“The Scarecrow, there is no Mage Network in the virtual world?” Tang Shidao returned to the Mage Network, the first time to open the law shield, to isolate everything.

“1 points Mana.” The Scarecrow never disappoints anyone who asks questions.

“it is good.”

“Many thanks patronize.” The Scarecrow finished, no sound.



“You did not answer my question.”

“You, your brain has no problem? If the World has a Mage Network, you can go to the virtual world. You can find it if you can’t do it. You can find it with the creation of the world. Excuse me, in the world of nothing, you have Find me?” The Scarecrow asked.

“1 points Mana.” Tang Shidao reached out and asked for money.


The Scarecrow’s iron cock attribute has never been disappointing. This is not a matter of principle. This is awkward… Oh no, this is a matter of principle, really.

Tang Shidao I regret it, 1 points Mana white.

That’s right.

I own the creation of the gods, if the virtual world has Mage Network, then there must be Mage, Mage must have a record of death to reward the creation of the cloud. If you have such a record, you can certainly feel it. Without induction, it means… No World has no Mage Network.

“You don’t seem to be surprised that I have been to No World?”

“You have the creation of the gods and the devastation of the world, I know what you can do.” The Scarecrow pointed to himself and said that he also had a destructive body.

“Not good odd?”

“Being too curious is costly.” The Scarecrow is really a fighting chicken in an iron cock.

“Yes, how about building a Mage Network over there?”

“Just by you?”

“Small and sloppy.” Tang Shidao is not blindly confident.

“You can’t live like this?”


“and so?”

“So I persuaded the Stars to cooperate, she did it, I support her.” Tang Shidao said that he had been deceived and deceived.

The Scarecrow is ashamed, as if the name had a big impact.

After a long time, I said, “What about sleeping clothes?”

Tang Shidao is speechless: “Well, it’s also the dead merchant of Mage Network. What do you think? Is your brain water?”

“No.” The Scarecrow pointed to the brain: “There are grass in my head.”

“…” Tang Shidao was stunned by a move: “It is said that being a man is too honest to be able to talk about it. Now let us be hypocritical.”

“Are you reinventing it? What about the top ten young people?”

“Too serious and tired.”

“Agree, but serious people are more reliable. You want to create a Mage Network. There is no problem with me. I support you spiritually. I don’t support it physically. Here one person, one animal, one grass and one wood, one book is Mage Network. Only allowed to come in, not allowed to get out. Who reached out and killed who.” The Scarecrow said that these are mine, a dust will not let you take it out.

“I don’t want you to support it.” Tang Shidao said that I am also a grandfather, especially in the world of nothing.

“Let the comet fight be more reliable than you, you start to change.”


“Basically, everything is like a circle. No matter where you start, you will eventually return to the original point. You are now at the very top of the circle, and then slowly decline. Although it is not a bad thing, but to a certain extent It will cycle like this. If you go further, you may be like me.”

“Become a dead dealer?”

“No, from your star-studded things, you should be a dead liar.” The Scarecrow did not don’t give face.

Tang Shidao nodded, but there was a little bit of agreement.

This moment.

Inadvertently, my mind flashed through a ‘little loli’ figure, and the guy is getting younger and younger. At the same time, I can feel myself: I have reached the top of a mountain, and then I am going downhill. This has nothing to do with strength, and the strength has not changed. It is like a special wall. When you turn to the top, all the pressure disappears instantly.

At this point I feel that it is easier than ever.

as if.

Everything is not important. I really like Xiao Loli: What do you want to do, you don’t need to think about it.

“Ask a question?”

“1 points Mana.”

“How did the physical cloud of Nothing World come from?”

“Nothing is cracked.”

“Understand. Ask one more?”

“1 points Mana.”

“Is the magic of World Nothing connected to Void? If so, is the only magic repeated?”

“This can be 2 point Mana.” The characteristics of the Scarecrow are: the money can not be collected for free, and the income can not be reduced. If you can be blind, you can hang on the pit, you can lie to lie, you can’t do it, you have to pay small money.

Tang Shidao waved his hand and two points of Mana floated into the bookshelf of the big library.

I knew that there was no salary for this goods, and I couldn’t swallow a penny.

“Void is different from the outside world. It is not the same as Virtual World. Stupid, the outside world is also of a special nature, depending on whether you have the ability to redefine and re-create it. In this Void, it is really unique. ‘The only thing that the uncle has. You are poor, envy and hate.” The Scarecrow cracked his mouth and said that you are all slag.

“How come you are not killed by such a slap?” Tang Shidao is speechless again, saying that this kind of thing I also… forget it.

“I have a bigger fist.”

“Well, this is the truth.” Tang Shidao decided not to lower the oneself to somebody’s level with the guy who had grass in his head. The Scarecrow has no objection, proving that there is no limit to this matter, and the creators of the Mage Network don’t care. Want to build a new Mage Network in Virtual World, the process will be very long, and there is a lot of things. One and a half will be just a plan, and it is impossible to implement it.

Unfasten the shield.

at this time.

There are plenty of Mage stays around, and it seems that I just heard the news saying that I am back.

Tang Shidao only waved.

No need to say anything.

No one in front of the Scarecrow suspected that he was a fake. No one who was good at Mage Network could live, and was killed by the Scarecrow. A little, inform Xiao Jin to return, let Kun Peng publish a message. Charming Stroke, Lan Ji, Wu Yueer, Bai Yu and Hu Xian are all in cultivation, Tang Shidao also knows nothing, not much to bother.

“Mr. Emperor, you… are you… the law Lord?”

Element Empress and Shenmao Mahuang abdicated.

The Ten Emperors of God changed back to the Eight Emperors, and now the Great Curse represents the Mage Network.

Tang Shidao is strong or weak.

Not only has a relationship with Kuang Peng, but also has a relationship with Mage Network.

In the face of Mages’s inquiry, Tang Shidao did not answer, only one hand extended… Slowly, the numerous spells of Rune were condensed on the palm of your hand, and then arranged in an orderly fashion. About 100, a ‘Void Magic Codex’ is perfect.

This action has already explained everything.

Lord has a ‘book’.

Only Lord has a book.

Tang Shidao ignores the cheers of the people, and does not care whether this picture will be transmitted to Void. Anyway, this is already the case. Missing a group of Mage, Tang Shidao gestured back to his original Plane, a cosmic World that was named ‘Plain’.

This time, it hasn’t returned for a long time.

Emperor Plane is completely different from the various circles of Void, here cultivation ‘Symbol’ instead of magic. In fact, just the name is different, Xiandao Strength is a combination of magic and body skills. Tang Shidao’s customization of life weaving and omniscient eyes allows people to enter a more convenient road. In addition, Tang Shidao not only learns from each other’s strengths, but also discards some extra things, making this Xiandao Strong more pure.

Returning again.

“Fat, this is your grandson?” Tang Shidao met with old friends, and most of them did not change.

“No, this is my grandson’s grandson.”

“Your family can really be born.”

“Crap, I am still slow. According to the past years, I am almost two hundred years old. You asked the squad leader Wang Hui, they have been together for ten generations.” Lei Dazhuang was still tempered, but the temperament was more mature.

“So urgent?”

“The stars are all ’empty’ and no one lives. It’s a little more life, and it’s more popular.”

The era of immortality.

World is still small before the planet. Once you can leave, especially without any tools, a single person can enter the space of the universe, then the World is wide and unimaginable. Invisible, the clan of the immortal era began to take shape. Of course, the Xianting, which is dominated by the Tang Emperor, remains unchanged. The Emperor Plane has been developing for another thousand years, and everyone adds up to Tang Shidao’s ‘Apostles’ to slap.

This Plane is too young.

Still a baby level, it takes a long, long time to grow.


The people of this Plane have the best foundation, the best cultivation technique, the best resources, the best shelter. Everyone has a chance, nowhere to go. Unless you are dead, or deliberately rebellious, the rest of 99.9999999% of normal people can step into the ranks of ‘Little Immortals’. Even if Innate Skill is really bad, there are also a variety of fairy medicines for you to live longer, youthful, strong, and even help cultivation.

In short.

If you work hard here, you will have something to gain. The official also guarantees that you are far from all dangers.

Don’t talk about natural disasters and man-made disasters, the planets will blow you up to keep you.


Tang Shidao, while holding White Beauty’s research posture, travels everywhere and lets everyone know that ‘Boss’ is still there. Whether they know Void or not, the apostles and the intelligence team can make good use of the publicity so that all races and all living beings can live in peace.

In addition to the Emperor Plane.

Tang Shidao also visited other Plane, such as the Zhou Emperor and Xia Guojiao… They were actually entering the interstellar era, slower like a snail. It’s no surprise that they are just casual players in the novice village. Occasionally, I studied Alchemy Technique with Green-Eyed Fox and Wolf Poison, chatting and drinking tea.

do not know why.

Strength is getting stronger, but life likes simplicity.


Tang Shidao doesn’t know much about the little things that the Oring will like, flowers and plants, insects and ants. Now, I barely understand. Today’s self is almost the same, completely uninterested in government affairs or complex projects, all handed over to others to do. Compared to the decision to build and develop a planet, Tang Shidao feels that he cares more about a cup of fragrant tea.


Tang Shidao began to think: The simpler the World, the better, the complicated things are done by people who like complex, and should not be forced by everyone.

of course.

I have this idea only because I have enough Strength, just like the rich people say they don’t like money.

That is not an egg.

Because I have it, I don’t care.

At this moment, Tang Shidao knows exactly what he needs to do. In addition to the life weaving and the past seven legacy, the more things that need to be studied now are: Void Yuanyang! If you want to build Mage Network in Virtual World, the virtual meta-embroid must be a real thing. Want to upgrade to the world, Void Yuan is a must-have material.


Different from before, it is now easy and enjoyable to study. Don’t be embarrassed, just feel free.

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