The return of the Emperor, the promotion of Lord realm, the news spread around Void.

At this time, all the gods have a little ‘noisy’ taste. The controversy is not only the issue of the promotion of Lord, but also the victory of a few years ago, as well as the integration and Plane of the activation magic. These things are more important, success is still unsuccessful, and Lords want to know the real answer. After all, the Mage Network team retreats cultivation is also a rule-based route, and it is impossible to achieve the effect of single-person integration.

Has the Emperor succeeded?

This is very important.


They also realized one thing: they could not prove it.

“My colleagues, I am very curious, ask the Emperor is so difficult?” The major Void often has newcomers, and the same, there are new Lord into the gods. Some people become famous early, but they are not willing to enter the shrine. Some have just arrived, because the source of the Iron Beasts is more likely to enter the gods.

This group of people, they do not understand the emperor.

I heard the name and did not hear anything about it.

“Which are you?” Because of the study of life on the other side, Weng Weng and Shan Tong are more famous in the gods. The engraved Wen often studies, and the mountain boy is rather leisurely.

“Hello, Mr. Mountain Boy, I am a witch ring.”

“Newcomer?” Lord is generally not too polite, after all, everyone belongs to a different Void.

In their respective sites, no one can help.


There is a kind of Lord that will be a little polite and new.

“Yes, I came here only two months ago. I really don’t understand this emperor. I heard people say that he was shot by a former singer of the source of the Iron Beast League and fell into a Unknown outside world. I also heard that he came back in the past few days, and also advanced to Lord realm. The Mage Network has a video, he just got the Void Magic Codex right?” The witch ring follows the ‘facts’.

This is true.

Tang Shidao is really just getting the Void Magic Codex, not too long, the proper Lord Xin Ding.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

The gods’ Lord is a bit stunned, thinking about the information the child heard… Well, it seems that there is nothing wrong with this information on the surface. However, the actual content is much worse.

Shan Tong decided to give this child a lesson: “Wu Wu, do you know the full name of the emperor?”

“Great Curse Emperor?”

“Yes. I don’t say his strongest strength, just say Great Curse, do you know how many Great Curse the Emperor has?”

“I also have 2 species.” The witch ring is also small.

“The Emperor exceeds 20, including the most powerful annihilation, the most singular space, the most terrifying, the most useful big life and the big death. There is also one, except the Emperor, others. The Lord has never heard of the Great Curse: Dapingfan. Also at Lord’s level, he also has the rule of Strength, and the Emperor Guangguang is the Great Curse who can hang the same level of people.” The mountain boy added a tone, indicating that I did not I am joking with you.

“Oh, that’s strong. But ancient instruments…”

“He has 4 pieces. Flowing fire feathers, laughing and crying surprised and angry four gods helmets, the tombs of the gods, the feathers of the dead birds. Among them, the feathers of the dead bird are still the most powerful things in the universe. In addition, he also has a A wooden spear that no one knows, even a thing that can be resisted by ancient instruments.” The mountain boy interrupted the words of the witch ring.

At this time, the rest of the people listened and felt a lot.

Especially some new people.

They are just a ‘famous’ feeling for the person of the Emperor. In fact, they were all thought about by the ‘winning news’ of the source iron beast. The final struggle of the source of the Iron Beasts requires a good news of stability. Unexpectedly, the news was too deceptive, and some new people Lord misunderstood.

“Even this way, it doesn’t matter if you ask?” The witch ring knows Rule.

People with similar strengths are very normal to visit.


The difference in strength is too much, and the visit is an interruption.

For example, Lord with ancestral characters, they generally do not see anyone, including other Lords and birds. Unless they meet on their own, other people may be forced to fight directly. The witch ring is not convinced. The emperor is a newcomer, but there is a feeling of ‘big bang’, which is a bit too ‘high proud’.

Say everyone is new?

How can you overtake?

“The Emperor has the creation of the gods, you should not be unfamiliar with what is the creation of the cloud map? More importantly, the Emperor has the Great Perfection ‘Infinite Magic Power’ of the Yuanzuo, and also derives the primitive form and the element. In the prototype, the 蜕 蜕 原 。 。 。 。 。 Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag Mag The emperor is also Lord, definitely a higher level.

“Creation of the gods…”

“The subject we are studying now, the integration of Magic and Plane is the proposal of the Emperor, and he is the first step. Now we have no success, but the Emperor is likely to succeed. Even if it is not, he is also successful. Not too far away. Wu Jie, you are still a child. We have no reason to do this, we are not stupid.” Shan Tong has some warnings.

For newcomers, Lords are somewhat maintenance.


It is not easy to get to this step, because it is a pity that a little thing ‘turning over’.

Of course, the maintenance will not be too polite, and certainly blunt criticism.

Hearing these witches is also shocking.

Compared with the smashing news, these contents are far from the ‘rumor’. He is very strange, why are the princes of the emperor not clarifying, let the source of the iron beasts preach? Now the witch ring is not thinking about the creation of the gods, but the study of the combination of the transformation and the Planeization… A person who is not Lord, leads the way to study the successful new way of activating magic?

This kind of endowment, this kind of talent… Did you really win?

“It is also a lesson to be biased by intelligence. It is also a good thing to be able to understand the importance of intelligence. You are still young at Lord. There are still many things to learn. Oring Void is a big upgrade. This is not without roots. Things must have something to push it. The person you think is the one who is flying, he is the biggest promoter.” The last crit of the mountain boy.

Self-upgrading is much easier than flying a group of people.

It is even more difficult to fly the entire Void.

“Don’t say this, Shan Tong, he is a bit arrogant and normal. After all, although he is a newcomer, he is even stronger than you.” A familiar voice sounded, and some people were shocked at the place.

Including the witch ring, everyone in the temple stood still.

They have no sense of pressure.


They didn’t feel like someone came over at all.

However, this voice, they are very familiar with this figure… Great Curse, a scholar who leads all Lord groups to open new subjects on the other side of life, a non-Lord is more famous than Lord.

See people coming.

When I heard these words, the Lords who were present were also secretly surprised.

The Emperor said: Is the ‘newcomer’ of the witch ring stronger than other Lords?

This can’t be a lie.

and so.

The witch ring also ‘hidden’ the Strength?

“Mr. Emperor…” Shan Tong is also an acquaintance, seeing Tang Shidao naturally greet.

“Well, how are you.” Tang Shidao is not alone, and there is White Beauty around. Because of the fairy cultivation, and because of the great life magic, White Beauty is now entering the state of fairy air. That feeling, she is not like normal life, there is a feeling of unreality in the existence of dreams.

Seeing a lot of Lord, White Beauty nodded lightly, and didn’t feel too special.

“This…” The mountain boy gestured to the witch ring, but he did not know how to continue his speech.

“Women Lord, I heard it. When I came over, I just heard your conversation. In fact, I don’t need to see too much. I can ask if I want to ask. I don’t want to answer or answer. Combine and Plane. Well, I succeeded. Including the law and the elementization, I also reached the promotion. I just came over and asked you to ask me today. Shan Tong, have you heard of the originalization?” Tang Shidao is free to sit, everyone is at a loss.

It’s obvious that the people in front of me are different.

Can’t tell what it is.


The Emperor is now like Zen Nine, and there is nothing special about it. There is a kind of uneasiness that cannot be said.

The mountain boy and everyone are lost.

At this time, the reaction of the witch ring is more special.

The arm of the witch ring has a braided ring-shaped wrist wheel that feels real, just like having life. Everyone can also guess that this is an ancient implement. But now the strange thing is that the braided wrist wheel is shaking gently, there is a feeling of panic… It seems that it is afraid of something, but does not dare to scream.

That kind of taste, it wants to leave very much, not much to think about staying for a second.

The witch ring reached out and clenched it.

Like in the appease.

However, the witch ring appeasement also felt the fear, and the whole person did not naturally tremble. The hand holding the wheel is unable to stop, and it is obviously shaking. Shan Tong and others saw it, did not ridicule, they only thought of one thing… The witch ring is indeed better. Because he can sense fear, and he doesn’t even know what he fears.

The closer to the sun, the higher the heat.

The same reason.

The closer the strength of the strong, the more realistic the threat of induction.

“Sorry, no.” The mountain boy looked at Tang Shidao and the witch ring, thinking that they might talk.

“I… I… I know.” The witches couldn’t stop shaking, and they were so stubborn that they finished.

“You own, right?” Tang Shidao first explained that he had seen it.


“Where did you learn from?” Tang Shidao asked.

The tone is very dull.

However, the witch ring has a feeling that it cannot refuse to answer. It seems that he is born with the obligation to answer: “In… I learned from the teachings of my sister. I… I, I also have the rule of Strength… The rules and elements are two perfect.”

“This braided bracelet is activating the item, right?”

“Well… um, yes.” The sorcerer felt that the air was thin and the breathing became difficult.

Not only is he afraid, but the wheel is also afraid.

More surprised.

He didn’t know what he was afraid of, he just couldn’t stop shaking.

“Can you ask, what is the name of your sister?”

“She, she is called witch h.”

“Oh…” Hearing the name Tang Shidao was not an accident, but thought of another thing: “Thank you, the witch ring. Can I ask again, is there a name for you in the family?”

“Ah…” The witch ring exclaimed.

No answer.

Everyone knows: Yes! And, a very important role.

Tang Shidao is also very bright.

Wu Shou.

One of the 72 people, once called… the strongest resurrection!

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