The sorrow of the ancient lotus fairy sea is called the sorrow of ‘no pillar’. The five ancestors of Jinzu Muzu’s ancestors, the ancestors of the ancestors, were strong, but they were not enough to become the pillars of absoluteness. In the virtual world, not only the ancient lotus fairy sea is like this, but also the other clan powers. There is not enough strong shelter, and it is only a joke to build a country.

Nothing World is energy World, people can ‘eat’ people’s World.

Like the mountains of mortal World.

It is only a joke that a group of monkeys make a Rule, and the Tiger can decide the Mountain Forest. By the same token, a group of Sky sparrows can’t legislate because the eagle doesn’t agree.

Tang Shidao asked the old scholars: What kind of Strength is the pillar?

Old scholars say: First, the first Strength in the sequence.

In this short conversation, Tang Shidao understood what the clan of the World of Nothing needed. Not necessarily the strongest force, but also the strongest speed, the strongest skill, or the strongest technology. In short, you must have something that no one can match. Even the prime Lord, with the strongest Strength, or the strongest Strength, this ‘strongest’ can ensure flawlessness.

As long as you are absolutely no one can beat you in one aspect, you will be stable.

Old scholars also gave an example.

There is a very famous pillar in the World of Nothing: Shouzu.

It is only good at one thing: resurrection.

In the rumor of World of Nothing, Shouzu can resurrect all deaths, unless this person is no longer in World.

“Shouzu not only can resurrect all life, but also modify the endowment status of the individual’s body, so that the individual can become a better level. Of course, this modification may not be certain. If I can’t afford it, or I am lazy, I will change. , then the modification has no effect. It can only be said that Shouzu can help you catalyze, not necessarily to upgrade you.”

“So in the virtual world, no one hurts the ancestors?” Tang Shidao is familiar with the name.

“Before, there are people who have hurt the clan of Shouzu. But this is meaningless. No matter how many people you kill, Shouzu can be resurrected, including himself. Some of the Ultra- owed to the ancestor ‘transaction’ The Grade Strong will also come to support and join forces to kill the troublemaker. So no one is attacking Shouzu now.”

“Shouzu can resurrect himself indefinitely?” Tang Shidao understands that Shouzu is the resurrection pool in video games.

“The Tang master may be a bit misunderstood. Now Shouzu is no longer a life. Now it should be called a worldly thing, the same nature as the immortal feather coat.”

“What happened?” Tang Shidao is even more strange.

“Shouzu has already sacrificed himself into a worldly creature called the ‘Star of Birth’, which turns his life into matter. The birth star after the fusion is like a shining star, its light Wherever, the dead can be born again.”

“Does it give up on itself?”

“Yes, the clan of Shouzu needs a stronger pillar, and Shouzu himself needs a more stable Strength. So, this is its best choice. In fact, the ancient lotus fairy sea wants to win the feathers of the dead bird. If gold The ancestors won, he will certainly sacrifice the feathers of the immortal birds, so that the Jin clan has a root that will never be destroyed. Only in this way can the Jin clan be truly established.”

Tang Shidao listened to it completely.

Void likes to call the Umbrella Feather as a cosmic object because it is the absolute highest unit.

The magic is the lowest with the 1 point Fireball and the 1 million point icon for the highest. The most basic unit of the universe is the universe Plane, the highest starting point.

Nothing World likes to call it a worldly thing.

The meaning of the world: the world is not destroyed, the strange things are not destroyed… Nothing World needs its Eternal not bad existence guarantee.

The ancient lotus fairy sea is a big move, actually for such a ‘permanent’ opportunity. Failed, they did not hesitate to calm the anger with the life of five Lords. This matter in the materialized Void sounds unreasonable, but the virtual world of energy is very reasonable. People here believe in ‘the strongest ability’ and then believe in Rule, and Void is the joint rule and then the strongest.

In the final analysis.

The survival of the two worlds is different only because of the difference between ‘material’ and ‘energy’.

at this time.

Tang Shidao also learned about other things in the battle between Star Fight and Five Lord. For example, the strongest group of clan is often cannon fodder. In times of crisis, the strongest group is basically a pioneer and a victim. Nothing World is different from Void, where the weak are not even qualified by ‘eat’. Therefore, the strong are desperately guarded, and the weak are desperately cultivating and learning.

Another difference between Void is that Void World is very friendly to life.

The degree of friendliness of Void.

Do not say anything else, the Void runs out of the Holy Land and there is no difference between ‘ throwing paper into fire’. The dead wind of the sea of ​​source energy, the mainstay of the boundary is the oil pan. But nothing World will not. Virtual World is the energy body, and life here is also the energy body. Therefore, very weak lives are nourished and protected.

Recently, Tang Shidao heard about one thing: XUALX% of each clan is an intelligence officer and a traveler.

Obviously, these people are relatively weak people.

They actively convey intelligence.

They are actively looking for a new Knowledge.

They are actively looking for new energy vortexes.

All of this is the same thing: helping the clan to move forward. Because the strong are desperately guarded, the weak people also work hard and dedicate their own Strength.

In terms of intelligence.

Virtual World Like Void, the position of the planet changes with energy fluctuations. Void is difficult to pass information, but virtual World is relatively easy. Because of the ‘friendly’ environment, the location of random transmissions is not dangerous. Here, transmission is a must, everyone must learn. In addition, there are many intelligence agents who send and receive, and they are not as dangerous as Void.


It is mainly a group of scholars who are more likely to protect their lives when they encounter dangerous enemies.

Because everyone needs to develop, so scholars tend to be merciful. Even if you are not merciless, you will seize the clan that brought you back and persuade them to become the help of your own clan. In a sense, contrary to Void, the security of the virtual world is weaker than the ‘strong’. If you compare mortal World, the weak are like the people, the strong are like soldiers… The death rate of soldiers is higher.

The Star Wars played with the five Lord for five days, and Tang Shidao rose from the 28 layer to the 29 layer.

of course.

Tang Shidao has been qualified for a long time.

However, the news received by Jin Zong patriarch and others is…

“A total of 85173 old scholars have passed the 28 layer of the planet’s assessment, which is equivalent to half of the number of people who have been stagnant. In the past five days, Tang Master has been studying the technology related to the activation of the goods, and everyone has benefited a lot. Of course. Scholars of other technical types have little inspiration, but scholars of object activation are very helpful. Half of them are promoted to Level 29 at the same time. This is not a coincidence. It can only be said…”

“The Tang masters have ‘teached’ that they have learned something.” Jin Zong patriarch and others replied to the work of the past.


If it is Void here, there is Tang Shidao, the ‘savage beast’ stays here, and each of them will tremble and tremble. But the virtual world is not like this, they are very calm and live normally. Because they are never as safe as the Mage Network, they are used to death and throw away fear.

Possibly, there are also people who are afraid of death among the major clan.

But those people are either scared to death early or leave early to escape into a vortex of energy.

“What materials do they need, they are prepared for them.” Jin Zong patriarch In a word, many people were shocked. Because here is different Void, in the virtual world ‘material’ is very precious.

“Because the Tang Master?”

“No, for the tens of thousands of old scholars. The Tang masters will not stop, they will not. Even if not everyone can keep up, but at least a group of particularly intelligent old scholars can keep up. Strength is always only a minority. People own, but knowledge and technology may be learned by everyone. Therefore, in order to the future of Gulian Xianhai, we need to cultivate scholars and missionary techniques as much as possible.” Jinzong patriarch is not holding thighs, and no World has no such habit.

They are more convinced that their own people are self-reliant and do not believe in the support and protection of foreigners.

“Patriarch, will the Tang masters guide them all the time?”

“My personal feeling: Tang masters do not care about the participation of other people, old scholars can keep up, Tang masters will not exclude them. Moreover, he now needs the knowledge of old scholars, Tang craftsmen are really not good at article activation I asked Jin Zu, Jin Zu said that the Tang craftsman could not thoroughly explore, but what is certain is that he is the Yuanzu Yuanling.”

When I heard this, everyone around me was silent.

In the emptiness of World, there are very few ancestors, very few. This kind of existence is quite a natural god, and basically does not touch the general people. This Tang craftsman can be regarded as a special case. At least I have never heard of Wen Yuanzu Yuan Ling contacting the general people.

“Is he an observer?”

“Not necessarily. If Yuanzu Yuanling wants to observe anything, he will not be in close contact with each other. They are too special. They are rumored to be able to cultivate themselves from Lifeform. It is reasonable to say that they do not need to be close to anyone. Don What is the intention of the craftsman, we don’t need to inquire, as long as he said that it will not destroy this place. Jin Zu’s meaning, and consider him as a person who learns and teaches Knowledge.” Jin Zong patriarch also does not know much about Yuanzu Yuanling. Can only simply follow the instructions of Jin Zu.

The same is true of everyone present, Yuanzu Yuanling is too rare, no one knows them.

not to mention.

Now another focus.

The five Lords competed with the Star Wars for five days and won five days. Referring to the two sides’ battle status, the five Lords are…the downwind!

That’s right.

It’s not Lord’s star fight. Just because of a big space technique, she has the upper hand for five Lords. What is shocking is that the five Lords have no mercy, and all hope to defeat the opponent as soon as possible. But they can’t do it. On the other hand, the Star Wars is like a lover, and the more it converges, the more space is reduced.

In the faint, the Star Wars has a kind of intentional ‘maintenance of the tie’, and does not stop with the five Lord.

The management clan knows what this means.

The big space technique is the strength of Tang’s master, and there is no progress in the battle of the stars. The strength she exerts can also be done on behalf of the Tang master. A Great Curse can draw the five Lords, plus his Phoenix bird coat… As long as this real thing is activated, it will definitely go further.

Large space surgery, not dead bird feathers, two kinds of Strength both lift, to what extent will the Tang masters progress?

Everyone can’t imagine it.

This is true of the pillars of the World of Nothing.

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