The strength of Jin Zong patriarch and others is already strong. The 45 level of the warrior is the limit of the big word engine column, only one step away from Lord. Compared to the Void warrior, they alone may not have a big copper but they are definitely better than the big star grave and the big bone. Moreover, Jin Zong patriarch and others are more focused, and the foundation of cultivation is more solid.

Moreover, they are really desperate.

Millions of people joined forces and woven into a star map to fight against the invincible Tang craftsmen. This is not just courage, their actions have a deeper meaning.

At this moment.

Life and death are in the hands of Tang Shidao, and they still have not given up their efforts.

That feeling…

Winning is impossible to win, but everyone can find a way to ‘injure’ the enemy. Even if it causes a little harm, it will be a little weak, and it will be a favorable condition for other allies and clans. Since there is no hope for victory, try your best to damage the enemy.

“It’s very terrifying. It’s not surprising that the magician has this kind of action, but life can be so incredible.” Tang Shidao loosened his hand.

He decided to give each other a chance.

This is not a soft heart.

In theory, the benefits of this battle are beyond imagination. All along, the ‘life’ that I know is the emotion of sorrow, sorrow, fear and fear. But in front of them, they also have it, but they have been deleted for some reason. Tang Shidao is not surprising if one person, one team, or even one legion can be ‘fearless.’

Not in front of you, everyone is the same.


Jin Zong patriarch and others are preparing to make a final blow. Suddenly a violent shock, everyone shocked.

In a blink of an eye.

A group of five people flew down, and their figures were 46 grades on their shoulders. Needless to say, they are all Lord levels. There are scriptures on the body, and the fragments of the book behind them… They can escape the temperance of ‘equal space’ and ‘unequal space’, just because they started the law body like 磐钰. They do not control the surrounding area, only support their own body, showing that they are not only mad, but very cautious.

To make Tang Shidao more unexpected, the five people don’t have much battle intent.

“Fortunately, Tang Master.”

“Well, is this started to talk?” Tang Shidao smiled, and he knew that people who had nothing in World could not start with pyridin. Since it is open, it really stops.

“Introducing myself, I am Jin Yuandou, these four are the elders of the management clan.”

“Hey.” Tang Shidao wondered what the five people wanted to say.

“Tang’s master of the Tang Dynasty was a transaction because of the veteran’s veteran’s experience. Now we also want to make a transaction, please let the Tang masters anger and let go of these people.” Jin Yuandou is not a good negotiator, purpose Too clear, completely do not understand the bend.

“Gold elders, the five people I just said are not you.” Tang Shidao indifferently said.

When I heard this sentence, I was a little dumbfounded.

There are five people who can compete.

Just a contest.

The five yuan of Jin Yuandou is the level of Lord… This kind of existence, Tang peers actually think that ‘insufficient’ contest?

“I know.” Jin Yuandou speaks even more amazingly, and he also thinks that he can’t.

“So?” Tang Shidao said.

“In exchange for the life and energy of our five people, in exchange for the death of the Tang masters. Let them go through Jinzong, please let go of other people in the ancient lotus fairy sea. We do not fight back, do not resist, you can eat us, including capture Our ability.” Jin Yuandou really will not negotiate, the other party did not speak and turned over.

There is no expression fluctuation when speaking.

As if you need to sacrifice is not your own.

“You don’t resist?”


“Don’t try to know.”

“You don’t have to try it. We are so simple. The enemy who can see through it can hit a dozen. However, you can’t see through it, it’s completely blurred, even the wrong feeling of ‘zero’ force. If you are Lord, we will Choose to try it, but you are not Lord.” Jin Yuandou is very strange to talk.

The Stars is listening to the strange: “Tang is not Lord, isn’t that a bigger chance.”

Jin Yuandou shook his head: “No, on the contrary. He is Lord, and it is as it should be by rights. However, it is not Lord who has such a power to prove that he has crossed the level of our understanding. Or, Master Tang has What we can’t understand. We don’t have a chance to win. The more we do it, the more disaster it will cause. Now, it is better to die than to resist.”

I don’t understand the Stars.

After all, she still remembers what Void is like… Void no one will die, swear, or surrender better than death.


Star Star can understand the intention of Jin Yuandou: Take life to let the other party out.

If you hit it hard, the consequences may be more serious.

Once completely irritated, it is very likely that the entire ancient lotus fairy sea will die.

“Isn’t it easy to do it?” Tang Shidao spoke, pointing to the top of the test tower. Of course, this does not mean the meaning of the 29 layer. It should refer to the character on the top layer, which may be the number of five.

“no guarantee.”

“and so?”

“Golden ancestor Your Excellency told us that it can be used, but it is not certain that it will die or that the smith will die. We refused, we came to lead and hoped that the Tang master would make a deal with us.” In the mind, the advantage of winning the weak is to ‘eat’ the other side, and the five more ‘delicious’ foods are in line with the virtual world.

The starry starry listened a bit.

Even more shocked is the Jin Zong patriarch, and the old scholars.

Jin Zu himself admits: Unknown life and death wins and losses?

The strength of this Tang craftsman…

“I don’t quite understand World of Nothing, why are you willing to die? Trouble to explain, if I feel reasonable, I don’t need you to trade.”

“Oh, good.” Jin Yuan’s brain is like a steel bar, and he doesn’t even have a thank you.

Everyone stopped.

At this point, Jin Yuandou slowly explained.

Tang Shidao listened, and gradually understood this behavior.

No World has no Rule.

Because there is no, every independent force needs an absolute pillar.

In the minds of Jin Yuandou and others, as long as Jin Zu and other five people are still there, the whole clan has hope. Feeling, they are like the heroes of the e-sports game and the resurrection springs. As long as the resurrection springs are guaranteed to be innocent, they don’t matter. All clan is this model. As long as the roots are not destroyed, they will fall down one after another, and a new group will re-emerge in the future.

The strongest of Void values ​​life and self.

Nothing in the world is not valued, others only pay attention to the root cause.

From the Lifeform community, they are more like the pattern of bee colonies and ant colonies, and self-definition is like a tool, and it can be sacrificed when necessary. The same is true for the robbing of the undead bird feathers, in order to enhance the fighting power of Jinzu. Switching to other people may not understand, but both Tang Shidao and Star Star can understand.


They know the history of the Mage Network.

It can be said.

The Mage Network has also had this ‘orderless era’, and even with the Founder group, the Mage Network is still the ‘prey’ in everyone’s eyes. At that time, a half-trained and semi-self-changing character appeared, and all this was rewritten.


If there are no scarecrows, Mage Network is no different from Gulian Xianhai.

Jin Yuandou said a lot of things, in fact, one sentence can explain it clearly… Gulian Xianhai wants to cultivate a scarecrow-like existence. Only in this way can the ancient lotus fairy sea be truly safe. What Rule is a joke before making sure it is absolutely safe. You have another order, an unreasonable stronger Lord comes, and everything is overthrown.

Take away extra thoughts.

Jin Yuandou and others are all in the same mind… If they can become the nutrients of Jinzu, they will not hesitate to die.

In Void.

Lords will be jealous of each other and will not be desperate.

Virtual World is different. Here, you must have an absolute force to be peaceful. Therefore, Jin Yuandou is not stupid, nor reckless, and their survival requires a ‘straw man’ to shelter everything. Otherwise, everything is empty talk.

Jin Zu is not as desperate as Tang Shidao.

Even if you win, you will die in the hands of another strong passer who is passing by. For the future of the clan, it chose to be patient.

“This Jinzu is actually the seventh?”

“Yes, Tang Master. The first Jin Zuxiu became the top strength, but Innate Skill is not the best. In the Jin family, there was a strange talent, Jinzu personally taught, and finally everything. Entrusted to him. Every time Inheritance, the new Jinzu will grow a short advantage. We have limited conditions and can only move forward in this way, and at the same time do everything possible to support the growth of Jinzu.”

“It’s very interesting. To be honest, I understand you very much, but…”

“Is the transaction unsuccessful?” Jin Yuandou still did not start, only slightly raised his head, it seems that Jin Zu and other five people can survive this pass.

“I don’t hurt you or destroy the ancient lotus sea, but there is a condition.” Tang Shidao slowly walked to the side of the star, and reached out and gently pressed on the star of the star: “I temporarily granted the comet to the space. Strength, let her fight with you five. This is a new cultivation technique I studied, called 璧 璧. It has perfect conditions, and also has the same battle, only a small ‘certification’.”

“How can we save the ancient lotus fairy sea and win the lady of the comet?” Jin Yuandou did not understand.

“No, I don’t do it. Letting you fight with the comet is just a skill ‘deduction’, just like… a piece of implement is made successfully, but the power is not tested. The five of you are testing the comet and the big space.’ Do you understand the tools of the combination?”

“Understand. Don’t change the hand of Tang Master?” Jin Yuandou finally repeated.

“No, I don’t have any interest in Jinzu’s five people. I prefer to learn, not to win or lose. You have to find a place to start, I want to start learning about the activation of the goods, and check the level by the way.” Tang Shidao indicated, you can gone.

“Does the Tang masters not watch the war?”

“No, I know everything I have done in large space.”

Jin Yuandou did not ask much when he heard it.

It will be fine if things are over.

The five people of Jinzu did not dare to fight hard, and it was not Lord who had this kind of power. Jin Yuandou really wished that the ancient lotus fairy sea had passed. On the other side, Tang Shidao originally wanted to ‘learn’ these people, but thought about the years when the Mage Network had no strawman before, and thought about giving up.

Besides, it doesn’t make sense to teach a group of people who don’t understand fear.

Research continues.

The old scholars look a little different. Level 46 Jin Yuan Dou Duan is a master of death, and the level is worthy of respect. They looked at the Stars and Jin Yuandou who left, and thought that the battle would soon end. One 45 vs. five 46, one big word for the five Lord, it will end in half a minute.

However, the truth is… this is a protracted battle.

A fight that can scare all the warriors of the ancient lotus fairy sea.

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