battle. If it is Void here, he is no different from mentally handicapped, which is more stupid than sending death.

However, here is the virtual world.

Jinzong patriarch, Muzong patriarch, Shuizong patriarch, Huozong patriarch, Tu Zong patriarch five people surrounded Tang Shidao. They are not joint attacks, they are sent to die.

It can also be said that they need to fight for a little time.

Take your life for a little preparation time.

Tang Shidao didn’t do it.

Because the battle has changed, the Void set is completely useless in World of Nothing. Killing, language warnings, these actions are meaningless in the World of Nothing, Tang Shidao feels that he is just like a fool, doing a superfluous thing in plain.

“You please, I can wait.” Tang Shidao is very interested in facing a different group of soldiers.

so surprised.

Five patriarchs were not surprised, not relaxed, and not grateful… they were like not hearing, after entering the battle, they focused on not hearing anything. Language can’t affect them, and life and death can’t affect them.

Star Star has once suggested that the battle of Virtual World is different.

this moment.

Tang Shidao has half the understanding.

It feels like the life of Void World is completely different from Void. They are simpler, just like the NPC characters in video games. Before they were talking in ‘talking’, it was really a battle. Now they are entering the ‘fighting’. Just like video games, they switch to another state without shrinking, nor fear, and there is no negotiation while fighting.

Void’s Mage strong will be afraid, will tolerate, will compromise, will run away, will surrender.

In the face of invincible people, they can’t even brave the courage to fight hard.

Virtual World is different.

Tang Shidao feels like these people are like Skeleton soldiers operated by Undead Mage, or magicians manipulated by Puppet. They know that they will die, and they are still not afraid. At this moment, they are the small soldier role of video games, only to position themselves for a certain purpose, and then do whatever it takes. In Void, taking some time for your life as an ally, this kind of thing will hardly happen.

Even if there are, there are very few.

But in front of this group of people, they enter this role very ‘naturally’. As if their life was born to be such a use.

In the Low Devil World.

A human Warrior didn’t dare to charge the dragon, but the weaker Skeleton soldier dared… because it had no fear.

The same is true of these people.

Zero fear.

The Void is used to being a human being when fighting, the most important thing is his own life, and then what he can do. Contrary to the powerless world, they used themselves as ‘tools’ when fighting. The most important thing is what you want to do. Life is not important.

When the people prepared, the old scholars also retreated.

They don’t like this kind of battle, but they don’t affect it.

“The people who don’t care about World don’t care about death. Death is just a return to nothingness. World. Repaying your energy to the World of Nothing is one of their honors.” The Star Wars reminded that the real battle is not the same.

“Yeah.” Tang Shidao is still waiting, not rushing for advanced attack.

The joint siege in front of us is beautiful.

It is worth seeing.

At this time, Jin Chenxing and others became the ‘stars’. Or, Tang Shidao understands why they are called stars. In addition to the Jinchenxing master around the test tower, all the warriors involved in the battle have become stars… an energy group. They also produced special starlight filaments, one by one, forming an Ultra-Grade star map of dense airspace.


The energy of these warriors is fully connected.

Because everyone is different, they have the effect of 1 plus 1 greater than 2 after the join. Naturally, because millions of people are united, the combined effect has multiplied several times. After Official entered ‘Complete’, Jin Zong patriarch and others did not speak. It seems that Void’s words ‘You are going to die’ or ‘I want to be serious’ do not exist.

The battle of Nothing World is simpler, and one side will fall down first. This is more like the struggle of natural beasts, not as complicated as humans.

The star map is woven.

Energy collection.

Headed by Jinzong patriarch, the five patriarch changed from ‘the pawn of delaying time’ to the ‘master of the offensive array’. When they saw that Tang Shidao did not respond, they did not think much. At the time of the battle, they only want to fight, not wanting whether the opponent is terrifying or weak. The feeling of Tang Shidao at the moment: These people deleted the ‘escape’, ‘surrender’ and ‘death’ in the combat category.

Now they only have to fight in their hearts, and how to fight can win.

Others, don’t want to.

Jinzong patriarch started, and the other four patriarchs are pending. Now Jinzong patriarch is a pioneer, and it is possible to send a life to test the strength of the opponent.

“It’s fun.” Tang Shidao raised his arm to block the punch of Jinzong patriarch.

Shocked off.

But no pursuit.

At this time, Tang Shidao had a star map on his arm. In the twinkling of an eye, the star map expands rapidly, covering the whole body like a shadow. This kind of Strength is like a net, a net formed by a star map. It tightened the skin of Tang Shidao, which slowed the movement of Tang Shidao, which monitored the energy fluctuations of Tang Shidao. It can be said that this is not only the network, but also the signal.

Regardless of what Tang Shidao does, Star Maps will receive it and feed it back to everyone.

Even casting.

Star Maps also monitors energy dynamics and informs everyone in advance.

There is no such Strength in Void.


Void’s Mage strong will not join hands like this, and no one will be a supporting role to send to death. In the mind of Void life, escape is a better choice than death. What’s more, admit defeat, bend your knees, and surrender are better than death. No World has no options, they only look for the possibility of ‘winning’.

To this end, they are willing to play chess pieces.

“I learned some Knowledge, this ‘star map’ is very similar to the totem. But the totem is a person, the star map is a multiplayer. Very interesting, I will respond to you about the official.” Tang Shidao really thought this was a surprise. In Void, knocking down one could shock tens of thousands. But Virtual World does not exist in this reality, they have no option to back down.

In the face of people who are not afraid of death, Tang Shidao does not kill.

Winning is not important.

How to give in to this group of people is more challenging.

“Large space surgery…” Tang Shidao used the large space that was upgraded. Although Plane is not complete, it only lacks the step of ‘returning to Void’. In fact, a successful method and ability is sufficient. At this time, Tang Shidao extended his right hand and held it lightly, prompting all opponents: “…equal space.”

The sound fell.


Jin Zong patriarch and so on all stopped moving, as if they were tied by an unknown rope, and the whole person could not move.

In addition to the induction of the star, the heart is wide.

Can’t fight.

The difference is too far.

At this moment, the old scholars also sensed… Jin Zong patriarch and others arranged an Ultra-Grade star map, and joined forces with millions of people to surround a space, blocking the retreat of Tang Master. But the Tang craftsman ‘grip’ is: a whole ancient lotus sea.

It is like a super giant palm.

It is invisible but has a sense that it will pinch the entire ancient nebula like the ancient lotus. Now, in addition to testing the towers, everyone in the entire ancient lotus sea is ‘attacked’ by invisible pressure.

One of the most terrifying things.

In theory.

The ability to limit and damage Jin Zong patriarch is also placed on the small characters of Jin Chen Xing or Jin Jin, who will be wiped out within a second. But now, there are general warriors, including the weakest and the least sacred, who, like the Jinzong patriarch, suffer the damage of their own 50% limit. Different people, different injuries, everyone is equal to the damage of half of their limits.

This kind of attack, this ability, this effect… Others can’t even imagine.

The same trick.

Even if you attack both the world leader and the XXXXX opponent, the normal person can’t maintain the 1% damage per person. Because the two people are hundreds of times wide, you can’t define half of them at the same time. Tang Shidao This attack, outsiders do not say the application, the brain can not imagine the average.

“Do you still struggle?” Tang Shidao clenched again, 60% bounded, tilting the balance of everyone’s balance.

Jin Zong patriarch and others still resist.

They think of a way: to take a group of people out of tolerance, and then exchange another group of people out of trouble, join hands to attack.


Don’t be a good tactic of playing chess, but it can’t be successful.

No matter how desperate the person willing to sacrifice, his pressure will always be the 60% limit. No more, no increase or decrease, they can’t replace their allies in the space of ‘equal space’. It can also be said that they have no qualifications to bargain with Tang Shidao.

This moment.

In Void World, the mentally retarded surrendered and did not fight.

Jin Zong patriarch and others did not.

Five people bite their teeth and slowly close together. Seeing them, the other four are prepared to sacrifice themselves and transfer their Strength to Jinzong patriarch. Then he helped him out of power and attacked Tang Shidao, who was ‘squeezing’ the entire ancient lotus sea.

“I was the first time I encountered this kind of battle.” Tang Shidao smiled.


This is the most interesting moment in the travel experience and the most rewarding moment in the cultivation study.

A completely different warrior.

A completely different battle.

“Inequality space.” Tang Shidao stretched out another hand, a grip… In an instant, the entire Gulian Xianhai re-inverted: the weakest general and the general Mage pressure almost disappeared, just like the breeze. But the higher the strength, the greater the pressure on it, and it is totally unreasonable. Level 27’s Kim Min and others can still stand, Level 40 Jin Chenxing is stumbling, and Level 45’s Jinzong patriarch and others have already fallen.

The stronger the Strength, the greater the pressure to withstand unequal space.

The weakest person only bears 0.001%, and the strongest person is the limit of 99.999%, which is simply the reverse order.

have to say.

Jin Zong patriarch and others have endless fighting spirit and courage of fearless life and death.

But it is a pity.

The gap between the two sides is too far.

The Star Wars suddenly remembered the words of Tang Shidao: The entire Gulian Xianhai may have only competed with him for only five people. Even if all the people join together, they will not be able to hurt him.

That is not a warning.

That is a factual explanation.

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