Tang Shidao is the most relaxing day in the world of nothingness.

No need for any scruples.

No need for any precautions.

You don’t need any hidden and Tibetan mastiffs, do whatever you want to do, and go where you want to go. At the time of the assessment of the ancient Xianlian Sea, Tang Shidao also sent the old scholars to the nearby area to explore more material activation techniques. Then, come back to the assessment, and even invite a large group of old scholars to come back and jointly study various optimization methods for the activation of goods.

No one bothered during this process.

Because the information spread early, the five ancestral characters of the ancient lotus fairy sea did not dare to win. The Tang master is the Yuanzu Yuanling identity, which belongs to the double unknown of the mysterious Bloodline and the mysterious Strength. For such people, people think that he is not lucky to provoke himself, to provoke him to just die.

Therefore, Tang Shidao’s research has been very smooth.

There is no habit of hiding in the world of nothingness. After all, ‘material’ is a rarity here, neither energy nor technology.

Tang Shidao Relaxation study.

Say it.

Tang Shidao, the first second to come to this place, knows that Void and Void World are two parallel lines that never pass. It is like life and death. The two are not the boundaries, but the definitions themselves are different.

In Void, life is Void, and death is nothingness.

In nothingness, life is nothingness, and death is Void.

and so.

Tang Shidao knows that no matter what he does, it is impossible to influence Void. Perhaps, in Void, someone enters the World of Nothing, and there are people with nothing World who enter Void. However, that is definitely not the normal mode. Stars are born with no World, strictly speaking, she is the ancient instrument ‘Yu Yu’ birth, she is epiphytic. Because of the activation of Yu Yu, she is the master of Yu Yu, so the star-studded bucket is supplemented by Yu Yu.


If a powerless World’s strongman is born Void, he can only be…activated magic.

in other words.

In the Void environment, the invincible has an activation magic, the 99% big word and the Lord’s death are lost, and there is a chance that the virtual world of the virtual world has no intention of birthing Void. These two parallel lines, even if there is communication, communication is communication, not intersection. Void and nothingness are like light and shadow, and light and shadow are impossible to intersect.

In Void.

Tang Shidao will always have a scruple: if you expose yourself to any secrets or teach any technology, the one you get may use it to invade other races of Void or destroy some weak races. Therefore, Tang Shidao must think about the consequences when doing anything. Having a Strength and a sense of purpose will cause great damage.

Not in World of Nothing.


Communicating in Virtual World is like talking to Scarecrow and Oringans. You don’t have to worry about them using your stuff because they have more. It can be said that doing things in the void world is like going back to the Mage Network… the carefree days at the beginning.

Nothing to worry about.

Nothing to worry about.

Within the ‘safe area’ of the Mage Network, you are free to grow. Even, don’t do anything, just be a mediocre idler.


There is pressure on Strength in Living World.

After a test by the ancient lotus fairy sea, this pressure does not exist… no one wants to provoke the Tang master!

Seriously speaking.

Now I don’t want to provoke the Tang masters, and everyone doesn’t want to provoke even the big stars. In just a few dozen days of battle, the Star Wars has made progress and reduced the use of large space. A few months later, she had no need to attack with a large space, only for Defence. In less than two years, the Stars Official enters Lord Realm.


When she first entered Lord realm, she no longer used large space technology. She only relied on her own strength to make a pair of five…not to fall.

Two months later.

A pair of five, the upper hand.

Every member of the ancient lotus fairy sea knows that it also broadcasts all the battles in the general video, and uses magic to repeatedly watch and study. In the past two years, the five Lords of Jin Yuandou and his team have made progress and made great progress. It may be worse with Jin Zu and others, but it is definitely several times stronger than the average Lord. In this case, they are still five dozens behind the Star Wars.

“There are talents in the world, often famous and not met. This comet Lord, no doubt, she is the wizard we can witness.”

“She adds a big space technique, can she not be defeated by a pair of gold ancestors?”

“It’s possible, it’s just a downwind and not a defeat.”

The elders of Gulian Xianhai are not limited to Jin Yuandou and his party. All Lords above Level 46 are not involved in government affairs, and only one elderly person is safe and cultivation. Level 45’s Jinzong patriarch is the leader, but the strength is a bit worse than the seniors of Level 46. Jin Zong patriarch can’t understand the battle of the Star Wars, those elders can understand.

The same is the Lord level, they have a common attribute.

The stars are growing and the elders are shocked. However, even more shocking, the Tang masters have been Level 36 scholars, the top level of the supreme sequence, only one step away from the big character. Of course, this is not the point. Following the Tang master, there are tens of thousands of old scholars who climbed from 28 to 36. The ancient lotus fairy sea only accounts for a small and a half, and more are old scholars from other places.

Make a point.

The clan of Shouzu came over… to participate in the study of Tang Master.

This is not an alliance.

However, the clan members of Shouzu are here, and others have to worry about how many people have to move the ancient lotus. After all, having pillars and no pillars is two different things. Like the seven forces of Olympus Void, Mage Network, Kuang Peng, Four Divins, Divine Country… Divine Country This big market is the weakest. Why few people move it for one reason: one of the top three giants, the head of the stick is the tribe of Zen nine.

The massacre of the Zen Nine, perhaps this first monk did not react, but … you dare to try?

Destroy Divine Country.

It’s just that the big market is scattered, and you can’t afford much benefit. For this thing, are you willing to gamble on gambling? Will you retaliate?

Shouzu is a kind of existence.

Its people will not completely die out, and the slaughter of Shouzu can also be revived. Therefore, it is meaningless to vomit with such a character as Shouzu. Its people cooperated with the ancient lotus fairy sea, and the ancient lotus Xianhai is also asking for trouble. At the same time, there is a point that the Stars Lord has been playing with Gulian Xianhai for more than two years. She does not hate this place.

Instead, this place is her training ground.

Jin Yuandou they are her Teacher.

Moved the ancient lotus fairy sea, no one knows what the reaction will be.

and so……

“I hope that you will increase the number of five people and continue to fight with the Star Wars. Or, you can change a group of people. Because the Star Wars has an activated ancient implement, she will not be tired or damaged. I will continue to study. The 37 layer may screen out 90% of old scholars, but there are still some people who can keep up. For the previous research, you can learn to use it. But after that…”

“We understand.” Jinzong patriarch came over and did not expect to hear such good news.

Jin Yuandou and his team have been fighting for more than two years with the Star Wars. Actually, it is a good thing.

Because they have greatly improved.

It is not a dilemma to increase five people. On the contrary, the elders want to join this battlefield. The scholar’s academic circle, the warrior’s battle circle, both are experience pools, something that everyone dreams of.

Master of the Tang Master: The 37 layer should be cautious afterwards, and everyone understands.

Really understand.

Because it is related to another Ultra-Grade trouble: the turmoil of the activated items.

In Void.

The large character pillar is the beginning of the activation magic.

The same is true in Virtual World and Strength, but technically… Virtual World is the most active material, and the activation magic is relatively small. To put it another way, the activation after the 37 layer is the activation of the super-boundary, the special range above the supreme 9. At this level, scholars can’t indiscriminately activate a class of the same class, because this item is not necessarily ‘obedient’.


It may also be obedient in the hands of scholars, but it is not necessarily obedient to sell to others.

In the virtual world.

Tang Shidao has never heard of the white disaster Cats or the mad gods who are ‘rewriting a piece of history’ negative textbook characters, but there is such an ‘article’ in the virtual world that caused the catastrophic activation of the catastrophe. It can be said that because there are no such people as Casu and Mad God, people can’t build a Rule with this kind of disaster. At the same time, because of the disaster of this activated item, scholars have ordered the corresponding Rule.

It is: the technology above Level 36 must not be lightly transmitted, offenders, and forever a circle of scholars.

It doesn’t sound like it hurts.

In fact, in the virtual world of expelling scholars, you don’t have to study for a lifetime, you can only practice fists.

Tang Shidao talked with Jin Zong patriarch and found the star battle.

Explain things.

“Don, people here are very worried about your undead bird feather coat, it is close to complete activation is it?” Star battle is more blunt.

“I know, I can feel it. I have isolated everyone to listen. I will explain it directly to you. I can go back to Void and go back safely. But I can’t take you because your existence does not conform to the Void Rule.” Tang Shidao once thought about using colorless shelter, it is possible to do it. But Forbidden Curse is really not good, so there are other ways to do it.

“I don’t care, can you really go back?” Stars have long been used to it.

“Yes, not only can I go back, but I can come back here again. I will stay for a while, check Level 37, lead a group of old scholars to Dengda, and then leave and return. Of course, I will not explain this to others. only you know.”

“What do you want me to do?” The Star Wars is really used to the direct topic.

“Prepare to build the foundation of the Mage Network.”


“Nothing World doesn’t seem to have Mage Network. I’m not sure, I’ll go back and ask the dead dealer. If not, let’s join forces to create it, how?”

“Are you serious?”

“Void didn’t have a Mage Network, and it was built later.”

“Don, do you know what you need to build a Mage Network? Strength is only second, and most importantly, Knowledge. The amount of the Knowledge of the Mage Network, you can’t imagine.”

“Well, we can’t build it all at once. From a young age, a little bit of architecture has increased.”

“But Knowledge…”

“I have a creational body that can borrow the Knowledge of the Genesis Cloud.”


The star is speechless.

Think about it.

This peer’s Strength… Well, it can make the five ancestors jealous, the little architecture is almost the same. Knowledge… He has a creational body, too. In terms of objects, the universe is not a dead bird, it will be activated, and it is also a foundation.


This is not a big brain opening.

“Success is not so easy, starry, we just build a small foundation to the minimum. Yes, you are doing it, I support you.”


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