Tang Shidao is not a whim, and I want to establish a Mage Network in the World of Nothing, from the moment when the management of the ancient Lian Xianhai, the old clan, and the Golden Principal, volunteered to sacrifice. Next, Jin Yuandou and other five Lords died voluntarily, and Tang Shidao further aggravated this idea.

Maybe nothingness World different Void.

However, the purpose of survival is the same, and everyone hopes to have a stable environment.

Tang Shidao is not sure what changes have been made to the Oring Void when the Mage Network appeared, but another example, the establishment of the Zengpeng League is indeed a radical change. In the Kuangpeng League, the most diligent and desperate is not the masses of the great people. The greatest contribution to progress is not the most, but the weakest and weakest small races.

It can be said.

The people of the Void Void are the most hard-working people Tang Shidao has ever seen, but they are far worse than the weak races that joined the Kunpeng League.

The efforts of the Zengpeng allies, the representatives of other races, only felt scared.

Half of the Mage Network is idle.

Because there are scarecrows.

However, in addition to the most apex of the culmination, those who are hidden and strange, none of 99.999% or more are ‘free’. They even said that they not only worked hard on their own, but also asked the people and descendants to work hard to play their part in the battle. If a race doesn’t have its own ‘function’ in Kunpeng, they don’t even sleep well. They only think about what they can do all day.

another example.

Human Race.

After Tang Shidao announced the ‘Golden Secret’ cultivation technique, Human Race’s practice ratio was 100%, with no exception. In some races, some people are reluctant to cultivation, and the result is not eviction, but direct killing. The patriarchs say this: “Void is not kind, and the beast and Devil-Beast will not sympathize with our weakness. Now that there is a chance to move forward, you want to stay, instead of letting the beast and Devil-Beast kill, let me personally bury I don’t hate you, but you can’t be role models. I don’t allow this example. Human Race must have Strength to qualify for justice and kindness. Without Strength, we don’t even have a qualification for alms.”

At that time, Tang Shidao also heard the news.

However, no interference.

It feels like this is the same as the Scarecrow killing everyone who breaks into the Mage Network: maybe, some people are malicious and some are not malicious. However, the Scarecrow does not distinguish between these. In the world, good people will get worse, bad people may get better, and there is only one thing the Scarecrow needs to do: protect the Mage Network!

There is no distinction between right and wrong in doing so.

Absolutely not.

The Scarecrow doesn’t have a ‘bad thing at Mage Network, you have to be punished’ kind of mind, it doesn’t think about anything else, it just does one thing: don’t give anyone a chance to do bad things on the Mage Network. Regardless of good intentions or malice, anyone who is good at Mage Network will be killed!

Zen Nine entered the Mage Network and she also offered a Plane World as an entry condition.

She is not afraid of fighting.

She knew in her heart that there was no exception in the eyes of the Scarecrow… unless you can kill me, the Mage Network will kill you.

on the other hand.

Zen nine is coming in to find something, not for fighting. Therefore, she follows this Rule and does not think that ‘I am the first monk’.

Human Race needs the same power.

No one can delay when everyone is ‘going forward’.

Otherwise, kill without mercy.

From the previous weakness to the rise of the present, no one knows how many heroes were sacrificed before and after the Human Race. However, the road to the bones they paved must not be defamed. The same is true of the clan of the World of Nothing. How many victims have previously been unable to calculate, they can only say that they still have no success, they still need to pave the way with the body until someone in the clan reaches the highest apex.

Tang Shidao wants to build a Mage Network, just want to build a Rule.

More than two years.

The strength of the Star Wars goes even further, and one person fights 50 Lord and does not fall. It may be that the Mage Network thing has spurred her, and because she is a genius, a genius in genius, so she leapfrogs, infinitely close to the extent of Jin Zu and others.

“I am ready to leave.”

“Hey. I can give it a try, but I still can’t protect it properly.” Stars are not arrogant. She knows that she can be fearless and fearless, but it is too difficult to guard a large group. One-on-one, she is not afraid of Jinzu, but may not be able to win.

To build a Mage Network, you have to win.

No failure.

“Don’t be so anxious, now is just the preparation phase, cultivation is more important. I said, I will support you. At this stage, I want to copy the Mage Network architecture is a bit difficult, unless I never leave, otherwise the architecture can not be maintained. I have a creational body, but I need a way to keep the Mage Network still solid.” Tang Shidao explained the situation and has not yet begun.

“What can I do?”

“cultivation, improve, grow your own strength. If possible, find like-minded companions.”

“it is good.”

“Remember when I was born, I have a ‘shell’ that is generated at the same time.”


“That thing I left. Maybe because of this special reason, I have the role of ’embryo’. For the past few years, I have been manufacturing and upgrading it, but I have not made it into an ancient instrument.” Tang Shidao took out an ‘egg’ thing and said: “I deliberately let it stay in this state, and the super embryo is not an ancient weapon.”

I haven’t understood it.

Tang Shidao continues to explain: “I gave it a name: meta-embryo. It has a huge space inside, belonging to the Primal Chaos state, with energy and material. Here it is still affected by the Rule of World, so I use one. The ancient instrument called ‘The Tomb of the Gods’ is re-architected, and that thing is very suitable for the World of Nothing.”

“Is the material in it stable?” The Star Wars cares more about this. In the World of Nothing, the material is more precious.

“Yes, it can be used like Void normally, but it won’t work out.”


“You don’t need to upgrade the meta-embryo, I am going to the ‘worldly things’, the ancient instruments are not enough. I know that the world’s strange things are related to the Void Yuan, I will find a way to upgrade it. Before that, you are good. If you use it, if you lose it, or if you are robbed, don’t do it. Everything has me. Unless I am dead, the embryo will not be taken away. No one can activate it except me.”

“That’s good.” The star fight is more reassuring.

“It has a lot of supplies inside, enough for you to spend millions of years. I try to take time to come, at least once a year. No new gains, but also a turn, so I can’t do anything in a short time. After going back All the roads that I activate magic will be instantly opened, including the feathers of the dead bird. I will understand, don’t worry about my safety. Even if I die in Void, I can regenerate from the meta embryo twice.”

The starry star nodded.

I don’t understand, but Tang Shidao said this.

After a long time.

People in the ancient lotus fairy sea heard that the Tang masters were leaving, they were very sorry. Hearing will come back, everyone is sighed in relief. Star Star knows that these people have misunderstood, they think that Tang is only a long way, do not know that leaving is to return to Void. After all, only I know where Tang came from, and only myself knows where Tang will go.

This secret… For the Mage Network, I can only know it myself.


Tang Shidao Fei Yuan, find a vortex of energy that no one peeped, ready to cast the magic of the colorless Void door. At this time, the return of the idea together, the life and death bridge Bloodline seems to naturally wake up. No need to cast a spell, like an Instinct… In a twinkling of an eye, Tang Shidao felt that something had been replayed once.

The corner of Void.

A pure substance ‘茧’ is generated, and a shadow like an embryo is generated.

It grows fast.

A few breaths, the appearance of a human baby has been born.

At this time.

Two shadows flashed beside the embryo: two small loli, Olympus and White Ginseng Queen.

“What happened to him?”

“Birth… No, it’s going to be rebuilt… No, um, I’m weird. He originally had a bloodline of the ancestors, and he was also a sacred ancestor. Now he seems to be coming back again. Interesting, before He went to somewhere, even I couldn’t come out of the breathable place. Is that the place?” Oling Little Lolly was very bright.

I want to reach out and touch.


A scream followed, and a heat formed the Force-Field, which separated all around.

Ao Ling frowned.

Looking back.

“The dead bird feather coat… Are you living?” Seeing the familiar objects, Oling’s big eyes are brighter. The other party’s warning meant that she understood it, but she didn’t care. She is not in the same state as the featherless feather coat, and she can’t make a living.

The Phoenix bird is incarnate as a Fire Bird.

Just staring at Oring.

“You know me when you were born? Hey, I forgot that your Master has a creational body. You can easily know who I am. He went there, right?”

The dead bird feathers have no action and no denial.

Olin laughed.

Being able to enter the place intact, and being able to return to perfection, the hope of resurrecting himself is even greater. This embryo is a bit special, and it seems that there is some more strange performance. However, in any case, the more the person has grown up, the greater his chance.

100 interest.

Tang Shidao was born again from the ‘yuan embryo’. It’s strange that the virtual embryo of World is still… There are two things in this…

Tang Shidao was not surprised to see Miao Ling and Bai Zhi Ginseng.

Look at yourself.

The last time I was born in Nothing World, I was born into the Yuanzu Yuanling, and directly owned ‘No Bloomline’ and ‘Life and Death Bridge Bloodline’. This time, the Lifeline Bridge Bloodline did not repeat, but added a ‘Void Bloodline’. On the other hand, it is no accident that the activation of magic, the death, the combination, the wisdom, the awakening, the Plane, the law, and the elementaryization all go one step further and enter the Lord realm.

“There is no way.”

“Well, I will know when I look at you. It is not so easy to resurrect. I am not a normal law of death.”

“I am the stranger of this. You are not like Void, nor are you supposed to enter the world of nothing.” Tang Shidao with doubt.

“I don’t want to be on both sides.”

“No wonder.”

“What is this thing?” Oring pointed to the remains of the meta-embryo.

“Yuan embryo… No, Void meta-embryo. I have two, the other is called… imaginary meta-embryo.”

“Looks like you are doing a major event?”

“I want to do it.”

“Oh…well, really good. Now your eyes are much calmer than before. This is right, don’t think too much, Mage, what do you like to do? Don’t bother you, think of ways to resurrect me as soon as possible, I have to Go with the Endless-Void bar.” Oring finished disappearing, the temper of the dead little master, the death is unchanged.

The white fat ginseng queen disappeared at the same time, and the undead bird feathers were withdrawn.

at this time.

Tang Shidao stares at Void again, and the whole person’s perception is different.

still remember.

When Innate Skill derived the second Innate Skill ‘reincarnation’, he had a different look and feel. Now, this feeling is more real. In faintness, life and death are like the left and right hands of Flame, and which group they like to ignite.

Looking at the creatures in Void, I also have the feeling of ‘clearly seeing the fire of their lives’.

Once burned out, it seems to be in control.

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